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A Forgotten Destiny

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((He wasn't actually doing that, but... you know. S'okay.))


A little while passed and all Bryce and Torque saw was some nutter running after the girl they'd just seen.

After it went relatively quiet, Bryce slowly re-holstered his pistol, and breathed a sigh of relief. No more trouble, at least for now.

Come on, let's get to why we came here, and be on our way.

After they'd refilled their water bottles at the river bank, something strange caught their attention.

What's the clown flailing his arms around like that for? -Bryce asked, eyebrow arced, before he took a nice, big drink of refreshing cool riverwater.

Maybe he wants to attract our attention. I can smell other dragons with him, they smell kind of like pumpkins, of all things.

Pumpkins? Why would, what?

All Torque could respond with was a shrug and a confused look.

Alright, let's see what he wants, then. But keep an eye out. -Bryce sighed, as the two walked over to the strange, now clearly very young man waving to them.

Bryce had a hard time fathoming what someone who looked less then half his age was doing way out here on his own, let alone how he was entrusted with raising a hatchling. Was the Guardian of Nature that desperate? Who knew...

What's all this, then? -he asked when they reached the teenager.

You hear that just now, where'd that shot come from?

It wasn't him. I don't smell any recently gone off gunpowder in this area. Bryce, come on, be nice for once. -Torque pleaded, already feeling his carer's paranoid nature overtaking his common sense of courtesy. All Bryce responded with was a blank stare and a sigh, before he looked back at the boy.

Nevermind... you wanted to talk? -he asked, this time trying not to look and sound on edge.

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"Yes, I did. You don't seem to have much in the way of supplies from what I can see, plus you both look a bit tired. I have a spare sleeping bag that I haven't unpacked yet, and an extra, though smaller, tent, if you mind sleeping out in the open. Aww, your dragon is so cute. I won't mess with him though, his tail looks like a powerful whip. Or something to grab with. Either way, feel free to stick around here, I've got plenty of food, and maybe your dragon would like some similar company. I have two Harvest dragons, who are very friendly and love company." Alex repeated the bit about the Harvest dragons in Dragontongue to the little brown dragon, just in case, then said, "Want some trail mix? It has peanuts, so watch out if you're allergic."

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Contalia looked up at the shabby house where they were to live. It was more like a large shed really. The dusty ground under her feet crunched slightly as she bounded up to the door. As Daryl opened the door, she jumped in and smelled the air. Rudus followed her in and then came Daryl.


After Rudus had hatched on the plane, Daryl had named them from a book he was reading at the time. And now that Contalia had full control over her body, knew how the urge to eat and defecate worked and had used her enormous amount of energy to play with Rudus, it was time to explore. She walked around sniffing the various objects in the room; there was a threadbare bed on one side, a small wardrobe beside it and a single lamp hanging from the ceiling. There was a table on the other side of the room with three chairs around it and a stove and a fridge nearby. The floor was wooden and covered in dust, as was everything else. An open doorway led to a bathroom and another door led to a room with some blankets on the floor. There were few windows in the house so it was only dimly lit.


Of course, Contalia knew not what any of this was, but as she walked around, Daryl spoke: {This is our new home, now listen closely. You two are not allowed to chew the bed}, he pointed to the bed, {the wardrobe}, he pointed at that too, {the table or chairs. Don't scratch the fridge or the stove or you'll be in serious trouble. } He pointed to each item again, said it's name followed by a deep, gruff, angry-sounding {No-no, bad, trouble} . Contalia was soaking up every word he said with interest and saw that Rudus was doing the same. She got the gist of things from the tone of Daryl's voice.


Then he said; {That over there is the bathroom and you are not allowed in there. You'll probably eat some chemicals and kill yourself, and I don't want that.} but he didn't say it very lovingly and caringly, more matter-of-factly and boredly. {Over there is your room}, he said pointing to the last room, {You'll sleep, eat and play there. You'll get fed twice a day}, he held up two fingers and mimicked eating, {and you can go out once a day to do your business. } here Daryl held up one finger, then pointed at the small window. {Do you understand me? } he asked the two dragons and when they remained silent and unmoving, he muttered quite audibly; {Dumb creatures} and walked out of the room

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No no, we're all set. Food, water, shelter. -explained Bryce, though tempted by the offer of snackfoods, he still had a hair up his arse bout taking anything eatable from people he didn't know.

