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Favorite Character from Video Games

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I didn't see any topic on this on any of the pages, so let's start one!


Who is/are your favorite charatcers from any of the video games you play (doesn't matter if it's PC or Wii, NDS, ect.)?


Which characters would you ship as a pairing?




The characters I like are:


From xBox360 (I wish I had one so I can play this.. dry.gif )



-Yuri Lowell ~ He's the best and handsomest guy in Tales of Vesperia!


-Repede ~ Coolest Dog EVER!! 'nuff said.


-Judith ~ She may be naive around the guys in the game, especially the scenes at the spa dry.gif But she's still a tough lady with a good heart.


-Estelle ~ Shy, Naive. Sometimes I kinda dislike her (like how she acted in the scene when Yuri was trying to save her from Alexei -> " I'm losing control of myself! I'm scared! ") But I gotta admit, that scene after was just sad but lovely... wub.gif




The Legend of Spyro:Dawn of the Dragon on Wii


Not much characters in here besides the moles, Cheif Prowlus with the other Avalar members (even Meadow), guardians, spyro, cynder, Malefor and Hunter. But...



-Spyro ~ The one and only purple dragon that everyone loves


-Hunter ~ He's much more better looking here in this series. I saw how he looked back in the original Spyro games, but hey, I don't blame the people who did the graphics in the old days of Spyro.


-Cynder ~ I wish we could have used her adult form in this game. She looked really cool that way.




Character Shipping/Pairings I support


Tales of Vesperia



Yuri x Estelle


Yuri x Judith



The Legend of Spyro


Spyro x Cynder (obviously tongue.gif)

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Characters I like

From the PS games:

1. Spector from Ape Escape

2. Domino from 101 Dalmations

3. Bugs Bunny from Bugs Bunny & Taz: Time Busters


X-Box 360:

Crow from Fragile Dreams (Eeeee!)



I can go on with all the Pokemon I like,but here's one I really love:




Zevran from Dragon Age~ He's totally awesome




I really don't support any pairings. If they get together, they get together. If they don't well, they don't.

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OMG, I forgot about Dragon Age (still want an xBox360 to play it). Thanks for reminding me, Raptor.



-Alistaire ~ from the Origins, yes.


-Zeveran ~ He's ok to me and funny in some of the scrips when he's around with Alistaire tongue.gif


-Lelianna ~ I just love her song





Alistaire and My Noble Warrior character that my bf made on his xbox360 happy.gif


Alistaire x Lelianna


Zeveran x Lelianna

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My brother has the game, I can't find it so I can play it D: He's off on vacation and he can't remember where he put them. I agree, Zeveran is funny during some scripts.

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My favourite all-time character from any games that my BF has played, and that I have watched, would have to be Ezio Auditore (Assassin's Creed series.) I'm sure I would love Altair too, but I haven't actually seen the first Assassin's Creed *blushes*


Anyone else? Well, I wouldn't say no to Master Chief being one of my favourites, lol. edit: Oh, how could I forget Commander Sheppard?!


Pairings? No idea.

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It's all right if you don't want to put out or have any favorite character shipping/pairing. You can just list your favorite characters on here. It's fine with me. smile.gif

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The characters I like are:


Tails from the Sonic games


Kirby from the Kirby games


These two are actually my top two most favourite characters so I'm a major fan of the two, though I'm more of a major Tails fan.

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Hm so many games, so many characters. >_O But these are the ones who stand out for me:


Dante, Vergil, Sparda (Devil May Cry series)

Nier, Kaine, Weiss (Nier)

Tifa Lockhart, Sephiroth, Zack (FF7)

Vyse, Ramirez (Skies of Arcadia)

Aqua, Axel, Demyx, Xigbar, Namine (Kingdom Hearts; Sora is utterly loathsome)

Samus Aran (Metroid series)

James Sunderland, Lisa Garland, Alex Shepherd, Cheryl Mason (SM incarnation) (Silent Hill series)


I enjoy shipping, but my preferences change daily. tongue.gif I'm back into Kingdom Hearts at the moment, so I'll go with pairings from that:


-Sora/Kairi (awful characters, so they deserve each other)






Oh, and Cloud/Tifa was always meant to be. Suck it, Cleris/th fans. tongue.gif

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Portal/Portal 2:

- GLaDOS, because I love her hilarious, sarcastic dialogue, and Wheatley, he's just so cute! The turrets are adorable too.



- So many. Erandur, Farkas, Faendal, Brelyna, Ulfric Stormcloak (even though my character's on the Imperial side, heh), Mercer Frey, Legate Rikke, Gwilin, Brynjolf, Mirabelle Irvine, Aela the Huntress, Erik the Slayer, Hadvar, Karliah....


Kid Icarus: Uprising:

- Pit, because I like his cheerful, optimistic personality, and Hades, because he's a huge troll, and doesn't let his faux-friendliness get in the way of being evil.


Highborn (it's a turn-based strategy game for mobile devices, full of hilarious pun-filled dialogue):

- Enzo the wizard, kinda hard to describe him, and Trillian, the only main female character


Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones:

- Eirika, Seth, Vanessa, Franz, Neimi, Colm, Joshua, Moulder. I started naming my Royal Blue dragons after characters from this game.



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Oh! Thanks for reminding me about Pit! I love to play as Pit in SSBB. Him and Wolf from Star Fox! (Hugs Wolf)

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I tend to have a favorite character(usually more than one) for every game I play, which is... quite a lot, ahaha.


