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A Forgotten Destiny

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((Sweet Jiblets, I didn't think I'd ever want to backhand a fictional character so much. I get the feeling that if Hannah and Bryce ever meet, he'll do it for me. xd.png Writing Post now. Where is this hotel, exactly?))


Looks like we're in the right place alright. -Bryce stated confidently when the guardian dragon came into view. It was as clear a sign as any. Unless there was a sign somewhere that wrote, "Town's here, dumbarse!" ofcourse. Eheh he he. -Bryce jested and shook his head as they approached their greeter.


Now that's one way to reel in tourism, I tell you what. It doesn't look like much, but... -Torque started to say, but something caught his attention. Indeed the little whiptail was sensing something unfamiliar to it.


Buuuut... hold that thought. -Bryce answered when the guardian dragon was nearly upon them. She was however still up in the air and although it looked like they had her attention, she looked like she was more interested in watching them for now.


Bryce. There's, I don't. I mean... do you feel that?

I don't feel anything out of the ordinary, why? If it's your stomach, you're just still getting used to meat, don't worry.

No, my belly's fine. It's just, for a moment there I felt a... a disturbance.

A disturbance. What, in the force? -Bryce jested, though he felt like slapping himself for making such an obvious reference.

What's "the force"?

It's, well, nevermind. Just tell me what you felt. -Bryce sighed, and knelt down to better hear his little dragon.

I felt a sort of, a kind of pain. But it's more like, like depravity, longing for something. And, it wasn't my own.

Uh-huh. You still cross about yesterday or something?

No, just. Nevermind. I'm sure it was nothing. -Torque waved it off. It probably really was nothing.

Maybe it's not. I know what I got myself into when I went to pick you up. That feeling could be something, but we're not gonna give it any attention for now, okay? Just let me know if it comes around again.

Okay. Will do.


The two gave each other a nod, and proceeded into the village, a bit on edge about that guardian watching them from way up there.

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Mia shrugged, and turned to leave, Dianora still nestled in her arms. However, Zeditha became angry. "You... You think we're animals. Do you call this GROWLING? Do you want to hear me ROAR? Do you want to feel my FIRE!??" She growled deep in her throat, and walked menacingly towards Hannah. "You will come. We have a village. We will teach you how to behave." A flicker of flame licked itself down Zeditha's tongue and disappeared in midair between her and Hannah. Then, she flew up onto Hannah's bed, nuzzled Hazie comfortingly {Don't worry, I won't hurt you. I won't hurt the girl either, unless she's stupid.} and glared at Hannah.


Mia shook her head. "Zeditha... Are you sure this is a good idea? I'm not sure she'd like the dragon village. Then again, I have no idea where we actually are, since we were teleported here." She closed her eyes with a sigh. "Whatever. You can come with us if you'd like."

"No. You will come." Zeditha's eyes didn't allow any argument.

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<OOC: I'd say that she's right to address Hannah like that. tongue.gif


@Brotato Bryce is welcome to do so. Her poor language is killing off my brain cells. wacko.gif The hotel's at...it's probably a fair distance away from the village itself, probably in one of the more modern areas in the Himalayas. I just relied on Google.>


Hannah wasn't exactly the brightest bulb in the Hanukkah tree but even she knew it was stupid to take up an argument with a dragon. However, anger had always by far surpassed her logical intuition and after shaking her fearful, wide-eyed expression off her face, she faced Zeditha with a scowl.


"Well, duh, you censorkip.gif ing dragons aren't exactly humans, are you? And if you had a censorkip.gif ing brain, you would've spoken in freaking English if you'd wanted me to understand you, like what we humans do. Come back to me without the freakish wings and tail and colours and I might consider you a human, though one of low status - wait, no, don't," Hannah waved her hand in an exaggerated "no" gesture, "I don't wanna see your censorkip.gif ugly face after this again, b censorkip.gif ." In all honesty, her anger was clouding her mind, allowing her tongue to run away with her despite the fact that she was directly insulting a dragon, even if it was only a hatchling. Alarm bells were ringing in her head but she dismissed them in her fury. How dare these common lowlives intrude her personal space and pick an argument with her? It wasn't even her fault this time, they had invaded her hotel room in the first place! Frowning deeply, she turned to face Mia.


