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Animorphs: Redux (OOC)

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"We can't tell you who we are. Or where we live. It's too risky, and we've got to be careful. Really careful. So we don't trust anyone. Because if they find us... well, we just won't let them find us.


"But know one thing. We are the Animorphs."


Animorphs: Redux


Table of Contents


I. Greetings and Things (and Disclaimers!)


II. Introduction

a. What We Know So Far


III. Setting

a. Places

b. Alien Species

c. People You May Know


IV. Mechanics

a. Acquiring

b. Morphing

c. The Morphing Cube


V. Sign-up Sheets




VII. Helpful Reminders (AKA Rules)




I. Greetings and Things (and Disclaimers!)


((As an aside, I wonder if it's an uncommon thing to get the OOC approved before the RP proper.))


Hello, my name's TUM, and welcome, one and all, to a grand project I have been working on! I've been suggesting something of a different flavour for a while now.


This is a NRPG based on K. A. Applegate's old series, Animorphs. ((What in tarnation is a NRPG, you ask? It's a Novel Role Playing Game, run more like a collaborative Fanfiction. That means, the bulk of the planning will happen behind-the-scenes. There aren't any secrets here. ;p




This RP will feature a cast of original characters in Applegate's setting, and while it follows certain events in the books, it is in all other aspects an exercise in improvisation. Which means: in the end, it will be your characters' choices, good and bad, that will ultimately decide the fate of the world. It also means that even if you haven't read the books, you can still hop onto this project without any prior knowledge. There might be spoilers, but probably nothing major.


And another thing: even if you're not directly involved in the RP, you can still offer input! It is, after all, a story built from the ideas of many people working together. Since there's the 'Novel' part in NRPG, I welcome everyone to stick around and read the RP!


(Animorphs, by the way, is a charming set of books written for youth that gets real dark real fast, despite some humor and some zany pop-culture references. You might know them as those books with the weird covers of humans turning into animals. If you haven't read them before, I wholeheartedly suggest it -- just swing by Richard's Animorph Forums for some e-copies, since the complete series is somewhat hard to find these days.)


One of the main themes of the story is that each decision has its untimely consequences. Because of the nature of the series, I am warning everyone now. This is not a game for beginners! I cannot stress this enough. Not only is it fully literate, but it is a deep study of one of your characters. I will strive to help you improve, but ultimately, this is a collaborative story that will take a lot of work and effort on your part and mine. It means a fair amount of sheets will get rejected, along with the constant threat of character death. (But don't worry! I won't surprise you without warning.) That said, this RP will run at a slower pace than the rest and will be planned through OOC and PM. So if you're looking for something more fast-paced, then this one probably isn't for you. However, don't let those things discourage you! I've probably scared enough people that nobody's going to join.



II. Introduction


The Earth is under invasion from aliens. But none of those UFOs and silly things, no. They're already here. They've already been here for ages, and they're among us.


They're called Yeerks.


In their native form, they're nothing more than a glorified slug. Grey and slimy and fifty shades of gross. But what makes Yeerks so dangerous -- so evil -- is how they can slither into someone's ear, wrap themselves around their brain, and take total. Complete. Control. As in, "you can't even move your eyeballs" control. That's why we call those poor controlled hosts "controllers". The Yeerks seek to recruit more and more host bodies, so think twice before joining your neighbourhood "youth group"!


The worst part is, you can't tell if someone's a controller or not. That ups the danger factor by at least a million.


We know they have one weakness, though, and that's how they have to "feed" every three days in an underground pool of sorts. That's also where new hosts are made, and it's as close to a hell on Earth as you get. It's not that easy, though. They have alien tech that can blow us to smithereens, and they probably outnumber us ten-thousand to one.


There are other aliens, too! They are the Andalites, who are a bit like centaurs. Blue centaurs, that is, with a vicious blade on their whip-like tails, stalk-eyes like a snail, no mouth, and way too many fingers. They're not doing too well in their war against the Yeerks, but we hope that they send some reinforcements soon. Andalites are known for their advanced technology. A dying one shared that tech with us, and that's how we got the power to morph into any living being we have touched.


Oh, about that morphing thing. Yeah. We can turn into rats and bats and household cats, provided that we can actually catch one of those. There's also the nightmares and instincts that go with each of them. Not to mention the two-hour death sentence. Spend more than two hours in a morph and we're trapped in that form forever -- no ifs, ands, or buts.


The Yeerks will stop at nothing to terminate us -- or even worse, infest us and make us watch the destruction of a world we tried to protect. We're sworn to complete secrecy, even from our families. But I guess it's for a noble cause. So, are you ready?


a. What We Know So Far


[Will keep this updated with current events.]



III. Setting


The RP actually starts before everyone gets the morphing ability, but this whole post assumes that it has happened already. Much of the things here will gradually be uncovered by your characters as they test out the limits of their morphs and get into (and out of) trouble.


a. Locations


The story takes place in an unnamed coastal city in the United States. It is a nice city, somewhat small, with convenient access to the beach and to some forests on the mainland.


The Gardens -- The city is home to a zoo called The Gardens, fitted with many exotic animals. There's also an amusement park portion, although it is separated from the animal exhibits by an artificial lagoon. While it might be the prime place to acquire new forms, tickets in aren't exactly cheap, and good luck getting into dangerous habitats unnoticed.


The Mall -- Excellent place to shop. A prime meeting place since there are always so many people around. They also have a pretty good food court, I hear.


Lauren's Pad -- Another good meeting place. Lauren lives in the outskirts of the city on a plot of woodland a hundred acres big where the only people for miles are her busy parents and grandmother. They take in sick and injured animals that other vets don't really specialize in -- mostly wildlife -- making it the second best place to acquire morphs.


School -- Hell on Earth, second to the Yeerk Pool. Good luck keeping your grades up! Everyone goes to the same combined junior/high school.


The Yeerk Pool -- Where the Yeerks must go every three days to replenish their fill of Kandrona rays. It is a massive cavern far underground, and there are many secret passages around the city leading into it. It is constantly haunted by the screams of people. Not a pleasant place at all.


[More locations will be added as they are created.]


b. Alien Species


Humans -- Ah, good old Homo Sapiens.


Andalites -- Andalites are a highly advanced and proud warrior race. They are similar to blue centaurs, and adult males stand slightly taller than six feet. They have a whip-like tail with a hooked blade at the end. It is their main weapon. It almost strikes faster than the eye can see and is strong enough to decapitate anyone in their way. Female Andalites are smaller in stature with tail-blades that are considerably smaller and duller. There are rarely, if any, female warriors.


