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Ask me about PCs and stuff... and my scroll, of course. I do take breeding requests. Just be polite and you may receive. Also, if you lose an egg due to an autoabandon, contact me and I will be happy to arrange a safe travel for you to get your egg/hatchling back home. Thanks.Currently lost in Boston... sometime in the year 2287.charz.png

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    I'm user Charu and I made this account years ago when I went by a different name. My current one is Halcyon. You can call me either, which is comfortable with you.

    I like lizards, programming, fixing things, and computers. I'm a bit of an ideas person and I love executing my ideas more than I do actually coming up with them. I am also a Redditor and a member of the glorious PC Master Race. (Hail Gaben) I listen to 80s-90s rock, drive a really fast car, and wear black. I also like conversation. So talk to me. I won't bite.

    In my off time, I am reviewing descriptions here or playing games. I do accept requests to my Steam Profile, but I will automatically decline you if your profile is private.


    CB Golden Wyvern
    CB Red Dragon
    CB Nebulas
    CB Elementals
    CB Winter Dragon
    Any 2 Falconiform Wyverns (part of my scroll header)
    Any Dark Myst Pygmies (need to use them as a header for my scroll)
    Chicken x2 (for freezing)
    Blue Dino
    Red Dino
    Green Dino
    Low-gen/clean lineage 2009 Valentine Dragon
    Low-gen/clean lineage Rosebud Dragon
    Low-gen/clean lineage Heartseeker Dragon
    Low-gen/clean lineage Arsani Dragon
    Low-gen/clean lineage Radiant Angel Dragon
    Low-gen/clean lineage Heartstealing Dragon
    Low-gen/clean lineage Black Marrow Dragon
    Low-gen/clean lineage Cavern Lurker Dragon
    Low-gen/clean lineage Grave Dragon
    Low-gen/clean lineage Desipis Dragon
    Low-gen/clean lineage Caligene Dragon



    A work in progress. Check back next week when I feel motivated to write this.


    I am harsh on reviewing descriptions since I am a bit of a critic. However, I will make sure to give you a reason why I feel your description is lacking in an area. The same applies if I love your description. I will always say something, whether it is positive, negative, or a mixed bag. Please do your part and remember that if I say something negative about your description, that I am criticizing the description and not you. Take everything I say as words to improve upon. I always sign my comment off as HAL.

    My Scoring Rubric for Descriptions...

    A great description that I feel is perfectly acceptable to be published. Has to fill all checks on this list.
    - Gives the dragon a personality, describes their traits, or tells their general story. A full idea of who the dragon is, is told.
    - Has no grammar mistakes and has been properly proofread.
    - Has good organization and flows nicely.
    - Can require some improvement regarding the description itself. If the idea is clear and complete, but can use a bit more to give it extra substance and stick out more, it will be noted and I'll suggest it as a footnote. However, I will not abstain this since the description works, it just isn't substantial.

    A description that needs work. It can fit 3/4 of my checks on "acceptable", but be abstained because of a few typos that stand out.
    - Needs moderate improvement to flesh out the description. I can tell what is going on with the dragon, but the idea needs to be better told for me to get a full understanding.
    - Has grammar mistakes. I'll comment any errors.
    - Organization needs to be improved. A sentence or two needs swapped around or rewritten to improve the flow.

    A description that needs more than a little work.
    - No clear direction on the description/is all over the place.
    - Poor grammar. Requires more than a few minutes to fix.
    - Sentence structure has no flow.
    - Plagiarism. Whether you are stealing some else's description or using the official description for that dragon's breed.
    - Very generic and makes no attempt to make the dragon sound like "yours". Ex: "Dragon is a fierce and loyal dragon that is very protective."
    - Describing the sprite itself. Everyone knows what the sprite looks like.
    - The description made me laugh just from how sarcastically bad it was. A great example would be one that is literally the same word over and over again.
    - Obvious overpowering.
    - Is derogatory and abusive. It hates on someone, or the dragon itself.