Speaking of resting, We should make a stop, Bryce. You haven't been sleeping lately. -chirped Torque, while simultaneously tugging on Bryce's trousers to get his attention.

Bryce paused for a moment, glanced up at the sky, ran his hand over his backpack as if to feel for its contents, then looked back down at Torque. Alright. We'll make camp by the river. You need to learn how to fish.

Why would I want to be a fish?

No, I mean fish, as in learn how to catch fish. Look, I'll explain on the way. -he said, turned to Alex and shrugged- We'll stick around, by the river bank for a while. Maybe spend the night. After, we'll be going. Take care. -then turned about and proceeded towards the riverbank, still explaining to Torque the differences between acting like a fish, and the activity of fishing.


Once the duo had found a decent spot, Bryceleft his backpack on the ground, opened it up, took out a small rug, and unfolded it on the ground.

Go get some timber, Torque. I'll take care of the kindling and base.

Okay. I won't be long. -said the whiptail and scurried off.


By the time Bryce had assembled a decent-looking fireplace, Torque had returned several times, carrying several thick sticks every time until there was a sizable pile of usable firewood. Lining everything up properly, Bryce then took out some old newspaper from his pack, and a lighter. Soon enough, they had a fire going.


That takes care of that, the coals should be ready soon. Well, go catch some fish.

Sure, but... you'll be watching, right? Just in case? -Asked the whiptail, visibly concerned for himself.

I'll be listening. -answered Bryce, and gave Torque a knowing glance.

This seemed to reassure the whiptail enough, as it immediately headed off towards the water, walked right into it, and submerged itself to look for fish to catch.


Bryce, however, simply sat on his little rug, crossed his legs indian style, rested his arms on his knees, took a deep breath, and closed his eyes. He immediately felt the familiar lightheadedness and blissful tranquility that meditation brought for him. He focused intently on his hearing, and isolated his other senses from functioning for the duration of his session. Sight, Smell, Taste and Touch, faded into nothing, as only sound passed through, in more vivid detail then most can even imagine. Sometimes, Bryce wondered if it was possible to do this well enough somehow to achieve some sort of permanent sensory augmentation. But for now, hearing his little dragon paddle its way through the water sufficed well enough. The soothing sounds of the bubbling river was therapeutic, and Bryce relished in the tranquility that his meditation brought to him. It was, in its own way, enlightening.

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Alex was glad that the two of them had decided to stick around, and so was Ocevo. She walked over to the riverbank with her chubby belly wobbling as she did so, then lied down, causing said chubby belly to squish outwards to the sides. Alex made a Peanut butter sandwich and followed after her, then sat down next to her and watched, Torque, was it? He watched Torque swim in the river.

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The river branched out into two. She looked behind her, and saw that the boy wasn't far behind. She'd have to hurry and hope her plan worked. She stopped, kicked up as much dirt from the bottom of the river as she could, and swum with incredible strength back to the cave.


((Come on she's had enough bad luck today/yesterday. Can't she win one battle?))

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Torque paddled as fiercely as his little legs could muster, but he just couldn't swim fast enough to have a good snap at the fish in the river water. It just wasn't working, even after diving and resurfacing multiple times. It's no good, I'm not fast enough. I just... -he thought in despair as one of the fishes once again simply swam away as if it were nothing.


If the little dragon could sigh underwater, he would, but he knew better then to lose his air. Pausing for a moment, he rested near the lake's bed, paddling only against the slow moving current. An idea formed in his head. No, I can't be too slow. I'm just doing it wrong. Ofcourse! And they're doing it RIGHT! -he thought excitedly, eyes locked on the fish swimming around. Pulling in his little limbs onto his abdomen and tail, he mimicked the wiggling motion the fish were doing to wave through the water. It didin't work at first, but as he employed more and more of his long tail into it, he gradually found himself both faster and more nimble within the water. Now running out of air, he swam down to the bottom of the riverbed, looked up, gave it his all and rocketed his way towards the top of the water, breaking the surface with enough speed to send himself four meters in the air, taking in a fresh breath of air and doing a front flip in the process.


