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    In the rhyming dictionary, next to 'kangaroo'.
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    I describe all my dragons eventually. I usually name them, too. If you trade me a dragon and it matters to you that it is named quickly, just PM me and I'll prioritize it.

    DragCave wishlist for breeding - the /lineage code is for the potential mate (To save space, I've removed the dragcave.net part):

    /lineage/4AvZ2 - 6th gen ice shimmer-fail from male tinsels(stair)
    /lineage/1lW7f - 7th gen ice shimmer-fail from male tinsels(stair)
    /lineage/Z7g8D - Two-headed bloodswap (odd shape)
    /lineage/SPckA - 4th gen gold from female whites (checker)
    /lineage/ckqYf - 5th gen PB falconiform(possibly named James and Laurete, but not related to this one)
    /lineage/QnuZN - 5th gen rainbowy whatever matches.
    /lineage/N4NH1 - F silver checker from silver x neotropical
    /lineage/yIgIy - 3rd gen M nihostrife from shadowwalker (checker)
    /lineage/Df0Kw - 3rd gen F magma from magma x pyroxeno
    /lineage/mUjIY - 3rd gen silver from M silver x F marrow
    /lineage/DCALJ - 3rd gen white from M shadow-walkers (checker)
    /lineage/owtX2 - 3rd gen BBW from gold-winged snow angels (checker)
    /lineage/LTjAe - F sunset from set x set
    /lineage/FJHK2 - 3rd gen blusang x ribbon dancers (checker)
    /lineage/t44u1 - 3rd gen copper x snow angels
    /lineage/hyumB - 4th gen purebred spring
    /lineage/iifgD - 3rd gen royal crimson x rosebud (checker)
    /lineage/uEfww - 4th gen albino from radient angel (checker)
    /lineage/tFezc - 4th gen neotropical from M gold-horned tanagars (checker)
    /lineage/4ffLT - 3th gen tanagar from M tsunamis (checker)
    CB male striped-river - 2nd-gen bluna from astrapixeno

    /lineage/TDS7O - 3rd gen Cavern lurker from coral xenos(checker)
    /lineage/FH2VH - 4th gen Shadow walker from silvers(checker)
    /lineage/NWUCo - 3rd gen rosebud from radiant angels (checker)
    /lineage/y1wEW - purebred 3rd gen desipis
    /lineage/kcwMl - purebred 3rd gen marrow
    /lineage/5lyKX - PB 2nd gen caligene

    Things that need code mates, and generally what I'm thinking (for some):
    /lineage/GGeNN - drake
    /lineage/M4KEs - drake
    /lineage/eTail -
    /lineage/50P4K -
    /lineage/FINE3 -
    /lineage/5UpLA -
    /lineage/00mpA - pygmy
    /lineage/Xtatr -
    /lineage/nvqzZ - needs f mate with all vowels
    /lineage/fMZap - preferably a flamingo
    /lineage/NATU1 -
    /lineage/Ho0HH - needs Lugia? (or some permutation thereof)
    /lineage/rhOoH - pygmy (WHY?)
    /lineage/xhOOd -
    /lineage/zM0Oo - cow or similair animal noise
    /lineage/gUTts - drake
    /lineage/8cEc8 - drake

    If a poetry-related code (any capitalization/numerization/lineage) appears, I would be interested. Like most everyone else, I would love an ND. I occasionally attempt science, which is the only reason I might have a few dead eggs lying around.

    I am willing to take breeding requests, so long as the offspring are described. Breeding pairs: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1h-TZ65p1TUJq-tGrMiRmHyzQZb0xLxDfIKN41ORbVPU/edit#gid=0 (If the link doesn't work, PM me - I might have the settings goofed up. Also, it is old and incomplete.)