"And you are not taking me to some censorkip.gif ing filthy village in the middle of censorkip.gif ing nowhere, b censorkip.gif . You wanna go somewhere gross, do it, it's none of my business. In fact, why don't all of you get the censorkip.gif out now?" she repeated her earlier statement coolly. This was so unfair! Why did they have to disturb her? Chiding her about feeding her pets and whatnot. Please. Just who did they think they were?



Hazie Silver leaned into Zeditha's touch slightly, enjoying the comforting gesture. Her owner had done nothing of the sort in the time she'd been with her. However, Hazie flinched when her owner fired back a fierce response to the nice dark orange dragon and her ears drooped unhappily at the current atmosphere she was in. She wasn't hungry anymore (at least, not much) but why couldn't everyone be happy and not just angry or frustrated for once? Hazie burrowed her nose between her paws on the bedsheets, a tiny squeak of unhappiness escaping from her.

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Mia shook her head. "Seriously. I can understand you're angry, and exactly why, but ZEDITHA JUST ****ING THREATENED TO SET YOU ON FIRE AND YOU'RE INSULTING HER?!?!" She closed her eyes, unable to facepalm due to the Olive hatchling whose head was buried in her arms. {Surprised it was her...} Dianora mumbled into Mia's elbow. Mia went to stand by the door. "How idiotic can a person get?"


Zeditha stood by as she was assaulted with swearwords, ger grin getting bigger all the time. When Hannah was finished, she waited a few seconds, then spoke in a dangerously low voice. "You will come with us. I won't set fire to you. I don't want to burn the hotel. I don't want to burn poor Hazie. But I will bite you." She smiled, showing a set of frighteningly white, sharp teeth. "You will come with us. We will show you the village. Hazie will get food. And YOU WILL NEVER INSULT A DRAGON AGAIN!!!" The last part moved suddenly from a quiet, almost whispering-level sound, to a full roar, complete with flame dancing onto Zeditha's tongue.


Mia stepped back, wide-eyed. "Wow, Zeditha... Hannah's a bit nasty, sure, but really? Why do you want her in the village so much? I sure want to keep her as far away as possible." Zeditha just glanced back at Mia in reply, then kept her eyes focused on Hannah.




Yawela lowered herself to the ground as the human and Whiptail approached. "Hello," she said, pronouncing carefully. "I am Yawela. Who are you?" She kept her tone friendly, but her tail was on guard, just in case they weren't.

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Alex heard some voices coming from another part of the town, so he hurried over there, hatchlings in tow. When Alex reached where he thought the voices were, he saw Bryce and Torque talking to a blue dragon with a big sliver object stuck to its tail. It was rather pretty. Ocevo was certainly interested, and hopped out of Alex's arms to go say hi.


Ocevo: {Hi.}

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((So sorry I haven't posted in a while! I just had absolutely nothing to do. I woke up in the cave, and nobody saw me, so...yeah))


Esko rubbed his head. How long had he been there? Where were Tulvir and Tabitha? He had to go find them. He got up and started to run. Where did he leave his hatchlings last night? He ran to the river, and started to panic when he saw they weren't there. Sh-Sh*t! Where are they?!







Tulvir and Tabitha had gone to sleep, hungry. They had no idea where camp was, so they had gone to sleep in a tree. Where was their master? Tulvir spotted a blonde kid with two Harvest hatchlings nearby. Tulvir ran to the human and nipped his pant legs, chirping out of hunger. Tabitha saw the one Harvest run to something, saying hi. Tabitha ran after the other hatchie. {Rawr! Fight me for food! I am hungry!} Tabitha lashed out at the Harvest.

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The two stopped in their tracks when they saw the guardian descend towards them.

She didn't seem menacing, thankfully. One could only assume she was a local.