Bryce listened in, and though he couldn't see, he still understood quite clearly what was going on. Though Ocevo and her carer plopped down nearby, he decided against breaking his focus, and remained silent as he listened in on his little whiptail's success.


Torque was ecstatic. This was MUCH MUCH better then paddling. He didn't waste any time, locked onto the biggest fish he could see, and darted right towards it. The chase was short, but when Torque reached it, he opened his maw and bit right into it's tail. That done, he started paddling again, to slow it down and force it towards the shore. A minute's worth of arduous tugging the resisting meal, he finally had it on shore, carried it to Bryce and chirped happily. Got it!


Bryce opened his eyes, and broke his trance, blinking a few times while his eyes readjusted to the light.

Ofcourse you did. -he said warmly, took out his combat knife, sliced the fish's head clean off, picked up a flat-ish looking river rock from nearby and quickly placed it upon the still burning fire. Picking up their lunch for the day, he placed it carefully on the rock, so it would cook up properly.


It's all yours. I know you've been craving something more filling lately.

Absolutely! I won't say no to that. -the whiptail replied, and sat down to let the sunlight dry him off, shivering a little from being in the cold water.

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<OOC: I did not expect this explosion of posts. xd.png


EDIT: I spent like an hour on a post that had Hannah and Hazie going out BEFORE realising that someone had teleported into the hotel room. My God, my observational skills suck. xd.png >


Hannah had eventually grown bored of her iPhone and had begun to consider checking out and leaving for home. Just when she was about to, three different people appeared in her room. Or to be more specific, one person and two dragon hatchlings. Her first reaction? Hannah screamed, typically. Startled, Hazie had leapt under the bed blanket before the other person's fingers could even touch her.


" censorkip.gif ing hell!" Hannah snapped, once she had pulled herself together, "Who the censorkip.gif are you?! How'd you censorkip.gif ing get in here?!" She was holding a pillow as a shield between the blond stranger and herself.



Hazie was hungry. That was right. She was hungry. So far, her...owner hadn't given her any food. Well, she had tried to but Hazie hadn't liked it. It was vile, disgusting, and seemed to break every rule of nature. So she'd spat it out. Now her owner was mad at her and wouldn't give her anything else. Hazie thought it would be better to just continue to ignore her empty stomach and wait until her owner was in a better mood.


Then the three strangers had appeared and Hazie had been startled but when she had looked at the blond's eyes, all she had seen was kindness. Whereas in her owner's eyes, all she had seen was frustration, anger, and dissastisfaction. Hazie had blinked her bright blue eyes at the stranger and had wanted to reach out to her hand but then she heard her owner scream and ducked under the bed covers. She didn't want to make her owner madder. She was hungry and she wanted food.

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Mia, Zeditha and Dianora all jumped back at Hannah's scream. Dianora ran into a corner and curled up, with her paws over her ears and her spikes extended. {Shut up, or I swear I'll lose control and stick a spike in that stupid screaming pig.} ((Yeah, Dianora's a little bit antisocial.)) Zeditha looked between Mia, Dianora and the white hatchling, and decided to rescue the poor dragon from the covers. She flew over, buried her nose under the cover, and gently picked up the slightly smaller hatchling. Well, more like pulled her out of the covers. {Hey there. You smell hungry; want something to eat?} She realised that she didn't have anything, and turned to Mia. "Mia, do you have food? Hatchling hungry." She looked back at Hazie to make it clear exactly which hatchling she was talking about.


Mia winced at the scream, and heard all of her dragons. "Ugh..." she said, then decided an order to deal with everyone. {Dianora, calm down,} she said to the Olive. {Just ignore it... Breathe, like I taught you, remember?} After one more quick stroke, she tossed a chocolate bar over to Zeditha who jumped and caught it neatly, then turned finally to Hannah. "Okay..." she said. "According to Zeditha, the Guardian in the cave used magic to teleport us here. Not the best choice of place if you ask me, but I guess she knows best. I'm Mia, the Pyralsprite with the chocolate there is Zeditha, and the Olive with... some anger issues in the corner is Dianora." She looked back at the white hatchling. Zeditha had unwrapped the chocolate bar and was showing Hazie how to break the squares off. "Who's your friend?" she asked. "And why was she so hungry? Zeditha isn't usually that worried about anyone except herself." She got a quick glare from Zeditha at that.

