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To be a Dragon's Rider

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Please have a bit of mercy with me… this is my first RP ever and I'm kinda nervous about it



Centuries ago dragons roamed the earth alongside humans, but the relationship between these two races was not peaceful. Humans were hunting dragons only to boost their own egos, calling themselves dragon slayers. One day the king of dragons saw his mate being killed and vowed that he would seek out those who kill his own kind, killing any humans he found on the way.


So the years passed and the king of dragons was still full of rage and living out the vow he had made. One day the king came across a random village; attacking it, he aimed to kill every human he could find. During his attack a sweet sound of a melody reached his ears; the melody calmed his anger and it made his soul feel whole. The king was so distracted by the melody that he didn’t even notice the humans advancing with weapons.


Barely alive, the king of dragons made his escape and took shelter in a nearby forest at the foot of a mountain. His wings were torn and large harpoon like spears were embedded in his skin. The great king had lost a lot of blood and he feared that this might be the end of his life.


A young boy about the age of fourteen was scouring the woods looking for something to hunt when he stumbled upon the sleeping dragon. Frozen with fear, the boy could only stand and look at the creature, not sure whether to run or pass out. Minutes passes and the boy had not yet moved; his eyes were focused on the wounds of the dragon and in a way he started to feel sorry for it.


In a few days the dragon woke up from his slumber, amazed that he was still alive when he heard the same sweet melody from the day he attacked the village. Too his surprise he found the boy sleeping only a few feet away but he didn’t attack, for he knew the boy had something to do with the melody. The melody calmed the king’s soul and it was then he knew things were going to change, not only for him but for the relationship between humans and dragons.


Time had passed and the boy and the king of dragons became great friends, talking day and night, forming a bond that only they understood. The king soon wrote off his vow to kill the humans and instead decided to make a new one, a vow to live alongside with them, learning their ways and they learning the ways of dragons. Soon the bond of rider and dragon began and a new era of life.




The bond of rider and dragon still continues till this day, but there are only a few in the world who have this bond. With the ever changing world humans started to forget dragons and became corrupted by their own needs and actions. Thus dragons feared humans, afraid that their corrupted hearts would corrupt their own. This led to the dragon and rider bond thinning out over the years.


In the last five years the new king of dragons went in search of his rider, not fearing what he would find. He found a young woman with a free spirit and a heart of gold and she soon agreed to go with the king to the island he lived. The people of the island weren’t happy about the fact that the king brought back an outsider, but then things turned for the worse. Hundreds of demon like creatures started appearing all over the world, causing havoc and killing innocent people. The king knew of these creatures but was surprised about their actions. Soon battles between dragon and demon took place all over the world and just as each battle was won by dragon and rider a new one would start soon afterwards.


One day the demons attacked the dragon island, and to everyone’s surprise the creatures were led by a rider and his dragon. The king’s heart was in pain as he felt this rider and dragon breaking from the flow of magic. Only a few have broken this bond, and all ended up dead, but they were somehow successful in doing so. A great battle took place and the king’s rider faced the traitor herself; inexperienced and afraid, she fought for her people. The young woman had almost lost the fight when the king himself granted her access to his real power. A blinding white light lit their part of the world, killing most of the demons and crippling the traitors, but in the end they got away.


As the war ended, the people of the island were grateful for her bravery and the dragons saw this as a sign that it was time to meet their own riders. So in the last year dragons had brought back their riders to be trained under the king of dragons’ rider so that in turn they would be ready for the next war against the dark rider and demons.




Bond between rider and dragon

The melodies dragons hear is the melody of a human’s soul; each dragon can find their rider by listening and following this melody. Once the bond between dragon and rider has been forged, their souls unite and the magic begins to flow into the rider from his/her dragon. Each dragon has a few special abilities/powers; these abilities can be shared with their riders and the more they train, learn and battle, new abilities can be learned. Each rider is also immune to their dragon’s attacks and fire, thus making those with flame covered dragons easy to ride without getting harmed.




The island is located in the South Atlantic Ocean but can’t be found by any ordinary person. A magical fog covers the island from any human eyes and technology, even if they pass though it they will just end up on the other side of the island. This was the last act the late king of dragons did, protecting the country of dragons from the ever evolving humans. Dragons can be found all over the world of course but the island is for those who prefer to live more freely and it’s the place where they can breed and raise their young before venturing out into the world.

There are also forbidden areas that riders and dragons aren’t allowed. Only if they have permission from the elders, the king and his rider then they may proceed. New riders will learn in time why they are forbidden but when the time is right the king’s rider will show them herself why they are forbidden.


Island Map


1) Dragoria is the capital city of the island. This mountain range is divided into three areas. To the left settlements where rider and dragons live, the middle is the training area and where meetings can be held, to the right is the shopping district. The king of dragons and his rider lives near the top of these mountains close to the cave of ancients.

2) Forest Nor. The second largest forest on the island. Several small settlements are situated in this area with mostly earth type dragons.

3) Forest Duo. The largest forest on the island. Most of the people live in small villages around the forest. The denseness of this forest makes it impossible to live in.

4) Mountains of Bach. The resting place of the dead. Dragon and Riders alike get buried here in these mountains. The mountains are named after the late king of dragons.

5) Mountains of A’Lurve. This is the breeding place of all dragons. Dragons come from far and wide come to lay their eggs here. Once an egg has hatched the parents take care of the young hatching for a hundred years, teach them the right and wrongs. Once the parents are satisfied about their teaching, they take their young ones to explore the world.

6) Lake Kriel is the largest lake on the island. Most of the people on the island like to come to this lake and relax, using it as a type of holiday resort.

7) Vulcas is a small volcanic island. Most of the fire based dragons like to live here. The people who live on this island are usually miners who dig for metals. When someone needs armor, dragon or human alike, this is the best place to find it.

8) Areo is a small island mainly consisting out of mountains. Most of the wind element dragons live here.

9) Mr’nur is basically an island that serves as a jail/punishment. Not many live on this island since most of the people fear the king’s punishments.

The black dot area’s the forbidden areas.




Every dragon has two extra special abilities aside from the use of fire and strength. For example, manipulation over the elements (Fire, Earth, Wind, Water and Lightning). Some dragons have healing abilities, others a camouflage/invisibility factor. All these powers flows through the king himself from the ancients to the dragons. With this connection of flowing magic the king has a faint idea where everyone is and only uses this information when needed. He can also nullify a dragon's magic if needed but rarely does this. There have been those who broke the connection and died in doing so, there has only been one who has succeeded in this task and he to this day is a great threat.




