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To be a Dragon's Rider

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((Thats why I created a second character so that “they” could give a heads up about what the creatures can do or not.

Yeah Fortune that fine.


Thats basically what I thought too En'K'Haral xd.png))


Armador roared and gave one step forward before disappearing from the frontline. Using one of his abilities the dragon appeared in front of one of the demons. He needed to distract a couple of them so that those who could fight take them down by surprise.

Four of the demons started to follow the blue dragon separating from the pack they were in. A good distance away Armador used is power of speed and started to move between them. Faster and faster the dragon started to create illusions making it looked as if he was in three different places at once.

The demons became annoyed and started to lash out at the illusions but kept missing the true enemy. Armador kept taunting them when suddenly a demon attacked another. It mistook the illusion it was attacking which caused him to attack is fellow warrior. Already annoyed and now angered the demon took on his attacker. Soon all four was fighting each other forgetting their true goal. In the end they killed each other off leave Armador quite surprised.


“Not very bright then.” Armador spoke before heading for his next victim.




Elena quickly looked at the disappearing fires. They should have been blazed a long time again which caused her to come to the conclusion they weren’t really to begin with.


“Get out now.” She shouted to the pygmies. Some of them stopped to look who called but still didn’t leave the area. Elena could only growl at annoyance. Turning her attention to the enemy she noticed something different, she couldn’t tell what but something felt wrong. Grinding her teeth she let loose another bolt of lightning at Branwyn but had trouble seeing if they reacted. The pygmies were causing more problems than what she could imagine one of them was to keep an eye on the target.



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((Which Branwyn? *trollface*))


Both Branwyns crossed the skies one acting as though she was trying to round up as many Pygmies as possible with unclear results and the other actually rounding up pygmies. Branwyn didn't know where the enemy was but figured they were far enough away that they couldn't tell if the illusion was actually collecting pygmies or not.


Branwyn tied up the second bag. As she did so there was another bolt of lightning as both illusion and real Branwyns came close together. This time it didn't really seem like it was aimed a clear sign of either frustration or confusion. However it still startled her and the shock from the following thunder almost dislodged the bag from her grasp.


Rrrhhh...I have at least two of each all alive, healthy and terrified, I should make my escape first chance I get. She drew out the third bag reflexively. Maybe just one more bag if I can manage it, but if Sakvrael can create an opening for me then I'm out of here. She thought to herself around the immense ringing in her ears. Whoever had been throwing the lighting at her was irritatingly accurate. Earplugs are going on the list of mission must-haves first thing when I get back.


((Yes, I do in fact believe the bad guys have a mission suggestion box. It says: "Please write your suggestions on your head and leave it here. Thank you for the feedback." Next to that is a DIY guillotine. Let me know if I get too morbid xd.png))

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With the energy built up, skavrael turned his body sideways, raising his right arm in the direction of Draken. His left was raised in the opposite direction at a slightly lower angle.


Noticing his rider in position, belphegor lifted his wings, as he did so a large torrent of blue fire raced towards the dragon king. From skavraels left hand was a smaller stream offlame used to keep skavrael from being propelled backwards.


Belphegor took to the skies.

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As the demons began to spilt up and wander off across the beach into combat Bryagh focused on dealing with those who strayed the furthest from the others. Once they were away from the others he would trap them inside one of his barriers and then start to slowly shrink it. The trapped demons would scream as the pressure started to crush them, but Bryagh would not drop the barriers until his quarry was tightly packed into a space about a fifth their former size.


It's not like any of them got up again.

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((Soooo sorry for not replying in ages. I keep for getting about my own RP x.x))


Draken growled as he saw the blue flames but merely lifted his claw. A small tornado suddenly came in path of the flames sucking them up and creating a small flame tornado. Elena took notice of this and turned her attention to Draken’s tornado.


“Lets expand a bit.” Elena spoke as she raised her hand sending a couple of lightning bolts into the tornado. It grew bigger now mixed with three elements. Draken took further control of the tornado seeing that he didn’t want his raider to control the power. Slowly it moved towards the direction of Belphegor and Skavrael.


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Branwyn was able to partially fill the third sac when the winds began to take a rather unsual change. Glancing back at the battle she saw the tornado of fire wind and lightneing. That was a clear sign it was time to get out of there as quickly as possible. "Hera time to go." She said tieing up the third sac and urging the griffon to dive low. Branwyn had the duplicit flee in the opposite direction.


((I wonder if there is anyone else still active on this thread.))

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