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Trials and Travels (Semi-lit)

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Marcus nodded at Skylar in agreement as he sipped at his coffee. “As long as you don’t mind that we don’t have that much to eat. I forgot to send someone to go to the market for food.” He grinned sheepishly before setting his coffee down so that he could get dressed. He sat back down on the bed to put his expensive, tooled, leather boots on. As soon as they were laced up, he grinned at his lovely fiancée before kissing her on the forehead.

“I’ll go out and get the horses saddled.” He said as he walked outside. It was only Sky’s horse that was totally picky about being saddled so he had to make sure that eh was careful in taking care of her horse. His own gelding was rather picky, but seemed to be assured that people wouldn’t harm him so he made sure to saddle him just as calmly as he saddled Sky’s horse.


Queen Zillah


The Queen wasn’t surprised by Jahanshah’s shock, or Aamina’s control. The young girl had grown. It was definitely a step in the right direction. It used to be that in her counseling sessions with the girl, that she would have to fight her off and she had actually lost a few guards because of the episodes.


She listened to him while watching his every reaction. He was curious as to what was happening to his friend, but it seemed that he was making sure that his loyalties were definitely in their place. He was asking her about her plans with the respective people that had been in their group last year. She was growing it.


“The group has grown larger and for good reason. My sources have told me that there are two legendaries that are on the team now. While I don’t doubt the strength of each member, I do believe in strength in numbers along with power.” She leaned against the table behind her, assuming a position of relaxation after making sure that her skirts were in place.

“As to that beloved dragon,” she said with a warm smile that soon hardened in irritation, “He’s a mystery and seems to intend to stay that way. From what I can understand, he is going back and forth on what he wants to do with the team. Quite annoying in making plans.” She sighed.


She waved her hand at the table making a glass of wine appear which she sipped at as she spoke.

“Young miss Naomi has been provided safe travel for whatever she chooses. Aamina actually has been travelling every evening to Cumulus to track her down. Haven’t you child?”


Aamina looked the queen in the eye and nodded.

“Unfortunately, Naomi is very hard to find considering that she could hide where she wished because of her small size. If it is difficult for Aamina to find her, then I have no doubt that she is hidden well. I am of the same opinion as you, regarding that she needs to be in her own environment hence the reason that I have placed Aamina on the subject.”

The queen looked at the young Earth Elementian and motioned for her to walk over to her. As she continued to speak to Jahanshah.


“The situations sadden and anger me.” She said avoiding putting too much pressure on Aamina’s hands. “To think that the man that my mother, and her mother with his father before her used to be a friend is very aggravating. I would have hoped that he wouldn’t have gone this far. But alas, he has. As to the appearance of the Griffin, Noe, I find it very interesting. It is rumored that in the old days they were far more common and were considered to be the lords and ladies of the skies; they helped to keep the peace once it had been obtained. To hear that one has arrived once again could mean that either there are going to be more to MAKE peace, or more to help calm Aslano before he makes any more rash decisions, or to make me go against what I wish which is to bring Aslano into submission. Too many options to consider and the trivial matter is something that we needn’t worry about.” She put the last touch on Aamina’s hands before sending her to sit back with the young prince.

“The wars between Terra and Cumulus concern me greatly, but also please me. They are realizing the dire situation that is going on around me. However, if both fall under the control of the Shadow Alliance, I will become worried for that creates a mess for myself, and possibly for you to deal with.”


The queen sipped at the rest of her wine and looked at Jahanshah, a tender smile on her face. “How have you been? You have considerably grown since you have allowed yourself to dress in human clothes and stayed out in the sun to train. Definitely into a good looking young man, don’t you think?” She looked at Aamina then giggled slightly. Aamina was blushing, but was able to gain her composure. Once the girl had responded, the queen looked back at the prince. “How are you stepping in to your roles as Prince?”




Boy, that was far more painful than I thought it would be.


Aamina kept her eyes directed away from Jahan and the queen. She hadn’t wanted him to know so much about her so soon, but the queen’s will was the queen’s will whether she liked it or not. She listened to their conversation, trying to work her nails out of her palms. The unfortunate thing was that she had finally learned to groom then nicely without having to have the queen do it. And now they were ruined.


She couldn’t stop ruining everything!


When the queen called her over, she couldn’t help but look surprised at the summons. Instead of arguing, she hid her surprise and walked over to the queen. As the queen spoke, she grabbed Aamina’s hands then gently pried her fingernails from the palms of her hands. The pain wasn’t that bad, but the fact was, the queen was helping her like she always did during their counseling sessions.


Before she knew it, her hands were wrapped and the pain was no longer there. The queen sent her back to her seat where she was able to settle herself more into a state of calm. Jahanshah was sitting like he normally did when comfortable; bootless with his feet underneath him.


And then the queen had to make it awkward again. She asked if the prince was looking good and of course, Aamina had to answer. The flush on her face was annoying, but she looked at the queen and allowed a half smile to appear. “Yes, yes I do.” She responded and then waited for what the prince would say to the queen.


Viara – V


V looked back at Mythyr and grinned. “The usual. Ranking provides more torture until you are as steeled as Jahfar.” she grinned after processing what Mythyr had said. They really would make a great team considering.


“Well, the queen is wishing to send all of us out to make sure that the power of her people is definitely understood. Sending out all of us that vary from her two pets, Jahan and Aamina, to people that she keeps mainly for revenue and records such as Marcus Tiron, her gem designer, provides the knowledge that everyone is needed to make her kingdom successful. The very fact that you and I, Mythyr, are being sent along as Light Elementians will hold an even greater impact.”


The roads were lined with smiling faces that waved at Viara who genuinely smiled back at the people. She cared about them for they cared about her. These people meant the world to her since they had accepted her even though she was from another world compared to here.

As they walked along, she heared Julian ask If they were going to be training together.


“Of course we will. As a team it is our job to have cohesion between our members. Younger members will be taught, and older members, or those more trained, “ she looked back and winked at Mythyr, “will work together.” She looked around as they walked through the village and noticed her favorite bakery. “Do either of you want anything to eat?” she asked knowing that she had to be nice to Julian, when the question was mainly towards Mythyr.


“Ah! Viara! You must help for a moment, my fire has gone out again!” A plump old woman walked around her counter to hold V’s hands and V smiled warmly at the lady.


“Of Course madam!” she said then walked over to the fire where she merely concentrated light through one hand and directed it to the coals, sending them up into a bright flame which she soon had tamed to a degree.


“Here you go dear, thank you for lighting the fire again.” The old lady handed them each a filling, sourdough, sweet bun. Viara looked at the bun gratefully. She hadn't really eaten that much breakfast at all considering the poison she had been having.


"Yum." After taking a good bite she looked at the others and told them to eat it while it was still warm.




Isa looked at Aketsu and shook her head. Tears lept to her eyes, but she kept them from falling as she took a deep breath. “No, no we didn’t. Dad wants to continue the debate. But we have war starting in Terra and Cumulus and he is continuing to put people in jail that don’t deserve it. I told him everything Aketsu and he just wont listen. If I can’t turn him, then all of the other cities will follow in his footsteps.”


Isa looked at Aketsu, wondering what in the world was going on in Aero, both new and old. “What’s going on in your neck of the woods?” she asked gently.




Noe was happy to stay where she was for forever. She didn’t have to move, she didn’t want to, nor would she since she was glad to have Kai’s arm around her shoulders. As they walked along, she felt a small change in his positioning of his arms when all of the sudden she was swept up into his arms. Not only that, but he also kissed her quite passionately, making her heart race unexpectedly within her chest.


She placed her hands around his neck and bashfully batted her eyelashes at him. “Well.” Was her only response for a few moments until he began to speak of going down one of his tunnels and finding a place that was absolutely magical.


“if there is truly a place such as that, then I would more than willing go there. But just with you. And I’m not sure if I want to walk. I’m pretty comfortable right here.” She said with a giggle as she settled further into his warm embrace.

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When Yuaki started giggling his stress went away a bit. He had managed to calm her off. Last thing he needed her to think was that he was a spy before he even decided if he was to be or not. When she mentioned that he didn't recognize her he became more suspicious of her. Was there a reason he would have recognized anyone in the city? Then another possibility came to mind. Maybe she was a part of the Light alliance? As much as he was thinking about it all he stopped when she dared say HE was the one who invaded HER life. For all he knew he was just standing near trees when SHE came to him. How is that invading her life?!


"I'd like it if we could be friends. Maybe. But first I need to make some things clear."


Friends? It could be useful to have her as a friend. He listened to everything else she said attentively. It really was bad to the point of execution. Heh! And they were supposed to be the good guys, how ironic that they would persecute anyone so much. The sight of her Triton mark made him change his plan. If he could not get her he'd jeopardize another way, it really was this simple. Still... He was not aware you could look and even be marked differently then what you were. Unless she was a mixed blood maybe. When she said he was pretty brave he could not help but smile. Maybe he was.


I dunno if you noticed by my dress, but I'm a servant in the Sola Palace, in good standing... with no element, of course. I'd love to show you around some time. Or you could run away right now and pretend you never met me, but... you seem bolder than that. Am I right?"


Ha! Friend with a servant of the palace at that?! He was not going anywhere! This was perfect!


I don't mind if you want to be friends with me and yes I am bolder than that. By hanging around with you, you mean I'd be a new servant of the Sola Palace with you? As for not sounding like someone from the Observatory no one needs to know if I actually lived there or not, just that I was from born from there.


He then looked serious. He needed more information and she looked like should would give it.


If it turn bad, I'm a rather elusive person, unless they have something to detect my power or block it? That would be very good to know... If you have any good advise it would also be welcomed so I don't blunder and get hunted. After this we really should move back to the bakery before anyone sees us in this dark alley.

