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Trials and Travels (Semi-lit)

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This RP is run by Dragonpelt and I.


OOC- http://forums.dragcave.net/index.php?showtopic=122043&st=0


Map of Element (Courtesy of Skarx)






Long ago, all of the Elementians worked together in harmony. Everyone helped each other no matter the element they controlled. Everyone was able to harness the power of the element of their parents with only a few who had the abilities of both of their parents if their parents married outside of their own element. But a time came when the Shadow Elementians came to enjoy their power far too much and formed an alliance with the Metal, Lightning, Fire and Ice Elementians and promised to help them rise to power with the Shadows. However, little did they know that someone had found a way to get word to the strongest, and most peaceful city around; Sola. The inhabitants of Sola were the Light Elementians and were able to control light in very strong fashions. When they heard of the treachery that the Shadow Elementians had done, they quickly formed their own alliance between Wind, Water, Plants, and Space. The only two elements to stay neutral were the Weather and Earth Elementians.


A war broke out between the alliances which soon had fires burning across the land as well as massive floods, and above all, death reigned supreme. It took 30 years of constant battle for the Shadow Alliance to be brought to silence but after that, Elementians were never safe.


In a supreme order and vote of the Light Alliance, all those associated with the Shadow Alliance were deemed evil and therefore always under arrest when they were met in the street.


It is now 50 years after that order and Elementians find it rare for one of them to control elements any longer. The outbreak of chaos so many years ago caused their controls to be misaligned. Now there are hardly ten in each city who can control their city's element. Even in this time, though, the Light Elementians provide hope and have built an academy for those that can control their own element. It is through this academy that people receive a certificate that allows them to hunt down any and all other Elementians that can control the elements from the Shadow Alliance.


The Academy of Elementian Training has existed for the past twenty years. It's history is rich with some of the greatest Elementians of their time. Vixen Grotto, Lizar Usen, Crixtan Trayz, each of them trained students at the AET, making it their goal to finally have someone that would be able to overcome the evil Shadow Alliance Queen, Zillah.


In the past, a team was put together of just-graduated students from the academy. Their strengths were many, but their cohesion was lacking. After decimating one of Zillah's armies, the team fell apart due to exhaustion and turmoil. With determination as their guide, the team of young adults made their way back home to Sola to attempt to regroup and try again. Not a year later and they are setting out again, hopefully with more to aide them in their battle.




Good: Wind, Water, Light, Plants, and Space (Telekinesis)

Neutral: Weather and Earth

Bad: Metal, Lightning, Fire, Shadow, and Ice


People (Element wise)






Elementian Lingo, Descriptions and Cities



((These apply only to those that control an element. Not to those that don't))

((Also, clicking the Element title will show what they usually look like and common clothing))



*The Wind Elementians are commonly known for their grey-white eyes with rare gold eyes.

*All of them have a mark of a swirling breeze somewhere on their body as a birth mark.

*Their hair color varies in different shades of gray and white no matter the age.

*City: Aero

*City Type: Above ground. It is literally, built in the sky.

*Leaders: Councilmen. Trig Lawrence, Victor Giami, Lyd Jean, Marcy View.



*Their eye color is commonly a dark blue with a rare seafoam eyes.

*Their mark is of a single rolling wave.

*Hair color can be blue, seafoam green, or any common color.

*City: Triton

*City Type: Underwater. (Think of the Gungan people on Star Wars. That is how their homes are built.)

*City Leader: King Marcio and queen Laylia



*Their eye color is mainly a golden or yellow color. Sometimes they can have multi-colored eyes like a rainbow, but only one person is known to have that.

*Their mark is like the sun.

*Hair color is blond or several colors all at once.

*City: Sola

*City Type: Solar Powered, Castle. They live in the forest, but there is a clearing there where they were able to build a castle and surrounding town. Any light that they have, is from the sun.

* Leader: King Aslano



*Eye color is dark to light green.

*Their mark is of a large oak tree.

* Their hair color can be any thing from a dark/light green to a dark/light brown.

*City: Natura

*City Type: In the Trees. Their homes are built inside the trees and they grow their own homes. They are holistic people and know their plants and herbs well. Commonly known as healers. Now a days, they have only a few that can still grow homes.

*Leader: Queen Lyra



*Their eye color is usually black or violet.

*Their mark is of several stars.

*Their hair color is the color range of purple as well as black.

*City: Univerum

*City Type: Observatory. The entire city is built around a central Observatory on the edge of the water.

*Leader: King/Professor Lucius



*Their eye color varies greatly between shades of blue and gray.

*Their mark is of a tornado

*Their hair color also varies anywhere from blacks, to grays, to white.

*City: Cumulus

*City Type: Normal. Like any other city. The only problem is that the weather changes drastically throughout the city.

*Leader: Lady Uhni and Lord Jax



*Their eye color varies as much as the tones of earths and gems do. They are the hardest to tell if they are earth Elementians.

*Their mark is that of a mountain.

*Their eye color varies as much as their hair color.

*City: Terra

*City Type: Underground with light shafts.

*Leader: Lord Gerald



*Their eye color varies as much as the natural tones of different types of metals are.

*Their mark is that of a single piece of ore.

*Their hair varies as much as their eyes.

*City: Metallum

*City Type: Inside an old volcano. The volcano is large enough to house the town, a forest as well as its own lake.

*Leader: Lady Vanna and Lord Barzilai



*Their eyes are most commonly a creamy white or sometimes an electric blue.

*Their mark is of a single blot of lightning

*Their hair is white.

*City: Electra

*City Type: Technological. It is a very advanced city in the technological realm. (Anything is possible within reason)

*Leaders: King Hikaru and Queen Arevalous



*Their eyes can be either an intense blue, red, orange, or yellow.

*Their mark is of a flame.

*Their hair can be blue, red, orange or yellow. The most common color is red.

*City: Pyra (Only unidentified brown dot)

*City Type: All Stone to avoid fires. They are also a city that has beautiful and delicate architecture because of the precision their forefathers had in their skills.

*Leader: Lord Adroushan



*Their hair is always black. There is no variation in it. This also makes it difficult to spot a Shadow Elementian when they are with their own kind.

*They have no mark.

*Their eyes are more often than not, black. But they can also be gray or a deep red. However, the red is REALLY rare....

*City: Whisper

*City Type: Hidden. They hide it in shadows. It is a rather large city with a main castle.

*Leader: Queen Zillah



*Their hair varies form a light blue to white.

*Their mark is similar to the Earth Elementians, but their mark has ripples of water around the iceberg.

*Their eyes are also like their hair.

*City: Frigid

*City Type: Ice. Everything is built out of ice.

*Leader: King Takhi




Go Flame yourself. - Kinda like Go Jump off a cliff.

As changing as a Weather - Tempermental

Your as solid as a Ground shifter - You are unmovable. Can be a complement or insult.

Gem Hoarder. - Used in regards to earth elementians which can, at times, be very greedy.



((More to come!))





Presently ...


Zillah is triumphant in her tower in her kingdom. Her beastmen surround her with adoration and cunning as they plan to strike down the foolish academy students once more. Even the wisest of her beast men, a dragon named A'dan, can no longer foresee any other path than her victory.


Along the forests of Sola, new students are graduating and the older students have finished their time of re-grouping. They are definitely all ready to learn that through their team work, they can defeat Zillah.


Or can they?


Will it instead become a battle for peace? Will the Guardians of Peace go to Cumulus to settle the uprisings and show that peace can exist and attempt to start another faction to the war, a faction of true peace?


What darkness could loom around the corner for all?


Or is it merely the shadow before the dawn?


Which side will you join? Those that wish to follow the strength and sheer power of Queen Zillah of Whisper, or those that wish to follow the kind and wise King Aslano of Sola? It is your choice for both are bad, and both are good.




[B]Looks[/B] (can be a picture or a description):
[B]Elemen[/B]t(What can they do with their Element?):
[B]Other[/B] (optional):


Characters Left:

Dual Elements - 6

Triple Elements - 1

Legendary Figures - 9 or 10


Characters by Roleplayer, Alliance and Element:

Courtesy of LN



~Isa: Light Alliance (Light/Legendary)

~Noe: Light Alliance (Weather/Legendary?)

~Aamina: Shadow Alliance (Earth/?)

~Marcus: Shadow Alliance (Fire)


~Kaimaru: Light Alliance (Earth/Lightning)


~Aketsu: Light Alliance (Wind)

~Yuaki: Light Alliance (Shadow)

~Jahanshah: Shadow Alliance (Metal/Shadow)

~Mythyr: Shadow Alliance (Light/Lightning/Fire)


~Skylar: Shadow Alliance (Ice)


~Luna: Light Alliance (Space!!!)

~Renzo: Shadow Alliance (Lightning and an awesome new picture)


~Tractus: Light Alliance (Spacey!!!)

