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The Holly Contest

Holly Contest 2014

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I'll try this year, too. Although looking at last year's numbers, I'm more than a little intimidated. I have 1 adult &  1 hatchie  at the moment. I guess I'll just update this post and I'll put them at the end of my scroll.


Scroll link is http://dragcave.net/user/skyal

If it makes you feel any less intimidated, I only started last year's halfway through and I still collected enough for a Holly. tongue.gif


Of course, I'm participating from the beginning this time, but I'm also contributing a Holly so it balances out. xd.png


Updating my count to 17.

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I am starting to think reds are more common then purples. I've been breeding my purples, and gotten more red then purple eggs.



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I'd like to join Scroll http://dragcave.net/user/InugamiZERO

my dorsals will be on the last page of my scroll under my GON

most will have the last name Hollywish, I just had to name the first few after the Invader ZIM Christmas song


Number: 54

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I would love to join! I'll make a google doc. in this weekend smile.gif


My scroll link: Lavik


Now i have 1 purple dorsal, ,,Egg Stolen on: Jan 03, 2014" there is link

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I'd like to join laugh.gif


My scroll : banban007

My purple dorsal list : List


They'll be on the last page of my scroll when they grow up/frozen.

Total so far : 18

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I would like to participate in this contest. I have already started, but mostly play on my cell phone, so I had not had a chance to organize my dragons so that all my 2014 caught purple dorsals will appear starting in the first page of my scroll. I've now organized them and began numbering my purple dorsal dragons that I have caught so far in 2014. You can view them on my scroll here: http://dragcave.net/user/mycatranch smile.gif

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~Trade removed~ Please use the correct topics when trading.

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For the contestants!


I have a CB Purple Dorsal for you to claim! Also here is a 3rd gen Purple Dorsal for you to claim!


Good luck to you all and happy hunting!


ETA: Two more lineaged Purple Dorsals! Claim #1 and Claim #2

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I'd like to join! I'll keep mine updated in this post, but if you need to see them on my scroll as well, they start on this page.


Wahya's Purple Dorsals


Current Total: 108


Matt Lowe

Amethyst n' Onyx

Violet Firefins

Hues of Royalty

Arcane Belle

Masked Magician

Passion of Love

Broken Law


Secrets of the Past


Finitely Finned

Three Fins


Purple Jaw

Ganorga the Queen of Mean

Ett Thuwed

Classical Composition

Binke the Drapion

Love of a Different Color

A City in France


Gender is a Social Construct

Heat Transfer Fins

Odd Past

Fin Radiator

Lacks a Caudal Fin

Non-mammalian Synapsid

Dimetrodon Grandis

Dimetrodon Limbatus

Dimetrodon Dollovianus

Dimetrodon Loomisi


Dimetrodon Macrospondylus

Dimetrodon Giganhomogenes

Dimetrodon Milleri

Dimetrodon Natalis

Dimetrodon Occidentalis

Dimetrodon Teutonis

Javas ZaN

Dye Bath

Plum Jelly Belly

Mixed Berry Smoothie


Wild Blackberry Jelly Bean

Grape Stomper

Where There's A Whip

Black Cherry Chutney

Lorenzo Acerbi

Ten Fins


Deafening Echo

Tanzanite Encrusted Silver

Brine Frosted Fins



Moves in Shadows

Purple Dorsal Gal

Purpura Dorsal

O1 Sour

Window Sil

Lady Emineance Arch Wing

Fihfco Tehjuc Thuwed


Symmetriclly Stabilized


Geisha Kira

Abrasive Truth

Scarlet-Eyed Joe

Royalpurple Dorsal


Poison Barbed

Purple Chalk

Drab Claws

Heart-Shaped Bruise

Bleeds Purple


Cypripedium Tibeticum Orchids

Ruffled Pansy

Submarine Sail

Purple Ranunculus

Federal Express

The Depth

Countess of the Mountain

Dark Fondue Chocolate

Feeling Fintastic

Vertically Stable


Grape Dum Dum

Geissorhiza Radians

Flying Confection

Gloomy Fellow

Z'e Twilit Drakon

Lacking Cheer

Purple Hot Rod

Dorsal on the Tide of Love

Grave Dorsal

Charred Fins


Palatinate Ribbon


Vertically Stabilized

Such Serious Fins

Sir Purple Pantaloons

Cold for Sane

Elena's Misfortune

Ghastly Gengar

Confoundedly Curious

Violet Dye


Claws of Peculiarity

Punk Rock Glamour

Purple Velvet Cape

Arisen from Forefathers

Purple Bighorn Sheep

Three Forty-One

He Who Treads Lightly

The Jungle by Night

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Added a total of 25 donations from various donors, bringing the number of Hollies so far to a monumental 42! Thank you all!


FyoraSilverwolf: Others have expressed similar concerns, and we are discussing a way to clarify the lineage of the offspring, which will hopefully be hashed out by the next update. I'll hold off on adding your Holly until then.


Tiga: Thank you for the link, we will also need permission to access the spreadsheet.


DangerDragon: Can you provide us with a link to your scroll, please?


Oasis: Just your scroll is fine, but if you'd like us to use the doc as well, we'll need permissions to access it. smile.gif


RulenneClarissa: Yes, that would be fine, as long as they're in one place.


Also added everyone else, updated totals, and added Xythus' banner.


Also, the direct link to post functionality seems to be broken at this time, at least for me, so new forum post links are replaced by red text in the second post until this is resolved.

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Hey, I know you've updated the front page yesterday, but you have put 0 by my name... I have 99 dorsals so far :/


Google doc

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