An Andalite's arms are comparatively weak, but their seven-fingered hands are nimble and are useful in operating their advanced computer systems. They are the origin of much technology, including the basis of the Yeek's weaponry and ships, as well as the ability to morph, which is bestowed upon every Andalite after a certain age. They hate enclosed spaces, and so even their small spaceships have an artificial sky.


Their most striking feature is probably their lack of a mouth -- instead, they have three vertical slits where their nose would be. A pair of flexible stalk-eyes on the top of their heads allow for 360-degree vision in addition to their main eyes, but the hearing from their pointed ears is similar to a human's. Because they have no mouth, they communicate using telepathy and eat by absorbing nutrients through their hooves. For this reason, it is very obvious to spot an Andalite who has assumed human form for the first time. They will be overwhelmed by the use of human mouth-parts such as speech and taste.


Yeerks -- Yeerks are a parasitic species that take over the brains of other creatures. They assume total control and have full access to the host's memories, enabling them to perfectly mimic their mannerisms. In their native form, they are but green-grey slugs, blind and deaf.


Every three days, they must return to the Yeerk Pool to bathe themselves in Kandrona rays, else they will die. The Yeerks also have a certain amount of technology in Dracon beams, which are in essence guns that shoot powerful disintegrating lasers, and Bug Fighters, beetle-shaped spaceships with rudimentary cloaking devices.


Hork-Bajir -- Hork-Bajir resemble humanoid dinosaurs with taloned feet, powerful tails, and beak-like mouths at the end of serpentine necks. They are fitted with sharp blades on their limbs and head, perfect for stabbing and slicing. Despite this, they would be a peaceful race, if the Yeerks had not enslaved the whole lot of them for fighting.


Taxxons -- Taxxons are huge yellow-green centipede-like creatures at least twenty feet long. The first third of their bodies stands upright with multiple sets of pincers on their frontside and insect-like pairs of legs for the rest. Their mouths are circular and contain layer upon layer of teeth surrounding a thin, snakelike tongue, and their four red, jelly-like eyes never seem to blink.


Taxxons are known for their incessant hunger and their excellent tracking skills. They are cannibalistic, and not even the Yeerks can control the Taxxon's urge to devour everything.


[New aliens will be added as they come along.]



c. People You May Know


[Approved forms will have a blurb added here and have the full sheet linked, rather than have it repasted in the intro. NPCs will also be added here as the need arises.]




Lauren -- A free, if somewhat reckless spirit who's honestly just taking care of wild animals as a job rather than a hobby; she would rather be an artist than waste time in the middle of nowhere. (At least becoming an Animorph broke the monotony and gave her a renewed appreciation of animals!) Lauren has a hard time taking anything seriously until she is forced into a corner, and as such, her grades weren't really high to begin with. Because she works with animals, she is one of the most important pillars of the team when it comes to acquiring new morphs.


Simon -- Kind of shy and kind of a bird brain, as in, he has birds on the brain. Simon is actually quite well-read. He could recite trivia on a variety of subjects, and is a pretty good and persistent researcher. However, he's the type to wait his turn before even thinking of speaking. Simon's a little awkward, somewhat sensitive, but overall a good-hearted kid who's the unfortunate butt of jokes involving swirlies. He's an optimist, you can say.


Andrew -- Aloof all the time, Andrew always looks like he is behind a wall of apathy, but once you get to know him he's not that cold of a guy. Mostly. He just seems to prefer working alone. He is a sharp, pragmatic thinker with a soft inside. He has a rising suspicion that his parents are Yeerks -- and maybe he's right.


Taylor -- A girl who is tip-top organized, Taylor always strives to finish what she starts. She finds comfort in the creation of plans that are well-thought and well-executed, although her improvisational skills are a bit lacking. (In other words, don't ask her to lie for her life.) She also has a short tolerance for people who mock the really serious matters at hand.





Vice-Principal Chapman -- The school's vice-principal, but he's scary enough to be considered the actual principal. He -- or rather, the Yeerk controlling him, is one of the elites of the Yeerk force in this sector. School is where your guard should be highest, even though he probably doesn't suspect you. Yet.


Visser Three -- If the devil has a form, it would be the Visser. He's the only known Yeerk to have an Andalite as a host body, and his evil aura surrounds him and suffocates everyone around him. He is ruthless toward his peons and even less tolerant of his enemies. He is currently the leader of the invasion, although he would rather push for all-out war. Visser Three is to be avoided at all costs, but he cannot be avoided forever. He has a massive arsenal of morphs including otherworldly creatures found only in the deepest, darkest nightmares.


Helpful People:


Prince Elfangor -- The Andalite who crash-landed on earth. He is a high-ranked war-prince who perished in the battle with the Yeerks above the Earth's atmosphere. He is the one who gave the gift of morphing.



IV. Mechanics


a. Acquiring


To acquire an animal, whether bird or bee or tiger, you must be able to touch it without getting eaten or otherwise fatally wounded (although if you morph immediately afterwards, the wounds will heal). Once physical contact is made, you must focus on the animal, and if done correctly, it will enter a trance lasting anywhere from 5 to 15 seconds. This only needs to be done once, and from then on, congratulations! You have acquired that animal's DNA, and it now floats in your bloodstream. Plants, fossils and bacterium, while theoretically possible to acquire, cannot be morphed.


You must acquire a morph while in your original form. In addition, you are unable to acquire a morph from someone else.


The acquired morphs would most likely be of the local fauna (southern North American), although many other non-native species can be acquired through The Gardens or through other means. Keep in mind that any animal that does not seem to fit with the scenery makes for a quick target once the Yeerks know what to look for.


b. Morphing


After DNA acquisition, you can choose to assume any form you previously acquired, at will. The morphing process takes focus and energy and may take up to a full two and a half minutes, although practice and natural talent may shave that time to a mere forty or so seconds. Beginners will typically be too exhausted to change morphs consecutively without rest (i.e. demorph, then immediately remorph to another form) and the morph process will slow accordingly. However, endurance comes with experience. The morphing process is not very pleasant to look at, as parts of the animal appear in a seemingly random sequence. While it looks painful, it is simply a minor discomfort as bones and organs rearrange themselves. The procedure immediately stops when focus is broken.


When morphing a new form for the first time, the animal's instincts appear in full-force upon the completion of the morph, such as a mouse's state of panic or a dog's will to play. It will take willpower to tame the animal mind and regain control, although there are some instances, like flying, where it is preferable to have the animal help rather than hinder you. The animal mind may also resurface during dreams and nightmares ranging from pleasant to terrifying.