~Celeste: Shadow Alliance (Water)


~Loren: Light Alliance (Wind)

~Betzalel: Shadow Alliance (Awesome)

~Creos: Shadow Alliance (Fire/Shadow)


~Gear: Shadow Alliance (Metal)

~Aoi: Shadow Alliance (Fire)

~Naomi: Shadow Alliance (Plant)


~Isis: Light Alliance (Plant)

~Blaise: Light Alliance (Space/Legendary)

~Promise: Shadow Alliance (Ice)

~Julian: Shadow Alliance (Metal)


Characters by Element and Alliance:

Green are on Sola's side for the most part.

Red are on Whisper's side for the most part.

By pure I mean they have only one [known] element, no matter what their parents had.

Members with * have more than one element, so far as I know (users might know otherwise).


Wind: Aketsu, Loren: 2 Pure

Water: Celeste:, 1 Pure[/Legendary?]

Light: Isa,, Mythyr**: 1 Pure/Legendary, 1 Tri

Plant: Isis, Naomi: 2 Pure

Space: Luna, Tractus, Blaise: 2 Pure, 1 Pure/Legendary


Earth: Aamina, Kai*: 1 [debatably] Pure, 1 Dual

Weather: Noe: 1 Pure... [Legendary?] Griffin thing.


Ice: Skylar, Promise: 2 Pure

Metal: Jahanshah*, Gear, Julian: 1 Dual/[Legendary?], 2 Pure

Shadow: Yuaki, Jahanshah*, Creos*: 1 Pure, 2 Dual

Fire: Marcus, Creos*, Aoi, Mythyr**: 3 4 Bad boys, 2 Pure, 1 Dual, 1 Tri


Lightning: Kai*, Renzo, Mythyr**: 1 Pure, 1 Dual, 1 Tri



Not counting: Betzalel, Queen Zillah, King Alsano, or Beast Folk

Males: Fourteen

Females: Nine

Certain Couples: Three

Light: Eleven (2-3? Legendary, 1 Dual, 1 Gryphon) Besides one Beast

Shadow: Thirteen (1-2? Legendary, 2 Dual, 1 Tri) Besides one Beast

Pure: 20

Dual: 3

Tri: 1


Creatures Allowed


Any and all, but you must send them through me.


Beast Men - Half man, half beast. They could also be known as shape-shifters.


Phoenix - Beasts of legend. They are hardly found in the





1) No god-modding, power-playing, etc.

2) You will ALWAYS need to post at least one 8 sentence paragraph with each post!

2) Romance is allowed but please keep it PG-13.

3) Post your forms in the OOC thread, but only after reading rule #5

4) Dragonpelt and I are the bosses of this rp so if either of us tell you not to do something or we kick you out of the rp, listen to us and don't argue.

5) All forms must be sent to me. Then, and only then, will you be allowed to post the form in the OOC thread.

6) There's no character limit but please don't control more than you can handle.

7) For the powers of your characters, please don't have them be too powerful because they won't be accepted if they are.

8) You must have this -> alot.png in your form somewhere....I don't care where, it has to be there.

9) History must be AT LEAST 6 sentences long. Longer than that is preferable and if I know you can type more than that, then I will probably ask for more.

10) You cannot change your power or abilities unless they happen in the RP. However, if you need to enter your form and haven't finished it yet, please state so. PLEASE NOTE, powers do change in this RP. The powers may only LOGICALLY change. A "Powers: A Guide for You" will be up in the OOC soon.

11) Personality needs to be at least seven sentences long.

12) If you provide a picture, you do not need to write a description unless you want to. if you don't provide a picture, a sizable paragraph (ask for help if you need it) needs to be written.

13) If you have been gone for more than a month without notice, then your characters will be placed on hiatus.

14) If you are unable to post, you must notify me or your characters will be on hiatus.

15) ALL OOC posts are to be made in the OOC thread. If there is any time that you post an OOC in the main thread, you will be warned. Repeated offenses (three times) will result in a strike. Three strikes you are out.

16) Any time you break one of the rules once you are in the RP, you will receive a warning. Three warnings = one strike. Three strikes and you are out of the RP no matter what.

17) Most importantly, have fun!!!!


DISCLAIMER: Please keep in mind that I work, teach, direct an honor society chapter as well as go to school full time. There will be days that I am unable to post. I will rely on you as an RPer to keep me updated.

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Username: DP

Name: Skylar (Sky for short)

Gender: female

Age: 18

Looks (can be a picture or a description): Sky but her eyes are light blue in color and her hair is white; her mark is over her collarbone.

Personality: kind, sweet, a bit shy, short-tempered, and stubborn as well.

History: Sky was born around 10 years ago after the war started and was on her own at the age of 13 after her parents died by a Light Elementian. Her parents were both ice elementalists and that was how she got her own ice powers. Anyway another couple on the bad side took her in and taught her the hand-to-hand combat skills she knows now along with a few martial arts skills. She was also taught to fight with daggers but she rarely uses them along with bows and arrows. After she turned 18, she was able to live on her own and that's when she met Marcus, falling in love with him shortly afterward. She now lives with him in a house that's in the mountains.

Power: ice manipulation

1. Ice Manipulation: The user can freeze anything within a few inches in front of them to a greater distance like a meter or so.

2. Ice Transportation: This allows the user to transport to different places by creating an arch (like how Frozone in the Incredibles gets around) with his/her power.

3. Ice Creation: The user can create items out of the ice such as weapons (swords, arrows, ninja stars, kunai, etc.) or solid objects to help him/her to defend themselves against other elementalists (shields or other barrier type objects).

4. Ice Armor: With this ability, the user is able to envelope herself/himself in an armor that can protect the whole body, including the head; basically it's like a normal suit of armor except it's made out of ice.

Crush: Marcus

Other (optional): loves Marcus a lot; also knows hand-to-hand combat as well as martial arts.

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((Oooh this looks like fun!))


Username: BlueApollo

Name: Luna Tsukino

Gender: Female

Age: 19

Looks: Luna ((except she has black hair instead of that strange shade of blue)) Her mark is on the back of her right shoulder.

Personality: alot.png Luna is a reserved young lady. She tends to stutter when she speaks, so she keeps her mouth shut much of the time in order to avoid embarrassment. When she is around people that she is familiar with and who she knows won't get on her case about her strange speech, she usually will speak up a bit more. She tends to make a point of avoiding social situations unless she knows that they are worth her time and effort. Mainly, she lacks a lot of confidence in herself since she is not the Elementian her parents wanted her to be.

History: Luna was born in the Space Elementian town of Univerum. Her parents were prominent scholars in the astronomy field and they were proud when they discovered that their daughter was a Space Elementian. They sent her off to the Academy immediately with high hopes that she would be very successful. Her first few years were uneventful. She was average compared to the rest of her class; not one thing was spectacular about her. Still her parents continued to encourage her until the day her mother died from illness. She was seven years old and still had yet to show any promise at being a great Space Elementian. Her father's encouragement and letters soon turned more aggressive, warning her that she would not be welcomed back until she managed to honor her mother's last wishes that she would become strong. Time and time again Luna failed. Her insecurities grew and she developed a stutter and a shy personality. She was nearly last in her class when she graduated from the Academy and decided not to return home. She couldn't bear to face her father after becoming such a disappointment. She wanders by herself now, trying to follow the mission that the Academy gave her: defeat those of the Shadow Alliance.

Element(What can they do with their Element?): Space Element

1. Thoughts: Luna can listen to the thoughts of others. This is the skill that she has the most control over. She can turn it on and off whenever she pleases. It is especially helpful in battle because she doesn't have to guess what her opponent will do next.

2. Telepathy: Luna can place thoughts into other people's minds. This only works about 75% of the time and even then some of the words and concepts may get a bit jumbled.

3. Psychic: Luna can see into people's futures. She has very little control over this power. When she looks at other people she might get a glimpse of what they're going to eat the next day or what their death will be. The visions are completely random.

4. Supernova: Luna has a lot of control over this power, too. Basically, she places her hands together in front of her, and when she moves them away from each other she produces a bright light similar to that of an exploding star. It's very efficient for distracting enemies in battle.

Other (optional): Luna is good at hand to hand combat. She walks around with a cane that she can use for self-defense if necessary. If she pushes the switch on the side of the cane, a sharpened blade will come out of the bottom of the cane, thus creating a usable weapon for her.

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((Correction: Not accepted. You need to have 6 sentences as your history please. Akira and Chuzuka, please add at least another sentence to your histories. It is one of the rules dears smile.gif ))


((As to starting, I don't have Marcus in or the other female that I wanted to start, so can we please wait a little bit longer? I went hunting today for 6 hrs, so i will try and get them typed up as soon as I can. I will more than likely be gone hunting tomorrow as well. Also, please delete all OOC discussion and take it to the OOC thread that will be soon unlocked by Walker.))


((Also, Blue, please read the following since I couldn't PM you. And new rule added to avoid any trouble


Hey there sweety!  Thought I should tell you that Telekinesis is control of the surrounding area, like Jean from X-men.  So if you could revise her powers a little bit that would help.


