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Wends.pngBear-Child.pngsm.gif2qd0fib.jpg2s80bab.png2vuh761.pngo058aa.jpgI breed on request. For current lists, please see my profile.Founder of: The Cactus Pygmy

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    I do not do Neglected Dragon IOUs. Sorry, but I'm trying to ramp up my numbers for the silly encyclopedia.

    Breeding List is sorted as follows: order is listed as I receive requests and lumped together by dragon type. If someone doesn't have any of a type of dragon that they're on my lists for, they take priority.

    No limits on breeding on my scroll. The more requests I get, the less bored I am with dragon cave. :)

    Please claim your egg within 24 hours of me sending you the teleport link (or PM me and ask me to hold it - I will! I just need to be contacted). If I don't hear back from you in any way, I'll assume you don't want the egg and pull you from my list, and that egg will go to the next person or someone else in need. You can always PM me to get back onto my lists.

    If you're willing to take an inbred dragon, you just ramped up your chances of actually getting one, seeing as how I now have more shots per week of breeding you an egg.

    I will strive to ensure you get a clean egg if it's within my ability. If you want a particular pairing for your dragon (like you want my Thuwed Dorkface bronze tinsel to breed with something in particular), tell me.

    I also have the most awesome intentionally inbred lineages available - check near the bottom of my scroll! If you want one of the 'Bubba n' Mary' lines, let me know and I'll happily breed them for you!

    Current Breeding List:
    Nothin'. PM me if you want anything!