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The Holly Contest

Holly Contest 2014

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This was an experiment, thought up by ArynChris, that we've done the past two years, and we rewarded the experimenters with Hollies. So, we're going to do it again this year. To sum up,


Those who collect the most Purple Dorsals, adult or frozen, in 2014 will receive a Holly egg come Christmas.


Why only Purple Dorsals, not Red Dorsals, and not other commons too? It's an experiment to see if we can make them harder to find in the cave and AP. It's worked well in the past, and this year we thought it would be interesting to see how their rarity fluctuates in comparison to their red-colored brethren as well.


To sign up: Simple! Just post in the thread and start collecting Dorsals. In your post, please tell us where you will be listing your Dorsals (see rule 3.)


To update your totals: If you post again with your current total before December, we'll update your total in the second post. Unless you are keeping track of your Dorsals with links in the post (see rule 3,) this is entirely optional.


To donate: PM either the Holly Contest account or any of the hosts with access to the account.



1. Only Dorsals collected in 2014 count. Dorsals you already have count if and only if they were laid/caught on or after January 1, 2014.

2. The contest will end at midnight December 10, 2014. All Dorsals must be grown up or frozen before this date; the latest "grown up on" date we should see is December 9.

3. This year, we would prefer that you keep your Dorsals in one place on your scroll, so please provide us with a scroll link (in your signature is fine). You may still alternatively make a post here and edit it with links to your Dorsals, or make a Google Doc with links, but be aware that you MUST update the post or document shortly before the contest ends. If it is not updated, and the Dorsals are not in one place on your scroll, we cannot guarantee that we will not miss any of your Dorsals when we check your totals.

4. Only frozen hatchlings and adults count, not eggs or growing hatchlings.

5. Dorsals must all be ALIVE and NOT ZOMBIES and NOT WILD at Christmas time, when we go through and double check everyone's numbers.

6. Also remember that only PURPLE Dorsals count, not Red Dorsals.

7. It does not matter how you obtain the Dorsals. They may be bred by you, caught off the AP, found in the cave, or traded for. ArynChris clarifies on this matter:

I have been asked to clarify something.


In short: As long as you do not violate the TOS, any means of obtaining the designated common (in 2013, spitfires) is allowed. Catching from the cave, the AP, breeding, trading, taking donations, even multiple people working jointly (ie. genuine friends and family, who usually want a future offspring in return for their help, NOT multi-scrolling) and so on are all permitted.


The contest is not meant to be "a level playing field."

It is meant to measure your dedication to the goal of obtaining a holly, so that we know we're breeding for someone who will keep the dragon for all the years to come. And along the way, to turn a single supercommon into something less common and/or more valuable. By creating market demand, we pull into our secondary cause all the forum traders of dragcave, who will start treating the supercommon as a commodity instead of a pest and clear the cave with us. As they do, it will become tougher and tougher to hunt them... to breed them... to trade for them. The contest becomes more challenging as the year goes on, not less. It's a test of dedication.


In other words... how badly do you want a holly?

8. You may join at any time in the year.

9. IF YOU ARE A DONATOR: Please note that you may be required to hold your egg for a short time while we distribute the prizes. At this time, we are discussing plans to make the prize distribution go more quickly, but until we get something hashed out, this message will remain.



BOLD donations have been CONFIRMED since November 26.

We are always looking for donations so more of our collectors can get their Hollies! Here is the list of Hollies, and their donators:

The 2014 Holly offspring of Holly Wishes Zek, from Wiz!

The 2014 Holly offspring of Ptero-St Nicholas, from Pteprocks!

The 2014 Holly offspring of Nollaig Iontas, from celis!

The 2014 Holly offspring of Eden’s Grace of Holly, from Kurane!

The 2014 Holly offspring of Rafael’s Holly Joy, from Kurane!

The 2014 Holly offspring of (9bSpr), from Xythus!

The 2014 Holly offspring of (Y8JhI), from Xythus!

The 2014 Holly offspring of (X6D7X), from Xythus!

The 2014 Holly offspring of I Derp, from Xythus!

The 2014 Holly offspring of (BqLWZ), from Xythus!

The 2014 Holly offspring of Dragan Have a Holly Jolly, from Emerald01!

The 2014 Holly offspring of Carmine Streak, from adrak!

The 2014 Holly offspring of Happy Holliedays, from adrak!

The 2014 Holly offspring of Jubilations, from adrak!

The 2014 Holly offspring of Morning Holly 'VII, from simkim!