The best part about this, means that the Space Elementians can use most of the elements without having to worry about it.  Earth, Wind, Weather (by moving the clouds and pushing the wind since they can't control it), Lightning (by causing the clouds to rub together or directing kinetic electricity through pushing it around).  The possibilities are endless really as long as they have the element near them.

)) Edited by LoveLost

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((Alright ladies and gentlemen, let's get this thing started!


So, the main setting is that tomorrow is graduation day for everybody on the Light... and it is a dreaded day for most on the Shadow))







"ISSAAAA?!?!?!?! Where is that dratted child!?" Came the enraged bellow of the king that could be heard all around the castle. It was one of those days where Isa needed to be where she was supposed to be, and was not there just to irritate her father. At least she wasn't where he wanted her to be. Instead she was in the room that all of the graduates were to be in that way they would all be briefed on what would happen the following day and how they were to help in the ceremony of things. Isa's eyes rolled as her father shouted her name once more then opened the door angrily before looking at her and all of the other "children" in there. "Isa, if I may speak with you a moment?" he asked her before her eyes settled upon him, almost seeming to whirl with color. "No father. I must stay here to learn what I am to do on the morrow to make sure that things run smoothly for all of our sake." She said waiting for him to reply. A small curl of defiance was on her lips as the teacher motioned for her to step outside momentarily. She did so with a gentle sway of her body and listened as her father harshly whispered that she had not been measured yet for her gown nor had she even seen the woman that was to do her hair. "How about this father, I just wear rays of light that cover everything?" she said which put her father's rant on hold. "Just tell the seamstress to use one of my other dresses for measuring." With a curt bow, she walked back into the room and sat back down beside one of the windows and enjoyed absorbing the light. She would use it later, that was for sure.


Noe Amani


Noe looked around the room her light gray eyes taking in everything around her. The princess is in unusual sorts today. She thought to herself as she found herself at a loss of what to do. This was the time that she had been waiting for for most of her life. The time where she could be called a true Weather Elementian and help whomever she wished and to help them be safe, to help protect others. Although, the only thing that ruined her plans, was that she had a situational ability. It wasn't like she could attack people. She could only make them wet and play on their fears or blow them away. With a slight sigh, she crossed her legs underneath her dress where she was sitting on a slightly uncomfortable chair.


The dress that she wore, was one of her favorites. It was a light green that hugged her slim waist but was slightly opened at the front where a fiery color of shirt covered her chest like a tube top and matched the belt that was around her waist. Her ebony hair was pulled back firmly from her face with only her long bangs hanging on either side.


Nerio and Leith Oran


The two twin brothers were near each other towards the right hand side of the room. Leith was sitting on the desk with one legg propped up on the table and the other on the floor to keep him stable. On the other side of the small desk, leaned Nerio. The two of them were in a firm, but whispered conversation about how long it would be until Princess Isa was disowned from the throne and it was given to someone random by her father's own decree. However, a comment about how no man would fall for someone with an attitude like hers, set them both to laughing while the teacher started to write things on the board. It was easy to see that all they would be doing was read books or pamphlets and then make sure they had everything ready for the morning. Nerio looked at the other students and looked back at Leith. "I don't know about you brother, but things seem to be too quiet. I am actually quite tempted to throw water at everyone." He was quiet enough so that not everyone would hear him. This comment made Leith snort before he turned his seafoam eyes to his brother. "Well Nerio, I don't think that would be a good idea at all, seeing as this is the last day. You don't want us to be kicked out before we graduate?" His tone was filled with mirth as his brother made a motion that easily stated that his brother kept taking the fun out of things.





Marcus Tiron


Marcus was at the one place that most of the Shadow Alliance Elementians went to in Whisper to be trained on how to fight. He had to admit that those around him were probably more talented than he was, however, his ability could at least scorch those around him if he so chose. He wondered what it was that made them all so tense the day before they graduated and tried to make a difference in the way things were between the Alliances. But he truly did know the answer. Were they to be caught? Tortured? Killed? Or would they really make a difference?

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Aketsu (VI)


Aketsu was the first to bow as King Aslano opened the door. He kept himself bowed as the king spoke, though this brought some snickers from the back of the room. Aketsu had been quite near the door and had backed up a step as it swung open. He had been standing casually in his peasant's clothes, twirling dust around by moving his toes the direction he wanted the wind to go. The moment the door handle had turned, however, Aketsu hadn't hesitated to bow.


"Isa, if I may speak with you a moment?"

Aketsu flinched, anticipating the princess' semi-harsh response.


"No father. I must stay here to learn what I am to do on the morrow to make sure that things run smoothly for all of our sake."


Aketsu didn't move from his bow until King Aslano and Princess Isa had stepped outside the door. Aketsu then rose and backed up a step while at the same time clearing any dust from the entrance to the room. Sensing how private the conversation between father and daughter was (though it was likely not as private as he made it out to be), Aketsu stared out a window instead of watching them. His eyes trailed from the window to Noe, and then back again. Weather. The single little thought danced around Aketsu's head until a smile touched the edge of his mouth. The smile faded quickly, however, when someone to Aketsu's right commented on Isa's attitude and how it would never win her a man. Aketsu didn't frown, but he glanced to his right to see who was over there. His deep golden eyes paused on the twins--what were their names? Oh well--before moving to the window slightly to their left. Weather. Aketsu smiled again, but it faded to a serious look as Princess Isa reentered the room and sat down by a window.


Aketsu dipped his head in respect, as he always did when she entered or left a room. The first day she had been in the academy, Aketsu had been obsessively bowing every time she entered the room and showing every type of respect to her royal title that was possible. However, he soon found he could not concentrate on his studies when so fervently minding Isa, and seeing as she didn't mind, he resorted to simply showing her respect when the situation called for it.


Many thought Aketsu strange in this way, but most knew that Aketsu was strange anyways. He was unpredictable and almost unfriendly in a general sense. He showed no special treatment to anyone but the royal family of Sola; other than them, he treated peasants the exact same way as he treated nobles, unless he had some strange agenda on his mind.


Now Aketsu stared at his feet again and fiddled with his dark green braided scarf. Graduation was so near... and what then? Aketsu had a good idea of what then.




Yuaki Xa


Yuaki was extremely excited. Graduation day would be tomorrow, and all of those she had watched work for the past year would graduate. All of them would go off into the world and make a difference. Oh yes, Yuaki was very excited, and she wasn't even graduating! Nope, Shadow Elementians weren't allowed to graduate from the city of Sola, and in fact weren't allowed to be in Sola. Of course, nobody knew that Yuaki was a Shadow Elementian, and she never really thought of herself that way. No one in Sola knew, that is. To Yuaki's knowledge, there were only four people in the world who knew.




Yuaki, who had been standing in a corner waiting for orders from the teacher, jumped and almost gasped at the King's booming voice. She sighed in disgust with herself, seeing as she seemed to be the only one who jumped. King Aslano can't even keep his daughter under control. I'm amazed he's managed to keep this beautiful city safe from harm... so far. Thinking of the beauty of the city Yuaki had worked so hard to get to made her smile. It hadn't been easy getting into Sola, being a Shadow Elementian, but Yuaki was certain she would be able to accomplish her dreams in Sola much better than she could have in Whisper.


"Isa, if I may speak with you a moment?"

Yuaki smiled. Guess what she's going to say? No, daddy, we're about to start.


"No father. I must stay here to learn what I am to do on the morrow to make sure that things run smoothly for all of our sake."


Yuaki stretched her arms and sighed. I was pretty close. Her smug smile disappeared, however, when she noticed that the fool Aketsu was bowing his very face to the ground in respect for the King. Yuaki shuddered. Sure, King Aslano deserved due respect, but Aketsu always acted like this guy had saved the world or something. It was rather unnerving, to see someone so loyal to a king they probably had never spoken face-to-face with before. Such respect might be required in Whisper, but Yuaki was fairly certain that the kings and queens of the Light Alliance were more personal.


Yuaki smiled and winked at the defiant princess as she reentered the room and sat down. You show him, girl! You're about to graduate lucky duck, and you have your own life to live! For the year she had been living in Sola, Yuaki had found herself quite similar to Princess Isa. She wondered if the Princess was going to request a leave and go off into the world, away from the safety of Sola. I'll miss her, but I won't miss her father's yelling for her!


And in all truth, Yuaki wouldn't miss her that much...

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Skylar was at her and Marc's house in the mountains, practicing her ice powers in the back yard. She knew all four abilities connected to her power but she felt that she needed to work on them a bit more. She decided to start with her Ice Creation ability by making a bunch of arrows with her power and then worked on making ninja knives (kunai) next. As soon as she was done making those, she made a bow to shoot the arrows with and hit a tree that was 30 feet away from her and then took the kunai and did the same but to a tree that was closer. That done, she started to work on her transportation a bit more so that she could get better control with it.