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((Time for some itty bitty conflict. Child innocence though Brotato.))


Alex was quite surprised when Ocevo jumped up, ran over, stole Torque's first catch, and began gobbling it up without an ounce of respect for Torque's efforts. The fish soon was nothing but bones, and Ocevo let out a pleased burp. Alex didn't quite know what to make of this occurrence, so all he thought to say was, {Good gravy! Why on earth did you do that? I JUST fed you before we went to sleep!} Turning to Torque and Bryce and said, {I apologize on behalf of Ocevo. I don't fully understand why that happened. I swear I fed her just about an hour ago, and she was refusing to eat more of her own free will; she chose to not eat any more food after I had fed her. I don't know what else to do... I guess I can feed them again. I'll go do that.} Alex picked up Ocevo and walked back to the tent, placed her inside, and opened a pack of beef jerky, which he pulled apart into small pieces, after all, Ocevo didn't have teeth just yet, nor did Richard. Both hatchlings fiercely gobbled up the dried beef, an entire pack's worth, too. Alex offered another pack of jerky, and both hatchlings still ate a bit more, but only about a third of the second pack. Alex told both hatchlings to stay in the tent, to prevent future mishaps, and went back outside and offered Torque and Bryce the remaining beef jerky.

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Torque's jaw dropped when he saw his prized catch of the day gobbled up. He wanted to protest, but was cut off by his carer and their new acquaintance, who's little eating machine had just done away with Torque's dinner.

You do that. -said Bryce, when Alex stated he was going to feed Ocevo once more.

When the boy walked towards his tent, Torque let off a low hiss. If something so small and innocent could be cross, Torque would be the spiting image of what that would look like. He glanced towards Bryce and spoke through gritted teeth.

I guess now I know what anger feels like. That was my very first catch! Of anything! Ever! It was special to me! -ranted Torque, only to be silenced by his carer with a light tap on the nose.

Keep your cool. You've every right to be angry, but you lack the physical ability to exercise any action based on that anger. For now, play it off. I'm not justifying what just happened, but you need to learn it's easier not to live hard, but to live smart. -explained Bryce, his eyes still locked on Alex who was now approaching with some sort of food in his hands.


Torque let off a sigh, glared at the boy, then turned his back and moved away a bit.

When Alex presented them with the jerky in compensation, Bryce waved it off and declined.

It's not about the food. It's about discipline. You're not raising kittens, you're raising sentient, mythical beings with the potential to kill. Today it was my Torque's prized first catch, tomorrow it could be your head. Who knows what they might find, well... tasty. -he explained, cross-armed and with an expression as serious as his words.


Apology accepted. Now, we're tired, and wish to be left to rest in peace. We don't need anything. Be kind enough to relieve us of your presence. -he added, turned around, faced the firepalce he'd made, sat down on his rug, crossed his legs like he did before, rested his arms on his knees, closed his eyes, and relaxed his body and mind, falling into the all-too familiar hyper-aware trance-like state.


Torque watched from the distance, somewhat relieved that his carer didn't just laugh it off. The whiptail scurried over back to Bryce, lied down by his feet and curled up, mumbled "Go away." only so loud enough that Alex could hear, and closed its eyes, too tired to go find himself more fish.

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Well. That ordeal just happened. Ocevo would be quite annoying if that kept happening, which meant Alex would have to feed her constantly to make sure she was always too full to consider stealing, at least until she developed some moral values. But that would be a long time from now. Right now, Alex obliged Bryce and went back to the tent, checking to make sure both Harvest hatchlings were present and comfortable. Ocevo climbed onto the sleeping bag again and curled up on Alex's chest, snoring lightly. Alex didn't know it, but Ocevo began to dream of eating lots of fish. Richard was content to lie down near Alex's head and rest his chin on Alex's shoulder.