The 2014 Holly offspring of Milagro de Navidad 'III, from simkim!

The 2014 Holly offspring of to love, from blah!

The 2014 Holly offspring of Merry Chriztmaz, from Saltpath!

The 2014 Holly offspring of Holly of Spirits, from StarGirl17!

The 2014 Holly offspring of Holly of Eldan Thuwed, from StarGirl17!

The 2014 Holly offspring of Misses Claws B0Cf2 Azure, from Millie_Azure!

The 2014 Holly offspring of Holly Y3fue Azure, from Millie_Azure!

The 2014 Holly offspring of Bright Garland, from Draco Knight!

The 2014 Holly offspring of Ioma's Tomte, from Ioma!

The 2014 Holly offspring of Ioma's Peace on Earth, from Ioma!

The 2014 Holly offspring of Ioma's Wceh0 Thuwed, from Ioma!

The 2014 Holly offspring of Ioma's Draco Hesperidum, from Ioma!

The 2014 Holly offspring of Arlya Thuwed, from Terces!

The 2014 Holly offspring of Grand Fonic Hymn, from TheCompleteAnimorph!

The 2014 Holly offspring of Nayotake no Kaguya-hime, from TheCompleteAnimorph!

The 2014 Holly offspring of Sythers Vanyali VI, from _smoczyca_!

The 2014 Holly offspring of Roynyr Vanyali VI, from _smoczyca_!

The 2014 Holly offspring of Hollycicle Sadi, from circeramone!

The 2014 Holly offspring of Fezziwig Sadi, from circeramone!

The 2014 Holly offspring of Nollag Draiocht, from Sir Barton!

The 2014 Holly offspring of Amazing Xmas gift, from anne!

The 2014 Holly offspring of Fa La La, from spirited_soul!

The 2014 Holly offspring of psy's Privilege, from psyrae!

The 2014 Holly offspring of Helena Jarael Thuwed, from FyoraSilverwolf!

The 2014 Holly offspring of Anmar Piosenna, from ainisarie!

The 2014 Holly offspring of Berry White Christmas, from ainisarie!

All donators are very appreciated. smile.gif


First place gets first pick of the Hollies, then second place, and so on.


Those who collect a certain amount but not enough to win a Holly will receive nice, non-Holly eggs as runner-up prizes. Everyone is welcome to contribute to the pool of runner-up prizes with donations.



ArynChris (Creator)

Ninetails (Head Moderator)

Pteprocks (Prize Distribution Overseer)

Wiz (Moderator)

celis (Moderator)

Hawkster (Moderator)

Moderators have access to the project account and are responsible for updating the thread, as well as other special responsibilities listed.




panic siren

Total Checkers will help the moderators verify the participants' totals once the contest ends.


Total Checker applications are currently closed but will open soon.

Please note that you cannot participate in the contest if you are a Total Checker.


WHITE/SILVER LIST: This is for those who have been former mods and/or people who have be a great help to the thread...

GokaiPink: Previously a very sweet and considerate moderator!


(Hall of Fame moved to the news post.)

Edited by The Holly Contest

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Name: Current reported total

[Link to list]Method of listing[/link to list]

Red text indicates missing information.