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Luna kept to the shadows of the Academy as she continued her self-led tour of her old school. She had graduated the year before, but as a graduate it was part of her duties to return each year for the new class that would be welcomed into the world and, sadly, the ongoing battles against the Shadow Elementians. She had arrived a day early mainly to escaped the confines of her home city. The place had felt stuffy and arrogant to her now that she could hear what those in her fellow society really thought of her. A failure that had originated from Univerum was a terrible source of humiliation, and Luna had taken every excuse she could to get out of there. It wasn't like any of the other cities would notice who she was if she kept her head low and her mark covered.


Now, as she wandered through the Academy that she had once called home, it felt like she was safer than before. No expectations. No pressure. Just thoughts and sounds and the light touch of empathy that caressed the back of her mind when a stranger passed by. Her cane tapped the floor with each step, creating a rhythm for her legs to follow. She was almost to where the all the future graduates were stationed when she felt an explosive thought grate her mind. She cringed and backed into the wall as she immediately shut off her telepathy. She hadn't been prepared for that volume of thought. The source of it reached her seconds later. A loud, booming voice rang out through the halls and passed her in a whoosh of royal elegance. She opened her eyes to see King Aslano pass by in a hurry, his face strained with annoyance. She remembered her manners quick enough to duck into a bow before he was entirely out of sight. She lifted herself back up with a sigh of relief. At least he wasn't after her. She peeked past the edge of the hallway to see the King yelling at his daughter. She didn't want to turn her telepathy back on for fear of getting hit with another set of explosive thoughts, but even without it she could tell that the young lady had done something mischievous. She backed away from the corner and started to walk the other way. As she turned, she accidentally let go of her cane. It dropped to the floor, but before it could hit Luna caught it with her telekinesis. Sometimes it came in handy for embarrassing little things like this. She turned around to lift it out of its floating position. Now wouldn't it have sucked if it had hit the-


Wham! The cane flew out of Luna's reach and slammed against the wall at the other side of the hallway. She gasped and hid behind the corner, completely shocked that she had lost control so easily. She knew she wasn't very good at all this stuff, but losing control in front of a royal family was not only humiliating, it was outright rude. She didn't know if she should run out and grab the cane herself or leave it until everyone had left the area. She wouldn't dare use her telekinesis in this area again for fear that she would lose control again.

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Kaimaru had entered the academy an hour before and by now was completely lost. The directions the man at the gate had given him seemed simple enough but he had underestimated the size of the compound... majorly! You could fit a dozen monasteries in here!


He frowned, his hand played over the note he had been given by Master Tsume san. He hadn't known it until the day he'd left but Tsume had been a teacher here before retiring to live as a monk away from society. Apparently, if Kai had understood the cryptic old man correctly, this note was the equivalent of a graduation degree from the academy. And if the old man had been right about the times... and they hadn't changed much... Kaimaru was now bordering on VERY late for some sort of meeting on graduating the academy.


Even in his lost state, he was... afraid? or was it pride that kept him from asking for directions from the the other people that seemed to come flying out of one doorway or hallway and into another as if they'd memorized the maze that made up this place. They probably had, he mused.


He also was a bit embarrassed, his bright yellow and brown camel hair robe looked far out of place compared to the richly dressed individuals he kept avoiding contact with. If he were a betting man he'd have bet some of them had been royalty, but he wasn't and he had never seen a royal person before anyway.


Plick Pock Plick Pock


His sand staff tapped lightly on the floor as he walked along. That was the other thing that spooked him, there was no sand around, not even enough dust to notice! The stone walls felt hard and cold against his bare feet as he padded quietly along. He kept his face hidden as someone who wore more gold and jewelry than he had ever seen in once place, passed by and entered a room. He was mesmerized by the sight and as he was catching a look he almost missed a whirring noise as a small staff, no, more like a cane, came spinning through the air.


By the time he noticed it his staff had already disappeared and formed a protective shield over his left shoulder as the staff crashed into the nearby wall and held still as if held in place by a powerful magnet.


Kai glanced in the direction it had come in time to see a girl dodge out of sight. was I attacked? no... so... an accident? Kai had had his fair share of accidents in his time. He retrieved the cane with his sand and brought it under his cloak, "I'm sorry for the disturbance, I will be more careful." He spoke to the jeweled man who was by now standing outside the doorway. Unsure of what else to do he walked quickly by and rounded the same corner the figure earlier had disappeared behind.


Around the corner stood a young woman, unsure of what to say he stood for a moment and decided to just stick with what he knew... balance.


"You dropped this and I return it to you freely," not wanting to touch her cane encase she would feel offended by him, he opened his robe and allowed his sand to retrieve it and stand it in front of her within arms reach. "Now the scale is in my favor and to balance it you must do me a favor." He stated it matter-o-factly as if it was how everyone in everyday life did things... which as far as he knew... it was!


"If you could direct me to the room where the graduates are being gathered... I would consider the scale balanced." He closed his cloak again and allowed the sand to return to his hand as a staff, allowing the cane to fall towards the woman.

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NPC, Teacher, Noe, Leith, Nerio, and Isa


"Alright students it seems that it is almost time to start, if you could please look outside to see if there is anyone else that would b-" The teacher was unable to finish as Noe raised her hand. "Yes Noe?" the teacher said glad that she was saying something before Isa.


"Madam, I'll go and look. It'd be best if the Princess wasn't seen at the moment." she said before standing up slowly, glad that she wasn't that tall at all at the moment, otherwise she would have drawn unneeded attention to herself. She glanced at Isa who was glaring at the girl and as she walked out of the door, she felt a large amount of heat on her back and knew that her clothing was set aflame. She raised her hands and a torrent of rainclounds and rain filled the room and immediately in front of the room. "I told you not to do that again Isa!" Noe said as she turned around her eyes showing the anger that she so justly felt.


At that time both Leith and Nerio were holding a hand above their heads which kept them dry and also kept them from getting any rain even near them. "Here it comes, ELEMENTAL BATTLE!" Nerio said with a chuckle as the teacher sighed and watched as Neo stormed out into the hallway knowing what the sentence was for an act of anger. Each student was to walk to the battling room and battle it out. Nerio walked out of the room and noticed a strange looking man and woman around his age around the corner. "Hey there! Come and see the fight. It will be between the Princess and the King's Adopted." There was an obvious giggle in his throat (like Harve Presnell). Leith was behind him and glanced at the two with a gentle incline of his head in hello before he walked on.


Isa snickered darkly as she walked by Aketsu but then smiled at him kindly. The only person to ever show her respect without not wanting to. It was odd but she felt like she owed him something every now and then and after graduation, she intended to do something for him. "Come on Aketsu." she said with a smile before running after Neo who tried to walk with what dignity she could while the back of her favorite gown was burned to smithereens.


Noe was crying, but it was hidden in the rain that still streamed down her face. However the cloud avoided the king and everyone she passed by as she walked out a direct route to a large dirt circle in the center of the entire complex. Her steps brought her to one side and instead of salvaging what cloth she could, she looked directly at Isa and tore the bottom of the dress to just above her knees. The king, as he looked at her became sad and was ready to kick his daughter out of the academy. "Come on Isa." she said as she withdrew her sword.


Isa laughed at Noe as she also pulled out her own weapon. "Come on you hopeless fool, you know you could never beat me let alone put a mark on me, you would be thrown in jail." She taunted as she took off the cloak that she always wore which revealed that she was wearing a white, longsleeved shirt and dark leather pants. "Let's see how far you can get servant scum!" she shouted at the girl but stopped and looked up at her father. His large voice lifted out over the crowd that was starting to form. "In this battle, everything goes." When he sat down, Isa was infuriated, but knew that Noe could never win...however she had never gotten her this upset.


Noe spread her feet apart and smiled as brought about a large rainstorm and lightning storm right over Isa's head. "Servant scum? At least your father doesn't have to yell at me every waking moment!" she yelled back before trying to dodge a rather piercing beam of light that hit her square in her chest. Her breath was knocked out and she laid there for a moment when she felt a sword at her throat.


"You can't move now can you Noe?" Isa said with a smile. She hated Noe for taking her father away from her and had always wanted to make her regret that, but she never did. The one thing that surprised her as she thought that, was a tornado that quickly picked her up and dropped her on her back then picked her back up and did the same on her front.


All the while, Noe stood there as a dark orchestrator while tears coursed down her face and the storms grew larger. At this point, it would be highly unlikely for anyone to calm the poor dear down. As she grew angrier, more sad, and more unhappy, the storms she used grew larger and larger until finally she summoned up a tsunami and held it behind her momentarily as Isa tried to stand up but merely looked at her defeatedly.


The tsunami rushed at Isa threatening to kill her but with the last bit of strength she had, she tried to burn through most of it, but there was still enough to knock her out.


During the whole battle, both Leith and Nerio had built up a water shield together that people could see through but wouldn't be hit through until someone put up the shields to keep people safe. It was then that they both realized that this weather chick was way out of control. "Do you want to try and calm her brother?" Nerio asked as he watched what happened to the princess. "Be my guest." was Leith's muttered reply.


