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Dream Hatchie = Neglected! Would love someone forever if one was ever sent to me.LadySong.pngAlways taking in unwanted hatchies of any breed, pm me if you need to find homes for yours!

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    I -love- music, gaming, drawing, writing...Chocolate...Pepsi, and I'm crazy about dragons.

    Wishlist for DC:

    1.Shimmer-Scale dragons, particularly the Silver variety. Would love to get a Silver Shimmer from Silver Shimmer X Silver parents.

    2.Neglected Hatchling, any gender/lineage.

    3.Silver and Gold Tinsels, since I'm actually missing them to complete my scroll.

    4.The rest of the Holiday dragons that I've missed these last few years.

    5. Stairstep Nebula Tinselfails, as I've been collecting them for my own little lineage project. So far, I'm only lacking a Bronze stairstep tinselfail as far as color goes. I've gotten lineages from Apollo, Abby, and Penk so far ^_^ the little female I have that combines those lineages is my pride and joy.