Travellers! -Torque exclaimed in response.

Migrants. -said Bryce, crossed his arms and sighed when he heard Ocevo's voice.

He really didn't want to respond to either of those two, but for the sake of courtesy... Hi... -he answered.

Torque, however, remained silent to the duo. His jimmies were still very much rustled, despite the short talk he'd had on the subject with his carer.


I was recently gifted with this little scamp here. -Bryce explained and patted Torque on the head- However the bigger cities are inhospitable for raising a hatchling. Not enough space, too many nosy neighbors afraid of getting their houses burned down.

Or having their kids devoured. -jested Torque.

Yes, they're poisonous. Anyway, do you know who we should talk to about settling in? Maybe renting a shelter?

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Yawela smiled, and put down her tail. "Come," she said. "There are houses. Most empty. Take one!" She trotted happily towards the town, big sled-like tail dragging behind her.

((The tail might have just enough room for a dragon hatchling...))


Noticing the two new hatchlings, she stopped and turned. After rolling her eyes, she growled loudly to get their attention. {You two! Stop messing about! Where is your human?}

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Tulvir looked up. He giggled. {Somewhere. Do I HAVE to have one?} he giggled more and hopped into the big sled like metal thing. {carry me! To food!} He kept giggling and making tiny roars.


Tabitha kept nipping at the human. {dunno. He left us at the riverbed, chasing a theif. I think the theif was a giiiirl} At that, both Falconforms giggled the hell out of themselves. {now give me food, human! I demand food! Is that a choco bar?} She snapped the chocolate bar from the human and nomed on it. Then she climbed onto Tulvir and giggled. {I wanna ride, too! Hehehehe!}

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Just like that? -Bryce raised his eyebrows. No cost, no paperwork, no anything? He was just supposed to claim one and that's that? Who built them? Why were they given out for free? What kind of backwards settlement was this? So many questions!

I personally don't mind a free house.

I, that is, hm... -the man scratched his head in confusion. There has to be something more to this. But then again, this village was probably less then a month old. Perhaps it was owned by some major benefactor who gave out plots of land like this. But, why? And on who's authority was he supposed to...

You're making that face again...

Huh, what face?

That face when you're so befuddled with doubt that you look like you need to go to the bathroom really bad.

The two exchanged an awkward glance, before Bryce looked at his feet, towards the houses, then at the guardian.

Right. Okay. Thanks... -he stated simply, before stepping forth to have a look at the available buildings.

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((Oookay, so I've decided, if only dragon owners are in the village, she's in the village next over. She's rethinking her life, you see, contemplating moving to the village...))


"We're moving next dark, Shade."


The little dragon cocked his head to the side. "{Oh, that's right. Sorry, buddy. We're moving tonight to the village next-over, so get packin', we're gonna need all we can get.}" Cay grabbed her wet, torn pack and sighed. "I have to buy a new pack again?! {Shade, I'm gonna be gone a bit, hold the fort for me, please.}" She picked up her wallet, grabbing the 5 dollar bill out of it and starting her walk to the town's leather wares shop.




When she got to the shop, she had to stop to observe all of the beautiful hand bags and sighed. Those were about $50, she only had $10, a fifth of the cost. She continued walking until she found a shop that sold plain fabric bags. She looked around until she found one big enough and bought it. She had a few dollars left over, which she bought a embroidering kit with. She made a simple design on the front- Her name and Nightshade's. She sighed and walked back.


"{I wish you didn't have to live like I do... But now you might not have to.}"




More or less oblivious to the way Cay was feeling, Nightshade was scampering about in the cave, folding blankets, putting their small amount of food into a pile so they could just stuff it in later, taking down Cay's more-or-less dry night camo clothing, and just plain tidying up the cave for the next resident bears or whatever came in to live there. When Cay came back, the first thing Nightshade noticed was the lavender bag that Cay held, with their names on it. He pretended not to notice and pushed the food over to her, which she stuffed in her pack.