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"No I don't mind since I'm not that hungry anyway," Sky said in reply to Marcus' first two statements before hearing his statement about saddling up the horses. She nodded before sipping more of her coffee as she watched him leave after he had laced up his boots and kissed her softly on the forehead. After she was done with the rest of her coffee, she got up, got dressed in clothes that she could wear for the day as well as putting on her own boots, and then headed out to the stables where her fiancé was.


When she got there, she saw that he was saddling Arty and stood a few feet back just to watch him. After watching him for a few more minutes, she decided to get hay for them for later when they came back from the ride.


Once she was done, she filled their buckets with water as well, put them in their stalls, and then waited for Marcus to be done so that she would be able to ride Arty out of the barn. As she waited, she wondered if while on their ride if she would be able to tell her love an idea that she had been thinking of telling to him and if he would agree to it or not. She hoped that he would since she knew that the both of them had been a bit stressed lately with the jobs that they had been doing for the queen for the last couple of weeks or so and needed a short vacation/break from it all.

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~Yuaki Xa~


Yuaki watched Lucius' expressions change. He was a strange one, strange indeed. He definitely wasn't going to trust her and he seemed almost like the type that always had something up his sleeve, but she didn't mind so much. After all, no one was innocent. The suspicion on his face when she mentioned that he didn't recognize her made her smile all the more. Did he catch it? Nah, he missed it, but he thought maybe he should have caught something.


His face changed yet again when she showed him her Triton symbol. He didn't seem very unhappy, which made Yuaki a bit uneasy, but it wasn't like she'd ever have to tell on him. By his reaction when she mentioned her servant status, she guessed that he had no idea she was a servant before she told him. So he really is completely new to Sola. This guy's got guts. He must have some great ideas of how to escape this place, or he really has no idea how guarded Sola is.


He accepted her friendship (well, he had originally been the one to suggest it, perhaps only in defense though) and answered her questions. A guy with guts, fair with words and probably good with his element, unaware of the strings Yuaki could pull against or for him. But why pull strings at all? Honesty without questions is honesty perfected.


“If it turns bad, I'm a rather elusive person, unless they have something to detect my power or block it? That would be very good to know... If you have any good advise it would also be welcomed so I don't blunder and get hunted. After this we really should move back to the bakery before anyone sees us in this dark alley.”


Yuaki frowned thoughtfully. Blaise, she suddenly remembered.


"Well... I've lived here for years and been fine. Oh, but now we have Blaise, and Luna's getting stronger and Tractus is spending more time here too." She looked thoughtfully at Lucius. "Yup, three Space Elementians, one known as Legendary. I dunno about Tractus, but I know Luna catches peoples thoughts randomly and Blaise is pretty adept at reading minds. But they only read surface thoughts, I think. I mean, I've been around Luna for years and... well, I'm still here. As for advice?" Her smile returned. "Try looking a bit more friendly and don't constantly search for escapes. If you want to be a servant, you have to act the part of someone wanting to be a servant. Of course, that doesn't mean you have to get stuck serving tea; I work in the forge most days. If you know anything about how to swing a sword or how to work a forge, I can get you in there. The blacksmith's pretty nice."


Yuaki picked up the basket once again, checking to make sure everything was still there. Then she looked at Lucius, noticing he still had the wine. "Alright, I suppose we can leave this deep dark alley before someone sees us all alone together here." As she passed by him she winked. Then, at the entrance to the alley, she turned halfway towards him. Her expression was serious, as though the last words she spoke had never even been thought. "Any last questions before we go see Isis?"

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Oh great... Mind readers. Well he'd have to keep his thought very simple then. As much as he thought it could work, he was pretty sure it would not fool a legendary mind invader who would decide to find out more. He liked his mind empty of anyone else but him.


Be more friendly? He thought he was already being very friendly. Should he smile more? Not looking for escape is a bit counter nature for someone who lived pretty much his whole life causing 'trouble' and in need of good escape plans when it turned against him. Sticking with the basic would pretty much be his only choice. Shadow gates it was. As for being a servant, as much as he didn't like the thought all that much it was probably his best chance at learning how things went in this place. If he could cut himself a small place he might have a chance to speak before having to run if it ended up with them wanting his execution for existing.


"Any last questions before we go see Isis?"


Isis? Probably the person the delivery was meant for.


I know how to swing a blade, but I never did anything close to blacksmith. I do not mind helping around though, better than to stand around trying to find something to kill time with.” Which usually ended up with him ruining someone day for the fun of it, but that part she didn't need to know.


He walked to her and prepared to leave the alley too. “I do have another question you can answer as we go...” He looked at her with a very serious face. “What should I do to look friendly? I thought I already was being friendly.


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The sky was beginning to take on a grey hue as Celeste had woken up. She sighed, knowing that today would be mundane like any other. Her Lord Jahanshah and the geomancer Aamina had left Celeste with Naomi almost a year ago now. Celeste, not knowing what to do with herself afterward, had stayed at the same in she was left at. Not sure if Naomi would come back from her assignment, she tried again to move the water in the vase next to her. She concentrated with all of her mental energy, but the water would not so much as budge. Frustrated, she let a tear fall down her cheek.


Since the day her Lord had left her, she had noticed a decline in her abilities. She was not sure if it was because of her strong devotion to her Lord that made her unable to focus, or whether she really no longer had a use in the grand scheme of things. She turned to her left now, where there was an open window. On it was her golden pole. She stood, and walked towards it. Picking it up, she felt the memories come back to her again: The way he had looked at her as she went out of control, the way he had defended her the morning she came back from that horrible man, that odd feeling he ignited in her...


She threw it down as if it were burning hot. That wasn't allowed! She was not allowed to have any feeling for her Lord; it was not her place! Looking out the window again, she saw that there were dark stormclouds that had brewed within the time she quibbled with herself. She still knew not what she was going to do, but she knew that a year had to mean something. She may not be any use to her Lord in her current condition, but maybe Naomi would have some answers for her. If she ever came back...

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Kai's smile broadened as Noe curled up in his arms, deciding not to walk. He was more than happy to carry her, besides, that would allow him to more easily lose whoever it was that was still following him. "Alright then, hold on."


They were currently on the third story of the castle building. Well technically it was the second story, but that was only because the first story had such a high ceiling that the second story was higher up than most three story buildings. But it made sense, the first story contained the throne room and the meeting chambers where large groups of dignitaries could gather in one place. The second story was living quarters and smaller meeting rooms that allowed a few select individuals to meet and discuss a topic without having to shout across the large open space of the meeting chamber below.


Of course Kai had never taken it to mind to study the blueprint of the castle and memorize where he was going, instead he simply felt where the stone was and where it wasn't and formed a 3D mental map that told him where he was and how to get where he wanted to be. Right now, where he wanted to be was out, and the nearest exit was... left, right, hallway aaaand. Kai smiled, breaking into a jog. Balcony.


Five, six, seven steps through the room, up onto the ledge and finally leaping off of it. For a few seconds Kai and Noe were airborne, albeit falling from the castle's third story, but the rush was the same as he felt when Noe took him flying on occasion. Though it was a bit more intense do to the fact that there was no swooping out of this particular fall.


Kai gripped Noe tightly but gently as all the sand rushed off his body and met the ground first, catching them as they fell and guiding them into the stone itself which sealed behind them leaving the street they'd come down on and small pile of sand as the only mark that they'd ever been there.


Now underground Kai closed his eyes, concentrating for a moment until he found the tunnel system he was looking for. Then he opened a narrow hallway in the stone around them and walked through it until it opened up into a wide tunnel large enough to fit three horses abreast and tall enough that their riders could have remained mounted. The tunnels were truly works of art, no doubt created by earth elementarians as a gift to Sola, unfortunately it was still pitch black.


Kai remedied that by picking a torch off the wall with a wisp of sand and lighting it with a small spark of electricity. Suddenly the cavern was filled with dim light, illuminating the smooth stone walls and seamless intersections between wall ceiling and floor.


"These are the tunnels I've been exploring over the past few weeks." Kai spoke up, still holding Noe unless she decided she wanted to walk. Fortunately he could use sand to carry the torch and didn't have to spare an arm for the task. "My guess is that they were built as a gift from the earth elemental kingdom to a past king of Sola. Probably constructed before or during the great war as a way to evacuate the city or to move supplies in and out undetected if it were ever besieged."


Kai continued walking. "I discovered them by accident when I was digging a well. They are well hidden, even form me. The earth elementarians packed denser stone around the tunnels themselves and looser stone further out making it feel like there isn't actually a gap of air down here, even to my senses. The truly remarkable thing is the air vents, tiny, unnoticeable holes that run through the walls and up to the surface."


He smiled, yes dear, I was digging a well, that should spark your curiosity...


"It's a twenty minute walk from here," he commented, pointing out that they could have a conversation if Noe wished, "or a two minute run if you'd prefer to get there right away."

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Lord Jahanshah


Jahanshah listened closely to what the Queen said. Two legendaries. Supposedly Jahanshah himself was now officially considered Legendary, although he knew he had much to learn still. He smirked at the thought of Betzalel being indecisive. Yes, he remembered that being a trait in the old man. For almost a year Jahanshah had viewed Betzalel sort of as a father-figure, but the dragon seemed busy these days and was seldom able to chat.


Jahanshah was especially happy that Queen Zillah had agreed that Naomi should be in better conditions. After all, she had helped the team quite a bit and with no immediate reward to herself. When Jahan had asked her about it, she had been really quiet... but had said something about Sola's unfair treatment of Shadow Elementians. Good enough for him.


He nodded when Queen Zillah explained the Griffins. He wasn't too fond of the creatures himself, but had read what he could about them and would have liked to meet this young Griffin Noe. He listened closely when the Queen spoke about the tenseness brewing between Cumulus and Terra. He hadn't considered what she brought up about it--the chance of both of them falling to the shadows--and he realized for the first time that maybe war wasn't the best idea in that case. He decided to mull over it more later. If anything, he decided he'd rather have Cumulus on their side due to its more strategic position.


