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    I'm interested in a whole lot of things. I love Pokemon and have one version of every handheld generation of Pokemon except for the original Red and Blue. However, I do happen to incline toward a love of first, second and third generation Pokemon and most Pokemon spin-offs. Pokemon Colosseum and the first two Mystery Dungeons are some of my favorite Pokemon games of all time, but Black and White had such a marvelous story that rose above and beyond previous games, so I have to give it a lot of love even if I didn't like most of its Pokemon. Oh, and the ancient death ray located in France in X and Y. Can't forget that lovely tidbit.
    I also love science fiction and fantasy. This includes Star Trek, Waking Dead and Game of Thrones. Or, for the adventurous, Game of Trekking Dead, which I'm surprised is not a thing.

    I also have a deep admiration for animation. All walks of it as long as it's animated and told well- Pixar, anime, cartoons, all of it. I can waste a whole day on my couch during marathons of Avatar and Jimmy Neutron. It's pretty obvious after hearing that, but I also watch a lot of anime. Attack on Titan, HunterxHunter, Magi and the old 90's English dub of Ghost Stories are currently my favorite series, but I'm never adverse to watching something new.

    I read Homestuck... beware.

    All my media favorites aside, I'm also a big RPer. I adore fantasy role play, but also enjoy trying new genres of RP... really anything as long as it's fast-paced and active. I'm a literate poster, so I often post a paragraph or more every time I sit down. If you have a role play that's awaiting a good dynamic, I'm your man. I can do any kind of character, never be afraid to hit me up and ask :D

    Currently active in:
    -Power Inside (Untamed)
    -The Academy (Sin, Seamus and Tatsuke)

    Oh, I'm also looking for second generation hybrids.