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LOOKING FOR: see list in profile

Open to IOUs - Happy to breed on request!

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    West Beleriand
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    ***Any dead eggs on my scroll are failed Bites!***
    **Not all my dragons are named, but they all will be!**

    (this list may not be entirely up to date) Looking for:

    for freezing, any lineage
    Silver Tinsel f
    Bronze Shimmer f
    Silver Shimmer m, s1
    Black Zyu f
    Blue Zyu m, f, s1
    White Zyu m, f, s1
    Yellow Zyu f
    Dusk Pygmy m, f, s1
    Blue Baikala m, f, s1
    Green Baikala m, f, s1
    Gold Floret f
    Purple Floret m, f, s1
    Carina f
    Setsong f, s1
    Risensong f, s1
    Bauta m, f, s1
    Green Spinel m, f, s1
    Freckle m, f, s1
    Tatterdrake m, f, s1
    Red-Tailed m, f, s1
    Melismor m
    Black Truffle m, s1
    Mimic m, f, s1
    Blue Siyat f
    Green Siyat f, s1
    Purple Siyat m, f, s1

    CB or 2g
    Dusk Pygmy x2
    Risensong x2
    Blue Siyat x2
    Green Siyat x2
    Purple Siyat x1

    I'm not particularly excited about Spriters' Alts in lineages, though I don't have anything against them.