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Favorite Character from Video Games

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Yes. That is correct. Why is Brother interested in his cousin anyway? Is he aware they are family?

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Well, with new games comes new characters to love.


For FFXV I love the Chocobros.

Prince Noctis





Each one of them have qualities that made them epic, and Noctis is a badass.


I'll also add Genesis Rhapsodos to my list of FFVII favs, and also Zack's climbed the ranks quite a bit.

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Recently finished Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair and really, really ended up loving Nagito. He infuriated me while I was playing, but now that I'm done I just want to see more of him.


Also really enjoyed Atlas in BioShock. He was okay in Infinite's Burial at Sea DLC, but I definitely prefer the reliable fellow we got to know in the first game.


There wasn't an instance in either of the Borderlands games when I didn't enjoy Scooter's dialogue or appearances. Mordecai is a lot of fun too.

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You can guess what my favorite is, huh?


Sephiroth from Final Fantasy 7.

He's still on top of my favorite characters for over 10 years.


Perhaps a few others can be added later.

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I miss Daxter from Naughty Dog's previous game franchise. (Jak & Daxter, Jak II, Jak 3, etc.) sad.gif


Good times...good times.

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Who is/are your favorite characters from any of the video games you play (doesn't matter if it's PC or Wii, NDS, ect.)?


Zero Escape series

Snake so far (still need to play the sequel games)


Fire Emblem

Xander and Niles from Fates; Gerome and Stahl from Awakening; Lukas, Fernand, Python and Conrad from Echoes


Suikoden Tierkreis

Asad, Conon, Luo-Tao, Logan, Diadora, Nova


Super Robot Wars

Kyosuke Nanbu, Axel Almer, Gilliam Yeager, Tetsuya Onodera, Sänger Zonvolt, Wodan Ymir, Elzam von Branstein, Akimi Akatsuki, El-Selda Shun, Al-Van Ranks, Jua-Mu Dalby, Latooni Subbota, Lefina Enfield


Which characters would you ship as a pairing?


Suikoden Tierkreis

I always shipped Sieg with Maybelle, and later Diadora with Nova.


Super Robot Wars

I love Elzam and Cattleya's story so much... I'm still bummed they had to kill Cattleya off in a flashback.

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ok so narrrowing down to top 10


10. Sniper (Team Fortress)

9. Ahri (league Of Legends

8. Professor Rowan (Pokemon)

7. Rayman (Rayman Legends)

6. Luigi (Mario Sires)

5. Princess Rosalina (mario sires)

4. Jhin (League Of Legends) {note i put him on her cause of the number 2 spot}

3. Scythe Class (aura Kingdom)

2. Kindred (League Of Legends)

1. Amaterasu (Okami)


here's a ffew Honorable Mention:


1. Lopunny

2. Dawn

3. Spy

4. Phoenix Rightt

5. Leon Kennedy

6. Albert Wesker

7. Anna

8. Mei

9. Orisa

10. Shaymin

11. Dialga

12. Dante

13 Missiletoe (a premium plant in the 2 plants vs zombie game)

14. Ness

15. Professor layton




10. Danterasu

9. shikari

8. futaba/akira

7. sojhiro/sae

6.Gunslinger class/scythe Class


4. Nurse/arms dealer

3.Kindred (lamb) / bard



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