"{Okay, we're almost done. But you've forgotten that we can't let anyone know where we've lived. We gotta fill up this cave. This cave was manmade, by me, remember?}" Cay reminded him.



((Just imagine the next scenes. I'll post again at RP world night when they're leaving to the village. Haha, Brotato and I are posting super-serious and Esko's dragons are like, "Wheee! Not a freaking care in the world!))

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Alex took this lull in activity to feed both of his hatchlings each one apple half, which they both happily crunched with gusto. When there was nothing but seeds left (Alex had explained that they had Cyanide in them, a poison, bad stuff), The three of them followed the blue dragon, who now had two other little dragons riding on the tail, and looked from house to house, trying to determine which would be best.


After a bit of a walk, Alex found a house with a large backyard, large enough for both his dragons, when matured, to comfortably stay in. There was also a room of the house that had a large archway that led right into said backyard, and was intended to be a room where human and dragon could interact, chat, have a snack, take a nap, all indoors if it was raining. there were some plastic curtains that were held above the archway and could be clipped to the floor to keep the rain out if it was windy. there were also some shower-like drains at the arch's base, so that the rain wouldn't make the floor wet. There was even a flat-screen TV for people and dragon alike to watch!


The rest of the house had all the necessities for human living, a kitchen, bathrooms, bedroom, second-story balcony that overlooked the backyard, among a few other less necessary things.


Overall, it seemed like a perfect house for Alex and his two hatchlings to live in.

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((ALEX, you do realize that Tabitha was nipping at your character's feet?))

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((Nope. But then, my character didn't either. He's dense and doesn't notice little things like that when he has mountain-climbing sneakers on.))

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Something was off about this town. It didn't look like the structures were freshly built and readied for habitation, at least most of them didn't. Rather, it looked as if they had been abandoned, then refurbished for second hand use. Telltale signs of reconstructive efforts were visible to Bryce's perceptive gaze, and the idea of picking a random one of these houses out struck him as a wasted opportunity to cash in on something great.


No, he had to be smart about this.

Torque, search. Anything out of place in any of these. -he looked around from building to building.

Be right back, then. -the hatchling said, stomped on the ground twice and dashed off towards the nearest house for a closer inspection.


I'll cover, then... -mumbled Bryce.

Sitting down on the ground in front of one of the houses, he crossed his legs and rested his arms on his knees, closed his eyes and breathed in slowly, calming his mind and focusing intently on his senses of hearing and touch.


Everything else faded away, and he could once again feel at one with his surroundings. Every vibration and every sound echoed through his mind like a chime from within. Through the subtlest of noises and the vibrations beneath him, he could identify the various open spaces and imperfections in the ground. Underground areas is what he was interested in. More often then not, that's where valuables are overlooked, or best hidden.


Eventually, he sensed the pitter patter of his little whiptail's feet, not far away from his current location. That's what he was looking for, a source of vibrations, no matter how small, to examine.


Fifteen minutes of Torque running around, rummaging through empty rooms or houses filled with unnecessary luxuries, containing nothing rare or particularly useful later, they found something.


Bryce, I know you're listening. I found something. This place has a hatch cover in its back yard. I'm standing right next to it. Take a listen. I'll come back to see what you got. -the whiptail spoke out loud, already aware it was being tuned into by its carer. It stomped nice and hard on the ground above the hatch cover it'd found. And it was just what Bryce needed.


Large opening, reinforced concrete with metallic plating, two support struts. Contents, various racks with unidentifiable equipment. Multitude of crates. A desk... two beds. Lockers, filled with metallic containers. Cans, most likely... -he thought as a grin crossed his face. That would more then do. Who knew what was down there in that facility.


Opening his eyes, Bryce breathed a deep breath of relief as his temporarily disabled senses returned, and his augmented ones tuned down with the breaking of his trance. Torque was already standing in front of him.


So? -he asked, tail wagging and curiosity visibly showing.

That's the one. It's a shelter, heavily reinforced and stuffed with who knows what. We're taking the house that goes with it. -Bryce announced confidently.


