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*bites the finger poking him* Sthahp pokin' me you ihdiot!


Hi. -____- *waves*


Hey, did you know that Zloko has a "sweet spot"? It's on his back.




*scratches Zloko's back, right underneath his right shoulderblade*


*falls to the ground, purring like a cat* ~<3



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*Stares* Good thing I don't have one of those.


*Hugs* You're so floofeh.


Get... Off... *Pushes off*

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Endyr: Mou yukiba ga nai wa, kono koi no netsuryou

Ahhh! (scream)

Haiiro no kumo MONOCHROME no kensou

Hizashi wa kageri yuugure wa iro o kaete iku

Ahh, sekai ga nijinde

Soredemo suki de irareru ka nante?

Wakatteru kedo dousureba ii no?

Doushitara... dousureba...

BAKA da na... watashi

Hajimeru no yo kore wa sensou!

Ureshisou na KIMI o miru nante!

Setsunaru koi sore wa tsumi

Misete ageru watashi no omoi wo

Saken de mita MEGAPHONE wa kowareteta no

Dore dake senobi shitatte kimi no shikai ni hairanai

Aa, itsunomanika hareta sora zenzen niawanai

Kimochi ga osaerare nakute

Doushitara dousureba

Naite nanka nain dakara ne


Tatakau no yo HEART o ute

Shudan nante erande'rarenai

hirari misetsukeru no yo

Kimi no shisen ubatte miseru no

Geigeki youi

Senkyou wa ima da furi na no desu

Koi wa moumoku

Kimi no kuchidzuke de me ga sameru no'


Now for those who don't understand what Endyr is singing!


Now there's nowhere to go, in the heat of this love

Ahhh! (scream)

Gray clouds Monochrome bustles

Sunlight cast shadows, Dusk is changing it's colour

Ahh...The world is blurred

Even so, will I still love you?

I know this, though what should I do?

How can I...What can I....

What a fool...I am

Let's begin, this is war!

Oh, to see you pleased with someone else!

Earnest love, that is sin

I will show how I feel

The Megaphone I tried shouting in was broken

How hard I try to overreach myself, I would fail to get into your sight

Ah, a clear sky slid by, but it doesn't suit at all

I couldn't get hold of my feelings

How can I...What can I...

Crying...no, I'm not...

I love you

Fight it out, shoot right at the heart

I don't have a choice!

I shall make you gaze upon me

Get ready to intercept

War situation still a drawback

Love is blind...

Yes, I'll be awaken by your kiss'


Endyr: well there are the lyrics to the song I linked!


*im out of breath*

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*finger regenerates* IM INVINCIBLE!


Sierra:OOH HUGS!*smushes with hugs*


*starts throwing random stuff like a old cat and a cheese covered nacho* TRY DODGING THIS!

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Gah! Terrible screeching sounds!


It's just a different language...


That's not what I meant. They're just way off key

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Baka baka, baka baka...

Two can play at that game, Endyr.



I'm just gonna... walk... over... here...

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*Withdraws her hand and places it on her hip* Nice to meet ya. Korra! Quit your sobbing and get my smokes from my purse.


*wipes the tears from my face* Yes Mistress ;____;

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Sierra:Okay!*walks over and starts poking*


Yay! Korra is getting bossed around b someone!


Sierra:Yup! He's crying!


*pokes*Whee now to torture him more!

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Ichibanme ARISU wa isamashiku ken o katate ni, fushigi no kuni.

ironna mono o kirisutete, makka na michi o shiite itta.

sonna ARISU wa, mori no oku

tsumibito no you ni tojikomerarete

mori ni dekita michi igai ni, kanojo no sei o shiru sube wa nashi


Nibanme ARISU wa otonashiku uta o utatte, fushigi no kuni.

ironna oto o afuresasete, kurutta sekai o umidashita.

sonna ARISU wa, bara no hana

ikareta otoko ni uchikorosarete

makka na hana o ichirin sakase minna ni mederare karete yuku


Sanbanme ARISU wa osanai ko. kirei na sugata de, fushigi no kuni.