The RP’s timeline is based on today’s day and age. The only way a human becomes a rider is when a dragon approaches him/her and they accept the dragon's offer. The only way for a rider to get to the island is by flying with his/her dragon. No one from the outside world is capable to see the island or set foot on it unless they have become a rider.


The peace around the world is broken once again as demons started to attack cities and farmlands. Due to these attacks some countries started to blame other countries, thinking they were the culprits in destroying their lands. Only they didn’t know it was the work of the dark rider and his demons.


Before another world war breaks out amongst humans for no reason the king and his rider decided that it’s time to train the new young riders. They will learn to fight with and without weapons. They will also learn how to master their magical skill and discover the true connection between rider and dragon. When time comes they will go out on missions and battle the demons themselves, working their way to stop the dark rider.




1. Follow all DC RP and Forum rules.

2. Forms are to be PM'ED TO ME.

3. No godmodding, powerplaying or machine-gunning anything like that.

4. Be respectful of time-zones, real life and other distractions. Let everyone have a turn.

5. ((Put OOC stuff in brackets, like this.))

6. No Mary-Sues or Gary-Stues. Everyone has a weakness or a flaw.

7. Please use your best grammar and spelling; more than 100 words per post if that is possible please.

8. Romance is allowed but keep detail to an acceptable level.

9. If there is a problem please try and sort it out discreetly. I don’t want to go evil on anyone.

10. Two characters per person only

11. Most importantly, have fun!



Character Sheet





Character Name:

Age: (15 - 25)


Appearance: (Pictures must be linked)


Dragons Name:

Dragons Gender:

Appearance: (Pictures must be linked)

Special Skills/Magic:




History: (No more than ten sentences)

Other: (No more than five sentences)


[B]Character Name:[/B]
[B]Age:[/B] (15 - 25)
[B]Appearance:[/B] (Pictures must be linked)
[B]Student/Teacher: [/B]
[B]Dragons Name:[/B]
[B]Dragons Gender:[/B]
[B]Appearance:[/B] (Pictures must be linked)
[B]Special Skills/Magic:[/B]
[B]History:[/B] (No more than ten sentences)
[B]Other:[/B] (No more than five sentences)






Character Name:

Age: (15 - 25)


Appearance: (Pictures must be linked)

Dragon Slayer or Dark Rider Minion:

Mounts Name:

Appearance: (Pictures must be linked and must not be a dragon)

Special Skills/Magic: (only for Dark Rider Minions)







[B]Character Name:[/B]
[B]Age:[/B] (15 - 25)
[B]Appearance:[/B] (Pictures must be linked)
[B]Dragon Slayer or Dark Rider Minion: [/B]
[B]Mounts Name:[/B]
[B]Appearance:[/B] (Pictures must be linked and must not be a dragon)
[B]Special Skills/Magic:[/B] (only for Dark Rider Minions)


Note: Only the minions will have magical abilities that is given by the Dark Rider. Their mounts can be any mythical creature except for a dragon. They don't share the same bonds like dragon and riders.

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Character Sheets


Username: DragonSpirit009

Character Name: Elena Jackson

Age: 25

Gender: Female

Appearance: Elena

Student/Teacher: Teacher

Dragons Name: Draken, King of Dragons (as NPC, not proper character)

Dragons Gender: Male

Appearance: Draken

Special Skills/Magic:

1. Elemental: Draken and Elena can control all the elements there is. Wind, water, earth and fire.

2. Nature: Both rider and dragon can control the elements of nature, from growing grass to causing hurricanes and tornadoes.

These are the only powers the king allows Elena to use. In due time and more training more powers will be available.

Weapon: http://www.jjtoy.com/wallpaper/original/wa...768-1004039.jpg


Elena grew up in Africa traveling to different countries along with her parents. They were doctors helping those in need of medical care in poor countries. When Elena finished her home school studies she decided that she want to be like her parents and help people by becoming a doctor herself. During her vacation before her collage year starts she stayed on a wild game reserve which was owned by her best friend’s family. In the time that she stayed there she met her dragon, Draken the king of dragons. She was scared of the mythical creature but for some reason she had always known there was such mysteries in life. Draken didn’t have to ask her twice if she would like to be his rider. Accepting his offer and leaving her homeland she felt as if she was betraying her family and friends for leaving them without a word. The day the king arrived on the island many of the other riders didn’t accept her because she was an outsider. The young woman worked hard in proving herself to the people and in the last five years they did.


Over the past five years Elena has seen many extraordinary things but along with it many horrible things. The war against the demons, a dark rider and the feeling the king’s true power caused her to change extremely. Thou she seems like an innocent, weak and confused young woman she is a force to be reckoned with. Elena’s main goal now is to try and find the person she once was and to be a good leader for the riders.




Username: skullete-thetamer_1

Character Name: Amacules

Age: 17

Gender: female

Appearance: amacules, but a lot slimmer

Student/Teacher: teacher

Dragons Name: Nepula

Dragons Gender: female

Appearance: Nepula and this is her colour

Special Skills/Magic:

1. control over the elements fire and wind

2. they can heal themselves and others, but in battle, can only be used 5 times. on bigger beings, they need to heal together in order to fully heal

Weapon: two swords

History: the adventurous amacules was one day playing around the edge of a cliff, playing a wooden flute, when the edge of the cliff started cracking from her weight and from age. amacules would have fallen and hurt herself, or worse, if it wasnt for nepula who caught her at the last minute. the melody was loud and clear, and the melody happened to be the same melody that amacules was playing on her flute. nepula was rejected by many dragons, and wanted to prove herself, by training with her rider. eventually, through years, they became a teacher for new riders

Other: nepula is secretly a killer, but no one knows and doesnt want anyone to know. amacules carries a wooden flute around




Username: DragonSpirit009

Character Name: Zach Rivers

Age: 22

Gender: Male

Appearance: Zach

Student/Teacher: Student

Dragons Name: Armador

Dragons Gender: Male

Appearance: Armador

Special Skills/Magic:

1. Lightning: Both Zach and Armador is cable or creating lightning out of thin air. Manipulating this lightning they can use it as a whip or even create an electrifying dome around anything. Sometimes they use the lightning of thunder storms to boost their own attacks.

2. High Speed: Both dragon and rider can move at high speeds, capable of dodging anything that comes their way. When moving in small areas at these high speeds they tend to create illusion of more than one. Thou they’re not good with long distance speeds they can easily reach shorter destinations if needed.