Because morphing works from DNA, any wounds or illnesses, unless genetic, will vanish after morphing. This works both ways, as in, a broken leg in human form will instantly heal after morphing, and likewise for any wounds sustained while morphed. While morphing can be used to regenerate, this may actually prove a disadvantage to any Animorphs who sport old wounds because any scars will mysteriously vanish and the crippled will miraculously walk. As such, a conscious effort must be made to maintain the masquerade.


Shoes and clothing are unable to be morphed and stay as they are. However, it is possible to incorporate small amounts of skin-tight clothing into morphs to protect modesty.


In morph, you communicate in thought speak (telepathy), denoted by pointed brackets. < Like so. >. Thought-speak can be private (directed to one person or a group of people) or public. Thought-speak is only limited by distance -- about 200 feet -- before it becomes unclear.


The golden rule is to respect the two-hour time limit. If you stay in a morph for more than two hours, you are trapped in that form forever.


c. The Morphing Cube


The Morphing Cube is the origin of the morphing power. A simple blue cube that fits comfortably in the hand, it doesn't seem too special until someone with morphing ability comes into contact with it. Then, it glows an eerie blue, allowing anyone without the ability to gain it with a simple touch. It will not restore morphing to someone trapped in a morph.


It is currently buried at Lauren's Pad, for safety.



V. Signup Sheets


I'm not expecting any sheets right away. These things take time and effort and will probably be edited many times. But feel free to discuss with me here, over PMs, or over Skype. This is a collaborative story, after all!


There is no minimum to how long a sheet should be, although I would be hard-pressed to accept something without a decent paragraph or two in appearance, personality, and Background. Keep in mind I do tend to reject sheets, but I will always take the time to offer useful criticism.


Name: First name only. Since only humans are available for play, please limit to modern names that make sense in context.

Gender: Biological, or not. I'm pretty flexible if it makes sense.

Age: 12-16, around that middle-high school range. Could go older, though you would have to discuss it with me.

Physical Appearance: Pretty self explanatory. Don't be afraid to go into those nitty-gritty details. Also, don't forget to briefly mention your character's morphing outfit!

Personality: Again, those nitty gritty details. Some things to consider other than the usual are: how well does he or she react under pressure? Feelings towards the seemingly helpless fight? Taking a moment to tear apart your character's psyche at this stage will be helpful when it comes to writing them. Don't forget those beautiful negative traits!

(Preferred) Morphs: A preferred morph for battle (usually a predatory animal, but can also be a large herbivore that is dangerous if provoked), and a preferred morph for flying (usually a bird of prey). List any other morphs your character would like to have, and I'll see if I can arrange something. This section will turn into the "Morphs" section later on to keep a tally of acquired morphs.

Background: Some history. Some stuff about family, some other stuff about what made them the person they are today.

Relationships: What's a roleplay without some relationships between characters? I don't mean romantic ones. I mean friendships and grudges, both towards PCs and NPCs. This might be blank from the beginning, but I expect this to be filled before the official debut.

Contact Information: Finally, some way to contact you, other than DC PM, to discuss ideas. Preferably Skype, because you can contact me at TehUltimateMage.

Misc.: Theme songs or other information or whatnot you would like to add.



Here is the blank template.


[b]Physical Appearance:[/b]
[b](Preferred) Morphs:[/b]
[b]Contact Information:[/b]





I haven't read the books. Can I still sign up?

Of course! This introduction post provides all the information you need to begin. But, to implement certain character ideas, I would expect some familiarity with the series. That could be done by reading up on Seerowpedia, if you don't mind spoilers.


I remember there were tons of pop culture references in the original series. Are we dealing with the 90s pop culture, or...?


The pop culture references can still be written in (and those were one of my favourite parts of the series), although they would be updated to current pop culture.


Is there a character limit?

No. Although it is highly recommended you stick to one main character, or two at most. You can have an infinite amount of NPCs, since they're not permanent fixtures.


Will signups ever be closed?

Probably not. Unless we somehow get tons of super-duper-awesome sheets at once.


Can I sign up as an alien, a controller, or as a normal human without morphing power?

Maybe. But I can't promise the same amount of action the main cast would get. Alien races will eventually be playable, but not initially, sorry. Although, if you wow me with an application for an Andalite, I might make you the token alien of the bunch when that event comes around.


Controllers are an iffy subject. Not all of them are bad. We'll have to discuss that, and you'll have to be pretty familiar with the series.


I have like, this awesome idea for a character.

Please, tell me! biggrin.gif The more creative, the better. In another Animorph RP I've been in, a long time ago, I've seen a handicapped girl and a human-controller both be Animorphs. The players, however, were very well-versed in the series.


Here are some more questions courtesy of SockPuppet Strangler:

So Andalites and Animorphs can both be infected?

The Animorphs are essentially human save for their ability, meaning that they can be assimilated like any other human. As for Andalites, it is possible for them to be infected, though most would rather die than be subjected to that fate. In conclusion: morphing does not get rid of a Yeerk.


Do Animorphs know how to get [to the Yeerk Pool] or is this just a Yeerk thing?

The entrances to the Yeerk Pool are well hidden and change frequently. The only way non-Yeerks can hope to find any is by spying on known Controllers.


I'm a little confused. So the injury will permanently disappear? Like, if I was human and my thumb was cut off, I would assume from this that if I morphed into an ape, I would have no missing thumb. Then, once I demorphed back into a human, I would miraculously have my thumb again. Is that correct?

That is correct. Morphing presumably heals from DNA, meaning any and all flesh wounds would be healed no matter how old the injury.


So how do you stop Yeerks/controllers? Since it seems like Animorphs (other humans too or just Animorphs?) have formed a group to stop the Yeerks (sworn to secrecy and everything) - do they go through any kind of training? How does morphing help us in the fight against the Yeerks?

No training. Just a ragtag bunch of misfits learning things the hard way (although I may introduce a rookie Andalite to the team to help them out). The Animorphs employ guerrilla tactics and their animal forms in an attempt to sabotage the Yeerks, preventing them from assimilating key people or capturing key resources. It sounds pretty serious, but there is plenty of room for ridiculous shenanigans (aka all the filler books where the Yeerks try to get a new super weapon that doesn't even work)


Also, on this being a NRPG - so are there any extra rules that just an RPG wouldn't have? Or does the fact that this is planned mainly through OOC and PMs rather than mainly improvised make it an NRPG?

Not many extra rules, no. From my experience, NRPGs do play more "behind-the-scenes" and generally have longer posts overall compared to regular RPs (By the way: I would suggest everyone get familiar with everyone else's characters). Think of it as more like a piece of collaborative fanfiction.



