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Favorite Character from Video Games

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Kurow, Waka, Issun and Amaterasu from the Okami series. I nearly died when I saw a freaking adorable picture of Kurow on Deviantart the other day... <3

Red, Roxie and N from Pokémon

Maxwell from Scribblenauts

Ezio from Assassain's Creed (yup unoriginal I know)

Espio, Shadow and Tails from the Sonic series

Most Skyrim characters that aren't Stormcloaks or Silverhands, espec. all the Companions and Sinding.


Link, espec. in his wolf form wub.gif

And yes, I am a MASSIVE fangirl. See my signature. Spending 5 hours over my friend (dragonlass666)'s house looking up various characters on Deviantart while listening to vocaloid songs is my idea of heaven.

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Most Skyrim characters that aren't Stormcloaks or Silverhands, espec. all the Companions and Sinding.



For me, I needed an UPDATED LIST! <3



2 - Dante

3 - Patchouli Knowledge

4 - Yu Narukami

5 - Naoto Shirogane

6 - Nero

7 - Makoto Nanaya

8 - Tsubaki Yayoi/Izayoi

9 - Lucina

10 - Flandre Scarlet/Eve/Chung Seiker/Rena


Yeah four way tie.

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Of course! "Down with Ulfric, the killer of kings!" Actually I don't own Skyrim or any consoles that can play it, but I spend my weekends round my friend's house watching her play it, and I get really involved in the storyline...


Also, Layle (probably misspelt) from Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers was a fantastic character in a rubbish game. And I forgot Shulk and Reyn from Xenoblade.


Edit: I don't support many videogame shippings, but Vilkas+Aela and Marth+Ike are two of the few I do.

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Hydreigon from Pokemon Mystery dungeon is my favorite character in the game. Before you meet him yourself, you see and hear snatches of information about him, and it's not pretty. The game portrays him as a ruthless monster that devouers all in his path, and when you finally do meet him, it's all completely and hilariously subverted. After you escape Munna's trap, you get seperated from your partner and have to flee for your life. Eventually, you are caught again. Just when all hope seems lost, Hydreigon flies in out of nowhere to save the day. the two of you then set out together to rescue your partner. Once that's done, the three of you head back to Post Town, but not without being persued. Just when you think you are safe, Kyurem appears, freezes Hydreigon solid, smashes him to pieces, and then procedes to stomp you into the ground (you live, but just barely)


My favorite part of Hydreigon's character is his personality. He is actually very calm and kindhearted, and appologises if he accidentally scares someone. He cares for the wellbeing of those around him, and is more than willing to help those in need. And of corse, he just loves to eat.

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I can only think of is Rose from The Legend of Dragon and Lulu from Final Fantasy X right now happy.gif

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Favourite game character? Why, Kirby of course. He's so cute! Erm, in Mario, I have a lot. Yoshi, Peach, Daisy, and Dry Bones. In Pokemon, only the water tyoes, yes, even Magikarp, Gengar, and maybe Ditto.

Hmm, what else, I guess that's it.

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The Cuccos from Legend of Zelda, hands down

user posted image


... What do you mean they don't count?


Fine, then what about...


Phoenix Wright and Miles Edgeworth - Ace Attorney series

Riku, Roxas, Xion and Lea/Axel and Demyx - Kingdom Heart Series

Samus Aran - Metroid Series

Illidan Stormrage - Warcraft III and World of Warcraft

The Zombies - Plants vs Zombies

Edgar Roni Figaro, Kefka Palazzo and Locke Cole - Final Fantasy VI

Yuri Lowell - Tales of Vesperia


Will update as soon as I remember more chars x.x

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Well, my favourite characters are:


-Sarah Kerrigan from Starcraft (of all the games happy.gif)

-Alex Mercer from Prototype

-Dante and Vergil from Devil May Cry

-Altair from Assassins Creed

-And Kratos from God of War


And the only pairing I like is Kerrigan x Raynor, from Starcraft.


Oh, and how to forget to those lovely aliens called Zergs! They are so cool!

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Hmm...I like a lot of characters, but lately, a few stand out to me more than others.


Lightning Farron & Hope Estheim from Final Fantasy 13.

Link & Midna from Legend of Zelda. I particularly favor Twilight Princess.

Amaterasu from Okami.

Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad from the Assassin's Creed series. He is the most memorable out of Ezio/Connor/ect. by far.

Solid Snake & Raiden from the Metal Gear Solid/Rising series. I like how they've aged throughout the series, even if it is not for the best. Also, the ending of Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots made me cry like a big baby.

GLaDOS & Wheatley from the Portal series. GLaDOS for her snark, and Wheatley for his endless ramblings. Oh yes! How could I forget the Turrets. <3

The OLD Dante from the Devil May Cry series. The new Dante is...not as memorable, but I would to see how he develops as a character.

