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The Character Common Room

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*Uses posting powers and revives thread*


I remember this place! Haha, good times.


Unfortunately, so do I. *Frowns*


Oh you'll be fine Sasha. Most of these people are new anyways.





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Huh. The human told me to say Merry Christmas. I still don't get it. What is 'Christmas'?

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Christmas is a human holiday! The humans give each other presents and stuff.


god insanity is haunting me here?!!


I got minecraft for computer for Christmas! And animal crossing, socks, giant jawbreakers, clay , clay tools, the rainbow loom, ect.

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Was hoping for Y, but now I realize I have awesome version exclusives.


So now you'll probably have no time left for your sprite life, I'm guessing.


What? No! I've already sketched up a new Fakemon that will probably appear here.


Is it a-


Yes, it is a serpent thingy.


Muffins to that, PC! Remember when I was the only snake thingy?


Now there are what? Four? And that's not even counting pre-evolutions!


Don't have a Miltank, Feral. I've had to go through the same thing.


Stupid Dragon/Fighting two-stage...

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