“How have you been? You have considerably grown since you have allowed yourself to dress in human clothes and stayed out in the sun to train. Definitely into a good looking young man, don’t you think?”


Jahanshah shifted uncomfortably, glancing at Aamina quickly before making sure not to meet her eyes and instead regaining his composure facing the Queen. His looks had never been his favorite subject--when young he knew everyone had thought he was adorable, although none would dare say it to his or his parents' face. Now that he was growing he had noticed that he was getting more attention from the young female nobility. But he was far too busy to be interested in anyone... and he really had no idea how one was to go about being 'interested' in someone anyway. That kind of relationship was as foreign to him as a normal family relationship.


“How are you stepping in to your roles as Prince?”


Now this one he could answer. Jahanshah smiled. "You and Aamina make it far too easy, my Queen... mother. I keep the people rallied, keep learning and keep training; I watch over the elementians under my direct command and occasionally check in with the ones under your command; I learn, I absorb, I re-direct. That's all I have to do." It was a compliment certainly, but there was an underlying sense of unrest that Jahanshah was doomed to hold on to for years; the unrest of not being ready. It would never happen, he knew, but what if suddenly the queen was to disappear and Aamina along with her? There were the beast-men, yes, and they were quite wise, but Jahanshah knew that he was not ready to lead. He hated not being ready, hated that everything took time to learn. He was only fifteen, but all his life he had been taught he should always be ready...

"I'm also glad Lord Barzilai and Lady Vanna have been raising a new heir for Metallum. The child Vladaar shows little if any potential for using metal, but surely the bloodline runs strong in him somewhere. After all, neither the Lord nor the Lady can use metal." Jahanshah seldom got to see his baby brother, as Metallum was literally on the other side of the continent. He really had no desire to see Vladaar anyway.


"Ah, but there is one thing." He looked over at Aamina. "Since we are bringing the team back together, I'd like it if you could also check on Celeste and see if she's ready to return here to Whisper. I don't like having her so far away in Cumulus; she's not native to there, and although I've heard Naomi is being kind to her, if Sola's little group of peace-makers come across her or if any of Sola's soldiers do, they'll surely try to recruit her due to her experience and Water element. I don't see that going over well."



~ -M-y-t-h-y-r ~


Besides wincing when V called Jahan and Aamina 'pets', Mythyr only grinned as V updated him on the recent happenings and the Queen's plans. He was glad that V was so willing to update Julian on everything that would be happening before they left as well, because Mythyr didn't have that much of an idea of what was going on. That didn't bother him though; he figured he'd learn as he had to, and life would go on.


“Do either of you want anything to eat?”


Immediately delight overtook Mythyr's regular smile. "You mean from the bakery, right? I love the bakery! They're always so generous there, like most old people are. Julian, you have to try the--"


“Ah! Viara!" An older woman interrupted Mythyr's excited chatter. Mythyr recognized her immediately and waved gratefully. Although Mythyr enjoyed learning new things, baking was one thing he never, never participated in. He couldn't stand working water through dough. Even looking at it made him feel sick, so he always left that to those who loved it.


Mythyr watched with a rumbling stomach as V lit the fire up using her light. Mythyr was able to cause heat with his light, but had never perfected causing fire from his light. Not that he had to; he had fire, after all. Suddenly Mythyr found a sourdough sweet-bun in his hands. "Thank you!" He exclaimed to the old lady. He kissed her on the cheek quickly before turning and biting into his sourdough.


"These are amazing," he said with a mouthful. "Boy did I ever miss Whisper. I remember the first time I tried one of these, I didn't know it was supposed to have a filling--I almost spit it out, because I thought it was raw!" He turned to Julian with a big smile. "You're gonna love it here. Too bad we'll only be here a few days or weeks before we hit the road again. But I am excited to meet the team we'll be with. Imagine, a whole group of elementians! I don't think any of them don't have at least one element. I've never been with more than two other elementians at a time, except... well, nevermind. But imagine all the stories they'll have to tell! I bet I'll have a dozen new songs written by the time this adventure is over."





Aketsu immediately felt bad for asking. He had so quickly forgotten that he wasn't going to ask about it. As tears came to Isa's eyes, he gently took her hand.


“I told him everything Aketsu and he just wont listen. If I can’t turn him, then all of the other cities will follow in his footsteps.”


Aketsu nodded sadly; King Aslano was a war-hero, a great leader. Everyone would follow his decision once it was made. Even Aero would base their final decision on his.


“What’s going on in your neck of the woods?”


Good news, start and finish with good news. And there was good news, just not great news. "Well," he said with a smile, "my brothers are finally getting the hang of being mature during council meetings." He chuckled at the thought; his family, although large, was all permitted to sit at the council of New Aero. In fact, they made up the majority of the council with a few elders, three young and learning nobles, and the only remaining elder Wind Elementian. The meetings were sometimes rather fun to attend, as Aketsu's youngest brother was a brilliant little whip who could barely concentrate for more than ten seconds. Someday, Aketsu knew he'd be a great leader of sorts.


"The council today..." his smile faded, "decided to go with whatever King Aslano says considering the war and Shadow Elementians. I tried speaking with Kurago about it, but there's no way he'd go against what King Aslano wants especially after the split of Aero." Kurago was Aketsu's oldest brother. Although a gentle man, he had solid opinions that sometimes differed with Aketsu's.


"But on a better note, Aero is not raising any sort of troops. We were able to peacefully speak with their council last week, and they said that they split because their support lies with the shadow queen. If it comes to an all-out war they will support her armies with supplies and a place to stay... but we have our inside sources there. Our council is better organized than theirs, and so far they have enough unrest in the city that no soldier of the shadow alliance can walk in the open streets without worry of losing his head. Yet," and he lowered his voice a bit, "I think that shadow refugees that do not wish to fight are able to go there and avoid persecution."


He paused a moment, then yawned. What a day. "Well. Whatever happens..." he took both of Isa's hands and caused a lovely breeze to blow through the window. To his pleasant surprise, it had the scent of freshly-baked bread. "We always, always have each other." Sometimes I wish we could just run away from it all. Do you think they would stop and look for us, Isa? Do you think maybe they would change their mind about things? Are we that important, or would they really think we'd return? Because if we left this place, if we could make it to the Three Sisters Islands by ourselves, I'd never return.


The scent of bread remained. "Hey. Let's go out to the bakery, forget about politics for a day. We can change into something more comfortable and walk around--it's a beautiful day. I'll buy you your favorite," he said with a wink.

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Luna looked up at the sky as she wondered if she should head back inside or continue walking for awhile. She glanced down at her ankle, but any remaining pains from the injury had made no complaints today. Tapping her cane on the ground lightly, she gave her decision a few moments more to ponder over in her head before she finally decided it was time for her to head back inside. With that, she took one last sweeping look of all the lovely flowers in the garden before she began to head back to the castle, her cane tapping alongside her with each step.


She wasn’t too far away from the doors when the tapping of her cane stopped and her feet were brought to a halt. She had been staring at the ground while she was walking, and now there was another pair of feet in front of hers. Lifting her eyes, she took in the sight of none other than Blaise Sivett. For a moment Luna was confused. What was he doing in her path? It wasn’t like they had much in common. Granted they were both from families with high status in Univerum, Luna knew her place and it certainly wasn’t in the presence of someone as stoic and overly intelligent as Blaise. His calm voice seemed to say otherwise, though. Luna cringed slightly when she heard his voice in her head. She was certainly used to hearing the thoughts of others in her head, but that was more like she was calmly listening to them from a distance. Listening to another Space Elementian, especially one like Blaise, was more like having someone whisper in her ear: she wouldn’t be able to tune him out even if she wanted to.


Luna knew to keep her own mind quiet, though. Blaise was just as capable as she was to listen to the thoughts of others. There was no hiding anything from him. As long as she kept her thoughts calm, then everything would be okay.


It definitely has been awhile. I-I now have a real use for my cane because of the battle last year. Luna lifted the cane slightly off the ground to emphasize her point. As for my father, he’s been rather silent. I haven’t been back to Univerum since before I graduated, so I’ve had no chance to speak with him. No wonder he’s asked about me. Even though Luna was trying to sound calm, she was a little surprised about her father. She had purposefully disconnected herself from him so that she wouldn’t have to deal with all the disappointment he brought with his words. Now she was curious. Had he changed at all in the past few years? Had he heard anything about what she had done? Still, she wasn’t too keen on asking; part of her had enjoyed the distance and preferred to keep it that way. Instead of pursuing the matter, she decided to change the subject.


What about you? Are there any tricks up your sleeve for the Shadow Alliance?

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As she expected, Lucius wasn't too happy to hear about the Space Elementians. She couldn't blame him, of course; if she was new to Sola she'd probably avoid them too. She looked him over as he answered her question. He hadn't worked a forge. Yeah, clean hands... but he looks like he could work one with some training. Then again, the Guardians of Peace are probably going to be sent out soon. Oh, that could be a problem. He probably doesn't even know who they are, much less what they do. And when they leave I'm going with them. I wonder...


“I do have another question you can answer as we go...” Yuaki blinked back to the present. “What should I do to look friendly? I thought I already was being friendly.” She motioned for him to follow as she exited the alley. "Smiling is a start, but you also have to look like you belong here. Try to look... I dunno, more relaxed? When you need to make small talk, talk about the beauty of Sola. Act happy to be here, like you've been dreaming of being here. Well, I mean, don't be weirdly happy." She glanced back at him again with a curious smile.


"You just don't seem... natural? Hmm. It's probably just me. It's been a long time since I've run into one of your kind, and you all just strike me as such negative people. Even when you smile, you either seem angry or sad or guilty. Reminds me of my mum."


