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Favorite Character from Video Games

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Levant from Jade Cocoon

Squall from Final Fantasy VIII



Nanako from Persona 4

Serph from Digital Devil Saga 1 & 2

Heat from Digital Devil Sag 1 & 2

Lulu from Final Fantasy X

Ammy from Okami



Lightning from Final Fantasy XIII

Ellen from Folklore

Julien from Dragon's Dogma

Caius from Final Fantasy XIII-2

Yeul from Final Fantasy XIII-2

Glados from Portal 1 & 2

Wheatley from Portal 2



Ven from Birth by Sleep

Tatsuya from Persona 2

Jun from Persona 2


PS Vita:

Li'l from Escape Plan



Tatsuya & Jun

Squall & Rinoa

Serph & Sera


This is all I can think of for now.

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From Lunar Dragon Song on Nintendo DS:











Eragon (the game for Nintendo DS)









Dragon Booster for Nintendo DS


Artha Penn (The Dragon Booster)


Kitt Wonn





Jian x Lucia


Eragon x Ayra


Artha Penn x Kitt Wonn



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~Portal/Portal 2:

-Wheatley: Despite [spoilerS - DON'T READ IF DIDN'T FINISH PORTAL 2, I MEAN IT GUYS!!]trying to kill you. Violently. And betraying you. And becoming mad with power. Point is, in the end he still helped you to show what GLaDOS really was.[/spoilerS] And of course, he's hilarious at times.

GLaDOS: As mentioned before, her sarcasm lives up to her reputation. Oh, and science.

Turrets: Those voices and sayings are cute, even thought they are, after all, Turrets.

ATLAS and P-Body: 6 extra seconds of trust. Good job, robots.

Cave Johnson: "Cave Johnson here!" 'Nuff said.



Fox: Do I really need to tell? (AKA; Winning almost single-handedly multiple conflicts, having an awesome-looking ship, etc.)

Krystal: Despite most of the time 'being in the spotlights' for the wrong reasons, here's the deal; 'Empty character syndrome.' (AKA; Undeveloped backstory = space for *REAL* good works to show up once in a blue moon)


~Sonic The Hedgehog

-Sonic The Hedgehog: (Duh) The blue guy that can most probably outrun anyone from games... That don't use teleports or Portals, that is.

-Miles 'Tails' Prower: Your everyday endless-lives, tech wiz, orange anthro twin-tailed kitsune kid with a rather cute/hilarious behavior.

-Shadow The Hedgehog: Shadow.


~Doctor Who - The Adventure Games

The Doctor: "Hello, I am The Doctor" 'Nuff said.


~Kerbal Space Program:

-Jebediah Kerman: Jeb is the best Kerbal.

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Characters I like from Xbox360:

From Bioshock:

1. Andrew Ryan...he's so interesting in my opinion.

2. Eleanor Lamb. No idea why, just do.


From Portal:

Wheatley!! I love him...his accent, his behavior, everything. xd.png


From Fable 2:

Garth and Hammer.


For PC games:

From DA:O

1. Sten...he's so...stoic.

2. Morrigan...she's so...sarcastic.


And on a side note, I absolutely love the casteless dwarf origin from DA:O. It's amazing.

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I really like Lucas and Claus from MOTHER 3. The two of them are so badass and adorable, and are pretty amazing for all the censorkip.gif they had to live through

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Let's see...


All Pokemon Games: N

HetaOni: England

Ao Oni: Takuro

Kingdom Hearts Series: Riku

Phantasy Star Portable 2: My Player Character

A:TLA The Burning Earth: Zuko

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Touhou: Utsuho, Yukari, Yuyuko, Marisa, Shinki, Hong

Fate/Extra: Saber, Caster, Archer

Fate/Apocrypha: Joan of Arc, Jack the Ripper, Karna, Siegfried, Saint George

Persona: Nyarlanthotep, Aigis, Mitsuru, Minato, Yosuke, Yu, Yukiko, Labrys, Naoto, Nanako

BlazBlue: Jin, Tsubaki, Izayoi, Hazama, Rachel, Nu, Kokonoe, Relius, Litchi, Makoto, Valkenhayn

Guilty Gear: Sol, Dizzy, Ky, Jam, Baiken, Justice, Valentine, Millia

Final Fantasy: Faris, Lightning, Vaan, Balthier, Ashe, Vanille, Fang, Noel, Zack, Terra, Celes, Relm, Kain, Gilgamesh, Garland, Golbez, Zidane, FFX-Yuna, Auron, Laguna, Warrior of Light

Devil May Cry: Nero, Dante, Trish, Vergil, Credo, Lucia

Kingdom Hearts: Sora, Roxas, Kairi, Namine, Marluxia, Luxord, Xion

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Let's see...


All Pokemon Games: N

HetaOni: England

Ao Oni: Takuro

Kingdom Hearts Series: Riku

Phantasy Star Portable 2: My Player Character

A:TLA The Burning Earth: Zuko

Have you played the Hetaoni English demo?

For that, I'd have to agree for fighting, and Japan comes a close second. Overall, Italy and Austria are faves.

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I just want to add to my above list.



Nate from Uncharted 1, 2 & 3

Sully from Uncharted 1, 2 & 3


PS Vita:

K from Virtue's Last Reward

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I'm a baka head. Forgot Tenshi for Touhou.


And lol, Hetaoni. Played it. Ever play RomaHeta? Amazing.


Also forgot to add Ezio, Altair, Connor, and Desmond in there because I am a giant idiot.

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Haven't played RomaHeta, but I want to. Saw the vid for it. Gosh, I just love the whole thing to bits, but I heard it was only released to the maker's friends.


Assassin's Creed! I also like Ezio and Connor.


