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    I like reading, writing (or preferably typing), dreaming, playing computer games. I draw occasionally. I LOVE ROLEPLAYING. :D Often impatient when waiting for people to reply, though, lol.

    Although I do enjoy role playing, a 1x1 role play is something I do with people whom I've known for a while. By that, I mean someone whom I've role played with for a while and feel comfortable with. I feel a little discomforted at the thought of doing a 1x1 role play with someone I don't know well (who wouldn't?).

    Anyway. I'm pretty much friendly and am always worrying that I'm offending someone. I can be totally irritating and weird in real life, though.

    I think I might have issues when interacting with people on the Internet. It's nothing much, simply that I often get really nervous about what people think or how they might react to any of my posts. So if I vanish or if I seem to be ignoring someone, that's probably just me panicking or freaking out behind the screen and not having the courage to respond. ^_^

    It's strange how the time flies. Has it really been two years since I joined the forums?