Last update: 12/10/14 7:39pm Cave Time


_smoczyca_: 19

Google Doc


ahreada: 0



amthystfire: 100



Angel of the Inferno: 695

Bottom of scroll


Angel_Princess: 216



anne: 11

Scroll; Google Doc


AquaBlueRain: 149



AtlanaSabelle: 208



Azhure: 90



bafleyanne: 0



banban007: 206

Scroll Google Doc


Beckster: 0



Candythekitty1152: 0



car340: 7

Scroll; Google Doc


circeramone: 231

Bottom of scroll


daba555: 848

Bottom of scroll


DangerDragon: 0



Deinosaur: 176

Forum post;Google Doc


Deranged Pegasus: 263



dragonchic: 196



DragonLove234: 44

Google Doc


dragonstar32: 10

Top of scroll


erg07: 1



Firedda: 47



Firstborn Dragon: 171



Flamma: 26



FyoraSilverwolf: 372

Scroll Forum Post


genbea: 19

Scroll Google Doc


gilraen: 725



Glyndlamir: 0



growlithe: 0

Top of Scroll


hmarjolijn: 0

Bottom of scroll


Husker: 114

Scroll; Google Doc


InugamiZERO: 1,055



Ioma: 14

Scroll Forum Post


iSammiSam: 22

Google Doc


Jascuty: 11

Google Doc


Jumbofluff: 50



Kurei Chitsu: 0



lady_caetlyn: 0

Google Doc



Last page of scroll


Lavi: 0



lionpriestess: 4



Lurhstaap: 0



Midnight-Skyline: 0

Top of scroll


mirjana: 0



morningglory17: 34

Forum post


Mycatranch: 109



mysterrie: 1,934



negloves: 70

Google Doc


Nightmelody: 0

Bottom of scroll


nocturnalbunny: 0



nynaevesilverwind: 0

Scroll Forum Post


Oasis: 0

Scroll Google Doc


Omosky: 0

Top of Scroll


owned by toys: 533



PiccoloRose: 378

Top of scroll


plumeriarose: 1,897



Puppyloverdog10000 156

Google Doc


Rainstar13: 0



Raven13dragon: 39

Forum Post


raykawolf: 5

Scroll; Google Doc


ranger lucy: 0

Top of scroll


RecycledHeart: 0



RedRubyDragon64: 0

Top of Scroll


remislady: 0



Rhaegal3370: 2



rhiannalexis: 14

Scroll Forum Post


Rina: 66



SanguineWolf: 0

Forum Post


Sany: 9



shellbell: 0

Top of scroll


Sir Barton: 1,115

Bottom of scroll


Sirikith: 17



Skitties: 1



Skyal: 63

Scroll Forum Post


SMence: 20

Bottom of scroll; Google Doc


Snowie: 0



sorenna: 435

Bottom of scroll


SparrowSelkie: 0

Bottom of scroll


StarGirl17: 34

Scroll; Google Doc


StarLaDragon: 6

Bottom of scroll


stellalala: 0

Scroll Google Doc


StormNSnowflake: 11

Bottom of Scroll


sylphoflights: 2

Scroll Google Doc


Tiga: 142



titanium: 351



tjsweepers: 125



The Dragon Keeper: 172



VampiressWolf: 0



Wahya: 108

Forum Post


warriorjames: 81

Top of scroll


WolfLover8: 24

Bottom of scroll Google Doc


Woof123Albinos: 0

Scroll; Google Doc


yaquiidru: 0

Bottom of scroll


yokaitenshi: 0

Bottom of scroll


zaverxi: 18


Edited by The Holly Contest

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By Wiz:

user posted image



By car340:

user posted image



By Xythus:

user posted image



And we're always looking for new ones, too!




HC14 End of Collection Period

Now the total checking begins. The next update will have the announcement of the winners.


Remember that reporting your totals here in the thread is completely optional. We will arrive at the correct totals for everyone regardless.


As for unconfirmed donations, they will be listed until the end of total checking, to match last year's contest.


Finally, there are a few competitors who are missing information, and will receive a PM from us shortly.


Holly Contest 2014 Donation Confirmation

It's that time of year again, folks. With less than two weeks left in the contest, we're about to send out one last PM to all the donators (and total checkers) to make sure they'll be active during the holiday season. Donations which have been confirmed will be made bold in the first post.


Remember, all your Dorsals need to be grown up or frozen by 11:59 PM cave time on December 9, total checking will begin December 10. Good luck, everyone, and remember that two weeks of intense collection could be all that stands between you and a Holly!


Holly Contest 2014 & 2013 Runner-Up Prizes

The 2014 thread is live, yay! Purple Dorsals are the new breed to collect. Get to work, everyone!


Also, if you're a runner-up winner or donator from the 2013 contest, we're still working on distributing those prizes, so don't worry if you haven't been contacted! You'll hear from us soon.




The top collectors of the 2012 Holly Contest, for collecting the most BBWs!

Rare_Hunter21: 746

aiyouxian: 686

Kukuru: 601

coltzen: 598

celis: 588 (Declined prize)

TheLittlePurpleDragon: 577

sunsteps88: 572 (Declined prize)

Limn: 533

simkim: 533 (Declined prize)

sciencegeek: 518 (Declined prize)

Warrior57: 288

As well as top runners-up Lavaedra, Ioma, sanderj, and Kanaye, who received Hollies because of the winners who declined!

In total, the top collectors, runners-up, and general competitors collected approximately 9,100 BBWs!


The top collectors of the 2013 Holly Contest, for collecting the most Spitfires!