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Shadow, Interceptor and Relm from Final Fantasy 6

The creepers from Minecraft

The main hero from Dragon Quest 8

Alex Mercer from Prototype

The main trio from Secret of Mana

Marin from LoZ: Link's Awakening


yay older games

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Been fond of Andrew Ryan from Bioshock

and while they're more of a group instead of a single character, love the little sisters from Bioshock as well.

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PS Vita:

Luna from Virtue's Last Reward


Poor girl needs some love.

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Characters I Like:


Elder Scrolls Series -

-Sheogorath because... well... Sheogorath.


Dragon Age: Origins -

-Morrigan & Alistair. I love their banter.


Dragon Age: II -

-Varric cool.gif


Mass Effect Series -

-Garrus, Mordin, and Jack.


Portal 1 & 2 -

-GLaDOS, of course.


Characters I Ship:


I don't really ship characters, unless they're to my OCs.

I do like the thought of a Shaun and Rebecca pairing from Assassins Creed: II, BH, Rev, and III, though. happy.gif

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Favorite characters from the following games:


Breath of Fire 2, 3, and 4 -


Ryu from all three of these, obviously. There is no beating a blue-haired hero who can turn into so many amazing dragons.


Spar from BoF 2, because you never see plant-like people.


Katt again from BoF 2. Not only is she the first of the Worren race to appear as a party member, but she's also got one of the best attitudes in the entire series.


Rei from BoF 3. Eeeee~ Second Worren is BEST Worren. *hugs her Rei plushie*...Earlier parts of the game, Rei is the best comic relief ever. Later parts of the game, once he's back in the group...Awesome looking character images, and the personality/wisdom that he's had since the beginning. *nod* All-time favorite for the series.


Characters I'd ship?


Well. Any version of Ryu x Katt, because they'd simply make an adorable couple. BUT...More adorable, would be Katt x Rei. *nod*

There need to be more Worren in the world, with fluffy little tiger tails. Rei and Katt's personalities seem like they'd match up really well, even if they're from two separate parts of the original BoF trilogy.


Final Fantasy VI -


Oh god there's so many to list...So I'll just list my top three favorites. *nod*


Celes Chere Is always going to be my #1. She's a powerful mage, an expert swordswoman, and...A top-notch singer! She's also one of my favorite characters to ship, so many possibilities...


Sabin Rene Figaro ...Sabin is such a CUDDLY BEAR. He reminds me a lot of Rei, as he is loyal to his friends and is often the one to try and cheer them up...Though he can also be clueless. He isn't a pervert like his twin brother, so that's a DEFINITE plus.


Gau ...;~; POOR LITTLE GAU! *hugs Gau plushie* Por kid...Growing up surrounded by monsters, when he's such an adorable and friendly kid.

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I'm a little surprised Sonic the Hedgehog is mentioned much less often than I hoped. Anyways, my faves are Sonic, Shadow, and Maria (poor Shadow). If you would count certain pokemon as favorite characters, then mine are: Darkrai, Bisharp, Lucario, Ampharos, Garchomp, Umbreon, Leafeon, Vaporeon, Hydreigon, Flygon, Giratina, all fire-type starters, Serperior, Marill because of Marilland, and Togekiss. My fave Digimon characters are: the V-mon line, and the Impmon line. Sorry the list is rather long, sometimes it's too easy to impress me.

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I love Riku and Axel/Lea from Kingdom Hearts soooooo much. <3 Excuse me if I sound like a fangirl.

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Who is/are your favorite characters from any of the video games you play?


Oooh, I have so many characters I love~


Sniper, Scout, and Medic from TF2.

Cave Johnson from Portal 2.

The G-Man from Half-Life.

House and Benny from Fallout: New Vegas...


My current favorite video game characters, though, are the Luteces from BioShock Infinite.


They're just...yes. All my yes ever.


Oh, and Songbird. Because Songbird. <3




And as for shipping...I do ship TF2 pairs like Heavy/Medic, Sniper/Spy, Scout/Miss Pauling, The Administrator/Saxton Hale, and The Administrator/herself. It depends on what universe I'm working in, though. Heavy and Medic I regard as my OTP because I consider them a couple no matter how I'm working with them, but I'm working on a sort of...crossover universe that blends TF2, Portal, and Half-Life with some Fallout, BioShock, and Elder Scrolls thrown in, and I pair things somewhat differently there.

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Red XIII from Final Fantasy 7

Link from The Legend of Zelda

Amaterasu from Okami

Ninetails from Okami

Okikurumi from Okami

Freya from Final Fantasy 9

Auron from Final Fantasy 10

Bartz from Final Fantasy 5

Red from Solatorobo

The Indigo-Go's from The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask


That's all I can think of off the top of my head, I'm sure there's more. laugh.gif


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Slender Man from Slender: The Eight Pages, etc. (I have a weird thing for him...)

BEN/Elegy of Emptiness statue from Majora's Mask

Rosalina from Super Mario Galaxy

Dry Bones from Mario Kart Wii, etc.

White Face from imscared: A Pixelated Nightmare

Stephano from Amnesia: The Dark Descent (Just kidding! Lawlz)

The Blue Toad & Blue Yoshi in New Super Mario Bros. Wii


...I can't think of any others at the moment. I don't play enough games... D:

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Augustus Sinclair

Elizabeth C------k (bioshock infinite)

Connor Kenway

Haytham Kenway

Ezio Auditore

Most of the characters I've made in various rpgs

Subject Delta

Everyone in Neverwinter Nights 2 / Mask of the Betrayer

The Lutece 'twins', Robert and Rosalind

Scrake, Killing Floor

Atlas / P-body, Portal 2

Glados, Portal 2



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