Inside Noe's Head

Servant scum? Does she even know that I cleaned her room most of my childhood as she messed it up with all the finery that she has? Does she realize that I can remember seeing my parents and them wanting to have me at the academy? Does she know, does she care? Does anyone? Why does she hate me? What did I do to be treated like this? I wouldn't have cared to stay a servant...yes I would have. I don't know! Why can't I get her to think of me as a friend?


Thoughts like this ran through Noe's mind over and over again as she stood there with her hair pressed against her bare back, fists clenched at her sides, and her shoulders shaking as sobs racked her body.



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Akira had been in the back of the room, not really socializing right now. She was actually intently rolling a seed between her fingers. It would be a beautiful flower when she decided to plant it. She didn't notice even the kings booming voice, but she snapped out of it as soon as the word of a fight came out. She frowned, slipped the seed in her pocket, and followed the crowd. She ended up sitting right behind twin boys, who put up a shield of water, as she watched the fight between princess Isa, and Noe. Once it was finished, but Noe was still upset, Akira frowned, burst through the shield, jumped down, and went over to her. She didn't care if she got hurt, or wet, or anything. She just wanted to cheer her up. She smiled and said "It's alright Noe! please, calm down! look!" She pulled the seed out, and concentrated. Without even having to put it in soil, a sprout appeared. Then it grew, till one solitary flower stood in the palm of her hand. She smiled and offered it to Noe.




Kilana yawned, she was at Whisper, watching people train. To her, she didn't need any. Her grandparents taught her all she needed to know. She was only there to be sure that she had every right to help in the fight. Graduation was soon. She noticed a boy standing close by. If she remembered, he was a fire elementian. She sighed and went over and said "Hi." Her electric blue eyes showing how bored she was.

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As Sky worked on her transportation ability, she decided to visit Marc at the academy to help the students get ready. She was already working on it so she figured that now would be the perfect time to see how he was fairing. Once she got there, she greeted everyone outside with a nod before going inside. As she got inside, she saw a girl talking to Marc and figured that she was one of his students. Sighing a bit with a small smile on her face, she made her way over to them while looking around at the other students and seeing how well they were doing.

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Marcus giggle snorted when he noticed the boredom in the girls eyes. "It seems that you are really really bored since you are coming over to someone who will be there to hand you your diploma." he said with a wink at her then smiled as Skylar walked over. "Hello dear." he said kindly and hugged her gently. He wasn't very outgoing in his showing of love towards her when others were around. It just so happened that he was rather timid. "I think that we need to ease all of our boredom. How about this, you fight with Skylar since she is an Ice elemental and you are obviously a lightning elemental." he said motioning to the fire girls neck.

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Sky smiled at Marc and hugged him back saying in reply, "Hello." She then listened to all that he said to the girl and looked a bit interested. "Sure I can do that," she said in reply with a small smile before getting out of his hold and getting into a defense stance shortly afterward. She waited for the girl's first attack, hoping that she would be ready for it. It had been awhile since she last dueled someone and she hoped that all the practice that she had been doing in order to help herself get ready paid off.


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--Aketsu-- ... ~Yuaki~


Aketsu didn't seem surprised at all when Isa set Noe's clothing on fire, but he did politely look away. Yuaki, on the other hand, came close to bursting out in laughter. She had to cover her mouth with her hand and pretend to be surprised to avoid laughing. She would have allowed herself to laugh, but since coming to Sola she had realized that laughing with and at Elementians in the Academy could get her fired. She swallowed her laughter and silently filed in behind the princess. She truly wished she herself could go and fight in the arena, but she knew that would never be possible.


Aketsu also filed in behind the princess, though with some hesitation. With the princess in a mood, he wasn't sure how much space she'd want. She seemed content right then, but any moment that contentedness could turn to rage. Aketsu was distracted from his thoughts when he noticed a young man handing one of the graduated students her staff. He paused for just a moment to give the very strange stranger a cold look before he inclined his head at Luna and continued on. He did keep in mind, however, how different the man had looked. His hair was white, meaning he could have Weather or Wind as an element... if he had one. He probably did, considering the fact that he was in the part of the Academy connected to the royal palace, but Aketsu couldn't be sure. If the stranger did have an element, however, Aketsu was fairly certain it wasn't wind. Being a Wind Elementian, he could just tell that the stranger either had a very strange style of wind or didn't have wind.


"Come on Aketsu."


The words hit Aketsu like a lead hammer, but in the most pleasant of ways. Princess Isa had not only acknowledged him, but given him a direct command. As a bonus, she had smiled. Aketsu quickly gave a small bow, not minding that his white hair was coming out its bander or that his heart was beating faster than lightning. "Yes, your highness," he said firmly. He quickly followed behind Isa, staying slightly to the side to still be within her sight. He wondered why she had invited him to her side, but didn't dare ask; the invitation was enough to keep him adoring her for the next decade. He kept pace with her carefully, as a true Personal Knight would. He kept his eyes and ears open for anything that could be threatening, even though there was obviously nothing. He then allowed his eyes to move to Noe, an a smile touched his lips as the rain fell down around her. Weather.


Yuaki couldn't help but grin in excitement as she and the others finally reached the large dirt circle that served as the center of the entire complex: the arena. Oh, how Yuaki loved watching Elementians fight, especially since she was certain no one would die. It was Isa vs. Noe, and Yuaki knew that Noe would never kill Isa and Isa would handle herself. If I was Noe, I'd just let it rip and pretend it was an accident. Yuaki did not like being pushed around at all and would not have stood life as a servant, especially not below someone like Isa. Personally Yuaki liked Isa, but she could see how Noe didn't.


Aketsu stopped short of the edge of the arena, outside of the safety wall the twins were setting up. He stared relentlessly at Noe, as though trying to read her. Aketsu had mixed feelings for Noe, for though the King treated her well, she was not actually royal. Aketsu's eyes only left Noe when she tore the rest of her skirt up to her knees. He then looked at the King and lowered his head in respect. He noted the King's disapproving look, but Aketsu's face didn't show what he might have been thinking. Now was not the time for fun and games; Noe was angry, and Isa was cocky.


"Come on Isa."

"Come on you hopeless fool, you know you could never beat me let alone put a mark on me, you would be thrown in jail."


Yuaki leaned forward in excitement as Isa uncloaked herself to reveal her fine clothes. They looked as though they would be excellent for fighting in; loose and comfortable but not loose enough to get caught on anything. Yuaki's mind was reeling, switching between inwardly cheering for Isa to thinking of how furious she would be if she was Noe. Yuaki looked around to see if anyone else shared her excitement, but most of the others looked grim. The twins were an exception; they were always fun. Too bad they're leaving tomorrow. I'll have to deal with the next generation of Elementians. Bleh.


"In this battle, everything goes."


Aketsu shifted his eyes to look at the King. Everything goes? Hmm. No. Nothing goes but what I allow to go, great king, because if everything goes than I can also. I will not allow your daughter to come to unnecessary harm, unless you directly order me not to. Of course, the King would know how Aketsu respected his family, but he was likely too busy thinking of the upcoming battle to even think of what Aketsu might do if Isa was in danger.


The battle began, and Aketsu and Yuaki watched closely. Yuaki grabbed the shoulder of the random person next to her out of pure excitement as Noe brought a huge rainstorm above Isa. Take that, sunshine! Die, servant scum! Go Isa!!! Go Noe! Blast her, Isa! Drown her, Noe! Yuaki couldn't help but squeal, and hardly noticed when the random person next to her slipped out of her grip and to the other side of the crowd.


Aketsu smiled as Isa retaliated with a strong beam of light and then pinned Noe with her sword. Then it's over, Aketsu thought. No sooner had he thought it, however, when he noticed that Isa had lost her concentration. It was only for a moment, but it was enough for a tornado to catch her and throw her several times. Noe managed to stand up, and Aketsu watched with mild surprise as the power of her element expanded. It expanded more and more, until the entire area was just one large storm. Then... then came the miniature tsunami, something Aketsu had never seen a Weather Elementian use. Then again, he didn't know many Weather Elementians.


Aketsu immediately saw that the tsunami was dangerous enough to kill someone. He braced himself, prepared for the worst. Yuaki had stopped cheering, realizing how serious the situation was. She, however, didn't even consider helping Isa: it wasn't Yuaki's battle to fight.


The tsunami rushed at Isa in a deadly way. Aketsu paused. He did care for Noe, but it was Isa who was in danger. Discreetly, Aketsu knelt down. Right as the tsunami was about to impact, Aketsu used just as much wind as he could without being noticed to assist Isa with breaking through it. They still didn't get all the way, and the tsunami crashed over Isa.


Aketsu lowered his head slightly, an intense look flecking his golden eyes. When the tsunami cleared, Aketsu saw that Isa was still breathing. Good, she's alright, he reasoned. Then he looked at Noe. She won't be alright for long if Noe does not calm down. Aketsu tensed, as though about to leap forwards, but when he saw Akira approaching Noe he instead looked to Isa.