Just then they were within earshot of Isis, and Yuaki didn't wait for a reply from Lucius. Instead she enthusiastically waved to Isis. He was a nice guy, nice to everyone despite what he had gone through. Yuaki couldn't relate to him very well, but maybe that was why she appreciated him. He was gentle and humble, respectful and thoughtful, not overly-complicated and not above common work. The last part she could relate to, and perhaps it was what she appreciated about him; he reminded her of Eirikr.


"Hiya Isis! Sorry I'm late, I ran into an old friend and stopped to talk." She handed the basket to Isis. "Two loaves of the palace cook's newest recipe, three bags of sesame seeds, a jar of sugar, a pound of fine flour and one large pouch of ground cinnamon. Hope that's everything you needed! Oh, and some fine wine as a gift to our favorite baker." She indicated Lucius.


"This is Lucius. He's a traveler I met before coming here to Sola. Lucius, this is Isis. He fought alongside me and other Guardians last year against the army of Whisper."

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Noe watched the world around her with different eyes. It was always strange, but comforting when she was being carried by Kai, at least in her human form. Her griffin form was growing exponentially which was absolutely wonderful, if not a tad frightening. As they walked along the halls, she couldn’t help but stare at her loverly’s face. He hid the scars and hid everything about himself from everyone except for her. Of course, she loved knowing that she was the only one to see him without all of the sand, but it did infuriate her when she noticed that people still whispered that he was the “lightning man”. The children all adored him, which made her happy, the parents were the ones that she had a hard time getting through too.


The one thing that she never did like, was when he would jump or do something scary because it meant that she was out of control and couldn’t fly. Trust was an issue with her, but when they landed safely on the ground, and her heart went back into her chest and out of her throat, she felt better.


He held on to her the entire way, making her smile as he did so. He was, for a lack of a better word, her big Cuddly Griffin. She never called him that anywhere but in her mind. He was always there to be that warm blanket that she needed and to be the voice that she needed to hear. Now, as he spoke, it was hard not to just focus on his voice and not listen to a single word that he said.


However, thanks to noticing the strangeness of the tunnel, not exactly melting through the ground, she let her head flop over his arm so that she could study the ground, ceiling and walls. Allowing her griffin eyes to come through, she noticed all of the little holes, but also caught the smell of Kai that was pre-existing in the tunnels.


Noe mulled over the idea of the trip taking longer. After this morning’s antics and running around, she was already ready to rest for a moment. She lifted her head up and titled her head to the side and smiled. “Two minutes sounds better.” She said and held on, waiting for him to do what he did best. Fast travel.


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Kai smiled as Noe made her decision, he was practically dying to show her everything. It was a pressure in his chest building to an explosion of words and smiles, fortunately she chose the short version. He stood still for a moment, taking the necessary precaution of forming solid sand around his ankles up to just above his knees to help take the impact off his joints. In the desert using the ground to aid his movement wasn't saddled with the risk of breaking a bone, the sand was soft and gave when you landed on it, stone on the other hand was a different matter entirely. Unfortunately he'd found that out the hard way a month before arriving in Sola initially. He'd only sprained his ankle but it had been a near break and not something he was interested in repeating.


Kai replaced the torch on the wall and smothered it with sand until it was out completely. At the speed they would reach the wind would blow it out and Kai could see perfectly fine without his eyes in this darkness... unless he ran into a swarm of bats, in which case he simply hoped that they would avoid him.


Kai gripped Noe a bit tighter and bent down, pushing off with his right foot and sliding his left along the floor before pushing off with it as well. He continued to do this until his speed built to far beyond that of the average sprinter. With the earth helping push against him his feet never left contact with the ground leaving him free to push against it just as hard and fast as he could concentrate. It was a rush to race through the darkness, eyes open but unseeing, it unnerved even him to some extent. Something about not being able to see with one's eyes caused every other nerve in the body to amplify their signals. It was thrilling. And in only a brief time, it was over.


Kai slid to a stop at a vertical tube that came down from the ceiling. This was the well that lead up to the garden. He'd discovered the tunnel when digging it. The tunnel itself continued for several hundred feet and then came up deeper into the forest. He'd sealed the entrance and all the others in the tunnel network just encase someone discovered it and intended to use it to bypass Sola's walls for some evil purpose. So far no one had complained and as far as he could tell, on one had been down here in... well... a long time.


"Alright, we're here, just through this shaft." Kai slid a hand over Noe's face, running a finger along her lips, "but no peaking just yet," and as his hand left her face it left a sand blindfold in its place. "Trust me," he gave her a brief kiss on the forehead, "almost there."


Three additional arms sprouted from the sand on Kai's ankles and knees and began pulling the two of them up and into the shaft which opened enough to allow them inside. Light was immediately evident, at leas to Kai who wasn't blindfolded. They reached the top in a short time and Kai used the sand to lift off the well cover. He pulled the two of them out and walked a short distance down the path until he stood in front of the house with the garden to his right moving around the well and up over the top of the house upon which he had also done considerable planting. Home


Kai gently set Noe down and put his hand back over her eyes. "Welcome... home." And with that he removed his hand and the sand along with it.


Directly to Noe's front was a small path of colorful stones that Kai had delved up from deep in the ground and flattened into a walkway. The path was flanked by tall grasses with fluffy tops that blew back and forth in the wind and tickled against Noe's and Kai's legs. To both sides the grass flowed over the flat ground seamless and uniform like still water. They were all uniform, obviously planted at the same time and given similar treatment. In truth Kai had dug up the entire area and churned the dirt and other plants into fine soil for planting.


The clearing itself was in the midst of tall trees, but a large clear patch let sunlight fall on the path most hours of the day but especially now that it was just after midday. The most obvious object in the clearing, however, was the mound of grass that covered an object that could only be a house. It had two windows on this side and the door was round and wooden, painted the same green as the grass around it, almost hidden if not for the onyx stairs flanked by whitestone railing that flowed into the house and formed a white circle around the door, accenting it against the grass around it. The same whitestone rose from the house in the shape of a white rose that served as an elaborate chimney.


Perhaps the most intricate sight was the stone design that hung on the door. It was the face of a griffin, screeching with its beak open halfway. around its neck was a stone heart that had the elemental sign for earth and lightning engraved in it.


Kai bit his lip again, waiting for Noe's reaction.

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Curious, yet respectful, Julian kept quiet as V explained the situation. It all seemed rather straightforward, not at all how he expected it to be. The village itself was so cheerful and even bright; had he thought it would have been like this, he'd have encouraged his family to make the trip with him, so they might spend just a while longer together. It would have been rather lively, and he knew that Maribelle would have taking a liking to his companions at once.


“Do either of you want anything to eat?”


Immediately, Mythyr was bubbling over with excitement. The deliverly of his first few sentences were so quick that they were lost upon him, but he caught up just as he spoke his name. With a laugh, he nodded. "Yeah, I'd love to.." He turned towards the woman whom had called to capture Viara's attention. Following closely, Julian watched with awed appreciation as she focused her beam onto the coals. He'd never seen the works of a Light Elementian before, and he had to admit, he'd envisioned it very differently. It was a beautiful display of light, though. He couldn't look away while she rekindled the fire, then nodded thankfully to the woman who offered him a bun.


Turning it over in his hands, he turned to Mythyr as he started up again, mimicing his bright smile before taking small bite out of the bread. Savoring the sweetness of it, he took a moment before swallowing and nodding in reply. "It'll be an adventure, definitely. Maybe your songs'll be famous someday."




"Well, it's good that you were not more severely hurt, isn't it." The sentence was stated rather than asked, as he did not really care what happened to her in the war. Luna's mind was a fuzzy jumble, to be sure, but Blaise definitely felt the discomfort she had with him invading her thoughts. It tampered with her words and caused an annoying high pitched hum, causing him to resort to vocal conversation.


"It has been a while since I have been in direct contact with your family at all. My parents question why you left the Observetory. Tricks, though..." Blaise raised an eyebrow, slowly blowing out a quiet 'hmm.' "I might have a rare gift or two." Pulling off his mask for a moment, he brushed aside his bangs to reveal his left eye and mark as a cloud of stardust rolled out in the wake of the sudden release. "You remember this, of course."


As he fitted the half mask back into it's place, he clearly felt another strong presence somewhere nearby; another Space Elementian, obviously. He seemed different, almost naturally cut off, as Blaise had trained himself to be. He wondered if that person ever wished to be normal, how his life was like before maturing. No, this seemed better, the logically sound path for him. Life without strings attached. After raising his eyes to the sky for a moment as the pain strengthened at the back of his head, he looked back to Luna, squinting slightly in a questioning manner.


"There's three of us here in Sola, correct? And you know the third?"




Looking up as he brushed his bangs back, he beamed brightly as Yuaki approached and waved back, pushing off the wall to meet her halfway. "Yuaki! It's nice to see you again," he called, stopping just in front of her. "It's no trouble. It's such a nice day today, I would've used a break anyway." He gave a quick nod and smile to her companion. He seemed slightly on edge, and would probably stick out like sore thumb if Yuaki wasn't guiding him around. Turning back to Yuaki, he accepted the basket from her with a small relieved sigh. "Perfect, thank you. That's just what I needed." Peeking into it, he made a mental note of the cinnamon and gratefully added the wine bottles to the load. "I'll make sure to let Banney know the delivery arrived."


Circling his arms about the rim, he raised his eyebrows as the stranger was introduced. Shifting his new burden to rest against his hip, he freed a hand and extended it towards Lucius. "Pleasure to meet you, Lucius. Is this your first time here? I hope you're enjoying yourself. This really is a beautiful city." His eyes widened along with his smile as he suddenly got an idea. "Hey, do you guys want to stick around for a while? There's a new batch about to come out of the oven."