ironna hito o madowasete, okashi na kuni o tsukuriageta.

sonna ARISU wa, kuni no joou

ibitsu na yume ni toritsukarete

kuchiyuku karada ni obienagara, kuni no chouten ni kunrin suru


Mori no komichi o tadottari bara no ki no shita de ochakai

o-shiro kara no shoutaijou wa HAATO no TORANPU


Yonbanme ARISU wa futago no ko. koukishin kara fushigi no kuni.

ironna tobira o kugurinukete, tsuisakki yatte kita bakari.

ki no tsuyoi ane to, kashikoi otouto

ichiban ARISU ni chikatta kedo,

futari no yume wa, samenai mama. fushigi no kuni o samayotta





The first Alice was a wrathful woman of the spade.

And righteously she held a sharpened blade within her hand.

Never hesitating to slay all within her way.

Creating paths of blood that followed her through Wonderland.

Deep into the darkened forest, Alice walked the line.

Captured and imprisoned as an embodiment of Sin.

If it were not for the murderous wake left behind.

No one would have suspected that she had ever been.


The second Alice was a fragile man of the diamond.

The broken echo of the lies within demented words.

He sang his twisted melodies to all in Wonderland.

Creating the image of the sick and the disturbed.

Deadly, yet so beautiful a voice just like a rose.

Was shot by a madman who silenced him to death.

A single rose bloomed in his place with no music composed.

With twisted grin this dying man lay breathing his last breath.


The third Alice was an innocent young girl of club.

An enchanting, graceful figure in the world of Wonderland.

She charmed the people in the land to her beck and call.

A peculiar country answering to each command.

So she rose into the throne to be the country’s queen.

Consumed by paranoia of her own impending death.

Soon the queen succumbed to a dark and nightmarish dream.

Disguised in kindness, loathing fate, she secured her regime.


And as this past two children walked in the woods.

Partaking in tea underneath the trees they’d never part.

They found an invitation to the queen.

It was the Ace of Hearts.


The fourth Alice was a duo of curiosity.

Both were lost and could not find the boat where they began.

And so they ran through countless open doors so recklessly.

A brother and a sister running wild through Wonderland.

A stubborn elder sister.

A witty younger brother.

But they had strayed too far into Alice’s Wonderland.


They were never woken from their terrifying dream.

Forever they would wander this twisted fairytale.



Edited by Jsward322

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Yay, now it's the four ALICEs.


They were a good bunch of souls.


Uhhh... Sure?

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*growls, slumping into the chair* Have ya ever felt like killin' everyone before?


Huwhat? *stands up, stretching his arms* Ok, ok fine. So I have a sweet spot. Big fraggin' deal. I can still murder you in a heartbeat.


Noted. Speaking of which, nobody has had to use respawn yet.


I can fix that, y'know.

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1, 2, 3, 4


5, 6, 8, 10


Dojo class I'll skip another bye bye

15 years yet a newbie at this girl ninja thing

Master not a single thing makes sense in all of this


Yes yes! Mother always said this to me

"Being a ninja girl means you can't be girly"

With that said, my younger days were never ever really much fun...


Then Then Then a night's festivity

Never had I seen a boy as cool as he

Red Red Red and deep inside of me

It beat, you see, and started to break free


(Here we go, hey!)


I love and want to love but, no, it's not allowed

It's not fair! I don't care! Just let me do what I want

"Stop this!" and "Quit that!" You're making me freak out

You know what isn't cool? All these stupid rules!


What to do with me and you to set this feeling free?

This I think as I watch you from a hole secretly

Can I really hide inside and under lock and key?

Ninja girl I am though, fall in love with me!



1, 2, 3, 4


5, 6, 8, 10


Peakin'? What, me? What 'cha saying?

15 years yet an obvious ninja girl

If I keep this up I won't get any jobs anymore


"Hey hey, Gatekeeper have you been working out?"

"Maybe open that big door there for little ol' me.."