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The next morning, Contalia woke because of a bright ray of sunshine on her face. This lifted her spirits and she stood up, stretching like a cat. She noticed that sometime during the night Rudus had mover his blanket to a far corner of the room, away from her. She wondered why and then lay down on the ground, basking in the sunlight. Looking up at the ceiling she saw coppery brown spots there, and deducted that the sun was making that happen somehow by shining on her. Suddenly the was a loud, grumbling, gurgle and it seemed to have come from her. There was a weird feeling around her middle and Contalia realised that this was how being hungry felt like. She knew what to do.


Getting up, she stalked towards the open door to the main room, ruffling her wings to relieve the stiffness in them. She walked up to Daryl's bed and prepared to jump; it was about two times as tall as she was. Contalia crouched down and as she jumped, she pushed her tail on the ground to get higher. At the same time, she outstretched her wings and flapped them once or twice. Even with all her efforts, Contalia only managed to get her front paws on the blankets. Her claws tightened on the blankets of their own accord and her back feet scrabbled on the wooden side of the bed to get a grip and push herself up. She managed to get up but not before making a couple deep rifts in the wood surrounded by many smaller scratches with her claws. However Contalia didn't give it a second thought as she reveled in the victorious moment.


Jumping up on Daryl's chest, she began to prod his face with each paw in turn. Annoyed when he didn't wake, she nipped him on the ear. At this point he woke. Sitting bolt upright, he ended up launching Contalia into the air and the first thing she could think to do was to stretch out her wings. Miraculously, it worked. It was very wobbly, as she was straining just to keep her wings still and unfolded, but she was gliding. The dusty air streamed past her face as she circled the room once. It felt so awesome to be in the air- like she could do anything, go anywhere. She could just glide and glide and think clearly as the sun warmed her back. Looking backwards, she saw her tail streaming along behind her and she gave it a gleeful swish- bad move. As her tail moved to the right, the rest of her turned to the right aswell and she bashed head-first into the wall.


As she landed on the floor with a painful thump and began to cry, Contalia heard Daryl laughing; {hahaha, now, what did you wake me for dragon? } Contalia felt offended at being called 'dragon' and snapped back at him: {Contalia, not 'dragon'}. This surprised Daryl very much. {So you can speak, can you, 'dragon'? Can you say why you woke me? }Then Contalia remembered why she's had come in the first place, she wanted food. Straining to remember how he had said it yesterday, she replied {Fed twice a day} defiantly. Daryl now sat upright in the bed and said {You're hungry, well I'll give you some breakfast to shut you up, speaking out of turn like you are} The tone of his voice that time angered her even more; he was being rude to her! They were meant to be great companions! She growled very softly, so that only she could hear it and glared at Daryl. Then he noticed the scratches all over his bed.{ That's it, I told you yesterday, you aren't to touch the bed. As a punishment, you won't get food. }, he said angrily, then picked up Contalia, touching as little as he could of her as if she was covered in grime. After dumping her unceremoniously into her and Rudus' room, Daryl shut the door. Contalia grumbled to herself and turned her back on the door, instead focusing on Rudus, who was looking curiously at her, now that he was awake. {P-play? } he asked and in response, Contalia pounced on him.

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((I guess we're skipping to morning, then? Sorry about the OOC only post, I just need this clarified ASAP.))

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((Ok, I'll roll with it.))


Alex woke up to Ocevo nuzzling his face in an effective attempt at awakening him. Alex ushered the two hatchlings outside, made sure the tent was closed, and changed into normal daytime clothes before feeding the two Harvest dragons some bread, apple slices, and more beef jerky. Despite his efforts to give the growing hatchlings healthy and nutritious meals, they refused to lose an ounce in fat. Sure, muscles were starting to show up from lugging around heavy bodies, but still. Fat isn't the best thing to have a lot of on your body when you are an active little kid.


Alex remembered that he had guests present, and thought about greeting them, but then realized that he may not be too well received with how Ocevo had acted last night. So, he decided to start packing up some of the less needed things in preparation of bringing the hatchlings home. Alex was, admittedly, very excited to have some hatchlings living with him not as pets, but siblings, sooner or later.