He leapt from where he was onto the field and landed right next to Isa. He quickly checked her pulse--just in case--and then did something he had never done before; gently, supporting he head first, he picked her up and held her, one arm supporting her neck and shoulders and the other supporting her legs. He swallowed and turned to the king, ignoring Noe and Akira now. After bowing his head, Aketsu took a step towards the King and spoke. He had to raise his voice to be heard in the storm. "Your highest majesty, if I may be so bold as to speak to your greatness, I would like to humbly suggest that the spar between Princess Isa and Noe has come to its conclusion."


Aketsu subconsciously made a small wind shield above Isa's face so that no rain hit her face. He stared at the King, a respectful but rather blank look on his face. Inside, however, his mind was racing and re-racing. Would the King be angry at the suggestion? Would he be punished for entering the arena, or for touching Princess Isa? The fact that he was protecting her (at least in his opinion) both unnerved and delighted him. She was royalty, and he was assisting her... or at least he hoped he was. What if she was angry at him for helping her?


There's only one thing that defeats the commands of the royal family of Sola. Only one thing will make me defy their commands, and no matter what they command, I will defy them if the situation arises. The one thing that will make me defy King Aslano or Princess Isa's orders is if their orders cause more danger to themselves. By defying such orders, I am in fact helping them.


That logic ran through Aketsu's head, and he figured that whatever punishment came to him would be worth it. He still felt unworthy to assist Isa, but no one else had so he had felt obligated...

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Kaimaru turned his head at the sound of a voice, a series of what appeared to be young men and women or boys and girls by the way they spoke, came rushing out of the room and were apparently... watch a fight? Kai frowned, they were under attack already!? He had just got there and things already seemed hopelessly out of balance... children walking giddly off to watch a fight?


Kai scolded himself mentally and followed them. He really shouldn't be judging he had no idea what was going on. Wait hold on a second... did that kid say... KING!?


Kai quickly followed the group and was about to watch and see what would happen, when a wall of water suddenly shot up in front of him, causing him to leap into the air and attach himself to the wall. That was one good thing about the stone, at least it accepted his hands as friends and not enemies. It only took him a half second to realize what the water was for, not an attack, but a barrier to the observers... they could have warned me... he mused, crawling further up the wall and onto the ceiling, above the clouds, rain, and weather. He watched the battle.


Powerful, but hardly refined, they act like children. And the king doesn't seem to think anything of it. The girl with weather, it's a direct correlation to her emotions, the storm represents a temper tantrum going on inside her. Kai flinched, every inch of his body wanted to land on the floor and stop the fight before it went even further into chaos, to scold the two opponents like unruly young monks, but he knew that that was not his place. Passing judgment and taking action as an outsider is just as unbalanced as what they're doing now... well maybe it's not that bad...


Then one of them took up the... princess, in his arms and asked to end the battle. This would have been all fine and well except that it seemed he'd forgotten about the virtual hurricane going on right behind him. Finally... something I know I can do and do correctly


Kai dropped forty feet from the ceiling, his staff hit first, dropping him slowly to the ground as his cloak followed after him, making him appear somewhat like a falling leaf in autumn. He wasn't terrible good with using stone, but in this case sand just wouldn't cut it, not against that much water. Fortunately the power of a hurricane was in its ability to lift and throw a person, not in cutting or pummeling them. Not a second after Kai had landed a few inches away from the boy holding the princess.... the wind and water smashed into him. A second afterwords it was over.


He had managed to spread out his cloak like a wall right behind the boy and princess and harden it and himself with the stone on the ground and every bit of sand he had on him... which now dripped off of him in its wet and useless form. He noted happily that Master Tsume's letter was sealed in a waterproof waxed envelope and not ruined by the encounter. However he was not happy... he absolutely hated being soaked... and soaked he was.


"Could someone please explain this madness to me?" He asked, his voice danced across the walls in a series of notes like a song, but it held a deep and threatening undercurrent as well. He was specifically looking at the king as he flung off his soaked cloak, now standing shirtless beside the boy with the princess. His headband glinted as the mark of Vel Ordo Del Vox Pondera (The order of right wisdom) shown red gold in the light. His two different collored eyes swept the room before returning to the man in charge, this king as the others referred to him. "I've traveled a very great distance to find the Light Elemtian Academy but I dare say I'm sure I must be lost! This couldn't possibly be the place Master Tsume san spoke of with such high regard. Or did I just drop on at a bad time?" His melodious words sprung from his mouth like a viper's acidic poison.


Kai couldn't help the fact that his natural voice sounded somewhat like song, but he was sure to add a good deal of emphatic arm waving and gesturing to all the chaotic happenings around him. He wasn't sure how one was supposed to address a king... but being a king didn't make you immune to the necessity of balance. Balance as a king was most important of all, being over so many people, surely this man could see how... unbalanced the situation was.

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~Aketsu VI~


"...has come to its conclusion." Aketsu had no sooner spoken the words when he noted the sudden lack of wind and water hitting him. He sharply turned his head to see, with some surprise, the stranger he had seen earlier... the one dressed in camel skins. He frowned deeply and prepared to defend himself, even though it seemed like the stranger was attempting to help. Does he think I don't have it handled? How very strange. He must be uninformed if he thinks I can't take care of the storm myself. Then again, I suppose he didn't realize that I have wind as an element--even though my marking is on my forehead for all to see. Perhaps he simply wanted the glory of helping the princess. He is obviously not from here and might be trying to make a good impression on King Asla--


"Could someone please explain this madness to me?"


Now, politely glancing at the king in honest apology (apologizing for his own behavior and now that of the stranger), Aketsu turned his body towards the newcomer. Madness? What madness? Does he mean the emotional release from Noe? Has this stranger never seen a spar before? Aketsu narrowed his eyes, but remembered the precious being he was holding. Aketsu did smile despite himself when the stranger flung off his cloak. Way to make an entrance. What an interesting being. Is he perhaps a noble like myself?


"I've traveled a very great distance to find the Light Elemtian Academy but I dare say I'm sure I must be lost! This couldn't possibly be the place Master Tsume san spoke of with such high regard. Or did I just drop on at a bad time?"


Now the stranger was speaking to the king, and Aketsu immediately felt insulted on the king's behalf. Somewhere inside of himself, Aketsu was aware that it was not his position to speak on such an occasion. However, that part of him had virtually disappeared the moment Aketsu had lifted the princess from the soaked and stormy ground. That, and the fact that Aketsu didn't believe the king should have to explain to this confused person what was going on, prompted Aketsu to speak. Aketsu could hardly believe the stranger was so naive as to not know what a spar was or anything of the sort. It was almost as though this stranger had come from a hole in the ground, uneducated in any sense of social respect. Time for an education. Aketsu turned directly to the stranger and answered him in a tone that, while not as song-like as the stranger's voice, was just as acidic and more firm. The entire time he spoke, his body was tilted partly to the king in respect and partly to the stranger, and his golden eyes never left the stranger's face.


"Please acknowledge my presence and note my words carefully if you would like to live and be enlightened. The Elementian you just addressed so rudely and without a hint of manners or respect, as though you own the right to address anyone here as you did, is Great High King Aslano of Sola, king of the entire region of Sola. You have completely neglected any public manners or respect of any sort that is due to a being of his rank and authority, and in normal situations there are five basic disciplines that could be given for such a treason, including being stoned to death in worse scenarios." Aketsu would have also scolded the stranger for interfering where his business was not, but Aketsu was aware that he could be blamed for doing the same thing. His voice, though coated with a thin layer of venom, remained even. "The distance you traveled to get here matters not, and when you travel to a region you should be wise enough to educate yourself about its people and customs. You have absolutely no authority here and no one is obligated to inform you of what is going on here. You do not understand these people or why they are behaving as they are because you have not experienced situations similar to theirs, apparently, or if you have you cannot see the similarities to this situation and your own. You also may be having trouble understanding this because it is a battle between two females of different social classes. It would be wisest if you would educate yourself by quietly asking a member of the crowd over there what is going on, not by bothering the Great King Aslano himself. Do you understand?"


Aketsu's last three words were spoken clearly and slowly, for he feared the person before him might be slightly deranged and disoriented. Aketsu was prepared to move at an instance's notice, and then suddenly remembered his manners. "Oh yes, and this is Her Grace High Princess Isa of Sola."


Aketsu, done speaking, turned back to the king as though awaiting some sort of confirmation, discipline, punishment or notice. He never, however, let the stranger get out of his line of sight.




Yuaki Xa


Yuaki pouted as various members of the Academy rushed down to end the battle. "Awwww and it was just getting good," she mumbled. She crossed her arms in disgust and slight jealousy as Akira offered Noe a flower. Whether it would help or not was still to be seen, but Yuaki's eyes moved to Isa--more accurately, Isa and Aketsu, the obsessively loyal, weirdly content wind dude. Yuaki shuddered as he carefully picked up Isa, but found herself grinning as a largish wave was about to smash into his back. Just as quickly, Yuaki found herself sighing in frustration as a very strange being suddenly dropped from the ceiling and blocked the wave from hitting the Academy students.