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Looking like he belonged here and liked it here. It was a good idea and he was pretty sure he could manage that. He had wandered around the city itself so he had quite a good deal of things he could talk about if need be. He was a natural liar so it should be a piece of cake. The smile he might as well just keep it simple. With her talk of how unnatural he had seemed to her. He learned that her mother must have been the shadow parent since she refered to her after saying they were pretty much all gifted darker personalities. With no real time to answer and no real desire to he simply followed Yuaki to the bakery where a green long haired man was waiting. Must have been the one called Isis since his guide waved to the man.


Yuaki started speaking to Isis and presented him as an old friend before indicating him so he'd give the wine. He walked closer the man and offered his armful of wine bottles to the basket where it had came from. Not to seem to cold he had a small smile, even after he learned he was a guardian. Which gave him an unpleasant surprise, which he hid skillfully. Didn't stop him from looking as natural as he could and greeting him once presented.


He thought about removing his hood, but there would be a problem if he did. Problem being him disliking the suspicious looks of the passerby. Still might as well remove it now, the blue haired girl was already with him. He removed it winking at the sudden light hitting his now bare face before readjusting quickly.


It's a pleasure to meet you too Isis. It is my first time here. Arrived a few days ago in fact and had the chance to look around a bit. It is a nice place and I'm hoping my good friend will help me see more of it.” He said smiling at Yuaki as if they'd been friend for a long time.


He took the offered hand and gave back a solid handshake.


I do not mind. Yuaki you got the last word though. What do you want to do?”He looked at Yuaki waiting for her answer.

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Yuaki smiled as her two friends interacted. Already she couldn't wait to introduce Lucius to Isa and see what she thought. She figured Lucius wouldn't be overly-thrilled, but oh well. There was no way Yuaki would leave Isa out of the fun she was having with her new friend. After all, Isa would be the one deciding if he got to work as a servant in the first place. Well, she and the blacksmith, but Yuaki was sure she could talk Gjar into taking on another helper. After all, Gjar had always wanted a male assistant, but had never found one with the gumption to keep up with the work load or the finesse for the fine details on some jeweled weapons.


Of course, there was still one little problem; what to do when the Guardians of Peace were sent off? Yuaki figured she'd have to suggest Lucius leave Sola. She could get him plenty of excuses to end his work at the palace. Or maybe with Blaise gone, he'd like to stick around the palace. Whatever happened, she decided not to let it bother her too much. After all, although Lucius was interesting and someone who could give her some answers, Yuaki knew that he was not involved with her main purpose in life. He only would be if he joined the Guardians, and she doubted he'd ever be invited, let alone want to.


Yuaki suddenly realized she had been staring at Isis, and now he had asked a question. Did she want to stick around for new bread? Of course! She was unashamed to admit that fresh bread was her favorite food, and she'd stuff herself with it every day if she could. She blinked and glanced at Lucius, noticing he had put his hood down. He was as good-looking as Isis, if not a bit pale.


“I do not mind. Yuaki you got the last word though. What do you want to do?”


Yuaki smiled. "Of course I want to stick around! Lucius, you have to try the bread here... every kind is amazing. There are all sorts of recipes from around the world brought here! Banney is famous in that way. In his younger years, he was a traveling cook. During a temporary cease-arms in the war, he even traveled to Frigid and collected some of their Eternal Ice. He can tell you all sorts of stories, and his ingredients are always incredibly fresh."


Then she turned to Isis. "We'll pay of course. Fresh bread is worth any price, especially when you help make it. What kind of bread is it?" Cooking was one thing Yuaki loved to do and was quite good at. Because of that, she appreciated an expert cook even more and always made sure to compliment them. Isis was one of those few guys who just knew how to cook and bake. The fact that he could grow his own herbs in minutes helped too, and Banney surely appreciated it.

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Queen Zillah


The Queen raised her brow when Jahan looked away from Aamina as she responded. Something that she hadn’t expected. That was something that she would have to learn from Jahan, humility in one’s appearance. The queen was most definitely a woman to behold. With a figure to rival a woman fifteen years her younger, long, jet-black hair, and ruby eyes with a clear complexion, she was definitely beautiful. Betzalel never hesitated in telling her so either. Her confidence was definitely high in that area.

When she broached the subject of his duties, she noted that his face lit up. To easy huh? She thought to herself after filling her glass with water instead of more wine. She nearly spilled the glass in surprise when Jahan called her mother. It had been some time that she had been waiting to hear him call her that beloved word. Due to her position, not many men were to even call her a prospect in their scheme of love and war. Therefore, she had never had a child. Jahan was the closest thing to a child, as was Aamina and a few others, but none were as important to her as Jahan. The word made her smile.


“As to the first my son, you should enjoy the time while it lasts. There will be a time where you will have to rule on your own and at that point you will have Aamina there to guide you for she learns from me as well in our sessions.” She glanced at Aamina who’s underlying tone in her “stare” at the queen was reminisce of “Oh come on! You had to tell him that?!”

“The second, regarding your birth parents, I am glad that they have decided to breed a new heir. Their line has always been some of the best and their family has always been a part of my courts whether in brothers, sisters, or the heads of the household themselves. Oh, and please do refer to young Vladaar as your brother. You need to make sure to keep a tender mind towards him.” Shadows reached from her eyes for a split second before retreating. “Siblings are far too important to disregard.” She looked at him, hoping that he caught her meaning. It was definitely not something to discuss with her regarding her history.


When he turned to Aamina and asked her to look up Celeste, the Queen was in the middle of a sip of water and she spluttered in a very not-so-ladylike manner as she tried to hide her laughter. She had deviously pried out of Aamina the reason that she hated Celeste. Not only was the girl very dramatic about her situation, but she was also one that seemed to be weak to Aamina. Now the Queen had told Aamina that because she was a stoic type of person, anyone that laid themselves bare on their sleeve was going to annoy her. They did annoy the queen, but Celeste was devoted to Jahan. To Aamina, this was Celeste’s only good quality.


The Queen couldn’t even look Aamina in the eye as she stepped over to the queen, handing her a tissue. Zillah gently waved Aamina off with a grin as she pulled the rest of the water out of her lungs. She wondered what Aamina was to say.




Eveyrhting was better now. The Queen was having a grand time talking to Jahan, and Aamina was finally beginning to relax. She allowed herself to lean on the arm of the chair and place her head on her hand. Her face was still much like her element: emotionless. It was nice to hear the voice of the queen without her having to talk back to her. Talking was so overrated.


Especially when the queen mentioned her and Aamina talking together. She glanced at Jahan before “glaring” at the queen whose eyes merely twinkled.


She internalized her frustration to the woman that took her in and continued to stare at her when she spoke, then stare at Jahan when he spoke. It was definitely an interesting conversation. The queen was very secretive for a moment when speaking about siblings which Aamina only half understood. It was a story that she had yet to receive the privilege of hearing, probably never would.


Buuuut, that wasn’t all. Jahan turned to her and she turned to him, keeping her expression level. Her bangs framed her face and her short hairstyle made her look far older than she was. The light was hitting her brown eyes just right so as to give them a gentle, orange glow.

The Queen was shocked at her sudden appearance.


Aamina listened to the first few words but as soon as Jahan said the name “Celeste” her face molded into one of shock, irritation and sudden concern at the queen choking on her water. She quickly walked over to her and handed Zillah a handkerchief that she accepted but waved her off, hiding her face which was clearly mirthful in the situation.

Annoying woman.


Aamina mentally berated herself as she rewound the situation, then played it again. He wanted HER of all people to check up on Celeste. To go get that annoying, melodramatic, oh poor me, infuriating woman who pawed at the princes feet like a sniveling dog. Oh this was going to be hard. The Prince wanted her to go check up on THAT person!


Why meeeeee????


“No.” She stopped and realized that she had said no. And now the queen was laughing harder.


Really? REALLY?!!


“I-I mean of course m’Lord. I will travel to Cumulus to find that person as soon as we are done here. As long as you don’t mind me not attending the meeting we have scheduled for this afternoon.” Her words were very tight and instead of the kindness and pleasure that normally tinted her voice when she spoke, her words were chewed and spat out more out of obedience than respect.


She sat back down where she was earlier, totally not controlling her appearance, allowing herself to flop on the chair with her legs curled underneath her as she leaned on the side of the chair, staring off into the distance. Her hair covered her face now hiding the slight pout that she wore.


Why’s he have to think about HER? Well duh, he is in lordship over her. He would have to.



Viara – V


V was surprised that the older woman still remembered Mythyr. But then again, who could forget the handsome, boyish face and the fact that he was a Tri. She gently scratched part of the large sun mark that spread over her back and allowed one large ray to reach up to the base of her neck. It was really annoying for many people always asked her if she had been injured, but when she was to wear traditional clothing, as she was tonight at the dinner, the queen would consistently make her wear dressed that showed off her mark. Mythyr’s mark was easily concealable on the back of his hand. In fact, most people had a concealable mark.



She distracted herself by taking a bite of the sweet bun and chewing it a few more times before falling in step beside Julian and Mythyr. She had to warn him. Even though she didn’t really like him, Viara did, and that side of her was begging her to warn him about the people that would be there. Well, and Julian of course.


“Just be careful Mythyr. Please?” she looked at him, her golden eyes begging him to take a second to consider who was there. Not many knew about, or had truly met/worked with the young Lord until a year ago.

“Jahanshah is not one to enjoy….rambunctiousness. Neither is his constant companion, Aamina. Both are young, but quite powerful since they were trained properly. Marc and Sky you should have no issues getting along with. Celeste and Naomi are young and will probably enjoy being near you. Renzo, avoid him. Even though you share an element, avoid him. Promise, Creos, Aoi and Gear I’m not too sure about. Just, just be careful okay? Both of you?” her tone was “gentle” for her and for those that knew her, it was her only way to show that she cared for you; warn you of the bad things. She looked at Julian wondering if he understood.


“Besides, I have to keep myself in check.” She giggled at her own comment that had been whispered to herself.