AzureMist: 1,785

plumeriarose: 1,297

mysterrie: 1,209

RulenneClarissa: 870

rexreen: 704

Storm skyflyer: 636

Merion: 603

Rascal: 555 (Inactive at Christmas)

Lady_Dragonrider: 522

tetra: 499

Kurane: 480

Stargirl17: 436

pisceslion: 425 (Inactive at Christmas)

Sir Barton: 415

XxShadowWolf13xX: 415

owned by toys: 390

TroupeMaster: 373

Caileh: 372 (Declined prize)

Mordeth: 369

cerulean_skies: 365

rubybear: 362

Hasekerstin: 356

Arkenidae: 319 (Inactive at Christmas)

FyoraSilverwolf: 317

Lightchaotic: 288

_smoczyca_: 278

Wahya: 262

Snelly: 259

Deranged Pegasus: 256 (Inactive at Christmas)

eevee_em: 241

Angel_Princess: 214

Ha-Ki: 209 (Declined prize)

Vampiresswolf: 207

As well as top runners-up 7Kiran7, circeramone, Azura, Hawkster, Firstborn Dragon and Fire-Ice, who won Hollies because of the winners who were inactive or declined!

In total, the top collectors, runners-up, and general competitors collected 20,022 Spitfires!

Edited by The Holly Contest

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Can I join? I'm already collecting them.


They shall be named according to this:

Tiga's Dorsal HC ---*


*=Number of dorsal

Edited by Tiga

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I'm joining smile.gif All my dorsals shall be on the front page of my scroll at the very top, except for three exceptions which I intend to freeze and put on the second age of my scroll.


Here's my scroll link:http://dragcave.net/user/RecycledHeart

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I would like to be a runner-up donator! I have 2 CB Golds, and 2 CB Silvers, a 3rd gen Tinsel: http://dragcave.net/lineage/DuK2O, and 2 4th Gen Shimmers: Bronze + Silver, all of them can be donators of their offspring, but the tinsel and shimmer might be the longest ones to get from.

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I'd like to join this year smile.gif

I'll keep my dorsals all together in a dorsal army >:D

They're not my favorite breed, but this will be fun!


Here is my scroll:



Also, here's a google doc I'll be using:



Total Count: 8 Babies


Edit: Is it just me, or are Dorsals really hard to find now? xd.png

Edited by stellalala

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I just went to the 2013 thread to report the completed delivery of a runner-up prize, and the thread is now closed. Can it be reported here?

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I just went to the 2013 thread to report the completed delivery of a runner-up prize, and the thread is now closed.  Can it be reported here?

Looks like you just did. wink.gif


I'll do the thread's first update a little bit later, unless one of the other mods beats me to it.


Is there going to be sign-up deadline?


8. You may join at any time in the year.

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I don't think that hoarding spitfires made them harder to get from my experience it's gotten easier

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So they don't have to be CB?


I mean if you can collect them from the AP, they can either be CB or bred ones, because you say you can also breed them?

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Catching from the cave, the AP, breeding, trading, taking donations, even multiple people working jointly (ie. genuine friends and family, who usually want a future offspring in return for their help, NOT multi-scrolling) and so on are all permitted.

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Total Checkers will help the moderators verify the participants' Spitfire totals once the contest ends.


Hmm. Just, hmm.

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I want to join! My scroll is in my signature, and this is the link to my dorsals list. It's empty right now but I'll be adding more when I get some purple dorsals!

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I'd like to join this year. My dorsals will be on this spreadsheet. I have a link to my scroll in my signature.

Edited by Husker

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I would love to join! I didn't get a chance to last year but I think to bring my scroll up a notch this year I'd like to collect these lil' guys! They will all be in the same place on my scroll (between The Messiest Of All and Fire Among Violets) and will be on this spredsheet.

Edited by sylphoflights

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I would like to join, and I will edit this post as I collect more. Spreadsheet