As things calmed a bit, Yuaki was quite surprised to see that the stranger seemed disoriented and confused. He had a slight accent to Yuaki's ears, and she could tell from his clothes and stance that he was definitely not from Sola or any close city. Could he possibly be from home? No, he must be from a small settlement between Whisper and here. Yuaki watched and listened closely as the stranger spoke. She found herself blushing as he whipped off his cloak. He was really cute and strong, and his eyes were gorgeous. He even had a confident air about him, which she liked to see in men. Her smile continued to grow as he spoke to the king. It stopped and faded, however, when she noticed the look on Aketsu's face. Oh, no... not again! Why, cute stranger? Just why did you have to make Aketsu give a speech on manners?


Yuaki groaned, for the fun of watching the battle was gone. She really hoped the king decided to chop someone's head today, because the spars weren't going as quickly and smoothly as Yuaki had hoped. Had it been her on the throne, she would have commanded Aketsu to shut up and tie up the cute stranger until the rest of the spars were finished. Of course, Yuaki wasn't royalty and had no such authority. That, and she knew that she had to try to let go of the dark traits that seemed to come with being a Shadow Elementian. I'm in Sola now, where I'm going to be living for a long time. I want to be one of them, so I better start acting like one.


Yuaki attempted not to listen to Aketsu, but instead busied herself staring at the stranger's muscles and then checking on Noe.

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Luna mentally chided herself for her stupidity. She had made a complete fool of herself and she wasn't even brave enough to own up to it. Of course everyone else would know that a Space Elementian was around with the way the cane remained against the wall. If anyone was familiar with her, they would easily be able to pinpoint the culprit. When she saw someone completely unfamiliar, though, someone that looked quite peculiar to her eyes, she was utterly perplexed. Where had he come from?


She wiped the surprised expression off her face as she took on the noble look of one who was from Universum. It was weak compared to many of her other Space Elementian counterparts, but it was the best she could muster on such short notice. "I am sorry for the interruption," she said a little too quickly. Her voice was soft and quiet, like someone who preferred to not use her voice. Her facade of calm instantly dropped when she saw her cane produced from behind the man's coat gripped solidly by....sand? She suddenly understood why he looked so unfamiliar. He was one of those....what were they called? Sand Elementians? Earth Elementians? She hadn't known much about their type, but to see one here at the Academy was odd in and of itself. She grasped the cane with both hands, removing it from the grip of the sand, and held it strongly in case she lost control and it flew away again. She didn't want anything like that to happen twice in one day, especially the day before graduation. She was supposed to be a role model for the kids, wasn't she?


The man's words floated into her head and settled with the finality of a clenched fist. This guy really believed his theory of balance, even in everyday things like this. Of course, the commotion around the bend of the hallway distracted Luna from giving the man an answer. He was off before she could regain herself and tell him exactly where to go. Well, at least he was headed in the right direction. She quickly followed, her cane still gripped tightly in both hands.


When she finally caught up she met a huge wall of water headed her way. The strange man had already jumped out of the way, leaving her to her own devices to defend herself. She closed her eyes and held her breath, imagining the water coursing around her without the slightest drop touching her. She felt the rush of the water go past her, but none of the soaked feeling of failure that she had expected. She opened her eyes to see that she was completely dry and the water was all gone. That went better than she had expected. The strange man dropped down again, this time facing the king of the Light Elementians himself. Luna cringed. This was not going to end well, and she had the terrible feeling that part of it was her fault. If she had spoken up and explained things first then this might not have happened. She watched the exchange with worried eyes. She had to do something, didn't she?


"I must apologize," Luna began as she stepped forward. This slight feeling of confidence against such high-ranking people felt foreign to her, and she almost backed away after she uttered her first words. "This is partly my fault. I hadn't explained to him," she gestured at Kaimaru, "exactly what was going on when we met in the hall only a few moments ago. He rushed away even though I did owe him some direction and explanation in return for the help he had given me. I could have stopped this, so don't blame him entirely. It was my fault." She gave a low bow to the king and Aketsu, the sniveling little pet of the royal family. She had never truly liked him even during her time at the Academy no matter what people had said about his "transformation", and having to bow to him, too, was ridiculously annoying. Still, she did owe them all an apology.

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Kaimaru hadn't really expected the king to answer, in fact he'd hoped someone else would jump to it first. He had most likely breached a dozen social protocol though in truth he couldn't be sure but the reaction he received seemed to support that theory.


Kai gave the boy holding the wet princess a smile, "Well I'm glad to see that theking of this land also has upstanding subjects. Your words do help to balance the situation once caused, however it was your interruption of the battle and lack of the traits you just mentioned that encouraged my own reaction."


Kai now turned to Luna, the girl whose cane he had earlier retrieved. He gave her a polite nod before speaking again.


"As for myself I wonder, what is a king? A king is as much a man as any other. Not a god but man. A man who through birthright or other circumstance has inherited the right to rule. As such the responsibility for the actions of those in the kingdom falls on the king. A king is a servant to all of his subjects because he is responsible to see to their need. At the same time all are subject to the king who holds authority over them." Kai turned to the boy again, "I am not a subject of your king. I have grown up under the law and social custom of Lord Gerald's creating. If you had considered that, then you would have understood that your king is the only one in the room to whom I was showing the greatest respect. I addressed him and no other out of that respect. Would you ask a child to explain the actions of a king? Would you not ask the king who is wise and experienced to answer for what is under his authority? What you suggested to me would seem as rude in the eyes of my king as what I've done must seem in your eyes."


Kaimaru turned back to the king, "therefore I apologize and will make every effort to live under the rulings you have established." He turned back to the boy, "and I will accept your apology for your outburst freely and consider the scale balanced."


For the first time Kai bowed once in respect to the man sitting before him now known as the king of the land. It was little more than an inclination of his head but in his mind it was of greater significance. His voice had lost its undertone and now seemed cheerful and happy. Indeed he felt more at home in this place of strange custom now that he had shared his own customs in exchange for theirs. Perhaps this place would not be as impossible to balance as he first assumed.

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Noe Amani, King Alsano, Leith and Nerio, Isa


Noe looked at Akira and realized what she had done. She had let all that she tried to keep buried, out into the open. What an example she had set for those around her? She smiled at Akira as tears still ran with the rain and looked at the small flower. She walked over to one of the pots of oil kept for beginner Light Elementians and rinsed it out. After doing so, she knelt on the ground and piled dirt into it gently then took the flower with a grateful smile as she placed it into the pot. Once it was safe, she hugged Akira tightly before taking a deep breath and tried to release the storm. However she could not and placed the pot close to a wall to keep it safe as she walked over and bowed to Kai and Luna then looked at the King allowing herself to freely weep over what had just happened. "Your highness, King Aslano, I am sorry for letting myself go over such a petty thing as a dress. It will not happen again, and I am willing to accept your judgment." She said then dropped to her knees with her hands in her lap, head bowed and back stinging from a burn that would need time to heal.


What else was she to do? What she did was wrong and dishonorable. She had attacked without a space between to allow her opponent a breather.




King Aslano, needless to say, was completely silent during the entire battle. Surprise was evident on his features when storm after storm appeared and grew into large proportions. Things seemed to go into h*ll in a handbag as he stood there letting his daughter be beaten and now she was unconscious and the arms of a young man that he knew respected her. "Aketsu, you are right in stating that the battle is over and I thank you for guarding Isa. As to you, noble monk, I am sorry that your arrival was so ill timed. You have walked in on a rivalry that has taken a long time to surface and you have witnessed it first hand. As to being rude, I will not make that call." He sighed and looked to a rather old Weather Elementian beside him who seemed to wear the maps of the entire land on his face. The old man nodded and simply looked up at the sky before it was clear of any storm and the sun dried up the water quickly. "As to Noe, you have no judgment passed on you child other than the lesson that you have learned. And my disapproval." He winced at the words as it brought an involuntary sob from Noe who stayed where she was until the king looked at Leith and Nerio who quickly released the water wall and bowed in respect to him. "As to you Miss Luna, our previous graduate, nothing is your fault. The fault is mine and we are glad to have you here again to see the new graduates off." He said with a smile and slight incline of his head. He had to admit that he found the monk rather interesting and slightly odd but knew that he had been waiting to see him for quite some time. "Will all of the students please come and eat with me?" he asked humbly. He was one of the kings that the other rulers found very odd. He loved his people and was often seen out and amongst the town helping out others in the guise of an old man so that others wouldn't recognize him.


Noe stood up slowly keeping her head down and walked over to her sword to sheath it beside her. Her hands trembled slightly as she grabbed the cloth from her dress then gently itched the burn on her back before walking out of the arena, ignoring the pleas of the other servants for her to let them take care of her back. Her only reply was "I do not deserve it."