“Whisper is definitely a place that is home to many,” her eyes took on a distant look as she looked at the castle that they were about to enter. “Keep in mind that all types are here, and all types are welcome. Remember that there are those that you have to be wary of, such as the Queen herself, and there are those that you can be open with like such people as Mythyr.” She said as she battled through a quick result of the poison; nausea.




Noe giggled happily as Kai ran through the tunnels. It was always quite thrilling to have him carry her when he did that especially since it reminded her of the races that they could have when she was feeling like a little girl. They did that at times just outside the forest where they could have free run. He would run on the ground and she would do her best to outfly him as high as she could. The higher she was, the harder it was to breathe even though she was a griffin. Yet, due to her not being raised as a griffin, she had to build her resilience and strength against high winds, low oxygen and a mixture of the two.


She was having a blast with the rush of knowing that Kai couldn’t see, but she could. It was definitely fun until he slid to a stop with light above them. As hands sprouted from the sand around his ankles, she felt him place his hand over her eyes and run a finger along her lips which was something that made her heart beat. The sand was irritating and now she couldn’t figure what would make him so tender about a meadow.


She made a pouty face and did her best not to get nauseous as she felt them rising up from the ground and felt him step out of something and onto the ground….she hoped. She could hear a gentle breeze that was making leaves rustle and grass sing.


Crunch … crunch … crunch.


And then he stopped walking. He sat her down on her feet where she could feel grass tickling her legs, and could tell that stone cobbles were underneath her feet.


Welcome home? But it’s not that hard to go to the flat… she thought to herself with a skeptic look on her face as Kai placed his hand back over her eyes. When the sand and his hand were removed, it all hit her.


In front of her was a wonderful looking hill, that was actually a home. There was grass that grew all around it, a wonderful cooling system, and even grew in a healthy manner until it reached the trees where the grass was covered with leaves. There was a garden that already had many plants growing in it. Her steps were cautious as she took in everything. The multi-hued steps, onyx steps, expert workmanship on the chimney, and finally the design on the door. She couldn’t help but touch it and smile as she noticed that it was her with Kai forever near her heart. As he would be for all time of course.


Without even thinking of asking Kai if it was theirs, she stepped inside to a well-lit home thanks to small sky lights around the house that brought in plenty of light. There were two windows next to her, and further in the house, she could see where they were. She stepped in further, too surprised to say anything.


The walls were solidified and would definitely not be damaged due to rain. Everything from their home was here. In the foyer where she stood were some of her pieces of artwork as well as some of the pottery that she had convinced Kai to make and allow her to glaze. They were beautiful.

As she walked further into the home, she noticed that there, to her right was a kitchen for her to cook with everything that she would ever need. Wood was even freshly stacked next to the stove. Attatched to the kitchen was a large pantry full of foods that she would eat both as a human as well as a griffin, with food for Kai as well. Across from the kitchen, on her left, was a large dining room that would be able to hold their friends should they visit, but only by expanding the small table that had room for four. If they ever decided to have children, the table was the perfect height for both adult and child. The dining room had windows that looked out into the forest, but were covered with a ledge that would allow her to open the windows without worrying about the interior becoming damp during a rainy season as they oft had.


She walked further into the home and noted that part of the house went off to the right and another to the left. On her right was a living room that would allow them to entertain their friends and family in simple comfort, nothing too lavish, for that was not the way that she and Kai operated. It looked as though the cushions were made by a plant elementian which was something that she appreciated. Some of the chairs were made of intricate stone work and her favorite picture, one of her and Kai painted by the master painter in their kingdom was framed by a very skillful piece of artwork itself. She could tell that the frame was made by her beloved Kai and no other. His knowledge of how things flowed and his own love was placed into every inch of that frame: of this house.


She turned to her left and there, she passed through another one of the large, circular archways (this one had a door) that lead into another small foyer. This one, to the right, had a door that lead into a bathroom that held a single closet where both her clothes and Kai’s were stored very neatly, much to her pleasure. The stone countertops were polished and clean with a mirror that they could share. Everything was perfect. The bathroom held one last door that lead into the bedroom. This was where her breath was absolutely taken away.


The four posts of the bed were made of living trees that grew into the dirt that their house was built out of. Above the bed, the tree branches molded into a living canopy that would forever be living. Into the bark, were detailed scrolls and the various marks that belonged to the light alliance. The branches met at the top and formed a small nest where nothing was living, but the talent was amazing. The bed itself had crisp, neat sheets that made her feel at home. The night stands were made out of dark earth, and the lanterns beside their beds were made to adhere to the nightstands. There were two small windows on either side of the bed with a larger window to their right that had a small hollow much like the one that she had grown up with in her own room. Soft billowy curtains were on each window as they were in the rest of the house.


Words couldn’t express how thrilled Noe was with the home that Kai had given her, or rather, built for them. She stepped back through the foyer and in to the living room where she decided to sit down on one of the chairs to look out one of the windows. When she looked back at Kai, her mind still absorbing the majesty and beauty of their simple, clean, yet large-enough-to-have-company, underground home, there were tears of happiness in her eyes.


“Our home.” She smiled as a happy laugh/sob escaped her. She jumped from where she was into Kai’s arms, firmly kissing him, hoping to convey her joy and happiness in what he had done. Not only was she kissing him, but she wouldn't let him go! Her hands were placed firmly on either side of his face, keeping him close to her, not realizing that she would have to breathe soon.

(( *headdesk* Noe, you must breathe!





Isa couldn’t help but giggle at Aketsu’s first comment. His brothers were definitely on the weirder side of the spectrum, but they were all highly intelligent and able to carry conversations with other nobles very easily. She was quite glad that Aketsu and his family had been put in charge of New Aero.


He spoke about his older brother, Kurago, the oldest out of the family’s children, was definitely a strapping older man which gave testament to the agelessness of the Momoa line. He was definitely smart and looked at things from all sides. Of course, he, like many, was set in his ways about King Aslano. What he said, went. What he wanted them to do, was done.

“I’m glad, although it’s horrible, to hear that Aero’s new council is far less organized. I think that the cohesion between your brothers and the other nobles definitely aids in the organization and quick conclusions that all of you are able to come up with. I just hope that this continues. What I mean, is that they will follow what my father does. If they don’t, I just don’t know what he’d do.” When Aketsu mentioned that the refugees could hide in Aero, her face became both surprised, happy and horrified. If her father found that out…


He stopped her before her mind could go any further. He took her hands gently and made a breeze blow through the window which brought a smile to her face. She looked up at her beloved as he spoke about her changing into something more comfortable to which she nodded fervently. With a quick movement, she was gone then back.


She had gone to her room and quickly changed into her favorite pair of leather pants, billowy shirt and she finally let her hair down all the way. She didn’t want to braid it, so when she arrived back to where Aketsu was, she looked like she had been riding bareback for a long time. Her hair was definitely a gorgeous mess, but a mess nonetheless.


“Okay!” she said with a grin. It was easy to cheer her up when she needed it. Such a thing as her favorite bakery definitely cheered her up. She leaned in closer to him, her eyes seeming to whirl with color. “I will never forget that I have you.” Her head tilted slightly as she looked up at Aketsu. Eeeeeyup. He was definitely amazing.





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Kai followed Noe about as she went from room to room in the house. He mentally sighed with relief, it was quite obvious that she was completely enthralled with the place. He wasn't sure why he had ever been worried about her not liking it. In truth, unless she simply hated living underground... which he supposed he could understand since she was a griffin, everything else he'd designed with everything he knew she loved in mind. He even added lots of windows and overheads to increase the feeling of being outdoors and not in a giant rock he'd hollowed out.


He bit his lip slightly when she came to the bedroom, but as with the rest of the house, she seemed to love it and the bed especially. That made him smile. It was unique to be sure and he still wasn't entirely sure how "taking care of" the "living" bed was going to go. He would probably have to have the plant elementarian come back every few months or years to make sure the bed wasn't growing in some weird un bed like shape. But the two overhead skylights would provide the sunlight that the trees needed, and with a bit of time and pruning they would probably do quite well, so the man had said.


Noe finished her tour in the living room and seemed a bit overwhelmed. For a moment Kai wasn't sure how she was going to express herself, whether in laughing or crying or ---- oof --- yes, or making out... making out suited him just fine. As Noe kissed him he let the rest of the sand on his body run off, every single grain rushing to the floor like iron to a magnet, then sliding over to the wall where it stacked itself neatly in the corner and out of the way. The only sand left on Kai's body now was his arm, which he was rarely without, though he did sleep without it.


Now as time went on and oxygen began running low... Kai gently pried Noe off his mouth with a firm finger on her chin and a smile on his face. "I'm glad you like it. I got the stone for it from a slab of granite way up in the hills to the..." Kai paused, lips still only a fraction of an inch from Noe's own lips. He stared into her eyes and quickly decided that conversation could wait. "Right, shut up Kai." This time it was his turn to hold her tight and he additionally picked her up to his height, making it easier for them both but also so that he could discretely slide across the stone and hard packed dirt floor and into the bedroom where he broke the kiss again.


"I already let everyone know we won't be around until tomorrow, and then only if it's a real emergency." He winked, "after all, it will take that long for us to try out the place, bed room, kitchen, and the garden too." Kai glanced beyond Noe at the freshly made bed, "first things first though, we definitely can't live here if you don't like the bed," he whispered, motioning with his hand as the doors swung shut and latched, firs the outdoor one and then the bedroom door. "Aketsu knows where we are if there's really something important going on," he finished, returning his lips to their proper place, right over top of hers.

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Jahanshah listened curiously as Queen Zillah spoke about Aamina. He was glad she'd be there to help him keep the country running some day. But of course, he didn't expect that day to be any time soon. When Zillah mentioned Vladaar and siblings, Jahanshah lowered his head a bit in shame. His comment about Vladaar had been rather thoughtless--he out of all people should be the one to know--and he realized the Queen was right.