Weapon: http://fc01.deviantart.net/fs7/i/2005/268/...on_by_zelas.jpg


Armador didn’t choose to live on the island like other dragons, he loved living in cold areas thus he lived in the northern pole between the icy mountains. One day he was hunting for a seal near the ice shores when he first heard the melody. He heard others talk about it but he wasn’t sure if would ever meet his own rider.

That day Zach arrived at the north pole in order to do research for some other animal show. He wasn’t very please with cold but he needed the money to further his studies in animal behavior. After unpacking and settling in he informed the crew that he was going to explore a bit, seeing that the storm had calmed down. On his exploration he got a bit lost and fell into a ditch due to his lack of attention.

Armador of course saw the whole thing and went to help instantly, he peered into the ditch noticing his rider freezing and scared. It didn’t seem like the man had noticed him, so Armador grabbed the man by his jacket with his jaws and lifted him out. Zach was screaming at the sudden pull and fell silent when he saw that it was a dragon that saved him. Both stared at each other for several minutes until Armador spoke asking him to be his rider. Without any hesitation he agreed and the dragon took him to the island.


Zach has been on the island for a few weeks now, eager to start his training to become a rider but Armador told him he should wait. Armador told Zach that the instructions was to wait for the day the king calls on the new recruits giving every dragon a fair chance to reach the island back with their riders. So now Zach waits patiently and explores the island.




Username: Fortune

Character Name: Narcissa

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Appearance: Narcissa

Dragon's Name: Bryagh

Dragon's Gender: Male

Appearance: Bryagh

Special Skills/Magic:


Bryagh does not breathe the usual orange flames, but jets of cursed darkness. When this 'black fire' touches anything organic it causes it to rot and decay almost instantly. Non-organic matter will be wreathed in flame for a short period of time, spreading the curse if touched.

Narcissa can summon small bursts of Blackfire that she can throw or manipulate.


Bryagh and Narcissa can erect barriers around themselves or objects they wish to protect. These barriers are invisible to the eye and will prevent anything from passing through, either magical or physical.

Weapon: Bow


Despite his smaller size Bryagh was one of the most feared dragons in the islands. Violent and cruel he was imprisoned for a long time for his many crimes and most hoped he would never be released. Recently though he has started to behave himself and was allowed back into society for good behaviour. The moment he was free Bryagh took to the skies and vanished. He has been gone for some time now.

Narcissa lives alone with her socialite mother, who alternates between modelling and acting. Narcissa has no interest in sharing her mother’s lifestyle; or in fact in anything at all. She merely wishes to be left alone and will often wander away to some secluded corner. This behaviour annoys her mother who is forever trying to force her to join in with others.


Unknown to her Narcissa is a direct descendant of one of the most infamous Dragon Slayers in history, Sir Orrin Neville-Smythe. Despite the many centuries that lie between them, she looks strikingly like her ancestor, which many of the older dragons will notice.




Username: TotallyDrow

Character Name: Zen Dreyar

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Appearance: Zen

Student/Teacher: Student

Dragons Name: Agares, The Shadow of Chao's

Dragons Gender: Male

Appearance: Agares


Special Skills/Magic:

1.Titanium Exoskeleton - The Ability to cover oneself in Titanium; a hard silver-gray metal which is considered to be one of the strongest metals, reknowned for its lightness and its high resistence to corrosion. Due to the light weight of Titanium, Agares and Zen's(When fused with Agares) ability of flight is barely hampered allowing them to fly just as easily when not covered by the Titanium. For Defensive measures, the high density and strength of Titanium provides an increased resistance to attacks, mainly physical. Also due to the fact that it is a metal, Claws, Wings, Tails and Zen's fingers are sharpened to the extent in which they can act as blades, being able to cut through various objects with ease. In Zen's case when his fingers are covered in Titanium they somewhat resemble dragon's claws. Agares's tail turns bladelike (refer to his picture)


2. Fusion - Fused Form Appearance)Both Agares and Zen have the ability to fuse with one another, in other words combining their strengths together. Due to the immensity of a dragon's power, when they are fused Zen's appearance changes greatly. His hair becomes black, mirroring the scales of Agres, additionally he looks far more older then he does when not fused with Agres. Dragon wing's form along his back granting him flight, additionally his left arm is covered in an artificial claw weapon, the three protruding claws belonging to Agares. In this state, Zen's power is increased and he gains the attributes of Agres, i.e Agares's physical strength, speed, Durability and keener senses. On top of that he also has the ability to infuse his sword with fire. In this form, Zen's combined power is greater then his own and Agares's when they are seperated are seperated.


The drawbacks to this however is that maintaining their fused state is taxing on their energy reserves meaning they can't maintain it for long periods of time. In worse case scenario's Zen may not be able to move after using this form. Essentially this is a burst mode type ability giving Zen the physical and sensoral attributes of a dragon, on top of his own strength


Weapon: The sword.



Zen was an orphaned child, adopted by one of the locals from a port town. He had been travelling with his parents on a cruise ship/ However during the night a storm had appeared. seemingly out of nowhere. The captain and the crew had tried their best to change their course to one of the islands mearby in order to escape raging waves and deafening winds, however their attempt was futile. The storm had proven to be too mighty an adversary for the boat, eventually managing to capsize it. Zen was the only survivor of that unfortunate event, his unconcious body laying on a peice of debris, floating away on the ocean.


Day's had passed and he lay there, the debris eventually making its way to the sandy shores of one of the islands. The townsfolk of that island who resided in a nearby port town, by luck had come across his body on the beach. At first glance they had assumed that Zen had perished out in the ocean and his body washed ashore, however when they made a closer inspection they found the faintest of pulses. A woman in her mid 30's tended to his wounds for several days before he finally resumed conciousness. Since that day she raised him as her own son.


Agares was the leader of a group of three dragon's (including himself). The three of them had fled the island, sick of the idea that they should relenquish their own freedom and pair up with a simple human; an insect. Their plan was to create havoc amongst the humans and remind them of the power dragon's posessed and instill fear into their tiny hearts. Since their departure, they had managed to destroy several small towns showing no remorse before arriving on the island where Zen resided. The three of them approached the town, ready to raze it to the ground. That was until a single person stood tall at the edge of a cliff, staring down at the three dragons, his whole body trembling in fear at the sight of three gigiantic beast's. In his right hand was a branch, clenched tightly as he stood there defiant.