[To be filled as more questions come in.]


VII. Helpful Reminders (AKA Rules)

  • All DC rules apply.
  • No Godmodding.
  • Respect one-another. If I accidentally offend you, tell me.
  • Please, use your head. Be logical and consistent in your character's actions. If there's no in-universe reason for them to do something, don't make them do it.
  • Keep in mind that any and all things that happen will be as a result of someone's actions. If a character, for some reason good or bad, breaks the masquerade, everyone has to suffer the consequences and do damage control. So who knows how this thing's going to end?
  • That does not mean that a character should go against their nature. It's a balance, I guess.
  • No one-liners, though I doubt we would have any after going through the gruelling application process.
  • Try to stay in touch. Like I said, this RP will probably move at an abysmal pace and won't be going anywhere if you take an extended break. However, let me know if you plan on permanently quitting (which may result in a heroic in-story death, but it's up to you!).
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Accepted signups~


Name: Simon

Gender: Male

Age: 16

Physical Appearance: Simon is of an average sort of height but closer to the taller end. Standing at roughly 5'9", he has more of a scrawny build and more of a nature for running instead of punching. Some could say he's a bit lanky or awkward in the way he holds himself, which isn't very confident; he doesn't always stand very straight, more of with a slight hunch to his shoulders. Despite the lack of confidence in his stance, his gray eyes - often hidden by rebellious strands of brown hair when his head is bowed - are usually always bright and entailing some kind of secret urge.


His hair, being a rebellious thing, is always seen as partially unkempt. Brown in color with some barely noticed copper-red highlights, it reaches down a little past the bottom of his ears but seems a bit shorter towards the front where it brushes his forehead. Simon's skin is more on the pale side, having a preference for remaining indoors, but can still be categorized as an olive ton due to his mixed Hispanic and Philippine heritage (while also stirred with a Caucasian bloodline). High, but slightly hidden, cheekbones highlight a tad bit of feminine features for his face. The skin on his fingertips are a bit dry due to handling paper from books and pencils for writing very often. In proportions, his legs are long for his height and his fingers are nimble.


For clothing, the boy favors wearing comfortable clothing which means he's always wearing a t-shirt and long jeans that might even reach a little under the heels of his sneakers. If he isn't wearing a coat, one might catch sight of an old burn scar on the upper part of his right arm and discoloration that almost, vertically, bisects the lower half of the same arm. The burn scars continue onto his chest around his collarbone and down part of his back with a small scar-bump on the right and underside of his chin. These scars he's not ashamed of and actually loves them, even if someone else sees them as ugly blemishes. The dark colored coat he wears almost constantly is worn down and coming apart at the hems, especially on the sleeves, from frequent fiddling as Simon has a habit of fidgeting or not being able to remain still. Lastly, he keeps his glasses in a plain brown case in his coat pocket as he doesn't like wearing them despite his near-sighted vision requiring the usage of corrective lenses.


Lastly, his morphing suit. Its details are fairly simple, consisting of a dominantly dark material that is either blue or black with brown accents that line the sleeves, sides, and calves.


Personality: He's really a quiet sort when you meet him, preferring to simply let you talk the entire time and listen. While he isn't secretive about himself or his life, he's just introverted and shy. Plus he always has the suspicion that he's annoying you if he talks about anything relating to him. As such, he doesn't appear to have many friends and he's okay with that; he would rather have one or two close companions who he knows to be honest than be surrounded by a social circle he knows nothing about. Due to being shy, he's always trying to avoid any sort of spotlight and can grow embarrassed quite easily. Having any sort of pressure pushed onto him isn't a fun experience either. He'll lash out if it's too much, usually resulting in sharp comments spilling from his lips.


Physical conflicts are things he tries to run from, preferring instead to be the coward bullies might claim he was. However, this doesn't stop his sense of self-preservation or calling up his sympathy and rage if someone else is being picked on. Though, he doesn't do much except to possibly call attention to himself and away from the original target. Except, that usually results in him rolled up in a ball on the ground, suffering kicks and bruises, or stuffed into a trash can alongside the original victim. Still, at the end of the day, he's happy if he can put his attention onto a good book and get lost in its world or indulge his curiosity about one thing or another, causing him to have a bit of an extensive (and random) knowledge of things.


(Preferred) Morphs:

Blue Tit - Bird

Great Swallow-Tailed Swift - Bird

Western Gray Kangaroo - Primary battle

Shetland Sheep Dog aka Sheltie - Extra

Boa Constrictor - Extra

Hammock Weaver Spider - Extra


Background: He doesn't believe his life to be of anything special. When he was hardly a year old, Simon suffered 2nd and 3rd degree burns from toppling a bowl of fresh-made soup onto himself; only his paternal grandfather was watching him at the time and failed to correct him before the accident occurred. His parents divorced when he was really little, his dad leaving the state with a former roommate he had been cheating with during marriage. A single mother with a ruined credit (responsibility for that on his dad), the woman and Simon had to move out of their house and into a trailer for a few years until his maternal granddad was able to help them get a decent condo. From then, they moved frequently and Simon quickly grew tired of trying to make new friends every time he had to change schools. Thus, he became content to remain on his own, outside of almost all social circles. Entering middle school, he was finally able to stay in one place, one home, and his social studies teacher soon made him stop sitting by himself at lunch and, instead, to sit with some other kids. After that, he eventually began to talk with them but didn't bloom much further from his quiet personality. Now, he's still generally in the same social situation, content at home but mostly indifferent of his mom's new husband (remarried to the man a few years ago) while also a bit sympathetic, noting the struggle his stepdad goes through to try and make a relationship with him.


Relationships: If it's possible, he could be sort-of-friends with Lauren? He lives with his mom and stepdad, an only child. He and his mom are very close but relations with his stepdad are a bit... interesting. His stepdad is constantly trying to create bonding experiences by trying to make father-son trips for fishing, camping, or playing one-on-one sports with little to no success. His biological father is out of state and out of the picture entirely.

Contact Information: You can PM (obviously) or email me. PM me for my email as I don't want it broadcasted please.

Misc.: Despite his quiet demeanor, he does love to sing in his private free-time. As such, he's always watching and listening to songbirds.



Name: Andrew


Gender: Male


Age: 16


Physical Appearance: Andrew isn't very muscular, but he can't be considered 'thin' either. He has light brown hair and hazel eyes. His skin tone is quite pale, since he only goes outside when he has no other option. Andrew is a bit tall for his age. His hair is almost constantly at a buzz-cut length. His parents tell him it's because they want him to look "proper", instead of having overly long hair, but he knows it's just because they don't have the time to have him get his hair cut often.


