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    I occasionally gift in BSA gifters, Breeding Gifting, and Departure threads.

    - Female 2nd gen PB GW to continue lineage
    - CB male pygmies (of all 6 breeds)
    - Silver shimmer/tinsel x Moonstone stair or spiral
    - BSA hatchies. May be regifted in the BSA Gifters thread.
    - Moonstones. All moonstones. No matter what stage, no matter what gender, no matter what lineage. I take them all!
    - Blusang Lindwurms
    - Pillows
    - Gold egg/male hatchie with similar lineage to http://dragcave.net/lineage/r6D3o , but not related.
    - Shimmers, Tinsels (prefer silver to the other two)
    - Even gen eggs and hatchies, non-inbred or extremely inbred like http://dragcave.net/lineage/dLWJn
    - Pretty checkers!
    - Hatchies of any breed, gender, or lineage
    - Anything I don't have, or only have one gender of.