Current Total: 176

1.5Hnxj 2.hZmE9 3.D0BF7 4.Opscg 5.KbBtL 6.HTJeH 7.MbIzK 8.F0wvC 9.zrBf5 10.AJT1J 11.Jocce 12.63mnF 13.tUrUb 14.koOxF 15.e5vhs 16.UDZjG 17.TrxuI 18.B77BU 19.fUNT3 20.cpjiO 21.mA27H 22.SIeyp 23.5pRxF 24.K5Q0G 25.odmfa 26.UwLMC 27.87Q8k 28.OaAy6 29.fdn7K 30.A5ume 31.eV4TQ 32.0Bifi 33.RcVu6 34.OLeE0 35.UYsK9 36.0a89r 37.oVosD 38.ByPxW 39.qDUt4 40.rPfoY 41.1AFJs 42.Qc2Fl 43.j4ETp 44.2t6rI 45.HUqdF 46.uqYPx 47.0yIdn 48.KCJbL 49.l5RXs 50.5VbAh 51.Qo0nM 52.Nd6mp 53.OXUMf 54.swylj 55.dEKUW 56.teg1U 57.pCf86 58.HfKTh 59.2MOkW 60.OQxAm 61.b63aj 62.VMdZw 63.p06CR 64.oaALS 65. HkEGD 66.DV0XC 67. qjslw 68.FT10P 69.GS8mf 70.fDY9z 71.CGPO9 72.NzGe7 73.INUGv 74.Z5eyc 75.yANmD 76.jOvpU 77.LgT1s 78.AJAYr 79.8Dh5U 80.u9sOP 81.t3fNx 82.1zwL0 83.ulebA 84.3QD87 85.oKx8G 86.1l1rr 87.gqJWE 88.EkYRo 89.wpaD6 90.O2cdM 91.OQJRl 92.QvCBC 93.yMVKV 94.lUXTc 95.XCUTD 96.PT26V 97.9MZA2 98.zg0nH 99.zsa2n 100.IwZIY 101.IAmm8 102.tx0y6 103.I8KWX 104.EBQCC 105.3p9GO 106.cqauG 107.4tTf0 108.EYmGN 109.shSA7 110.XR09B 111.neidC 112.mWCbV 113.lDBzC 114.ubxhe 115.nOQbi 116.rBv0Z 117.mA5im 118.iN1lg 119.urOTZ 120.hLNP0 121.7Lifw 122.9iRjo 123.PuEgt 124.oGO1y 125.8Ri6y 126.n83zw 127.rRFPw 128.BSeYA 129.W7Iyo 130.fqfPw 131.YGrKT 132.KmPr1 133.GY4lz 134.yZtw1 135.1A6WP 136.mkLob 137.G7utC 138.xzkpy 139.p568I 140.rO3XB 141.vF3Hf 142.1nss5 143.fqaWf 144.yHgu0 145.sabXp 146.Ol9rW 147.AQWrb 148.gOjuP 149.XzbYZ 150.oMXuy 151.g8g4A 152.mvtnT 153.thkC9 154.xF1Vs 155.UPp7s 156.Jwtzq 157.JvnEp 158.zCwMe 159.XwWwF 160.9tPf5 161.xeL9f 162.S6g3S 163.wgJlU 164.bGGc2 165.T78OO 166.fDHy5 167.Fd6Mk 168.lNqsP 169.QhmIV 170.8m3hZ 171.2UsMU 172.j3HDF 173.cuzQD 174.Dka2N 175.IKodF 176.gaumD

Edited by Deinosaur

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Hmm. Just, hmm.

FFF, and I tried so hard! xd.png



Added an additional three Hollies to the pot, donated by adrak! This brings the current (early) total of Holly prizes to 17. Thank you!


Tiga: Make sure to post a link to the document here, once you start it.


xeyla: So noted, thank you! smile.gif


sylphoflights: Make sure to make your spreadsheet public if you want us to use it-- just listing them in one place on your scroll is enough though, if you want.

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I want to join! I will be updating this post (so I didn't want it on the very first page. xd.png ) and they'll all be numbered and in one area on my scroll. They'll be either before or after the Spitfires, depending on if I get more Purple Dorsals than I got Spitfires. Only the numbered ones will be eligible ones.


I'd also like to contribute offspring from the Holly I received. However, I kind of want some way to indicate what the lineage of the offspring will look like, rather than just what the parent's lineage looks like? I'm not sure if, how, or when I could do that.... unsure.gif


List of Purple Dorsals:

1 CB 7-Up Sil 2 EG3 Toast of Marrow Sil 3 EG Red Jam Toast Sil 4 CB Heusate Sil 5 EG Phava Dorsal Sil 6 EG Xercaxed Dorsal Sil 7 EG Tenacika Dorsal Sil 8 PB I Can Reference Sil 9 SS Ijpix Express Sil 10 Sp Sandy Dorsal Sil


11 PB Herkeda Sil 12 EG4 On a Tangent Sil 13 EG Have All the Knives Sil 14 PB Joscora the Drapion Sil 15 CB Kapbis Sil 16 SS Itpetwoi Sil 17 Ua'ep Sil 18 CB Xergeo Sil 19 CB Agmoqo Sil 20 CB Forbexteg Sil