The sight of this had caused Agares to momentarily stop what he was doing, the faint sound of the song resonating in his ears. The other two dragon's unaffected by this raced forward, eager to teach Zen a lesson for his actions however in the blink of an eye they were brought to the ground; dead. Agares's claws and fangs drenched in dragon blood. It was this day that a bond was forged between both Zen and Agares, Zen's courage to stand up against three dragon's opening Agares's eyes to the potential of human beings. Thanks to this, Zen's town was spared.



Agares earned that title due to the chao's which would follow after the appearance of his shadow. Before he had met Zen, he would often create some form of Chaos back on the island. Whether it be him showing off his strength or argueing with dragons who supported the idea of a rider some form of chaos would ensue. After a while, he was given that name. Since meeting Zen, his chaotic tendencies have ceased, yet he still enjoys keeping the title as a reminder to the other dragon's... and also because it has a nice ring to it...




Username: Orion97

Character Name: Orion

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Appearance: http://gorgeouscompany.files.wordpress.com...-eyes.jpg?w=620 except he has like no facial hair and his eyes are a little bluer, hair is a little more brown

Student/Teacher: student

Dragons Name: Alsia

Dragons Gender: Female

Appearance: http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-NaJYRmxa9yg/UF0E...on_13_large.jpg maybe a hint bluer

Special Skills/Magic:

1. They can change breeds, Alsia can change into different dragon breeds and Orion can change into a breed he wants, however, it is quite tiring to do (so they couldn't change like 3 times in the middle of a fight) but say one was knocked out or killed they'd revert to normal form

2. Both of them can use lightning and create storms, they can also use fire and ice and fire and ice storms but requires focus and practice to master

Weapon: Sword and Bow

History: Orion was one of those that simply knew there to the world than what the plain eye saw, he always loved the idea of dragons, he felt they were beautiful, amazing, and powerful. He'd often wish he was or could be one... little did he know he actually would be able to and he'd be the rider of one. He especially wished he could fly, Orion dreamed of soaring though the air since he was small.

Other: Like most riders they are inseparable but since Orion can turn into a dragon, albeit very exhausting to do(it's an action, not something you continuously hold) they actually feel even closer, Orion knows what if feels like to be a dragon, While they figured out Alsia could even turn into a human it would be much harder for her to do and would take a great amount of patience, practice and training.




Username: Kira1

Character Name: Dalen

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Appearance: Dalen

Student/Teacher: Student

Dragon's Name: Hisame

Dragon's Gender: Male

Appearance: Hisame

Special Skills/Magic:

1. Elemental: Ice and water manipulation.

2. Water Body: Able to essentially make the body like water. When using this power, physical attacks do not do any harm, and most magical attacks with the exception of lightning (which water conducts). With practice will this ability be able to be used more frequently. At the moment, it takes up a lot of energy to keep it up. Also, it would be quite painful and gruesome if they were to change back to normal while something like a sword was still in them. Since, as water, physical objects can move right through them as if they were water.

Weapon: The one in picture for Dalen's appearance.

History: His family was form the Netherlands, but they moved to Britain which was where he was born, an only child. They lived in an area that was mostly farm lands with forests surrounding. Dalen often liked to go exploring in these forested areas, spending hours out there when he didn't have school. He knew the area quite well and his parents were fine with him being gone out there, since they knew everyone in the surrounding area. He was smart enough not to go too far, and he kept himself familiar with the forest.


One day while he was exploring, he thought he saw something scurrying through the bushes and decided to try and hunt it down. However, he could not seem to find any trace of it even after searching for what seemed liked hours. It was enough though, that he realized too late that he wasn't exactly sure where he was now. He did his best to remain calm, his heart thumping loudly in his chest that gave away his uneasiness. The sky began to darken and he knew his parents would worry and start calling for him. He listened intently, trying to catch the sound of their voice, but he could not hear them. As panic began to set in, he ran, and tripped. Dalen curled up amongst the large roots of a tree which partially protected him from the wind as the roots arced up out of the ground.


As he sat there shivering, he heard rustling in this distance, of something moving. He then heard his parent's voices. Elated, he jumped up, and began to run towards the sound, catching the flash of light from the flashlights they carried. Suddenly, there was a scream, and one light fell to the ground. He heard what sounded like water splashing onto the nearby plants, and then his father yelling, followed by silence. He was near the scene at this point, and there before him was some ghastly creature he had never seen before. he was frozen with fear, and just as they creature was about to lunge at him, something bigger came swooping down.


This second creature finished off the ghastly one in no time at all before it turned to him. He saw it was a dragon, and as awe sunk him, he didn't feel afraid. It asked Dalen to be its rider. Dalen was about to accept but then saw his parents' dead bodies on the ground, and the horror struck him. The dragon was quick to come sweep its wings over him, blocking the site. It provided sympathy for his loss, but also offered the chance for revenge against the things that did this. Dalen accepted, and the dragon flew off with Dalen to the island.

Other: It's been a month since Dalen came to the island, and he mostly kept to himself at first, still grieving over the death of his parents. However, with Hisame at his side, he feels at least that some part of him has been complete, and that whatever he needed to do now was here on the island. Slowly but surely he's feeling like opening up to the other dragon riders.




Username: lycangod666


Character Name: Aura


Age: 23


Gender: Female


Appearance: She stands at 5'5, has an average build with a little bit of muscle. Her hair is a light auburn with a bit of a dirty brown near the top of her head. Her hair goes down past her shoulders, almost to the middle of her back, being a bit straight with a few curls here and there. She wears a black t-shirt, blue jeans and a dark black hoodie. Her eyes are a bright and dark blue color and her skin is slightly pale.


Student/Teacher: Student


Dragon's Name: Azura


Dragon's Gender: Female


Appearance: user posted image


Special Skills/Magic:


1. Wind: Azura can control the wind around her, able to create whirlwinds and twisters


2. Telepathy: Aura and Azura can communicate telepathically to each other when in dangerous situtations


Weapon: Short sword and bow


History: Aura was born and raised on a horse farm her parents owned in the western part of America. Growing up she loved riding the horses and spent most of her time wandering through the woods near the house, daydreaming that she would find a cave with a dragon egg inside or maybe a full grown dragon. But such fantasies were outlived when she grew up and went to college for photography. After graduating, she visited her parents and decided to take a walk through the woods she used to play and wander in when she was a child. When she found a small clearing, she was startled to see a dragon casually walking up to her. After several minutes of staring and silence, Azura explained to Aura why she was there and asked if Aura would become her rider. Aura, excited and thrilled, gladly accepted and was taken to the dragon island, Azura showing her rider a few places on the island and where she would be staying at. After being settled in, Aura and Azura both train with each other to prepare themselves for missions and battles they might get into.