From the stands, Leith and Nerio were completely shocked with the kings verdict, but then again they weren't. King Aslano was a kind man who followed some traditions but then invented his own. They watched him walk out of the hall and to his own dining hall then looked at the teacher who was telling the students who were to get their degrees to get dressed, dried off and ready to meet with the king. Leith and Nerio jumped down to the dirt circle and watched Aketsu who seemed to be beaming with joy and happiness about the princess which had both of them chuckling. Nerio looked at Akira and smiled kindly at her and walked over to her. "How about we get this flower ready for Noe?" he said and picked up the put carefully, not wanting to damage the flower. He felt for Noe but also knew that sometimes she could lack self-control. On the other hand, Leith was infuriated with Isa but didn't let it show as he smiled at Luna with a tinge of nervousness then waited for his brother and Akira.


Isa had awoken at the time to hear her father ask if all of he students would dine with him. Had she been beaten? Her eyes caught the glimpse of Noe as she walked out but then she also felt another strange sensation. Being in the arms of someone. She blinked her eyes a few times then noticed it was Aketsu who was holding her. Without even realizing it, Isa blushed as she almost stammered before she caught herself then cleared her throat. "Aketsu, could you please put me down?" she asked him and found herself almost wishing that Yuaki would come save her. She had always like the servant because for some reason, she understood her.

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Akira smiled and said "Your welcome." to Noe. She listened to the verdict, and felt bad for Noe, since she was upset at the kings disapproval. Akira gently bowed when he left, then looked at the twin boys... uh... Leith and Nerio, that was there names! She smiled lightly and said "All right... but after words I want to go see if I can find a certain plant, it's really good on burns! I'm sure it'll help Noe a bit!" she smiled then followed Leith.




Kilana smiled and said "sounds like sheer fun." Her smile seemed a little creepy. She quickly pulled her two folded up fans from her pocket, and unfolded them, then went into a fighting stance (think picture) she then smiled more and said "Want me to go first? Alright." She generated some electricity, then sent it buzzing through her fans, it wasn't enough to kill, at most stun her a moment. She had no plan on hurting her to badly. She smiled and said "Sorry if you get hurt bad." Before she charged forward, and then got close, before spinning around, both fans out to cut her.

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Sky nodded in reply to her question and then got ready for whatever her first attack was going to be. When Kilana charged her after apologizing ahead of time for if she gets hurt too bad, she enveloped her body except her head with her ice armor and then quickly created a sword to block the fans that were covered in electricity so that they wouldn't cut her. The armor was to protect her body while the sword was to help her against any attacks that were thrown at her. She then broke away from the attack and started to circle her opponent. If she did get hurt during this duel, she wouldn't be too angry about it and just shrug it off like it was no big deal. She knew that she would heal so it wasn't anything that she usually got worked up over.

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(Don't forget, electricity is HOT!)




Kilana smiled, her fan had actually melted the ice sword quite a bit since there was electricity flowing through it. Kilana laughed and said "Circling won't do much..." She then threw her left hand in the air, and off the tip of her fan arced three arcs of electricity, which quickly started turning the opposite direction Skylar went. Once again, there wasn't enough electricity to kill her, just stun her for awhile.


(goodnight. I got school tomorrow.)

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"Well I'm glad to see that the king of this land also has upstanding subjects. Your words do help to balance the situation once caused, however it was your interruption of the battle and lack of the traits you just mentioned that encouraged my own reaction."


Aketsu clenched his teeth. Obviously this 'boy' was completely ignorant and thought highly of himself. He assumes he knows how the battle works when he didn't even seem to know what a spar was, and he assumes he knows exactly what my role is. In truth he has no idea if I was allowed to 'interrupt' the battle or not. What if that WAS my role? The fool. Lack of the traits I just mentioned? I have respect, I know my place, I have learned this culture. Obviously this fool simply doesn't want to be--


"As for myself I wonder, what is a king? A king is as much a man as any other. Not a god but man. A man who through birthright or other circumstance has inherited the right to rule. As such the responsibility for the actions of those in the kingdom falls on the king. A king is a servant to all of his subjects because he is responsible to see to their need. At the same time all are subject to the king who holds authority over them."


Aketsu was aware of all this and wondered why the stranger brought it up. Just because the king was to be courteous to his people didn't mean he didn't deserve respect.


"I am not a subject of your king. I have grown up under the law and social custom of Lord Gerald's creating. If you had considered that, then you would have understood that your king is the only one in the room to whom I was showing the greatest respect. I addressed him and no other out of that respect. Would you ask a child to explain the actions of a king? Would you not ask the king who is wise and experienced to answer for what is under his authority? What you suggested to me would seem as rude in the eyes of my king as what I've done must seem in your eyes."


Aketsu paused a moment, studying the stranger. Yes, but you're not a child. You're impulsive and foolish, or perhaps just unable to find a suitable education. I would fully educate myself on every aspect of any king I was to see or any kingdom I was to visit before going there. I suppose there's no reasoning with you, so I'll just keep silent.


"Therefore I apologize and will make every effort to live under the rulings you have established." Aketsu relaxed a bit. "And I will accept your apology for your outburst freely and consider the scale balanced."

"I did not apologize to you and will not do so," Aketsu said with a simple smile. "I did not outburst, I simply educated you. There is no apology to accept." He would have perhaps kept speaking, but he was quite in-tune with the king and sensed that he was going to speak. He immediately turned to face the king.


"Aketsu, you are right in stating that the battle is over and I thank you for guarding Isa." Aketsu bowed his head to the king. "I am unworthy of your thanks," he said quietly. He truly felt it was so, for in his mind, the king had done so much for him...


"As to you, noble monk, I am sorry that your arrival was so ill timed. You have walked in on a rivalry that has taken a long time to surface and you have witnessed it first hand. As to being rude, I will not make that call." Aketsu studied the king's face. Noble monk. Then he smiled, and all of a sudden he didn't seem upset against the stranger next to him. In fact, he was almost laughing. Monk. No wonder! I should have seen it before. And noble? Whatever the king says, it is so. He is now noble in my sight. Aketsu never showed favoritism to nobles over peasants... unless, of course, the king himself seemed inclined to call them noble.


"Will all of the students please come and eat with me?"

To Aketsu, it wasn't a question; it was a command. He bowed again and glanced slightly to the right, at Luna. He gave her what came close to a menacing smile, almost as if he sensed her dislike of him, but then he spoke softly to her. "Luna, I do not hold this noble monk's behavior against you." He inclined his head slightly at her, but it was hard to tell if it was mocking or sincere.


Aketsu almost gasped, however, as the being in his arms suddenly cleared her throat. He looked down at her, surprised (and yet not) that she was awake. "Aketsu, could you please put me down?" Her beautiful voice rang through his ears: Aketsu found it was his turn to stammer, but he managed to nod before he spoke. "Of course, Princess Isa," he said quickly. He gently allowed her on her feet and then stepped back, bowing. "Please forgive me, I did not intend to make you uncomfortable."




Yuaki giggled at the cute stranger's responses to Aketsu's babbling. Gosh, he really knows what makes Aketsu mad! Ha, telling Aketsu he did something wrong in the presence of the king is like telling any normal person that there's a hole in their pants! Yuaki found herself snickering again, but she quickly quieted; she had nothing against Aketsu really, she just liked watching him get infuriated. She like watching almost anyone get infuriated, unless they were angry at her. Yuaki glanced at Noe before turning to listen to the king. He seemed displeased, but that was to be expected; neither girl had controlled themselves, and Noe had based all of her attacks off of her emotions. It really was a pity that the fight was over so soon, but Yuaki was rather glad no one had been hurt.


Yuaki did find herself surprised when the king invited the students to join him for dining. She was glad she wasn't a student, for though she loved living in Sola, getting close to the king of Sola in his own palace... well, it was unnerving. She did have the Shadow element, after all, and she didn't want anyone to learn that. But I'm not a student, so I don't have to go. Yet... I bet that cute monk guy is going. I wonder if he's giving up being a monk? He talks so much about balance...


Yuaki got a strangely dark smile. He'll never find balance here. Her smile faded just as quickly as it had appeared as she noticed that Isa was waking up. She twitched. Poor girl, waking up in someone's arms. I'd probably scream. Yuaki noticed Isa blush and Aketsu stutter before he gently allowed her to stand. Yuaki smiled, deciding that Princess Isa did not need to walk alone with Aketsu, especially since she'd have to go change her soaked clothes for nice ones. "Hey, Princess Isa," she called, hopping down from the crowd stand. She noticed that Aketsu did not look happy about the way she had approached Isa, bu Yuaki honestly didn't care; the boy wouldn't do anything so long as Yuaki didn't harm the princess, except maybe give a lecture. He seemed too humble at the moment to do so. "Would you mind walking with me back to the girl's area? Aketsu, why don't you join our monk friend and show him where he can get into some decent clothes to dine with the king?"


Aketsu frowned, but was silent. He glanced at Princess Isa, as though waiting for her to confirm or deny Yuaki's wishes.

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