21 CB Cajmai Sil 22 EG4 King of Toast Sil 23 SS7 Linormar Donn Sil 24 IB Black Sky Standstill Sil 25 EG4'5 On A Bamor Sil 26 PB Ratakza Yaquita Sil 27 PB Cocoxmil 6-7zehn Sil 28 HA3 Zetz Sage's Sil 29 IB Hey Wigim Sil[/url [url=http://dragcave.net/lineage/8leGW]30 EG3 Rama Itpet Sil


31 IB Pikgro Sil 32 Pek Zebass Sil 33 Sp Moirau Sil 34 CB Haxsec Sil 35 EG5 King Wombatface Sil 36 EG3 Mein Dorsal Sil 37 EG5 Dire 80 Sil 38 IB Black-Blue Pokemon Sil 39 IB Dorkface Brightfrill Sil 40 EG3 Enjin Sil


41 EG3 Sally Kevin Sil 42 Sequin Happy Sil 43 EG3 Dorsal Fecma Sil 44 CB Selbeka Sil 45 CB Xederry Sil 46 CB Hawqfa Sil 47 CB Neunreta Sil 48 CB Kesiox Sil 49 SS Heuskag Sil 50 CB Neindefeb Sil


51 CB Iakten Sil 52 Woman the Third Pendragon Sil 53 PB Man the Third Pendragon 54 EG4 Rama Tosona Sil 55 CB Sixwiuv Sil 56 EG Quintus Sil 57 IB Purple Purplehorns Sil 58 HA4 Ecom Trade Sil 59 Yerds Pokeman Sil 60 EG Dorsalface 1-2 Sil


61 CB Vahafasei Sil 62 CB Icogea Sil 63 CB Cebanique Sil 64 1959 NYC Sil 65 CB 1960 Sil 66 CB Seqvajip Sil 67 CB Gojai Sil 68 CB Nadoffa Sil 69 CB Japahuna Sil 70 CB Ornez Sil


71 SS4 Trade Wut Sil 72 SS3 Wish You Were Qizmaa Sil 73 EG Sledge Rose Sil 74 SS Forbwij Sil 75 CB Jaweija Sil 76 CB Nataheda Sil 77 EG RedWire Sil 78 EG3 Bea Bragg Sil 79 CB Baxzigga Sil 80 EG Emiliaky Sil


81 CB Undajella Sil 82 CB Tamsy Sil 83 EG3 Jathan Ridge Sil 84 SS DJ Horizon Sil 85 CB Quodocz Sil 86 EG5 King of Cosmic Toast Sil 87 CB Qayna Sil 88 EG6 Neritic Tangent Sheep Sil 89 CB Lenin's Bill Sil 90 CB Reqonqone Sil


91 CB Ehajiq Sil 92 Xupom Thuwed Dorkface Sil 93 EG5 Irish MapleZen Dorsal Sil 94 EG4 Foxell Enjin Sil 95 EG Grilka Iajanla Sil 96 EG Tarp Dezecatec Sil 97 CB Kejaxxep Sil 98 CB Oehmeh Sil 99 Sp Radiant Japan Sil 100 IB Coxaqem Sil


101 CB Feggalo Sil 102 CB Otcogi Sil 103 IB Xiwha Pokemon Sil 104 HA3 Dimetro Thunder Sil 105 EG Shining Valentine Sil 106 CB Texujca Sil 107 CB Neunsenca Sil 108 CB Keige Sil 109 EG Raatda Sil 110 SS 7-Up Naj Sil


111 Sp Zedekapbi Sil 112 CB Lipuln Sil 113 IB Vacmate Sil 114 Sp Alexander Neun Sil 115 SS Kesi Williams Sil 116 IB Vehoti Sil 117 CB Emot Sil 118 CB Osekobba Sil 119 Violet Serpent Sil 120 PB Ambra Arisen Sil


121 EG3 Bicoloured Budos Sil 122 Sp4 Beteba Life of Love Sil 123 Garnet Jamal Lilieth Sil 124 PB Dangling Llama Sil 125 Vewqaveb Sil 126 EG Jayda Zohamm Sil 127 CB Begnafeb Sil 128 HA3 Purple Valentine Sil 129 EG3 Bumble Grill Sil 130 CB Forimnew Sil


131 CB Derki Sil 132 CB Zejvida Sil 133 EG Ecomva Donna Sil 134 CB Letexlahn Sil 135 CB Duztoa Sil 136 CB Mamalar Sil 137 Uquana Blood Moon Sil 138 CB Lefnengi Sil 139 CB Devedef Sil 140 CB Qoiqga Sil