Other: Aura has been at the island for only a few weeks and she still has trouble wielding a sword, but she is very good at use the bow. She and Azura practice fighting each other to help them gain more experience at fighting.







Username: TotallyDrow

Character Name: Skavrael (Pronounced - Ska - Vra - ale)

Age: 29

Gender: Male

Appearance:Skavrael - With Armor Skavrael - Without Armor

Dragon Slayer or Dark Rider Minion: Dark Rider Minion

Mounts Name: Belphegor


Special Skills/Magic:

1. Ice fire manipulation - A icy blue fire that upon impact will cause the area of contact to become so cold that it burns. Upon contact with water, the afflicted area will instantaneously freeze over. When in contact with inorganic objects that are combustible, it will act as if a normal fire burning away at the object, however the same affect will occur when dosed with water, freezing over the afflicted object.


2. Fire and Ice absorbtion - Due to the properties of his Ice Fire manipulation,Skavrael also has the ability to absorb fire and ice through his blade and then split between Rider and mount in a 60-40 relationship with the rider getting the bigger portion. Depending on which of the two elements is absorbed will affect how both Skavrael and Belphegor are affected. When ice is absorbed through the blade, any wounds on either of their bodies will heal over due to the water properties contained within ice. If fire is absorbed through the blade they will feel a resurgence in energy.


Weapon: (Refer to Armored Image of Character)



Skavrael is a former dragon rider who served under the king. However during a mission in which he was sent out to track down the Dark Rider and report his location back to the king, he was ambushed. The Dark rider had caught wind of Skavrael's approach and decided to take matters into his own hands, slaying Belphegor and driving Skavrael towards the brink of Insanity.


Amused at the mental pain Skavrael was going through, the Dark rider brought him back with him, locking him away in a dungeon with little to no light. The loss of Belphegor had a major impact on Skavrael and had he not been chained against the wall of the dungeon, he may have resorted to drastic measures to ease that pain. It was only when the Dark Rider approached him, offering to revive the fallen Belphegor that Skavrael became one of his minions. Through the use of Dark magic, Belphegor was revived as a Frost wyrm, lacking the ability to breath fire and perform the magic he once had, but attaining semi-immortality due to being revived from the dead. Only by killing Skavrael/ destroying their connection or through the Dark King's magic can Belphegor be destroyed for good.


Other: The dragon skull attached on the blade is what absorbs fire and ice.




Username: En'K'Haral

Character Name: Branwyn Gethin

Age: 24

Gender: Female

Appearance: Branwyn

Dragon Slayer or Dark Rider Minion: Dark minion

Mounts Name: Hera

Appearance: Hera

Special Skills/Magic:

1. Illusions (except invisiability): Can create phantasms that fool all the senses. These can seem solid if she chooses and cause pain amongst other sensations and their consiquences. But by themselves the illusions can not cause death although they can certainly imitate it and make people think they are dead, until they wake up. The dark rider doesn't trust her with invisiability and so heavily restricts her access to that part of illusion casting.

2. Enchantments: Can enchant objects to alter their preformace or even give them attributes/abilities that they wouldn't posses otherwise. Both powers have effects that vary depending on the emount of time spent preparing. Greater preperation is rewarded with greater potency.

Weapon: Bow and Arrow as a primary, other short term enchanted objects as a suplimentary.

History: Branwyn was living as a fake fortune teller, since she had been raised a poor girl with little to no education there weren't many other options. However she did use the money she earned to send herself to school as an adult and was on the right track to making a real life for herself. Sadly, destiny conspired against her desire for a normal life. A dragon in search of it's rider heard the music coming from her, a determined and firey melody. He could scarcely believe that a girl who would tell lies for money could possibly his rider and so hesitated in approaching her. This proved to be a fatal mistake for the dark rider who was looking for followers, also had his eye on Branwyn. He slew the dragon before it could meet with her. Then, after the careful manipulation of events around her, the dark rider approached a dispairing Branwyn and appealed to the darkness he had fostered in her heart. The result was a tenacious and decietful minion.

Other: Branwyn continues to operate under the guise of a fortune teller when she is not on a mission or otherwise needed by the dark rider.

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There are a few places that could use more specification. For example, PRESENT could use more explaining. So, the humans on the mainland are forgetting that the dragons exist? And the dragons have isolated themselves?

Also, what is the goal/objective/plight in the story? The dragons are heading out to the mainland to find riders. Good. But is that it? It needs a little more...of something. Is there a common enemy? What do the dragons and riders fight? Is some event going to take place that will drastically change, or even endanger, the lives of everyone, dragon and human alike?

Do you see where I am going with this? Everyone who would role play in this needs a common goal to slowly make their way toward.

All in all, I really like this RP idea! Great idea! The story just needs to be added too a little bit, but from what I have read, I don't think that would be a difficult task for you!

Great job!

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I've worked on the present a bit... I think it might a bit clear now on what target riders and dragons should aim for.


I hope it sound ok.



I received a question about the demon's and stuff but because I didn't want to write out t he whole history about them, here is something about them.


Demons is in the world the same reason why ants and mosquitoes are in the world... they complete the balance of life, in a sort of mythical way. No one really knows how they came to be but they have always roamed the earth and they are sometimes seen as the vultures of the mythical world. They live mostly underground and only attack the surface world if they feel threatened. The reason why they started attacking everyone is because the dark rider has found a way to control these demon creatures... and as all stories go, the evil dude wanted to rule the world by killing the king, taking his place and all that jazz.






I'm also posting this for those of you who have a bit of confusion with the student/teacher part.


Basically I'm giving you the option to be either a student, a new comer to the island, learning your new abilities, how to ride your dragon and learn from those who have mastered their skills...

Or you can be a teacher, a well trained rider offering assistance to the kings rider in teaching the new comers (basically when the king and rider has to disappear for some other duties and stuff the teacher steps in to train the new comers)

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I'm interested but have a question, say I wanted to join (btw I'm no good at posting links or pics) with dragon and rider where should I start or how would I, would I start with how they meet or they have been together already and trained etc?

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All right, approved! Have fun roleplaying. smile.gif

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((Thanks Soupnazi and everyone else who helped. I appreciate it very much.))



So many dead bodies lay around her, some covered in blood and some with lost limbs. The stench of burned skin and fur filled her nostrils causing her to feel nauseous. The dark land gave her goose bumps knowing that she had a part of the destruction in front of her. As she walked she came to a halt noticing a body, a fellow rider. Falling to her knees tears started to flow, her hands clasped her face trying to hide her sadness.