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((Ooh, got a really good thing going on))


Esko couldn't remeber what happened. He was chasing the theif into a cave, then...he woke up. Groaning, he looked around. What happened? He was pretty beat up. His gun was jammed, and his sheath empty. Where was Tulvir and Tabitha? Great, first day as a carer and I loose them. That lilac dragon would be sooo pissed. Esko felt defeated as he looked at stuff.



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((Darn it! I had a great idea and everything...))


Nightshade awoke to Cay wearing her heist clothes during midday, and they were sopping wet. Knowing that it was a bad idea to wear wet clothes, Nightshade pulled off Cay's mask and shoes, leaving them in the sun to dry, and nudged her to pull off her pack. When it tore open from the loose and wet seams, Nightshade gasped. Not in horror at the split pack, but at the sight of food! A lot, too. A can of SPAM, a can of Chicken Noodle soup, a bag of grapes, and a bar of chocolate. He prodded Cay. She shook up. "Don't kill me- what? {Oh hey, Nightshade...}" She picked up the baby dragon and squeezed him tightly in a hug. "{Ow... Wh- Cay, are you alright? You're different,}" Nightshade said in-between shallow breaths. "{I just had a taste of death and I don't know what I would do if I lost you,}" Cay said quietly, her breaths catching, "{And I can't live like this, both of us hoping the other doesn't die. I'm gonna go change.}" The girl walked out of the cave, clutching her blue sweater and jeans in her hand, and a relatively dry blanket. Nightshade wanted to crawl after her, but Cay's unsaid words made Nightshade know she needed some alone time. The baby dragon sighed, curling up in the dry blankets, and nomming a grape.

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((Fair enough. Better we have a day-to-night transition every once in a while anyway.))


In their camp by the river, Torque and Bryce still remained motionless. It'd been a full night's rest for them, and thankfully a quiet one. Bryce still sat crosslegged upon his rug, breaking his meditative focus only to add firewood to the fire. This was the day that marked his sixth month without actual sleep, but instead resting by meditating. It was effective, and in a way, very much better then having to drag his sorry mind out of deep REM sleep every time he wanted to get up. All Bryce had to do was open his eyes, and he felt fresh and rested as if he'd had his 8 hours of sleep. Once he'd done that, he stretched out his arms, then his legs, then cracked the joints in his neck.

Are we heading out now? -asked Torque when he saw his carer was up.

Honestly, I don't know any more. -Bryce admitted and scratched his head.

Did you pick up on something last night?

Yes, yes I did. There are more people in this area then we know of. Silly part is the majority are half my age. -he jested, smirked and covered his face with his palm.

And that's funny, how?

Guardian of Nature must really be desperate to be handing out that treasure trove to a bunch of unstable teens. But hey, that's none of my business. -Bryce commented, lied on the ground and started doing his daily regime of exercises, starting with his one-handed push-ups.


Three, Four, you wouldn't know. Five, six, puberty can be hell. Eight, nine, ten. -he commented while counting, then switched arms and began anew. One, two...

What is puberty? -asked the inquisitive hatchling.

Six, seven, it's what we humans go through, nine, ten, before we mature. -he switched arms again, counting by thought as he spoke- And it involves a lot of growing pain. Let's just say you don't know what to expect from someone in that stage. They're uppity and volatile. Also they call it the period of supreme stupidity for a reason. Ten. -he switched arms once more- Most, if not all, driven by their hormones make their biggest mistakes during that period. Myself included. Five, six...

And what were your mistakes? -asked the whiptail, his curiosity piqued.

I'd rather not discuss them. Let's just say, I was pathetic back then. Ten. -he switched arms once more.

Torque looked as confused as a hatchling could be. He didn't understand these things, nor was it his place to understand, still, he was the one asking the questions.

Will, will I make big mistakes? -he asked after a brief pause.

Seven, eight, yes. You will. Everyone makes mistakes. Don't worry about it. It's part of learning. Ten. -Bryce said confidently, then switched to his other arm for his last set of push-ups.

I see... and yesternight, when I wanted to... Yes, you wanted to sneak over to that boy's tent with a piece of burning wood and set it on fire while they slept. That would have been a colossal blunder! Ten. -Bryce started speaking crossly, finished his reps, pushed himself off the ground with enough force to just stand right back up, and looked at Torque with a scowl of disapproval.