141 IB Temvanaj Sil 142 CB Obxaca Sil 143 IB Black Sky Standstill Sil 144 CB Sevsixeser Sil 145 Sp3 Wakasefeh Sil 146 EG3 HeusBat Sil 147 SS3 Kaaos Jumadi Sil 148 EG5 Finny Manuval Sil 149 CB Livpoo Sil 150 EG6 Sprechen Sie Irish Sil


151 Mysjyfus Sil 152 CB Ycatkaja Sil 153 PB Nox GrapeBerry Sil 154 CB Toqqon Sil 155 CB Yufty Sil 156 HA3 Shadowshine Sappho Sil 157 Harley Dumas Sil 158 IB Ghangarka Sil 159 CB Sejocq Sil 160 Peanut Forget Sil


161 EG3 Kesi Jathan Sil 162 SS Futile Breed Sil 163 EG3 Midnight Stiplu Sil 164 EG3 Lud Luper Sil 165 CB Jaqei Sil 166 EG Wevzehm Rou Sil 167 SS3 Chanaga Cloak Sil 168 EG Kupinida Sil 169 SS3 Shao Charles Sil 170 CB Buzno Sil


171 Sp Halloween Cifmo Sil 172 EG4 Beautifully Saddest Sil 173 EG3 Quint Sledge Sil 174 CB Fetevbu Sil 175 SS Undula Smooth Sil 176 EG3 Sercidelsha Sil 177 CB Umtaziqua Sil 178 CB Treqgoc Sil 179 CB Celatli Sil 180 Adatio Sil


181 Slakingler Sil 182 EG3 Semisweet Cherries Sil 183 CB Banapajiit Sil 184 IB BookScreen Sil 185 Sp Curviquo Sil 186 SS Iasaxwa Halloween Sil 187 Lurkin Mommy Cirath Sil 188 Sutwa of the Future Sil 189 CB Crag 74 Sil 190 EG4 Rutilla Medulla Sil


191 EG3 Spectrum Chaser Sil 192 CB Etpatulla Sil 193 CB Metbaweppa Sil 194 CB Nuwjii Sil 195 GreenName Hollywish Sil 196 IB Lasblik Hollywish Sil 197 CB Ninkipa Sil 198 CB Kiapikah Sil 199 EG4 Dorreen Asheara Sil 200 U Pwns Sil


201 CB Yisiffa Sil 202 CB Oxemsid Sil 203 A4 Glinting Rovoyo Sil 204 CB Cenanheget Sil 205 PB BubbleSeer Hollywish Sil 206 PB Corcair of Aljan Sil 207 CB Yi Yao Sil 208 EG That's My Paradise Sil 209 CB Sizedhe Sil 210 HA6 Dorky Crimson Sil


211 CB Zimbuma Sil 212 CB Yecsajig Sil 213 CB Hiqcus Sil 214 SS4 Shao Ejifi Sil 215 CB Kulpiv Sil 216 EG4 King in the Toast Sil 217 Utweswimju Thuwed Dorkface 218 EG6 Noctis Sinister Sil 219 CB Megafyz Sil 220 SS Miku Ken Sil


221 CB Qihupi Sil 222 PB Laqithpa Sil 223 CB Phuket Sil 224 Sp Deht Hawq Sil 225 CB Icomvan Sil 226 EG3 Sirena Bys Sil 227 EG4 Bea BraggBamvor Sil 228 Sp IlleqGuard Obxac Sil 229 CB Pikarpa Sil 230 EG Eruc Superstar Sil


231 CB Jehfaweza Sil 232 CB Fororqca Sil 233 EG4 Rama Wilma Luper Sil 234 PB Dorsal Fiua Sil 235 CB Forsixwid Sil 236 EG3 Quack If Sil 237 CB Crebixma Sil 238 PB Sal Whoopin Drapion Sil 239 PB Affie Fez Sil 240 CB Uaveja Sil


241 EG3 Sweet Tarzane Sil 242 CB Ozeafor Sil 243 CB Qaryta Sil 244 CB Naqorsca Sil 245 SS3 Akai Krasny Sil 246 CB Boui Sil 247 CB Mexageves Sil 248 CB Otetva Sil 249 CB Pexika Sil 250 CB Nepod Sil


251 CB Vakatara Sil 252 Batacawa Sil 253 Yegefeger Sil 254 CB Bakfir Sil 255 EG Pattern Favorite Sil 256 CB Ba'teve Sil 257 CB Biyasa Sil 258 SS Dimettra Guardian Sil 259 CB Fynki Sil 260 Aeson Nightwing Sil