Andrew can be thought of as having little sense of vanity, usually clothing himself in blank T-shirts, usually blue, black or white in colour, and wears jeans all the time, unless it is too hot out, in which case he wears shorts instead.


The only thing considered even remotely fancy about his appearance is his metal analog wind-up trench watch. It is a very old watch, battered and scratched, making the clock's face a bit cloudy. While it still does its job, Andrew mostly wears it because it is a family heirloom from his father's side of the family; it is his reminder of the time when he actually had some semblance of a childhood, before his parents both got promoted and moved to where he now lives.


His morph suit is a blue and black Spandex shirt and shorts. It is a cycling suit his father gave him after the former got promoted and no longer found time to use it. Andrew's father hoped that giving it to his son would encourage him to get outside more would be good for him. Andrew never wore it and it remained unused in his closet until the day he became an Animorph.


Personality: Andrew is usually reserved, and prefers to keep to himself. He has a few friends he likes to hang out with, but aside from them he is usually alone. Instead of sports, Andrew prefers to spend his time reading books or doing something on his computer. He isn't a geek, but he gets his work done and makes a point if regularly educating himself on points of interest. While he doesn't really mind spending time alone, he can provide a valuable perspective on situations because of this. The sparse occasions he is not inside on his computer, he is at the library reading philosophy.


Andrew may seem indifferent to many situations, but that is mostly because he is. Since he never really got used to sympathizing with others, he usually keeps to his own life. In short, he isn't necessarily the best person to bring your problems to, and won't ask about it (he says that it is only his business if they talk to him about it). If you ask for his advice, he will do his best to help you.


Andrew had nobody to confide in from a young age, so he learned to trust himself more than others. He now has the belief that he has to do everything on his own, since he is the only one who won't let himself down. While this could be valuable in occasions where the Animorphs must be temporarily split up, it also makes him more liable to be captured.


When he is in a situation he does not like but cannot escape (having to work with others, for instance), Andrew is not quite so relaxed. He tends to get panicked easily in a situation he does not recognize or doesn't know how to cope with because he's so used to being able to handle everything. Upon becoming an Animorph, Andrew tries to hold on to what is left of his life. Once he realizes there is nothing he can do, he decides that he must work with the others to try and save what is left of the Earth instead.


(Preferred) Morphs: Cougar (Combat), Hippo (Secondary Combat), Sharp-shinned hawk (Flight), European Starling (Secondary Flight / Espionage) (Cougars are quicker in a combat situation, and when fighting Hork-Bajir, agility is what you want. The hippo morph is better for a mission requiring raw fire-power, and it can destroy even vehicles like few other land animals. As a smaller type of hawk, the sharp-shinned is more likely to go unnoticed and has good eyesight. Starlings are a common species throughout America and are much less liable to be suspected as an 'Andalite bandit', since they nest under the eaves of buildings and congregate in large flocks.)


(It would also be interesting to have some kind of snake morph; bugs are horrible to morph, but snakes are similar enough to humans and small enough in size that they could theoretically do the ground-based work an arthropod could otherwise do without Andrew losing his mind completely. He likes to have control over his life and actions, so imagine what morphing a mostly instinctual creature would do to someone with that mindset.


Other than that, whatever comes along that is needed in the story will do.)


Background: Andrew's father is a policeman, and his mother is an accountant. Andrew grew up an only child, and his parents moved a few times when he was younger, so he didn't have much time to socialize with others his age, resulting in his being used to loneliness. His parents wanted their only child to have the best life possible, so they tried to get the best jobs thy could so they would always be able to provide for him. This unfortunately resulted in their induction into Yeerk slavery, who desired their bodies bexause of the high degree of control they exerted overnothers with their high positions in their fields. Due to the nature of his parents' jobs, they are often working late, requiring him to be more independent in their absence. Since he is usually alone so often, he tends to shirk his work if it doesn't need to be handed in, preferring to teach himself about stuff he cares about (subjects taught at schools don't interest Andrew much).


Relationships: Andrew's relationship with his parents is frigid to say the least. Due to being left alone, the three of them are no longer as close as in earlier times. It is also due to the fact that Andrew's parents are high-ranking Controllers, who have no bond with Andrew whatsoever. Trapped in their own minds, Andrew's parents love him dearly, but they can never let him know now. Andrew is a bit bitter toward his parents for their general negligence in his early years, but still cares for them.


Andrew is at first against the idea that he should work with the Animorphs, but gradually comes to respect them for their courage once they decide to cooperate. He eventually starts to trust them, making the other Animorphs virtually the first group of friends he has ever had.


Contact information: I have an E-mail address... I'll send it to you via PM if you ask for it.


Misc.: Not sure what to add. Some of this is probably subject to change, mostly relationships and morphs. Personality and relationships kind of share a bit of information; when we get things organized I'll add more in.


Name: Taylor

Gender: Female

Age: 15

Physical Appearance: Taylor is a little short than average, at about 5' 1" tall. She is slender and athletic due to daily runs and strength building exercises. Her large, dark brown eyes are hidden behind slim glasses with black rims. She doesn't need the glasses to see, but she is nearsighted and the glasses help. Her hair is straight and dark brown, and smells like raspberry shampoo. It's kept at about shoulder length, and is often tied up in a neat ponytail. Her face is heart-shaped, with a pointed chin. Her skin is lightly tanned, and she has a thick splash of freckles across her nose. Her fingers, while not especially long or thin, are nimble and dexterous from hours of piano practice. Rarely, her nails will be carefully painted a light, unobtrusive color or something metallic. Her makeup is light and not very noticeable, mostly serving to highlight her eyes. Her clothes are, while not the newest fashion or the most expensive, fairly new. She generally wears a normal jean and t-shirt (plus a sweater, depending on the weather) combo. A cheap, blue digital watch, always accurate and set to 24-hour time, almost never leaves her wrist. Her morphing outfit is a dark blue spandex t-shirt and black spandex shorts.

Personality: Taylor is almost always serious and calm. She doesn't joke around while in an important situation, and will be bothered if she doesn't think that someone isn't taking things seriously. Schedules are very important to her as well, with every day being structured. She doesn't sleep in on weekends, preferring to get up in the morning at her normal time. Disruption of her schedule bothers her, and repeated interruptions makes her angry. She'll know if it wasn't anyone's fault and that it's irrational to feel angry for such a thing, but she'll still be angry. That said, her dedication to keeping everything orderly means that she isn't forgetful, and is always on time (barring situations that are out of her control, but she tries to account for things that might happen).