Yesternight his hatchling acted out and stole something that didn't belong to it. You tried to endanger all three of their lives, and potentially destroy everything that they have in terms of supplies in response. I told you time and time again "go smart, not hard". I expected better from you.

I, I'm sorry.

The two exchanged glances for a moment, Torque regretful and Bryce accusing.

Well, I'm hoping this won't happen again. It's alright. I can't stay mad at you. -Bryce sighed and leaned down to pat his little dragon lightly.

However, we're staying here for a bit, until I can be sure this little attitude issue you have has been rectified. I won't have you making us unwanted enemies in our new home when we get there. And besides, it's best that you get a taste of what it's like to be around other hatchlings.

Okay... -the whiptiail didn't protest. He knew when he was in trouble.

Wish I had a punching bag here or something, I can't go through my paces in hand-to-hand. -Bryce commented, nodded his head and sighed. It wasn't gonna happen.

I'll make up for it with swimming, I suppose. -he told himself- Stay out of trouble. -then spoke to Torque, and headed off towards the river's shore, taking his shirt and pantaloons along the way, until all he had on was his boxers, and dove right in.


Torque simply lied back down, and watched his carer swim.

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Alex was taking a walk around the campsite to stay energized, when he spotted some houses downhill. He decided to go look and see what the houses were.


When he did reach the houses, he realized that the few people that probably lived here were all inside. He knocked on the door of one house, randomly, and waited for someone to answer.

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((Meetup, anyone?))


A healthy fifteen minutes of intense swimming later, Bryce stepped out of the water, took a few deep breaths, shivered in place from the cold air, shook the water off of himself akin to how a dog would, and went to retrieve his clothes.

Torque! Do me a favor and pack up, we're moving camp!

The hatchling's eats perked up and looked at his carer with a confused expression.

You heard me. We're moving. There's a better spot further off. Oh, here. You haven't eaten. -the man stated calmly and tossed his little whiptail a fish, akin to what he'd caught the day before.

No time to cook it I'm afraid, eat up and get busy.

Without question, Torque happily wolfed down his breakfast. He was famished after yesternight's little incident after all, and got to work cleaning out their modest camp.

Soon enough, Bryce had dried off, and Torque had collected their gear into Bryce's pack. They were set to move.

But, where are we going? -the whiptail inquired when they started their trip.

Well, I said we're staying here for a while, till your attitude improves. -Bryce answered, just as they crossed over the top of a hill, and the town they were aiming at came into plain view.

So we might as well settle in somewhere we'll be safe from the rain. Eh?

You're joking. It was practically right around the corner?! -the whiptail couldn't believe. He didn't even know if that was THE town they were going for, but then he'd been relying on his carer's ability to navigate. If Bryce said that's the town, then that meant that's the town.

Well, kind of suspicious to be skulking around a newly formed settlement at night, don't you think. We needed an overnight stop. Come on, let's go shake hands with the mayor. -he jested, and the two proceeded onward to their would-be new home.

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((Mia basically is the mayor of the new dragon town, but she got teleported away xd.png I'll just make her another dragon that she left at home. A Guardian dragon, who guards the village... Duh. Her name is Yawela.))


Yawela wandered around the outskirts of the village. A small telepathic notice from the Guardian told her that Mia had been teleported to bring a more reluctant dragon carer to the village. Acknowledging the thought, Yawela stopped and scanned the hill, herr shield-like tail shifting across the ground. She jumped and flew a small way into the air, so that she could see further, and spotted a human and a dragon coming towards the village. With a small, happy chirp, Yawela wandered off to meet them. She wondered briefly if the human spoke dragon, like Mia, but dismissed the thought. She would cross that hurdle when she came to it, and she could speak some limited English.

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<OOC: Can I just pretend that it's already the second day for Hannah? She did just wake up. xd.png >


Sneering at the blond girl, whose name Hannah now knew was Mia, the spoilt teen tossed aside the pillow and flicked her hair off her shoulders. She was actually curious about the way Mia was talking to her dragons. Could she do that with Hazie too? For the moment, she shoved the thought to the back of her mind. There were more important matters at hand.