261 IB Volcano Dorsalis Sil 262 CB Ogzeci Sil 263 IB Vehejabara Fear Sil 264 CB Asegbeq Sil 265 HA3 Astingharz Bazinga Sil 266 Restless Enigma Sil 267 And Comes Black Ice Sil 268 CB Ninsojax Sil 269 CB Yeah Uh No Sil 270 CB Rob Beck Sil


271 CB Aqguka Sil 272 EG Jungle Tanish Rajaram Sil 273 IB Refec Purplehorns Sil 274 IB Nyqahaca Sil 275 CB Figasola Sil 276 CB Uwamp Sil 277 CB Exajaeka Sil 278 EG3 Lupercalia Ludwig Sil 279 CB Zenzaqaeda Sil 280 EG5 Sky Mercuin Sil


281 HA3 Wrong Smile Sil 282 EG Aeneas Madison Boye Sil 283 HA5 Dorsalis Twisted Sil 284 CB Eitvasisos Sil 285 PB Qin Min Sil 286 7-Up Fireworks Naj Sil 287 EG Glare of Lightbringer Sil 288 SS3 Mira's Warm Coat Sil 289 CB Glixea Sil 290 EG R U NOT Sil


291 EG3 blackscaleninja Sil 292 CB Ryeac Sil 293 CB Kapexba Sil 294 CB Ayawpa Sil 295 HA5 Demesio Twist Sil 296 PB Rin'dondan Sil 297 CB Seven Tee Kid Sil 298 EG4 Jipbe Bragg Sil 299 EG4 Psych Picky Sil 300 SS3 Gravity Highway Sil


301 HA5 Keige Shadow Sil 302 Ywigej Sil 303 CB Otreloi Sil 304 SS Nerpegra Sil 305 EG3 Etomvoi Sil 306 IB Vikurl Sil 307 SS Tozenelda Scarfskin Sil 308 Galafix Dorkface Sil 309 EG Angula Zelian Sil 310 EG Nilo Norin Sil


311 EG3 HuxSerrin Sil 312 EG Great Lady Redorho Sil 313 HA4 F4 Kaqimdawa Sil 314 HA3 Shadow Vista Sil 315 Tomashi Redfin Sil 316 Tobexivis Sil 317 Starhyrt Sil 318 CB Klypz Sil 319 CB Vehixiz Sil 320 Yule Comet Tovemq Sil


321 EG3 Brilliant Heaven Sil 322 Afechna D'Orisaar Sil 323 CB Uozika Sil 324 CB Hevypiv Sil 325 CB Dagakew Sil 326 Wings of Red Velvet Sil 327 EG3 Newtly Sil 328 CB Iwanbay Sil 329 EG Live by Glow Sil 330 CB Sheppy Sil


331 EG3 Windy Paul Sil 332 SS7 Bentu Love Artius Sil 333 EG3 Dimettra Tangar Sil 334 CB These 9 Sil 335 CB Otrequaft Sil 336 Kecleon-Mismagius Sil 337 Cilqiz Sil 338 HA4 Fifecza Sil 339 Quehazza Bubbaloo Sil 340 CB Lehixia Sil


341 EG3 Iijingaloria Sil 342 IB Eistyvralta Sil 343 IB Sanguine's Fluff Sil 344 EG Crimson Sail Sil 345 CB Fehewfata Sil 346 CB Vumai Sil 347 CB Trequesiks Sil 348 CB Disneva Sil 349 Serborur Sil 350 CB Zismata Sil


351 Fro-yo McRoboDuck Sil 352 HA3 We Wish Hollywish Sil 353 Flame UFO Sil 354 Flower-Lime Cheer-Itpet Sil 355 PB Mess Robed Sil 356 EG5 Sky Scellamarsal Sil 357 Argent Buteo Sky Sil 358 EG Pure Jewezto Sil 359 EG3'5 Renivanga Thuwed Sil 360 PB3 Bubblesee Laqit Sil


361 Sp Sedez Yi Sil 362 Sp Korzimbum Sil 363 Sp Gecikulpi Sil 364 Frozen Bifqa Sil 365 Frozen Oomava Sil 366 Frozen Tavuqi Sil 367 Frozen Kip Trouble Sil 368 Frozen Iwapaver Sil 369 Frozen Ihasaja Sil 370 Frozen Nahazaba Sil


371 Frozen Sorry Sil 372 Frozen Wezn Sil

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