"God, why isn't it working!?" I can't even use this face for my own good...


A merchant's daughter, seeing me denied

With a "my my my" came running to my side

Quietly, she whispered with a smile

Oh, so that's why! We're rivals now, you and I!


(1, 2, 3, 4!)


I love and I want to love, but the foes are ever near!

Wanna dice through them all with a cut cut I'll be done

"Stop this!" and "Quit that!" You're making me freak out

You know what isn't cool? All these stupid rules!


What should I do, I can't be excused for feeling how I feel!

Bonsai tree I will be in just to watch you breathe

Can I really hide inside and under lock and key?

Ninja girl I am though, fall in love with me!


Fall in love with me!


Suddenly came a secret message written for me

Wi-Widening i-in surprise, my eyes couldn't believe what it read

Seek out and kill, he was my target like any other

How could it be!? Why was it he? My mind was running wild with panic

What do I do? I never knew I'd ever have to pick or choose

But if I faltered on the job, I knew that'd be my end

Father, Mother, Finally know now

What I really have to do Made up my mind


I love and want to love but, no, it's not allowed

That's the fate that my life is destined to pursue

"Stop this!" and "Quit that!" You're making me freak out

You know what isn't cool? All these stupid rules!


Underneath the harvest moon, I know the time is soon

Flipping walls, I appear and I'm here before you now

O happy daggers I have hidden, set me free!

Ninja girl I am though

Fall in love with me!

Fall in love with me!

Fall in love with me!


Ninja girl, time to love in the ninja way!



1, 2, 3, 4


5, 6, 8, 10


Endyr, why are you singing random English covers of Vocaliod now?




ok I'm sorry

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Ya know what? I'm bored. I'm going to turn into Vaati's depiction.

Don't do it.


Quite it.


Stop getting longer.


Stop smiling.






Too late.


Don't eat me...


No promises.

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Ooh look at the long flower thing. It looks like a flower crossed with a snake crossed with a leek. Is it edible? I like eating leeks. It looks kinda cute.*walks over and tries to eat snake*




Okay! It's a bit chewy and hard. Maybe it would taste better cooked?


Sierra:Maybe I could breathe fire and cook it?


Okay! Go ahead!

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This... is just degrading...


Well maybe you've learned your lesson now


(can't post in color because I'm on a phone...)

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Hey look it can talk! What are you? Are you edible since you look like a leek? Are you even alive?


Sierra:Whoa! It can talk and move! It might not be a good idea to roast it then.


Maybe we could somehow get some of it to eat? I'm kind of hungry

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Oh look everybody, Tsuki's going to go into Berserker Mode!


RAAAAAAAAAAAUUUUUUUUUUUUGH! *goes on murderous rampage*

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M-kay. It's not just the humans that are crazy. These things are too. Isn't that just wonderful?


*Hides behind Seedeater* Don't let it come near me.


God dammit, why do I always have to do what you say? 'S not fair D:

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Don't let what come near you? Tsuki's perfectly safe.



See? Perfectly safe.

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Uuuuh... sure? I'm just gonna stay back here anyway. Seedeater is fluffy. That's reason enough.


... And I don't get paid for this, you know.

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And what are you supposed to be, anyways? *points at Seedeater* Some sort of tribal dancer guy?

Tsuki looks like she's calming down. Just thought you might have wanted to know.

What happened? And why are you looking at me like that, Yume? I'm not gonna bite your head off.


Geez, would you calm down?

Edited by Techno_Elf

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I look like this because I do. I have always looked like this.


Juuust to clarify, Seedeater's been around longer than the whole human race :3

It doesn't really like humans questioning its existence.

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I wasn't questioning Seedy's existence! I was merely, um...asking why it looked like that?


Shut up.

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No, no you cannot eat me


Please do


I'll eat you!


Plehz no!


That's what I thought...

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But you look edible! Plus I'm hungry!


Sierra:Im hungry too!


Can we eat half of you?


Sierra:Please, only half?

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