"'Friend'? Don't you mean pet? I mean, I get that you're one of those types who love the sh censorkip.gif out of animals but they're still just censorkip.gif ing pets, just so you know," scoffed Hannah patronisingly. Seriously? Dragons as their friends? They were animals, obviously they were pets. Either that, or they were meant to be eventually locked up in zoos.


"Anyway, that's Hazie Silver and she's mine, so tell your friend," she sneered again, "Zeditha, to kindly get her dirty censorkip.gif ing paws off her." Hannah wouldn't have others touching her dragon hatchling.



Hazie Silver felt herself being pulled out of the covers. Startled, she started to resist but only managed to flop around in the slightly bigger paws that were grasping her. Giving in, she let herself be taken and stared at the other dragon hatchling. She was actually pretty colourful and Hazie tilted her head slightly, curious. Blinking as the other older hatchling showed her a brown, rectangular object, she sniffed the scent that seemed to surround it. It smelled...good. Like it was made up of different...things. Hazie reached out a slightly shaky paw to bat at the brown thingy when she heard her name being spoken by her owner and instantly drew her paw back. Her owner was mad again and Hazie really wanted food so if she had to get some, her owner had to be happy so that she would give Hazie some. Right? Also, her owner seemed to want Hazie to go back to her. So with a high-pitched squeak, Hazie attempted to wriggle out of the dark orange's dragon hold, her small paws sloppily swatting at the larger paws that held her.

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Dianora stayed in the corner, refusing to move.


Zeditha rolled her eyes. {Hey... Don't worry. This is fine to eat. See?} She broke off a piece and ate it, releasing the smaller dragon. She ignored the other human until she heard the name. {Hazie Silver? That's a nice name. Don't be scared...}


Mia sighed. "First off, didn't you hear Zeditha speak? I know parrots can repeat speech, but really, what do you define as an animal? The dragons aren't any more animals than you and me. And second, she's trying to feed your dragon, who seems to be hungry." She looked back at Zeditha, and to be on the safe side, said, {Zeditha, still do take your paws off -} "Oh, you did. Okay then." She shrugged and looked back at Hannah. "What's your name, by the way?" Realising Dianora was still in the corner, she bent down with a comforting noise. {Dianora, it's ok. The screaming stopped, didn't it? Do you want some chocolate too?} She looked at Zeditha, who tossed her a piece before offering one to Hazie. {Dianora, come on. You can't hide every time someone speaks...}

{Yes I can!} said Dianora indignantly. {I hate her, anyway. She doesn't even feed her dragons. We need to get back to the village.}

"The village!" gasped Mia. "You're right, Dianora. We need to get back to the village. The Guardian probably told Yawela we left, but she can't speak English as well as Zeditha. What if someone new comes along?!" She picked up the reluctant Olive, who shoved her head in Mia's elbow crook. "Come on, Zeditha. We need to get back to the village! Who knows what all the other dragons are up to! Yeah, leave the chocolate for Hazie, she needs something to eat." Zeditha left the chocolate and skittered over to Mia. "Would you mind showing us out? I'm afraid I'm not familiar with this place."

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Hannah glared at Mia. Either the girl was stupid or she was really stupid.


"Excuse me? You think censorkip.gif ing growling is the same as speaking? Sorry for not having censorkip.gif ing psychic powers but I don't understand random dragon bullsh censorkip.gif , b censorkip.gif," snapped Hannah, rolling her eyes. As Hazie scrambled back to her from Zeditha and attempted to wrap her tiny paws around Hannah, the teen merely pushed the White away irritably, sending her stumbling over the bedsheets.


"And as for whether or not I feed my pets, that's none of your censorkip.gif ing business." With that, Hannah lay back down on the bed, her hand already swiping up her iPhone 6.


"Door's over there, now GTFO," she said, briefly flashing Mia a fake sweet smile before turning her attention to her iPhone.



Hazie Silver settled down on the bedsheets after Hannah had practically shoved her away. Her owner was still mad and she was still hungry. Spotting the chocolate left on the bed out of the corner of her eye, she turned and inched towards it, her nose twitching slightly. Without hesitation, she grabbed it before cautiously nibbling on it. In which, she promptly bit off a chunk of it and chewed slowly, savouring it as she looked gratefully at the Spessartine.

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