Attentive to detail and incredibly focused, Taylor is sure to make sure that everything works perfectly. She is quick to point out flaws, and will then immediately get to work fixing those flaws. She has a long attention span, and doesn't like starting something else without finishing the first thing. 'Reckless' is not the way that anyone would describe her; she has an aversion to taking risks, and always thinks things through. She's good at long-term plans, but thinking on the fly really isn't her thing, and that's part of the reason why she is so careful to always have a plan. Speaking of plans, if she's going to be involved in one it better not have much acting. She's a terrible actor and can't hide her emotions very well, something that she's a bit insecure about. Because of her bad acting, she's usually pretty blunt in her interactions with other people.


Taylor sticks to her morals, and won't quit just because something gets hard. If she decides to do something, she won't back down until it's completed. She's often been described as 'stubborn', and that descriptor fits her well. Her highest priority is saving the world; if she has to risk her friend's lives, or even her own life to save the world? So be it. If the world's taken over by Yeerks, it's not going to be a very nice place to live in, and all of the Animorphs would probably end up dead anyway.

(Preferred) Morphs:

-Ferruginous hawk (main flight morph)

-Grizzly Bear (main battle morph)

Background: Taylor's back story isn't really anything special, having lived in the same town her whole life. Her parents both have steady, decently payed jobs. About the most devastating thing that's happened to her was the death of the family cat, Mittens, about one and a half years ago. He climbed over the backyard fence, went wandering off, and got hit by a truck. Since then, Taylor has wanted to get a new cat, but her parents have refused, saying that maybe they'll get a dog instead (which they still haven't done). She has regularly taken piano lessons since she was six, and for two years she played volleyball. However, this year she decided that she preferred running, because it's more solitary and she doesn't have to deal with last-minute practice cancels or out-of-town games. Her grades have always been good, and she has never gotten into serious trouble with the school.


Parents: Her relationship with her parents is pretty good. She wouldn't trust them with any big secrets, and she mostly just quietly does her chores and then leaves to do her own stuff, but they don't get into any arguments or anything. All in all, they're both pretty boring, normal people.

Elise (Older Sister): Taylor's relationship with her sixteen year old sister... well, they don't get along very well. An extremely social and extroverted person, Elise tends to get on Taylor's nerves. Taylor thinks that Elise is irresponsible and annoying, while Elise thinks that Taylor is dull and uninteresting. Taylor tries to ignore Elise, but that's not so easy when she's leaving the kitchen a mess that Taylor has to clean up.

Contact Information: I've got an e-mail address that I can PM to people if they need it.





Name: Lauren

Gender: Female

Age: 15

Physical Appearance: While her tanned skin and lean muscle hint at how much time she spends outside, Lauren sure doesn’t like to dress like a country-side farmer. Whenever she can get away with it, she’s usually sporting a fancy scarf or some sort of cap, if not a miraculously clean pair of capris. She goes entirely out of her way to make the distinction between work clothes and “regular” clothes. While she likes to do her makeup, she never really gets the occasion to do so and it has fallen out of habit.


She stands at about 5’5 – not amazingly tall, but not too short either – with dark, frizzy hair she has trouble controlling on some days. Her hair is more often than not kept in a ponytail, but she has been letting it down more recently, cascading just past her broad shoulders. Much to her dismay, her strong jaw and overall robust frame prevents her from being as svelte as she wishes (she also bemoans the constant need for a sports bra or two), though she is home to feats of impressive strength that are expected from someone whose chores consist of moving heavy things from one place to another. To summarize, she is one tough cookie.


Her morphing outfit is a simple sleeveless leotard, black in color.


Personality: Lauren has a fun-loving personality that has a tendency to get her into trouble. Ninety-nine times out of a hundred, she would choose to wing that test or that presentation to goof off, maybe write some poetry or hang out at the mall. (She is a little more consistent with taking care of the animals on her farm, due to the fear of her grandma’s wrath.) While she does get called out on her irresponsibility much too often, old habits don’t die easy.


Unless the fate of the world is on the line.


Initially not caring for the Animorphs’ valiant mission to save the Earth, she has pledged to fight for the freedom of the people, no matter how many aliens she would have to personally destroy. Lauren only really has the patience for full-on-frontal assaults, and boasts an impressive sense of determination. She is headstrong, never knowing when to give up or obey orders, and with a degree of bravado that borders on recklessness. Although, as a result of that, she is amazing at improvising and adapting to new situations under stress. Sometimes she wishes to work alone, but it is not likely that she would ever follow up on that decision.


The fact that she’s an entertaining person to be around hasn’t changed despite the war being fought. As someone who can’t stand too many seconds of awkward silence, Lauren is a good talker, turning most of her conversations into one-sided monologues. Some people find her loud (to which she would reply defensively to any criticisms), while others find her somewhat funny.


(Preferred) Morphs:

Battle: African Elephant, Timber Wolf

Flight: Osprey, Feral Pigeon

Other: European Shorthaired Cat (grey tabby), Welsh Pony (black)


Background: The majority of Lauren’s life was spent on her farm. Homeschooled, she knows how to take things at her own pace. She was obligated to do her part when taking care of the animals, including the injured wildlife and livestock that inevitably gets sent to her father, the only veterinarian specialist within miles. She was also a reluctant worker on the farm’s daily routines thanks to her Grandma’s insistence, but that had become such a habit that she doesn’t even think of it anymore.


She was sent to school for grade 9, as her mother thought she would benefit from a decent education. She thought wrong. Lauren uses that time to party (or as close to a party as one gets by yourself). She had considered joining some sports teams, but ultimately decided against it -- she already had enough on her plate even before becoming an Animorph.



Dad: A veterinarian specializing first in wildlife, but starting to learn the ropes for examining livestock. Being the only specialist in such a remote area, he gets a fair share of home calls and Lauren sometimes catches a rare glimpse of him in the mornings and evenings.


Mom: Lauren assumes she gets her soft spot for animals and general creativity from her mother, who’s honestly the sweetest person she has ever had the chance to encounter. Hardworking and dedicated, she’s decided to hold a job in-town to help fund the farm’s operations.


Grandma: The maternal grandmother. Lauren finds she’s as different as day compared to her mother. She’s one of the rare people who can make Lauren’s blood run cold, and if the old woman does have a warm spot, Lauren hasn’t chanced upon it yet. Nevertheless, many of her life lessons originate from her grandma.


Simon: One of her friends from school, met when she butt heads with some bullies after he ran right into her. They hang out sometimes at the arcade, because Lauren is too loud for the library.


