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Support. It was a lot easier to keep track of my dragons' descriptions back in the day when I had about fifty of them and not one thousand five hundred. laugh.gif

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I am in 100% support of this. Something that bothers me is that the Description System has remained the same since I left. It's too flawed to remain in it's current state. I wrote a really, really, REALLY long post on how I feel it should change yesterday or so. I'll try and clean this up and shorten it the best I can.


So basically, what I'm suggesting is what OP is, but with a few additions.


Vote indication next to the link.

Clicking your link will pull up the full list of user comments/votes.

Ex: Mighty Dragon the Fearful [+4]


Opt-in to show how YOU are voting/commenting on other descriptions.

This community loves doing community events to do good. So an opt-in feature to say "hey, I'm being really fair and I helped vote on 100 descriptions yesterday!" would be amazing for groups like Description Force that are trying to go through descriptions and help grade them a little. It would bring new life into them/help other groups sprout up that throw out rewards for being awesome.


The list would be part of one of two variations, depending on whether you allow your comment to be public or not.


Option A: User Voted +1 on 09/12/15 8:10

Option B: User Voted +1 on 09/12/15 8:10, commented 'This description can use some work. Your grammar is outstanding, but I feel you might need to get more in depth with how your dragon's past affects their protectiveness over Dragonette.


Auto-approving descriptions after a certain positive count.

Your description will have to have a certain amount to override moderator approval. This allows the community to help bring balance back towards the overload in the description queue and it adds further incentive towards giving back to the community. We're talking +5, +10, or +15 as an auto-approval number.


Mods/TJ will still have full power over descriptions, but this is to have an auto-approval system without having it be biased towards certain users.


Another note to why auto-approving in this format would work is that multiple scrolls are not allowed on DragCave. Also, since what description out of 15,000 that you review is completely random, you can't easily link your troll description to your friend and get it crowd-approved.


Longer character limit for descriptions.

The current limit is much too small. Especially for those descriptions that need some work and you want to try your best to convey where it needs work.

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I describe my dragons, and like to see it when comments pop up.


Perhaps the approve/abstain/reject comments could be shown/hidden, the same way that the grandchildren and great-grandchildren can be shown/hidden in the 'view children' page? I could see both the usefulness of their presence, and the annoyingness of scrolling through the comments of dozens upon dozens of pending descriptions.

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You have my complete support. I try to describe literally all of my dragons and I hate having to go through them all to see who has a super old description I need to fix, who doesn't have one, who is pending, who's passed, and who's declined.


Also, could it be possible to see when the current description was submitted? It'd help keep track of the time quite a lot. As Charu mentioned, auto-accepting would be nice, too. I have a dragon who's been in queue for.. what, a year and a half now? She has five 'Approved' passes and no Abstains or Denials, and yet I'm still waiting for her to be accepted by a mod.


Another suggestion could be to hire mods/a different rank(diplomat? community monitor? I dunno.) of staff just so this new rank can go through and approve descriptions. Not really mods, but more creative control agents who speed up the process as it seems to take multiple years for a single dragon to get their description accepted.

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