Once he was up, he looked at the building he and Torque were looking into. It didn't have the civilian look to it. Rather, it looked like it was outfitted for military purposes. It even had a small lookout tower going up two stories above the main floor on its inner right side from the street. The windows were small and horizontally elongated for a greater field of view, rather then the vertical elongation common to civilian household windows which served the purpose to let more light in. It didn't have a tiled roof, instead the entire top of the structure, excluding the small lookout tower, was a flat concrete surface, with a large satellite dish mounted in the middle. There was no wall paint, just the same smooth stone slab apparel that just made the place look more like a small fort then anything else. Once they'd approached the front door, Bryce was having second thoughts. What if someone had already claimed this, or worse yet, built it themselves? The last thing he wanted was to give some disgruntled old war veteran a reason to be angry.


They approached the door. A slab of heavy metal with a handle and no keyhole. It looked a little rusty, though. Spiderwebs hung from the corners. Maybe the place really was abandoned? Time to find out. Bryce pushed the handle and pressed against the door. It gave off a satisfying clack, and slowly creaked open. The hinges needed oil, desperately.


Their suspicions were confirmed when they saw the interior. The building was definitely ex-military, though it'd been stripped of all furniture, but a few bunk-beds, two lockers, a large table with various dusty old maps on it and some old radio equipment that didn't look functional any more. There was also a small kitchen area, though it too was military grade. Nothing but a table, some chairs, several empty bottles of what Bryce once assumed was mineral water and a refrigerator big enough to hold four people within. It was, ofcourse, powered down and empty. There was also an old generator, and curiously enough, it had fuel in it! Whoever abandoned the place must not have wanted to bother with siphoning from it.


Stand back. -Bryce said to his hatchling, went up to the generator and yanked the starter rope. The machine sputtered, but failed to activate. Another pull, same result. Another pull! The generator whirred promisingly, though still failed to start. One last pull! The machine expelled a bit of dust and smoke, and came to life in a low rumble. Along with it, so did the lighting in the building, along with the refrigerator.


Everything was a mess, dusty and old, in need of a lot of care. But Bryce saw the value. A place like this was secure. He could make a good home out of it. It just needed work. The power supply was an issue, however. A generator needed fuel to run, and all he had was what was already inside it when he found it. Better save it. -he mumbled, and flipped the choke switch on the generator, turning it off, along with the lights.


Sure is big enough... And the door is nice and wide for you, if a bit heavy. -commented Bryce as he looked around the building's interior.

If you say so... it feels cold though.

Ah that's because of the walls. Too thick to let much heat in. Though in winter, they'll also keep the cold out.

That sounds nice. -chirped the little whiptail. He did so hate the cold, and from what he knew of winter from Bryce, that was a selling point.


Right, let's take a load off, then get busy cleaning this place out. Few days of work and it'll be spotless and cozy!



((Apologies for the huge post. I got too into it again. xd.png ))

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((Okay, plenty of OOC coming up... I think I need to lay down some details about the village. I hoped it would just be 'poof, there's a village! enjoy!' but it seems I must give details... *sigh*


Right. The village is in a valley within the Himalayas, and is almost completely surrounded by forest. Several passes connect the clearing to the outside. It is built on grasslands, in a giant clearing basically. There is an animal-track-type path leading up the nearest mountain, that ends a smallish distance from the cave. They are within walking distance of each other, easily. The cave can be seen from the path, but it is difficult to see the path from the cave.


The village was magically created by the Guardian of the Eggs, as soon as the cave came into existence. The GotE is a GoN, and can practically do anything. Macicky! ~ When Mia came to the cave, Mia got teleported into the village and shown around. Yawela was appointed as its official guard, and Mia was officially appointed as its mayor. Nobody owns the land exactly, since it is buried between countries. Just exactly between countries, what luck! Or rather, careful planning on the part of the dragons. Meh.