The Batter & Zacharie from OFF. Overall, OFF is just one of those games you don't forget, and I think these two characters contributed to that.

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Let me remember the ones I like...

Kratos, Link, Zero(from megaman), Ezio from Assassin's creed, Dante from the old DMC, Asura from Asura's wrath, cloud from FF7, pretty much everyone from armed with wings(flash game series), Elizabeth from Bioshock infinite, Wesker, Amaterasu, Leon, Ashley(yes, I like ashley even if she's useless) and Date Masumune.

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I'm liking the Outsider from Dishonored.

As well as Daud, Martin, Corvo, Emily, Jessamine, the Whalers, Callista, generally everyone who isn't a big jerk (like Burrows >_>).


I'd ship Corvo and Jessamine, if it wasn't for the fact that she dies in the first 5 minutes. And what happens afterwards to her... *shivers*

*has never actually played the game but has read up on nearly everything about it*

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Fav character? Well, I like Wheatley in Portal 2. The guy with the British accent.

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Gonna try keeping this alive. Here's more of my faves:


Shadow Lugia from PokemonXD -Gale of Darkness-


Renamon, Seadramon and Mega Sedramon from Digimon (only managed to play Digimon World 3 I think)


Yara, Nythera, Artix, and Gravelyn from Adventure Quest Worlds (they're Mods of the game, but I still fave them tongue.gif )


More to come.

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Viridi from kid Icarus uprising (she's SOOOO immature and funny!) xd.png


Marth from fire emblem (I am royalty. Bow down before me. AAHHH! I BROKE A NAAAAIIIIL!!!)


Tetra from legend of Zelda... She's second to those chicken things, but they aren't exactly "characters..." they should be though! I got murdalized by them once! Or twice... Or three times... I like messing with them, okay?!

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Favourite videogame characters (I'm just going to list all of 'em (that I can remember while half awake, haha...). sorry for the long post. ^^;

Final Fantasy

Squall Leonhart, Reno, Vincent Valentine, Yuna, Laguna Loire, Zell Dincht, Rinoa Heartilly, Zack Fair, Tifa Lockhart

Kingdom Hearts

Axel/Lea, Riku, Demyx, Namine, Terra, Aqua, Ventus, Zexion/Ienzo, Xion, Roxas, Lexaeus/Aeleus

Fire Emblem

Rafiel, Tibarn, Ranulf, Volug, Zihark, Oscar, Naesala, Rhys, Soren, Leonardo, Ulki, Janaff, Ilyana, Nailah, Rajaion

Tales of

Zelos Wilder, Regal Bryant, Sheena Fujibayashi, Martel Yggdrasill, Yuan Ka'Fei, Kratos Aurion, Moses Sandor, Grune, Yuri Lowell

Star Ocean

Albel Nox, Arumat P. Thanatos, Crowe F. Almedio

Soul Calibur

Kilik, Talim


N Harmonia

The Legend of Zelda

Link (OoT and Twilight Princess most of all), Ashei, Kafei, Prince Komali, Medli, Sheik

Sengoku Basara

Sarutobi Sasuke, Maeda Keiji

Sonic Series

Shadow, Tikal, Knuckles, Espio

(Oops that was a long post...)

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Dragon Age Origins: Loghain Mac Tir

Dragon Age II: First Enchanter Orsino


Mass Effect: Saren Arterius

Mass Effect 2: The Illusive Man

Mass Effect 3: Kai Leng


World of Warcraft: Lady Sylvanas or Vol'jin


Star Wars: The Old Republic: Andronikos Revel or Malavai Quinn




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Ok my favorite characters in Runescape are zanik and hazelmere(and spoiler** I'm still sad that they killed him off and hoping they bring him back somehow **).

Oh yeah, also I like Ratchet and clank from the randc series. I even got some plushies of them off the internet.



Sora x Kairi from kingdom hearts

Hope x Vanille from ffxiii, even though hope is kind of a wimp, I think they're cute together. And also, I know Vanille is technically thousands of years old, and hope is under age, but she got frozen when she was about the same age as hope so really technically she is biologically still about the same age as hope.

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BIOSHOCK 2: Subject Delta, eleanor, Augustus Sinclair, Dr. Brigid Tenenbaum


RS: azzanadra, barrows brothers, jhallan, sedridor


BIOSHOCK 2 :Minverva's den DLC: subject omega


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Let the list begin!


- Zero - from Megaman Zero


- Ridley - from Metroid (bosses count! I think...)


- Protoman - from Megaman


- Not sure if this counts, but I really like the Pokemon Blaziken


- Samus - from Metroid


- Kumatora - from Mother 3


- Knuckles - from Sonic


- and Elpizo - from Megaman Zero, for sheer comical purposes.

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