Her eyes slowly opened only to see a roof filled with darkness, the sun’s rays have yet to enter the room causing her to be unsure what time it was. Minutes have passed and soon the young woman started to notice the room lighting up, a new day was about to start. A cooling breeze blew into the room causing the young woman to look to the side. The silky curtains where flowing peacefully up and down slowly revealing a large black figure behind them.


With a sigh Elena rose from her bed and sat silently while keeping her eye on the black figure. Rubbing her eyes she finally decided to get up out of bed and to approach the creature behind the curtains.


The black figure slightly turned his head noticing the young woman approaching him out of the corner of his eye. He had been watching over her the whole night, how she fought of her nightmare’s during her sleep. When Elena finally reached the balcony and came to stand next to him the king turned his gaze back towards the land blew. The view from top of the mountain had always taken their breath to way and had always fascinated how the land started to buzz with life. Each hill and mountain had a beautiful glow to it as the sun raised and set.


“Draken. It’s time.” Were the only words Elena spoke, looking at the land in front of her. The king looked down at his rider and nodded. Elena retreated to her room in order to change in her battle gear while the king took to the skies. Draken circled the top mountain a few times before he landed on a ledge in front of the cave of ancients. Steadying himself he clenched the earth underneath his claws and inhaled the clean air.


A tremendous roar echoed through the skies as the king called upon his fellow dragons. It was a message that only dragons could hear, near or far. It was the call for dragons with untrained riders letting them know it is time to start their training.


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(i got a request, can there be forms for humans or demons alone? I kinda like playing antagonist roles)

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((I'm having a little trouble understanding... Do you mean a human that hasn't become a rider yet?

And demons are just NPC's))

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((Like a type of modern day dragon slayer... I'll allow it, it will give a bit of a twist.))

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((*Note - this is directly after the history for Zen))


The two of them stared at one another, Zen's gaze focused on the opal colored eyes of Agares, Agares himself studied the minuscule being before him in sheer confusion. Questions flew about in his mind... however one question stood out among the rest.. 'How could someone so small and insignificant have the courage to stand before me..." he growled inwardly. Hot air washing over Zen from when Agares exhaled.


Zen was petrified on the spot... not knowing what he should do next as the pair of them continued to stand like statues under the rising sun. Was it courage that made him stand on his ground? or was it shear stupidity that kept him rooted to the spot.. Zen didn't know the answer to that question...


A few minutes passed before either one of them made a move. Agares lashed out with his right foreleg and grabbed the stunned Zen, before taking to the skies. The distinct dragon roar of the king echoing through his ears and forcing his movement. Zen could only look down at the sea as it rushed passed him unsure of where the dragon was taking him...

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Amacules was outside with Nepula when Nepula heard the call from the king, but stayed with Amacules. Amacules looked up and to the sunrise, her face emotionless, remembering what times they were in now.


"Could this ever be fixed?" she thought out loud, "what am i thinking, of course it will." but even her normal attitude has faded. Nepula had noticed and gently made a rumbling sound from her throat, and lowered her head level to Amacules'. "Should we take to the skies?" Amacules said standing up, a minuscule smile spreading across her face. Nepula lowered her back as Amacules climbed onto her.


Soon they took off, Amacules' red hair and Nepula's red, green, and silver scales shining gold from the rising sun.

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Curled up and in the mysterious state between sleep and full consciousness Narcissa shivered. The scales beneath her were smooth but offered little in the way of warmth or comfort. The wind constantly buffeted her, sending her hair and the tangled remains of her nightdress whipping around in all directions. The only source of soothing she received was the constant, almost hypnotic movement of the giant creature whom she was being carried by as he beat his black wings against the night sky. She didn’t know where he was taking or, or even why. Narcissa didn’t even know how she knew it was male, but the knowledge was firmly cemented in her mind.


She couldn’t see much from her position, and with her eyes half closed and covered by her hair she couldn’t see very well anyway. The one thing she could tell was that they were far out above the ocean, every now and again a break in the wings giving her a fleeting glimpse of the stars reflected on the dark water.


“Cissy why don’t you come down stairs?” asked her mother from the doorway. “Everyone wants to see you.”


“No thank you.”


Narcissa was sitting on the edge of her bed, staring out across the city. The last few inches of the sun were vanishing over the horizon and the buildings were starting to light up. From her view in the tall apartment block Narcissa could see a vast chunk of New York. She had spent so many evenings staring out at it she could predict which lights would appear and when.


“Come on Cissy” pleaded her mother. “Everyone is here. The Warrington’s have brought along their boy too. He’s about your age, so you’ll have someone to talk to.”


Miles Warrington. Five years Narcissa’s senior and training to become a lawyer. He came from a rich family and had been watching Narcissa like a hungry fox ever since they first met. Narcissa only spoke to him on occasion, despite her own personal dislike for him, because his interest at least warded off Thomas Pendles, who was short, obnoxious and smelt faintly of eggs. Narcissa’s mother seemed to believe that instead of college or a job what Narcissa really needed was a rich husband, and was hell bent on finding her a suitable one she could wed as soon as she came of age.


“I’m tired.”


Narcissa mother sighed and left the room, closing the door behind her. Thankfully everyone knew about Narcissa’s ‘fragility’ and her absence could easily be explained away. Narcissa watched a few more lights flicker on and then lay back across her bed.


A strong gust of wind made Narcissa shiver more violently then ever. Her trembling must have alerted the creature, as he dipped down a little to escape the more fearsome currents. Narcissa closed her eyes and curled up into a tighter ball.


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Zach rolled out of his bed falling on the floor as thundering sound caught him off guard. He quickly looked around noticing that Armador was in his usual resting place.


“Armador? Was that you?” He asked out loud. It wouldn’t be the first time that the dragon woke him up using some sort of electricity magic. Picking himself up he notice the door was wide open, slightly curious he went outside to go and investigate.


Amador was sitting outside on the porch looking to the skies, he heard his rider’s voice but didn’t go to great him. It wasn’t long before the young man exited the house standing next to him in silence also looking up to the sky.


“Was that the king’s call?” Zach finally asked curiously looking up at the sky.


“Yup. We have a day to gather at the bottom of the mountain, where the training area is.” Armador spoke in a deep husky voice.


“All that in one roar? Anything else?” Zach spoke jokingly as he placed his hands on his hips.


“Yes...” Amador spoke letting Zach hang on the line for a bit making him sweat with curiosity. The young man of course hated when Amador with held information, he could never tell if he was serious or not.