The houses look like whatever you want them to look like, the perfect one just catches your eye. There is a bank, electronically run, and several other computer-managed buildings, in the centre of the village; however, there are no shops. Your characters will have to travel to buy stuff. This won't be a real problem, though, due to a Magi dragon I'm adding in who will teleport characters. Dragon-owners for free, non-dragon-owners have to pay a small fee (in food, of course).


Electronic things work and there is always internet connection and wifi due do a large tower, which is in fact a signal tower that connects to satellites. There are also solar panels on every roof, plus a smallish area filled with wind turbines. Yay, electricity! Clean water is supplied from a small natural lake, which also contains lots of fish. Its waters are beautifully clear, and there is a small waterfall with a tiny cave of gems behind it. Great place for swimming!


Have I covered everything? Yeah, I covered everything. The houses have water and electricity due to the stuff being there, it was created by the GotE, nobody really owns it, it's near the cave, and it's pretty. biggrin.gif))


Yawela shrugged. "Guardian made village. All I know." She jumped slightly as the two hatchlings climbed aboard her tail, but after nosing them gently, she said, {Hold on tight!} and then bounced off towards the village.

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((Lol, your to-be Magi sounds a lot like the one in my signature. P.S. Magis think Death Mana tastes like candy, for future plot usage.))

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((small fee in food... And she won't eat it all at once. xd.png


Adding new char: Salema

Magi with blue stripes. Hatched by Mia. Lives in the village and teleports people. Speaks limited English, mostly to do with teleporting and food.


There she is.))

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But what about the hatch cover? -chirped Torque, his interest still piqued about what might be down there.

Too right! I'd almost forgotten about that. Come on, let's check it out. -replied Bryce, and the two made their way out the front door, into the small area behind the structure. It looked pretty inconspicuous. Just flat ground with a few practice targets for weapons training in one end.

It took Bryce a few minutes to find the telltale sign of something hidden under a layer of dirt and grass. After brushing off the unnecessary, before them was a large metallic hatch, with a cover that looked like it was designed to resist explosions, let alone just keep people out. It had one of those olden time wheels that one needed to turn in order to unlock it.


With a mighty heave, and a satisfying creek, the lock gave way to Bryce's efforts, and they opened the underground compartment. The insides lit up immediately, though dimly. There was a ladder leading down the pit about three meters in distance, to a hard concrete floor below.

Stay here. -ordered Bryce, and went to descend the ladder's steps.

The second he turned around, his jaw dropped.


Barrel after barrel of various types of booze!

Multiple glass display cases filled with models of various military planes and tanks!

Shelves upon shelves of old books and scrolls!

Several tables lined with computers and other hardware!

Lockers stuffed with canned goodies!

And lastly, a single weapons rack, with but one weapon on it.

Bryce didn't recognize it's exact model, but it was a scoped rifle with a long barrel and an empty clip. Upon closer inspection, it looked like someone had carved their initials into its scope.

A.S. -Bryce read aloud as he examined it.

Whoever this person was, he's probably not around any more.

Most likely, that place smells like death. -commented Torque from outside.

You can come down now.

The whiptail didn't hesitate. It scurried down the ladder like a serpent down a tree, and looked around, just as awestruck as it's carer.

WHAT A FIND!!! -the hatchling exclaimed loudly.

Aye, but what do you mean it "smells like death"? -asked Bryce.

Someone died here. Long ago, yes. And you can't smell it right now, but I sure can. It smells like death.

Well, that's gruesome. Hmmm... -he paused for a moment- Whoever this once belonged to. It's ours now. -he stated confidently, and went to check out the rest of the shelter.

How is there power down here, though?

I have no idea. It's coming from somewhere. A generator maybe, no. That's stupid, stupid stupid stupid. A nuclear reactor?

Genius. -Torque rolled his eyes.

Okay, that's even more stupid. -Bryce grinned in defeat. Aha!

He'd spotted what he'd been looking for. There, slung across the back of one of the chairs, was the back-mounted holster that belonged with the rifle he'd found. Without hesitation, Bryce strapped it over one shoulder and under his other arm, secured it, and holstered the rifle in place across his back. His intention, to find ammunition for it from somewhere, and pick up where mister A.S. had left off, as a marksman.