Although he either didn't realize it or just wouldn't admit it for one reason or another, Jahanshah didn't resent Vladaar; he resented his own parents, if just a little, because he knew that so long as Vladaar had no element he would never be treated like Jahanshah was. Jahanshah's birth parents felt like they had succeeded in raising their family name once again when Jahanshah showed promise. Now they had no expectations; they could spoil Vladaar as much as they wanted. But if Vladaar ever did prove to have an element, Jahanshah knew that the child's life would be very hard. It would be full of "your older brother could do it; why can't you?" and "if only you were like Jahanshah...". Either way, Jahan didn't like it. He wondered if Queen Zillah was right, if perhaps he could be close to the child and perhaps treat him as Jahan himself had been treated by Aoi.


As Jahanshah begin speaking of Celeste, he was shocked to hear a sudden sputter and coughing. It seemed Aamina had predicted the queen spilling her drink somehow, for Aamina's facial expression had changed moments after Jahan began speaking. He stared in concern at Zillah, but tentatively continued in what he was saying. Aamina looked very frustrated, and he wondered why. He suddenly felt a bit lost--did he miss something? Queen Zillah was laughing and Aamina looked angry. Then she answered his request.



Now it was Jahanshah's turn to almost choke, especially since Queen Zillah was laughing even harder. He felt a red flush light up his cheeks and he swallowed, not at all sure of what to do. Aamina had just said no? Was she ill? M-maybe the sight of her history was too much for her...? But then why is my Queen laughing? He really couldn't do more than helplessly glance from her to the Queen and back. He was about to repeat her two-letter sentence when suddenly she seemed to change her mind.


“I-I mean of course m’Lord. I will travel to Cumulus to find that person as soon as we are done here. As long as you don’t mind me not attending the meeting we have scheduled for this afternoon.”


But the Queen was still laughing, and Aamina looked... well, quite upset. Jahanshah stared at her, trying and failing to read her emotions. He was mostly failing because he had this picture of what Aamina was like in his head, and her current behavior didn't fit that picture at all. Jahanshah, to save himself from more embarrassment, quickly tried to guess what Aamina was trying to convey. Then, he got it. He understood! Pleased with his sudden understanding, Jahanshah smiled kindly.


"Aamina! I didn't realize the meetings were so important to you!" That's right, she wants to be useful! I think I finally get it! "I'm really glad to have your help with them and you're right; you shouldn't go, there's no way I could run a meeting like this without you! So, since I know you can do anything I tell you to, let's do it this way; you stay and run the meeting for me. You know how I like things run, and you're really good at that. I'll go find Celeste and greet her in person! That's how it's going to be, no need to say another word."


He nodded, glad that he finally understood the situation perfectly. Proud of his sudden insight into Aamina's mind, he quickly began slipping back on his boots. "Thank you for speaking with us," he said to Queen Zillah. He walked over and kissed her lightly on the cheek. "Do you have any final wisdom for us before we depart to our various tasks?"





"It'll be an adventure, definitely. Maybe your songs'll be famous someday."


Mythyr was shocked by the compliment. "You... you really think so?" The honesty in Julian's eyes reminded Mythyr of the man who had raised him, Old Man Botto, and compelled him to believe anything Julian said. "I do love music," he said, zoning out as he thought about it. Him, famous? Sure he got attention for being a tri, but it seemed that after he would meet and talk to people and tell them about himself, they would slowly distance themselves. At least, most people. V wasn't like that, and neither was Julian.


Mythyr listened as V began talking about the people they'd be meeting. He didn't recognize most of the names and there was no way he'd memorize the list, but he didn't have to. Even as V spoke, Mythyr's face changed from a blank expression to a gentle smile. It was almost sad, but also had an ounce of wisdom which meant to anyone who knew him that Mythyr was probably about to say something Old Man Botto would say.


"Viara, don't worry about me. You don't have to tell me what they're like. After all, I'll find out soon enough and get to form my own impressions. I think... I want to give each one of them the best chance possible. Maybe some of them have dark pasts, but everyone can change for the better, and that even those with the darkest hearts have some good in them. Maybe they just haven't been given the chance to show it. Maybe all it will take is a smile and a song."


He offered V a grin and put a hand on her shoulder. "After all, even Queen Zillah's eyes have this quality to them that made me feel at home, even as she threatened my life. You just gotta try to look at people's souls. They hide them very deep inside because they think they'll be criticized if their soul is revealed. A soul holds everyone's secrets and hurts. That's why people fight in the first place, because they need some way to show how their soul has been hurt, and some of them want other people to feel that hurt too. But people don't realize how special they are, for who they are." Then suddenly his hand was gone from her shoulder and he was in front of the castle, staring with awe at the giant doors.


"Well, here we are! Finally! See these doors, Julian? Legend claims that they are the second oldest part of this palace, made right after the throne itself was made! According to the stories, the first two Shadow Elementians ever bound their very essence into these doors when they died, as a way to live forever. They were married too, so if you believe the Legend you know that they're together forever! Pretty cool, huh! I guess that would explain why the doors sometimes open all by themselves," he remarked.




Akestu changed as quickly as possible as his mind went over the day's events. It was good that Aero was letting the refugees stay, but the government there was so unstable that any sort of spy might quickly find out. Isa was right to be worried about that, but Aketsu was doing his best to keep spies out. He (and fortunately his brothers, although for different reasons) insisted Aero be treated as regularly as possible and NOT as an enemy. So, no spies allowed right now. There was still hope.


Aketsu changed into a comfortable wool vest and leather pants. He wore nothing under the open vest, but it was closed enough that his torso wouldn't be exposed unless the wind blew at it a certain way. He was also barefoot. Since he had shortened his hair, he didn't have to keep it in a warrior's tail anymore.


Aketsu grinned mischievously as Isa came in the room. Her hair was everywhere, but that only served to make her look surreal and it brightened the room further. To emphasize that, he shook his own head until his hair was as wild as it could get at its length, half-covering his eyes. He was glad to see Isa happy again, and although her dress complimented her figure in every way, he was always happy to see her comfortable. As she approached his golden eyes stared at her spectacular, brilliant eyes. A new energy lit his face.


“I will never forget that I have you.”


"And you will always, always have me, heart and soul," he said back. He let it sink in for a moment. Then the scent of bread again came through the window. "Now come on," he said as he took her hand. He brought her to the window and perched himself on the sill. It was only on the third floor, and there were strategically placed decorative draperies and tapestries below. Aketsu had taken the time during the last year to 'organize' the decorations so that he could leave out the window whenever he wished by sliding and climbing down. There was room for two on the sill, and the way down was clear. He looked at Isa with a crooked smile. "Grab my shoulders and I'll jump," he said with confidence. He had never done it with two people, but he was sure he could, especially when the second person was Isa.

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Isis nodded eagerly, smile remaining, as he set the basket down and reached back to tie his hair back up before returning to the kitchen. Yuaki hardly ever refused an invitation to for bread. He was glad she came by often as she did; he hadn't been able to meet up with many of the other members since they got back, but he hadn't been that close to them to begin with. He hadn't much in common with Yuaki, but one thing they shared was their love of fresh bread. She had actually helped him secure a job at the bread house, directly after he had returned to the academy and finally graduated. While he considered returning to his home city, but he didn't feel right there anymore. Living in Sola for the past months had been better than his whole childhood with his family. People were actually friends with him, and enjoyed his company. And he enjoyed theirs.


Looking back to Lucias, he echoed her statement. "She's right, it really is marvelous. Banney's taught me a lot about baking, and I'm grateful to him. It'd been a while since I'd done anything even remotely close to making food."


Lifting the basket into his arms again, he shook his head defiantly as Yuaki addressed him. "Out of the question. My treat, all right? For both of you." With a small, bashful grin, he brushed away her compliment. "French bread. Put it in about forty-five minutes ago, followed by some sourdough fifteen minutes after." Gesturing with a head tilt, he invited them in to move inside. Leaving the pair to grab a table in the sitting area, he rushed to the oven, dropping the basket on a shelf to take up a pallet and slide it under the loaves, pulling them out. Taking a deep breath, he inhaled the strong scent of freshly baked bread and carefully carried it out to the front, setting it out on the display while flashing Banney a quick smile. Informing him of the package's arrival, he temporarily took over the front counter as the man went to inspect the contents.

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Luna couldn’t tell if she felt better or worse speaking out loud with Blaise. Certainly her voice would remain unsteady, but at least the fellow Space Elementian had been kind enough to notice her discomfort. Having an uninvited voice in her head was a little unnerving. Now she couldn’t tell if he was still listening in on her thoughts, so she tried to keep them reined in as much as possible.


Of course I remember what you can do Luna thought as she watched Blaise remove his mask. It was quite a unique quality for a Space Elementian, and it was one of the things that set Blaise a few levels ahead of her in terms of their abilities. Luna wasn’t likely to forget something like Blaise’s eye. Not many people could hide from its perceptive qualities.


Luna had left her mind slightly open in the background, just enough to be aware of anyone else that came into the area. She was picking up on another presence nearby, but it wasn’t close enough for her to decipher who it was. If Blaise had noticed, Luna didn’t see any sign of it. He was as nonchalant and stoic as usual.


Well, maybe he had picked up on the other presence. Luna wasn’t sure that she liked the quick changes in conversation (although part of it had been of her own accord), but this one made it slightly easier to comprehend Blaise. He had always been a ball of confusion for Luna. Was he making himself obvious for her sake? At least he had asked a question she knew she could answer.


”There’s a third one, yes. His name is T-Tractus,” Luna said softly. She hadn’t spent much time with Tractus, either. In the past year she had distanced herself from nearly everything that could remind her of Univerum, even Tractus. No wonder she wasn’t picking up on his presence as easily as Blaise had. She had nearly forgotten what his mind felt like. Wait, is it Tractus? Luna reached a little further with her mind, but she couldn’t tell.