“He said you should clean my scales more often.” He finally finished just as Zach was to explode with annoyance. The boy huffed a bit at the dragons answer and turned around heading back to his room, Armador in turn could only smile.

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Narcissa had fallen asleep, oblivious to the sounds of the party downstairs, but it wasn’t long before a loud crash and several dozen screams jolted her awake. Sitting upright on her bed she listened and heard another crash, followed by the unmistakable bangs of guns. The security guards her mother had hired had opened fire on something. Then Narcissa heard the roar.


It sounded like no animal she had ever heard of. It even drowned out the screams of the party goers. Whatever it was didn’t sound like it was in pain from the bullets, but more like it was annoyed. The apartment shook and was punctured by the sound of smashing glass and falling metal. It was outside. It was climbing up the outside of the building.


Narcissa slipped off her bed and began to walk over to her window to see what the source of the trouble was, but a guard burst into the room and ran over to her. He grabbed her roughly by the arm and began to drag her back towards the door.


“We have to get you out of here” he informed her in a state of panic. “Your mother will meet us downstairs.”


The guard pulled her around and thrust Narcissa through the door in front of him. This blocked her view when the creature, whatever it was, burst through her window and roared in frustration. Narcissa heard it scrambling to get further inside the room, but it was too large to enter.


The guard fired at it blindly over his shoulder and grabbed Narcissa by the hand. He pulled her down the corridor and down the stairs. The sounds of the roaring monster could be heard on the other side of the wall and as the two of them passed a small window one long taloned foreleg smashed through the glass and made a grab at them.


The guard grabbed Narcissa around the waist and jumped with her over the railing. Thankfully the drop wasn’t far and they rolled together to a safe stop. Narcissa was just getting to her feet when the wall beside her exploded, showering them with plaster. For the first time Narcissa saw what it was that was assaulting them. A dragon.


It made to lunge at her but the guard once again took hold of her and pulled Narcissa out of the way. They ran across the floor to the dragon’s frustrated screams and entered another stairwell. This once exited onto the now vacant party floor. Tables and chairs had been overturned in the panic and there were strange black flames everywhere. Another security guard was lying at the bottom of the far wall, blood smearing the plaster behind him and pooling on the floor. He must have been knocked clear across the room. As Narcissa and the guard made their way to the next staircase there was another body. This one was a woman, or had been. Her skin was grey and wrinkled and as Narcissa watched her eyes slunk back into their sockets. She was covered in the black flames that littered the rest of the room.


People were still screaming, down far below. Narcissa could hear the dragon smashing its’ way out through the wall on the floor above and was pulled into the stairway just as its’ long black face appeared outside the window. It spotted them enter the stairway and carried on crawling down.


Instead of running down the new staircase the guard pulled Narcissa back up to the party floor.


“Be quiet” he whispered. “With any luck it’ll think we’ve taken the next step of stairs. We’ll take the elevator.”


They crept towards the elevator, left in place on their floor as everyone else had fled to the stairs, and entered. Normally the elevators were rather quiet, but in the silence the binging sounded quite loud. However their trip down the next thirty floors was uninterrupted and when the doors opened the foyer was empty.


“I think we lost it” said the guard stepping out of the elevator. “Now if we could just get…”


He was cut off when a scaled forearm appeared and knocked him aside. The dragon had been waiting for them, curled up on the wall above the elevator doors. With the guard out of the way the dragon lowered its self down onto the foyer floor and turned to face Narcissa, still trapped inside the elevator.

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"Good night Mom, good night Dad, Good night Kady." Katsumi yelled down the stairs.


"Good Night, Honey!" Echoed back.


She then walked into her room and closed the door shut, locking it. Ducking her head into her closet she pushed a pile of clothing out of the way and retrieved a small backpack. The sky was dark and she looked out her window at the stars, wishing she knew their names. Katsumi quietly opened her window, took out the screen, then hopped out onto the chalky red roof. She put the window back quickly like she had done this a thousand times, because she had.


She swung down the roof onto a chair placed perfectly to soften her fall. Her room was the second story after all. Katsumi jumped of the chair and ran towards her backyard and down some wooden stair that led into the canyon. She liked to call it her own little forest. She opened the gate, the quietly closed it, looking back at her house. Turning away, she ran through the grass and tall trees, flicking spider webs out of her way. The wind was cold, and she shuddered pulling her jacket closer.


Katsumi found her favorite tree and smiled, brushing the hair out of her face. She jumped up and crawled up it taking hold of branches and hauling herself higher and higher. Then as she settled down on a branch, one high enough so that she overlooked the whole forest, she peered through the branches. There was something, a faint glow through the trees, just like a star. Katsumi grabbed her pack and slid back down the oak, slinging it over her shoulder. She looked in the direction she had seen it and sprinted towards the strange silver light. Soon she was panting, but carried on anyway.


It was dark and Katsumi did not see the large branch laying across the ground. As she ran, she tripped over it with a sickening crack. She yelped in pain and tumbled down toward the river, unable to stop herself. Katsumi crashed into the freezing water with a splash. The current pulled her away from her home and she wondered for a second if she was going to die. If she was, she would fight till the last breath.


Katsumi kicked with her good leg, now sure the other was broken as she was shoved through the freezing unknown. She managed to pull herself up on a bank, shuddering and coughing up water on her knees. A light flickered at the edge of her vision and she lifted her head up slowly, only to see a stunning, glowing dragon.


Her eyes grew wide with wonder, but not fear. The beast looked at her kindly and ignoring everything else she told herself to do, Katsumi lifted her hand towards the dragon, in a silent plea for help. It stepped forward and for a second, Katsumi thought it was going to crush her under it's sharp claws. The dragon dipped it's neck towards her outstretched fingers and a blinding light blocked her vision. Katsumi had to blink several times and when her vision cleared, she pulled back her fingers, looking down on them. A dragon.


She looked down at her leg, because it stopped hurting and realized it wasn't broken or bleeding anymore. She looked up at the Hiro. Wait... How did she know his name? She just suddenly knew his name and who he was. She suddenly knew his powers and somewhere deep inside she knew what he was thinking. It was like a bond that had been formed that could never be broken.


She still shivered though, and now Hiro wrapped around her tightly, beaming off warmth. Soon enough, Katsumi was dry and warm. He looked at her with dark wisdom and suddenly perked his head up, the sun was slowly rising and Hiro's glowing scales dimmed to a more real silver. He turned to her and she shivered under his gaze. He tilted his head up towards the mountains and Katsumi knew what he meant.