Contact Information: : Skype: TehUltimateMage (Gee I expected you guys to have chat client accounts like skype or msn or even aol but I guess this section is useless now tongue.gif)





Name: Roderick

Gender: Male

Age: 16

Physical Appearance: Roderick is muscular and big, standing at 5’10. Between being African-American and spending a lot of time outside he’s pretty dark skinned. His black hair is cut very short and gets curly when grown out. He's also got some sick scars he likes to show off, cause when you survive doing stupid things you damn well make sure people know about it.


As far as personal style goes he goes for a balance between what's hip and cool at the moment and what's functional to run around like a maniac in- brand stuff, sports stuff, t-shirts and shorts no matter the temperature.


His morphing outfit is a squat suit, like those used in power lifting. Walk, walk fashion baby.


Personality: Roderick’s a big, blunt presence. He may not be completely eager to start ACTUAL conflict, but he’ll sure finish it if you challenge him. Placidly callous, he’s pretty easygoing and lazy about things, preferring to chill and not take things so seriously. Get him motivated, however, and he’s a powerful force to be reckoned with.

Roderick is more of a follower in things, pushing around and bullying others both because he can/it’s fun and as a “big guy jock” he’s “supposed to”. When it comes to fights, he likes to be more powerful than the opposition for a garenteed win.


Straightforward and impulsive, if a crazy stunt is needed then Roderick is the man to pull it off. Whether it’s for the sake of the world or in the name of a few extra bucks, Roderick’s probably up for it. Subtlety is absolutely not a strong point, ever, and has a large temper on a long fuse.


(Preferred) Morphs:

Battle: Gorilla, Spotted Hyena

Flight: Golden Eagle, Pidgeon

Other: Black Pomeranian (AKA Mitzi the family dog)


Background: He is the youngest in his family. Roderick has lived in the one place all his life and has always been very active, being on various sport teams since he was young, though he seems to have found his niche in high school football. Being the “baby” of the family, he isn’t very independent and is used to being the one sympathized with and getting his way with things.



Parents: Now that the middle son’s gone off the collage all their attention is on Roderick. It’s slightly smothering, he kind of wishes that’d stop. They’re alright, as far as parents go, but he feels like he can’t/doesn’t want to live up to the grandiose things they expect out of him.


Older Siblings: Aaron and Brodie are 5 and 3 years older, respectively, and have both moved out and gone to university. Brodie’s stuck around town while Aaron’s gone elsewhere and comes back for holidays.


Contact Information: I’ve got Skype and/or an email address you can get me at if you ask


Misc.: As a point of interest he’s definitely a 9w8 on the enneagram and probabaly an ISTP Myers-Briggs wise.

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This book was awesome. Although I probably can't join since I have school, and too many Rps already. I'll just stick around to read stuff

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Ah! I must join! I love this series but the libraries I go to never have more than 8 to 12 books. And never truly in order. I have read the Hork-Bajir Chronicles (;-wink.gif and they are my favorite creatures followed by the Andalites. I did read the chronicle on them as well and delved briefly into the "you choose your path" books. It's been years though .-.


Anyways, no more rambling. I did spy some minor grammar mistakes through reading your first post. Otherwise, everything is great smile.gif


EDIT: Are we strictly using the original characters from the books or are we allowed to fashion up our own? It seems like the latter but I could be wrong and I wanted to check.

EDIT 2: Never mind |D I simply misread your words when mentioning original characters.

Edited by Narvix

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Thanks for the replies! Yeah, some typos might have slipped in in those 3000 or so words. I'll review it again and fix them when I find them. And feel free to stay and read, Melon, or even input ideas even though you're not participating directly. It is, after all, a collaborative project. (I should probably add that up there.)


To be honest, I really liked Animorphs when I was younger, but because my school only had the first few I only finished the series after finding them online. The bookstores didn't seem to have them either for some reason, maybe because they were older books by the time I got to reading them. The chronicle books were the best.


EDIT: Yes, we are fashioning up our own OCs! Although everything else is pretty similar, there can and will be changes resulting from that. I'll make that clearer.

Edited by TehUltimateMage

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I must say you did an excellent job at placing information. There is nothing that you can get confused about. I myself might join.

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((A very, very minor thing that you might not think is worth including, but there are cases where the two hour time limit can be re-started. I'm thinking of the book where Cassie gets trapped as a caterpillar and when she turns into a butterfly a while later the time limit is re-set.


I might be joining this. I loved this series as a kid.))

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Thank you, thank you! You can get a start on the sheet if you would like, as I wait for approval.


And yes, there were quite a few things I deliberately left out for newer players, including how things get really complicated towards the end of the series.

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This looks cool. I should really be working on my character sheet right now, but I can't seem to stop reading the books (good books are evil, addictive things). Anyways, will third or first person POV be used? Normally RPs here are done in third, but the books are in first and I think it'd be fun to try out first person POV.

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They are addictive books, I must say. I'm leaning towards a universal first-person narration, like in the books, but it's not set in stone yet (partially because it's confusing navigating in a sea of 'I's). I've played around with the idea of passing around the first-person narration, as in, appointing one player to narrate in first person while everyone else is in third, and changing that appointed narrator every once in a while like in the Megamorphs books.


If you have any other ideas, please let me know.

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Ooohhh I like that idea with the cycling first person POV o3o

It sounds like it'd be fun ^^ We could have it cycle every five pages or such. Like, say, someone's next post starts the next page. Whomever's turn it is to post after them then gets to start writing in first person :3

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Blue centaurs, that is, with a vicious blade on their whip-like tails, stalk eyes like a snail, no mouth, and way too many fingers.


I think either eyestalk or perhaps stalk-eyes.


Spend more than two hours, and it's trapped in that form forever -- no ifs, ands, or buts.


Not sure what the "it's" is referring to here. You used 'we' earlier, and I think that would work better here.


The Yeerks will stop at nothing to terminate us -- or event worse, infest us and make us watch the destruction of a world we tried to protect.


event worse -> even worse




So Andalites and Animorphs can both be infected?


A prime meeting place, since they are always so many people around.


No comma.


they are always -> there are always


Lauren lives in the outskirts of the city, on a plot of woodland a hundred acres big where the only people for miles are her busy parents and grandmother.


No comma.


The Yeerk Pool -- Where the Yeerks must go every three days to replenish their fill of Kandrona rays. It is a massive cavern far underground, and there are many secret passages around the city leading into it. It is constantly haunted by the screams of people. Not a pleasant place at all.


Do Animorphs know how to get here or is this just a Yeerk thing?