”D-did you sense him around here?” she asked as she looked over her shoulder. In all honesty Luna wasn’t sure how she felt about Tractus anymore. Her first meeting with him had been…awkward to say the least. She cringed at the thought of her own cowardice. Why did I run from him? Maybe they had both grown up a little in the past year. Maybe he had even figured out what that whole aura thing was about that he had been jabbering about when she had first met him. She was still just as confused about it as she was back then.

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Yuaki gratefully pulled out a chair for herself and sat down. She could hear Banney commenting on the basket delivered in the back of the store. He seemed happy, as always. He was probably the happiest old man Yuaki had ever met. It seemed funny to her that usually the happy ones weren't the rich and royal ones but the mere peasants who got to do what they loved most in life. In Banney's case, this was baking. Moments later, the scent of the freshly baked bread filled the entire bakery. Yuaki took a deep breath and let it out in a sigh. She silently twirled her hair and gazed around the bakery. A minute later, Isis appeared at the front with the loaves.


"Thanks a bunch Isis," she said with a smile. Now all they had to do was wait for it to cool a minute. She turned to Lucius. "I moved to Sola when I was fourteen, shortly after we parted ways. I was lucky to get a job in the palace I guess." She glanced at Isis. "I didn't really want to work there, though. What I really wanted was to watch those in the Academy as they learned and grew. I was especially interested in watching those with the water element. Then through a twist of fate I became friends with Princess Isa. You've heard of her, right? The Rainbow Princess? I'll have to introduce you two."


It was partly a warning, partly a happy fact. Yuaki liked being friends with Isa, but she didn't know how Lucius would react to being so close to a Light Elementian. She didn't much care either, but she felt it polite to at least inform him that he would have to talk to Isa and would have to be nice about it. Yuaki hated it when anyone tried to hold hints of rudeness in their voices when speaking to Isa--no one was ever outright rude to the Princess, but you could tell when they wanted to be. It made her want to smack them. In that way she was a bit possessive, especially if the offenders were female. Like they had any idea what Isa had to deal with every day.

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Taking a seat at Yuaki's chosen table he looked at Isis go inside to get the said bread and finish deliver the basket of goods. He was very curious as to how good the bread would be since they were praising it like it was something out of this world. Whatever this French bread was, he was starting to be hungry especially since it was free and he was not about to spit on that! He was a bit surprised when he heard his 'old friend' sigh. Was she bored?


He didn't have the time to really question her since the smell of the bread floated to him as Isis came back outside with it. He had to admit it was mouth watering. He listening to Yuaki's story as it cooled down, glad to gain more information about her situation and therefore have more plausible lies to tell, but not as glad to have it confirmed he'd have to meet miss sunshine soon. He had heard of the Rainbow Child... Princess of this kingdom... and a light elementian.


Of course I heard of the Rainbow Child. You really got an interesting life here and you even know her personally.” He grabbed one of the bread and broke it now that it was cool enough. “I'm not sure if I deserve to meet such an important person, but I'd be honored to be introduced. If you are a guardian Isis do you know her too?” He was not, not at all! She was light he was shadow it was bound to start sparks or more if it was known and he was the worst off. She was a legendary light! He was just a normal shadow who's best trick was back stabbing, hiding and running away... He took a bite off the bread. “I have to admit I could get addicted to this bread. If I have to meet Princess Isa is there something I should know? Formalities or ethics of any sorts? I would not want to be rude to her by accident.


It felt strange to be sitting eating bread in the middle of the shadow sworn enemy town with two of their guardians. Just being with people this casually was actually odd for him. People in Whisper usually avoided him because of his past actions and still present bad tendencies. It was not so bad there since it was home, but here he'd be executed on the spot if he did any.

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Aisling was walking along a path in the woods that led her away from her house on the outskirts of Cumulus towards Whisper. Her house was somewhat close to that city anyway but since she was traveling alone, it took a bit longer to travel there. Plus she did stop a few times to take a break and take a breather as well as eating some of the food that she had made for the journey.


After a few more minutes of resting and after she ate some of the food that she had packed for herself, she got up and continued on the path that she had been walking on before. A few hours later, she entered the town of Whisper and looked around at everything there with curiosity on her face since she had never been there before.


After looking around at all the shops there and receiving curious glances from some of the townspeople, she started to head towards the cities' exit. She hadn't planned on staying in Whisper for very long since her goal was to reach Sola in a couple of days. She had spoken to her adoptive mom/water teacher before leaving and she had said that it would take at least a couple of days max to reach Sola or a day minimum.

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Yuaki smiled when Lucius mentioned that he had heard of Isa. It was true, Yuaki wasn't sure how she was lucky enough to not only meet but almost immediately become friends with Isa. They were buddies; if Isa had to leave on some diplomatic something-or-other, Yuaki was always the 'servant' who was chosen to accompany her. The best thing was, Yuaki's friendship with Isa was one of very few things (so it seemed) that King Aslano never seemed to judge concerning Isa. Well, that was how Yuaki viewed it, but she really didn't know King Aslano well. She had spoken to him on very few occasions, and it had almost always been as a formal servant. Most of what she knew of him came from other servants and Isa herself. Honestly, Yuaki hoped never to have to speak with the King long-term.


When Lucius grabbed the bread and took a piece, Yuaki eagerly grabbed the other loaf and tore off a chunk. It was perfect, almost steaming. Yuaki did her best not to eat like an animal, especially since customers and children often came in and out and Yuaki was still dressed as a servant. She listened as Lucius asked Isis if he knew Isa as well, and she watched Lucius. Whatever he was really thinking, he was good at hiding it. Yuaki almost appreciated that in him--it reminded her of some other people she knew.


“I have to admit I could get addicted to this bread. If I have to meet Princess Isa is there something I should know? Formalities or ethics of any sorts? I would not want to be rude to her by accident.”


Yuaki grinned, fully agreeing with his statement about the bread. "Nah, just be respectful as you would to anyone of high position. Y'know, bow as a greeting, don't chew and talk at the same time, whatever. And you better be nice. I know you will be, but make sure you are, 'kay? Isa had to go to a torture session with her father and the council today, so she might not be in the greatest mood." Yuaki took another large bite, stuffing her mouth full of the warm, perfect bread. "Mmmmmm," she said appreciatively.

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Julian nudged Mythyr's arm with an elbow. "Of course. I know my sister would love them. So, that's at least one person who would be singing them all over and over for eternity. And she’d make sure that everyone in the family knew them as well.” Reaching up, he shifted the strap of the bag over his shoulder, then pulled it off and swung it to the other side. The metal blocks clanked against each other with the new position, causing him to smooth out his steps so as to quiet them as he trod along. A sudden wave of nostalgia hit him, out of nowhere, as V named off the people they were going to meet and practically be living with for who knows how long. Slowing his steps slightly, his brow furrowed in thought. His family, his home, and everything he knew was far behind him; the future was just ahead. And here he stood, throwing caution to the wind, yet again. Trading one life for another, but this time of his own accord. Unsure if he should be happy or worried, he hurried to regain the distance that had grown between himself and the other two.


He caught up just in time to hear the conclusion of Mythyr's response to V's warning as they approached the gates. His tone suddenly changed as he addressed Julian.


"Well, here we are! Finally! See these doors, Julian? Legend claims that they are the second oldest part of this palace, made right after the throne itself was made! According to the stories, the first two Shadow Elementians ever bound their very essence into these doors when they died, as a way to live forever. They were married too, so if you believe the Legend you know that they're together forever! Pretty cool, huh! I guess that would explain why the doors sometimes open all by themselves."


Julian’s eyes widened as he listened, taking in the elegance and detail of the gate. The story to go along with it was just as compelling, and he released an reverent whistle. “Wow... I’d never heard of that before. True or not, that’s a beautiful story. Is there a way to bind your own being to an inanimate object? I’ve never come across any record of it being done before. I wonder what it would be like...”


Curiosity rose from the back of his mind about the rest of the company. What would they be like, what are they capable of? He roughly ran his teeth over his lower lip as he verbally worded his question. "Hey, V, what other kinds of elements do these people have? Are there any other elements from the light alliance, or just you and Mythyr?”





Blaise gave a noncommittal shrug, an explanation barely worth giving. “He’s close enough to be sensed without trying.” He, Tractus, and Luna were the the majority of the Space Elementians in this generation, so he had made up his mind to speak with them both and at least make an attempt to be sociable with either or both of them. But Luna, of course, was her same old self, a very shy, timid and remarkably unimportant person. As far as he knew, her family barely acknowledged her, and she regarded them in the same manner. In fact, he practically knew her life story.


However, Tractus was a different situation entirely. He was practucally unknown, but Blaise was soon going to change that. He'd meet up with everyone in the company eventually, so he might as well start learning about the ones who might have the most in common with him. The least irritable ones.


With the mention of the person in question, Blaise could feel Luna's apprehension on the subject. Were he half decent and/or caring of every single human being in the world, he might have struck out on his own, but of course, it wasn’t important how she felt on the matter. With a gesture of his hand, he turned towards the door, motioning for her to follow.


"Let’s go. You can introduce us.”


Today, solidarity didn't agree with him. He need to know, feel, explore, even question something new. After so long of the same old same old, he was finally itching for something different to his everyday pattern. Some variation to the day by day routine. It was slightly vexing, but he was somehow making the best of it. Though it might get a bit crowded in his head at times, like it did while he was enrolled in the academy, it will be manageable, and possibly somewhat interesting.


"Come along, dear," he drawled, pinning a sarcastic stress on the 'dear', not bothering to look behind as he started striding in the directon he believed the third Space Elementian to be. "We haven't all day."


((Isis will get his own post tomorrow. #dead))

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