"Me too?" she asked and Hiro just nodded.


He knelt down so that she could scramble upon him, and she did, clutching his neck. She was so tired, but couldn't fall asleep. Hiro Lifted into the air, flapping his magnificent wings and she clutched tighter. He sped towards the location he had pointed to, sleekly. Katsumi turned around to look over her shoulder. Would her family notice she was gone now? Would she ever be back? She didn't recall her answers because she drifted off.

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Elena had just tightened the last strap of her armor when Draken’s head casually entered the room looking for his rider. He spotted her standing in front of the mirror where she was finishing up. To him the young woman looks stronger and gave a sense of authority when she wore her armor but without it she seemed weak and shy.


Elena had kept her eye on Draken as he looked at her; she sometimes wondered what was really going inside his head but she would never ask him. He sometimes frighten her by the things he do or the power he possesses but she will always put her live in his claws.


“We have a busy day today, don’t we?” She asked turning around heading to Draken. The king lowered his head to come into full eye contact with his rider.

“Yes I believe so. They will arrive during the day and meet up in the training area.” He spoke softly in a deep voice.


Elena nodded letting know she understood, giving a step forward she extended her hands and scratched Draken’s chin. The dragon made low rumbling sounds enjoying the moment and this caused Elena to smile. After a few minutes of silence and scratching she moved her hands down his jaw line to give the dragon a hug.


After their moment together Elena stepped outside on the balcony looking out on the island below. There were signs of movement as everyone started to wake up, getting ready for the big day. Elena was pleased so far and returned to Draken, climbing on using his spikes she took in her seat on the saddle.


“Ready.” she spoke and with an instant Draken leaped off the balcony. With folded wings the great black dragon dived towards the foot of the mountain. He swerved left and right dodging the obstacles the mountain provided. Soon the sight of the training area came to view, getting closer with each second. Elena lay low in her saddle making sure the wind wouldn’t either take her grip or breathe away. Elena focused on the sight in front of her when with a sudden out of the corner of her eyes she saw Draken’s black wings open. He pulled up into the air merely a few meters away before crashing into the earth. Looking over her shoulder she could see some people going about their daily morning task but she quickly turned her attention in front of her, a visit to Vulcas.


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She didn’t cry or scream. Narcissa simply stood there, meeting the terrible red gaze of the dragon. If this was to be her death, so be it. For what seemed an eternity the dragon merely stared back, then after an age had gone past it slowly started the reach forward.


Gunfire erupted across the foyer. The police had arrived, acting on reports of suspected terrorism, and faced with the sight before them had opted for the only reasonable plan. Shoot.


The dragon roared and turned to face them, his attention diverted. While the bullets could not penetrate his thick hide his fury at being attacked prompted him to retaliate. As Narcissa watched helplessly the dragon opened its jaws and breathed the same strange black fire she had seen earlier. The policemen were too slow to react and were completely bathed in the flames. They dropped their weapons and fell screaming to the floor, but they were not burning. Their skin greyed, shrivelled and shrank. They curled up and tightened into frightful poses as their muscles and innards began to wither. In just a few moments they were all dead, the black flames that covered them the only source of movement in the now still foyer.


With a grunt of satisfaction the dragon turned back to Narcissa and once again reached out for her. Instead of grabbing her as she had expected, the dragon’s forearm stopped a few inches away from her hand, as though it was offering it to her. Uncertain and suddenly weary Narcissa once again met the deep red eyes and a moment of understanding passed between them. Tentatively and slowly, Narcissa placed her hand inside of the dragon’s outreaching talons.


“It is done.”


The words were sudden and unexpected. The voice seemed to fill Narcissa’s whole world. She could not even hear the shouting in the distance. For that one moment all that existed was a girl and a dragon.


Before Narcissa could ask or say anything the dragon shifted its grip to grasp her gently around the waist and picked her up. It reared up onto its hind legs and clasped her closely to his chest, where she could hear and feel his heartbeat. Using his free foreleg to steady himself against the foyer wall the dragon turned and began to walk somewhat unsteadily towards the foyer doors, cradling Narcissa like a parent would their child.


The dragon crunched his way past the fallen policemen and using its free forearm smashed away the wall and glass that stood before them. The street immediately before them was empty, but a short distance on either side held armoured vehicles. And lots of men with guns. As the dragon smashed its way out the men all cocked and aimed their weapons, but the sight of the small pale girl in its grasp prevented them from firing. The dragon looked both ways down the street and beat it’s wings to rid them of rubble. As it did so Narcissa spotted her mother, far behind the crowd on the right. She was watching them in horror, her hands clasped to her breast.


“Forget her” said the dragon as though it could read Narcissa's thoughts. “You are mine.”


Still holding Narcissa tightly the dragon beat its wings, readied itself, and then leapt into the sky. The city was lost before Narcissa knew it.


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Amacules looked up to see the dragon king and his rider fly over head, in the direction of the training center.


"Do you think we should also come?" Amacules asked.


Nepula looked to the ground and answered, "I think its a good idea to wait for the king to call us."


"Then we will stay at the bottom of the mountain, ready," Amacules decided. then together they flew down to the bottom of the mountain where the training center laid.

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Zach returned to his room mumbling along the way about wash your own scales. He knew it wasn’t a rider’s task to keep the dragon clean, they were more than capable enough of cleaning themselves. Brushing off is annoyance he quickly changed into different clothes and headed back outside.


A sudden black figure passed their living quarters at a high speed causing Zach to fall backwards with the sudden gust of wind.

“What the hell was that?” he asked surprised to Amador.


“It was the king and his rider. He regularly dives from the mountain top.” He spoke unfazed by the sudden wind. Zach quickly got up and ran towards the side to have look. He has only seen the king from a distance as a black blur and he has yet to see his rider, he was curious to what they looked like. Sadly once again he missed them and saw them disappearing once again as black blur.


“Shucks I missed them again.” He spoke standing next to his dragon.


“Ha you will get your chance…” Amador stopped talking in mid sentence. His nostrils flared a little as he picked up a scent of something he wasn’t familiar with. His head followed the scent as he continued sniff the air until his sight landed on Zach.

“You didn’t take a bath did you?” he asked narrowing his eyes.


“No I took one yesterday afternoon. I’m still clean.” He spoke confidently. Amador of course didn’t feel the same way and quickly with a swing of his tail folded around Zach’s waist. In an instance before the young man could even speak Amador used his tail and shoved Zach back into his room.


“No rider of mine will stand before the king dirty.” Was the last words the dragon spoke before continuing his gaze out on the valley.

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