Andalites are highly advanced and proud warrior race.


are highly -> are a highly


They have a whip-like tail with a hooked blade at end.


at end -> at the end


Female Andalites are smaller in stature, with tail-blades that are considerably smaller and duller.


No comma.


A pair of flexible stalk eyes on the top of their heads allow for 360-degree vision in addition to their main eyes, but the hearing from their pointed ears is similar to a human's.


I wonder if "stalk eyes" is a BE thing? Since I usually see stalk-eyed or eyestalk. ^^


Every three days, they must return to the Yeerk Pool to bathe themselves in Kandrona rays, else they would die.


would -> will


Despite this, they would be a peaceful race, if the Yeerks did not enslave the whole lot of them for fighting.


did not enslave -> had not enslaved

I think that keeps with the proper tense.


The first third of their bodies is stood upright, with multiple sets of pincers on their frontside and insect-like pairs of legs for the rest.


Stylistic, but I would say "stands upright" instead of "is stood upright".


Beginners will typically be too exhausted to change morphs consecutively without rest (i.e. demorph, then immediately remorph to another form) and the morph process would slow accordingly.


would slow -> will slow


such as a mouse's state of panic, or a dog's will to play.


No comma.


Because morphing works from DNA, any wounds or illnesses, unless genetic, will vanish after morphing. This works both ways, as in, a broken leg in human form will instantly heal after morphing, and likewise for any wounds sustained while morphed. While morphing can be used to regenerate, this may actually prove a disadvantage to any Animorphs who sport old wounds because any scars will mysteriously vanish and the crippled will miraculously walk. As such, a conscious effort must be made to maintain the masquerade.


This is probably clear to people who have read the series, but as someone who has not! -


I'm a little confused. So the injury will permanently disappear? Like, if I was human and my thumb was cut off, I would assume from this that if I morphed into an ape, I would have no missing thumb. Then, once I demorphed back into a human, I would miraculously have my thumb again. Is that correct?


Thought-speak can be private (directed to one person or a group of people), or public.


No comma.




I really don't have many questions plot-wise!


Overall, excellent writing. There are a few other places where I might personally delete some commas, but I don't think they're technically wrong and I don't want to nitpick too much, so I let them be.


In the write-up of the actual plot, it's a little unclear from what perspective you're writing from. Once I get to the end, when you mention gaining morphing abilities from the Andalites, I can assume it's from an Animorph's perspective. I'm not sure if anything could really be done to make this more clear in the beginning, though.


Questions I do have: so how do you stop Yeerks/controllers? Since it seems like Animorphs (other humans too or just Animorphs?) have formed a group to stop the Yeerks (sworn to secrecy and everything) - do they go through any kind of training? How does morphing help us in the fight against the Yeerks?

The first question is really my major question and I'm sure people familiar with the series probably already know the answers to these. x3


Also, on this being a NRPG - so are there any extra rules that just an RPG wouldn't have? Or does the fact that this is planned mainly through OOC and PMs rather than mainly improvised make it an NRPG?


Other than everything listed above though, I think this is good for approval. Seems well-thought-out and well-written to me. Will you want crit posts cleaned when this is approved?

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Seems interesting. Thinking about returning to rping. Had some issues recently >.>.


Question: When acquiring, as long as you have the organic dna of the creature you can morph into them right? Even if they are dead? I.e. A stuffed polar bear from a museum etc. It would still have the organic dna of the bear, despite being turned into an object.


What about a fur coat or snake leather bag etc?


Obviously such things are quite morbid, but in essence they would still have the dna of the animal?


Or must the animal be alive in order to acquire its dna?

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In my opinion, though Mage has top say in this, I think it would depend on what processing the source of DNA went through. A lot of animal products where fur is involved goes through all sorts of chemicals that would actually destroy the viability of the DNA.

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Fair enough. ^


I've only read like 1 or two of the books and that was ages ago, but when you morph, you become an exact replica of the animal whose DNA you took right? Gaining its unique visual characteristics? I.e. fur patterns etc.

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I am thinking about joining. I read a little bit of the series at a time, although not the entire series. I might try and fill one of those forms out, although I question how well I may be able to participate.


Can the preferred morph be anything? Anything at all, provided that animal's DNA exists in good condition? And how far south is this city? I got some ideas.

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On the question of "can you acquire DNA from something dead?" This was mentioned In the books, and the answer was no. The animal has to be alive for one to acquire it. So, sorry, but nobody's going to be stomping around as a T-Rex any time soon, unless you know how to travel 65 million years into the past.

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I am thinking about joining. I read a little bit of the series at a time, although not the entire series. I might try and fill one of those forms out, although I question how well I may be able to participate.


Can the preferred morph be anything? Anything at all, provided that animal's DNA exists in good condition? And how far south is this city? I got some ideas.

I would ask Mage about this specifically. However, I think it's more of a factor of what can be reasonably done. The location isn't truly given, only supplied with resources. For Simon, he has couple forms that can only really be acquired from the zoo. Another would be from Lauren's pad.

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Thanks for the quick response, Sockpuppet! Starting this thing during exams was one of the worst choices in timing. Oh well. Sorry I haven't checked this for a while -- I feel bad for pestering you now. D:


I have fixed the odd embarrassing typo as well as the comma splices you mentioned. In the book, they do refer to eye-stalks as stalk-eyes, and I will choose to keep it like that. However, thank you for the questions and helping to clear confusion for people new to the series! I will get to placing answers in the opener in the next week or so.


On to the questions.


An animal must be alive when acquiring. I probably would not allow frozen specimens either, although that is debatable (like in the case of frozen frogs).


Morphing people and sentient creatures is also a debatable issue. The main thing preventing the cast from the book from doing that is the moral issues attached with becoming an exact replica of someone else (nobody knows how the Andalites do the DNA mixing thing. I think I may cut that out) because it's kind of like stealing someone's body.

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Reading this is bringing back quite the memories. I loved theses books when I was younger, and I must have read over a dozen of them. I'll definitely join when I find the time to make a thorough application.


EDIT: Do you want me to PM you the application or post it here?

Edited by Moonbeam22

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It doesn't really matter, although people have been sending things over PM.


I will change a few things in the intro tonight, then PM Sockpuppet to get this approved. smile.gif

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I have gotten past book thirty. Will the perspective of the role-play be fīrst-person, like the books, or third-person?


I also wondered this; in the books, the Andalites can take DNA from multiple sources at a time to form strange mixtures. Could an Animorph theoretically do this as well? Could the skill be learned?


Are you cutting out DNA mixture or human acquiring?


Do you have plans for creative characters (Andalites, Controllers, Chee, etc.) initially in the role-play? You know, like Ax? And am I asking too many questions?

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