Let's get out of here, seal this place back up, we'll use it later.

And the two made their way up the ladder, and into the yard. Bryce closed the hatch, securely locked it so tightly that only someone as strong or stronger then him could un-lock it, covered it with dirt, then proceeded back indoors, with his little whiptail following.

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This was great! Contalia had managed to scramble her way out of the tiny window with Rudus' help and was now running around outside. The sun was at its highest for the day and at first Contalia had walked and now she was running full-out in the sunshine. In the fun, she was able to ignore her demanding hunger. The hard-packed earth made dull thuds as each paw hit it. She headed towards a small patch of trees near the house. A beautiful sound was coming from them. Once she got to the trees, Contalia looked up into the branches. There were three brown, dragon-like creatures. But something was different. Instead of having scales, they were covered in. . . feathers? They were very small too, about as big as her head and they didn't have long tails like hers.


Contalia was mesmerised by the sound they were making. One would make a sweet, high-pitched melodic chirp and another would answer by doing another such chirp. Sometimes the chirp was long, sometimes short. Sometimes it was more like a gurgle and sometimes a clear, perfect sound. It was all she could do to try and memorise the tunes. She was so transfixed that she didn't hear loud footsteps behind her. Before she could react, a hand had grabbed her on the skin between the shoulder blades. Daryl shoved his large face into her tiny one and he looked very angry.


He began to stamp back towards their hut still holding her by the scruff. She sensed his anger and began to tremble. Now he was shouting, but was so distracted by anger that he was doing so in English. "What the hell do you think you were doing out here! If the neighbours saw you, they'd probably shoot you! And how did you even get out?" Contalia didn't understand a word Daryl was saying, but got the gist of it. Now they were at the door. It was kicked open, then Daryl continued, " I didn't give you permission to leave you little rat! How dare you disobey me! You need to be taught some rules. Well here's the first one. This is what happens when a little rat like you disobeys me!" Contalia didn't see it coming. There was a hard smack in her side. It began to sting. Contalia squealed and began to cry. "And if you ever disobey me again you'll get more!". She was then dropped to the floor of her room like filth. She cried even louder.


Them she saw Rudus getting hit and stood up."How dare you help the rat get out! You better also learn to listen to me !" Rudus was cowering on his blanket. Contalia growled menacingly at Daryl. He laughed and slammed the door loudly behind him. Contalia slowly walked over to Rudus. Her bruised skin was throbbing ar she moved. She lay down beside Rudus and nuzzled him. They feel asleep together, the older comforting the younger.

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((Removed you from inactive list, berbol. Where are your characters? If they're near to the cave, I can have the GotE contact your dragons telepathically, or even teleport Baltia in to save the day. If they're elsewhere, then perhaps someone else could interact, or I can probably still dump Baltia wherever.))

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((My characters are in a village near the base of the himalays and I think Contalia would be grateful for a rescuing. I didn't like doing that previous scene but it was mainly for character development. Also i think Rudus will stay with Daryl coz he's too young to decide for himself and Daryl prevents him from going))

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(('kay! I'll send Baltia over. I guess they're close enough to the cave for teleports.))


Baltia flittered around the cave, bringing a fish for the guardian. It was fun to see the reaction to a wet fish... Well, it was fun the first few times, but she brought a fish anyway. She landed on the floor of the cave, and dropped the fish. {Hi,} she chirped to the older dragon. Usually, she thanked the smaller dragon and ate the fish, but today was different. Reaching her nose around, the Guardian touched Baltia. {Bring the others here. It's not far.} Baltia was confused at the message, but even more confused when she found herself in a shed, next to two other dragon hatchlings. Well, at least the message made sense now; she had to bring these two to the cave. {Um, hi?} she said, nervously. {There's a village in the mountains here, where dragons live with their humans and no dragon is harmed. The Guardian of the Eggs must have teleported me here... she told me to bring you to the village.}

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