So I'll just list a few of the most recent games I've played biggrin.gif;


Xenoblade Chronicles:

-Melia, Riki, Shulk


Persona 3:

- Akihiko Sanada, Shinjiro Aragaki, Aigis


Persona 4:

- Kanji Tatsumi, Yukiko Amagi


Tales of Graces:

- Pascal, Malik Caesars


Tales of Vesperia

- Raven


Fallout: New Vegas:

-Yes Man, Arcade Gannon (still weirded out how his VA also voices Flynn Rider in Tangled biggrin.gif; )


Dragon Age Origins:

- Alistair, Morrigan, Zevran

...Actually, all of the party members are awesome. Their banter with each other is great.



- Kecleon, Flygon, Kingdra, Drifloon, Scolipede, Leafeon, Vaporeon, Reuniclus, Snivy and its evolutions, Grovyle, etc. Preeetty long list of favorite Pokemon here.



xd.png I also don't really have much preference for shippings; whatever's canon is usually fine by me.

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My favorite characters are...


Darksiders 2

Death (Of course biggrin.gif ) I love his sarcastic attitude towards some things. And come on, he has amazing scythes and a pet crow. What's not to love?


Tales of Vesperia

Rita. Oh, how I love Rita. I still wonder what's in that drawer of hers...


Raven, just because he's Raven. Plus, his weapon is pretty awesome.


Eternal Sonata

Frederic- He has actual depth to his character, and it shows when his thoughts are displayed (Like on the ship. I can't remember the name)


Saints Row: The Third

The Russian voice for the female player character. I died laughing within the first few minutes of the game.


There are more, I just think of them all smile.gif No pairings though :/

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Dead Space- Issac. Who can't love a non-annoying main character?


Dragon Age 2- All characters from the past game. Specifically Alistair. Unfortunate for his small, tiny role.


Mass Effect- Garrus, Jack- The two renegade characters. Garrus is awesome, even creating a month long meme. Jack is awesome because she doesn't whine. Most characters don't.


Skyrim- Guard- I used to be an adventurer like you... Then I took an arrow to the knee.


Army of Two- Salem.- He has witty remarks at almost every corner unless it isn't needed.


Pokemon- You, if you could tell people to go away.


Saints Row- Johnny Gat. He was always funny. He got up from his wife's death and continued doing what he loved. Killing gangs and making cool, witty remarks. He also had his leg broken.

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Disney's Dinosaur - Aladar. He is an iguanodon and he's the most powerful creature compared to a pteranodon and a lemur. What's a pity is that even though he's the best character he can't jump as far as Zini the lemur. I kept underestimating the distance for him to jump and he ended up dead in a lot of chasms.

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Here's mine! I only put one character per game to show you guy which ones I like the best out of all these games. I'm not saying I dislike the other games as there are others who are enjoyable, but didn't make it to the list.


The World Ends With You

Neku Sakuraba - I love his 'I don't give a crap' attidude.


Final Fantasy XIII and XIII-2

Lightning (a.k.a. Claire Farron) - she's my idol, because she's badass, tough, serious, strong-willed and everything I want to be.


Final Fantasy VII

Sephiroth - he's sexy and is a badass villain.


Final Fantasy IV

Kain Highwind


Sonic the Hedgehog

Shadow (best character) and Cream (best playable character)


Kingdom Hearts



Tales of Symphonia

Kratos Aurion


Advance Wars 2 and Dual Strike

Colin - best playable character in the game



Falco Lombardi


Megaman Zero



Megaman X



Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance and Radiant Dawn

Ike - best Fire Emblem lord ever!


Tales of the Abyss

Luke fon Fabre


Fur Fighters

Juliette - best music themes in the game


Wonderful 101

Wonder Blue


Fire Emblem: Awakening




Okay, that's too much for one day. I may write more next time.

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Well let's see i would have to say,

Sten from Dragon Age Origins

Faith from Mirror's Edge

Kaiden Alenko, Liara T'soni from the Mass Effect Series

Carth and Canderous from Knights of the Old Republic

Emil and Grimoire Weiss from Nier

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Asbel and Pascal from Tales of Graces.

Crono and Frog from Chrono Trigger.


Plus others I'm way to lazy to list right now tongue.gif.

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oh gee, i have a few

Link from the legand of zelda

Luke fon fabre and Guy Cecil from tales of the abyss

and Hades and Dark pit from kid icarus uprising biggrin.gif

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this is such a hard decision

Link/skullkid (zelda) ezio/leonardo/malfatto (assassins creed) nero/dante/credo/vergil (DMC) mewtwo/red/green (pokemon)




malfatto/smuggler from ACB


i don't play a variety of games and not many characters make me feel anything, do have a final fantasy game but haven't played enough of it to have any connections (chances are i'd go for all the pretty boys)

wanted to add more to DMC because i just love all of the characters!

credo just had to be added because he was so manipulated and loved his sister and cared for nero...and he makes for a bad.ss angel =w=


btw, has anyone played DMC and played attention to the taunting? it's funy!

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Favorite character:

For now it's a tie between Chris Redfield and Albert Wesker because I'm going through a playthrough of most Resident Evil games in celebration of RE 6 coming out while waiting for them to come out with a PC version. (Please tell me that's not just a rumor and that it's true D:)


I also have a fondness for Lamarr the pet headcrab (and headcrabs in general, I find them adorable for some reason) from the Half-Life series. C:


Ships: I don't just have ships, I have a freaking armada. That is all.

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Wow, I thought this topic died out after my last reply, but it's great to look over the newest replies. I see lots of games I have never seen or haven't played and characters I haven't much heard of. Please make sure what you're posting on here is Video Games related. Not videos or movies since there are seperate topics for those around the fourms. Post actual games that you can play via console (xbox360, Wii, PS3, ect.), hand-held consle (PSP, Nintendo DS/3DS/DSi, ect.), PC, MMO, RPG, ect. Thanks and remember to respect each other while having fun! biggrin.gif

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