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Trials and Travels (Semi-lit)

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Eirikr let this new stranger lead him out of the post office. Once outside the door he decided to play this little game his way.


"Ok now we are outside," said Eirikr pulling away from the stranger. He leaned up against a post and stayed. "Whats so secret about these rising tensions. I see no reason for having to sneak about like rats. What ever it is you need to say you can say it here. Cumulus is a neutral city isn't it?"


It was rude of the stranger to just pull him out off the post office like that. He didn't like all this sneaking around. In a neutral city like Cumulus in didn't bode well. He knew that in Terra there were secretive groups willing to incite panic or riots. He remembered seeing riots were the troops had to be called out to assist the guards in breaking them up. Maybe it was the same in other Neutral cities.

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((Ah... I'm bad at this. Gomen. ^^"))


Promise quickly followed after Aoi, but kept a safe distance away. She could not ignore the stranger's loud comment. She was appalled by his utter cluelessness and even carelessness. Who /didn't/ know about the war? But still... Was it... An opportunity?


She stepped forward, just behind the stranger and just barely laid a hand on his arm. "Yes.. It is neutral... But many people hold to their own opinions very strongly... It is dangerous to discuss it out in the open." She glanced at Aoi, her eyes wide with fake anxiety. "And there are some people who would not take kindly to travelers asking questions... We must all be /extremely/ careful at times like this."

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((not bad at all! --here comes my failed attempt! There's so much interaction here it's kinda hard to get anything really long...))


"We're travellers of the sort too, but we are staying here for the moment, as to say," Aoi added," But I do believe we know more about the issue than you. We'd be happy to answer your questions. As for the Post Officer, I do believe that someone like him'd only hold too much of an opinion hearing a lot of these news. Growing used to it makes one stick to it."


Aoi knew that the traveller would most likely ask for the news, and so if he did in any way, then Aoi would be able to give him the truth - or the 'truth' to them, at least.

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Eirikr nodded as the man and his woman spoke. While they had valid arguments something told him not to believe them. So, left with no other option he decided to play along.


Alright, you've made your point," said Eirikr, straightening up. "Lead on, but first tell me straight. Have the neutral cities begun to pick sides or are some still remaining neutral? I heard how Aero had a riot that overthrew their governors."



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sorry that i haven't been posting in here; i have major writer's block and also have no idea where to put Sky...she's part of Marcus's group))

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Alright, you've made your point," said the man, "Lead on, but first tell me straight. Have the neutral cities begun to pick sides or are some still remaining neutral? I heard how Aero had a riot that overthrew their governors."


Aoi answered hastily, "There has been things happening in Terra that I don't want to talk about... that's where we're from, you know?" He gestured to the path that lead on through the town. "There's been too much going on there. A little dangerous, but I'm not too sure about the safety of this place either. We were going to go to Aero but now we're not so sure. But we can't just stay here, you get my drift?" He glanced at Promise, donning a worried expression then put his arm around her shoulder, squeezing it for 'comfort'. "I worry for our safety," he continued worriedly. "Do you know anything about it?"


((I'm sorry.. I don't even know what I wrote just now))

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Promise stiffened for a moment as Aoi put an arm around her, but quickly collected herself and gave him a tight lipped, worried smile to add more to her part. But beneath her outward calmness, she was sure she felt her heart skip a beat, then drastically quicken. Stop being stupid, she thought to herself. Mentally, she made a note to lecture herself later. Falling head over heals for every other guy was /not/ like her. Ugh, I must be sick or something. While all this when on in her mind, she continued with her act.


"We don't mean to pry," she added quickly. "It's just that... we can't take any risks. We don't want to find out about any danger after it's too late..."

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They're from Terra? I sense a lie, I want to see where this leads to. By the gods, Yuaki. I hope you are safe and on your way. Inwardly he smiled at his wish. In these times no one was safe. So with counter-prying in mind he continued his conversation with the two.

"Well I can't say I know much about what might be happening in Terra. Last time I went through there was nigh onto a year ago. But i know what you talk about. I myself am traveling from town to town looking for work. I've been stopped multiple times by paranoid guards. That's why I figured something was up. But from what I know the Lord of Terra is trying to keep the city neutral. Or at least he was a year ago. a lot can happen in a year."

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Celeste had watched the others leave the inn, and, much to her chagrin, herface was still burning red. A tear formed in her eye, seeing as how she had not been able to please her Lord. Sighing, she stood and stonily walked over to the small cot. She plopped down, thoughts whirling around in her head. She knew that she needed to help her team in any cause that they needed, and that she couldn't do it by just sitting there. Just as she was starting to get up, she noticed a girl standing near the doorway - a girl with plant-green eyes. Looking into them, she asked "Who are you?"

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Celeste had woken up. She looked a lot better than she did when she had collapsed in the dining area of the hotel, but she still looked tired and definitely needed some more rest. Naomi followed her gaze around the room, and then stopped as it met hers.

"Who are you?" She asked. Naomi froze. She didn't really know what to say to that. Who was she..? She then realized with a panic that she didn't really know. What was her name again? "Um..." She wasn't sure if Celeste could hear her voice from the other side of the room. "I'm.. Naomi" In a flash she remembered, and then felt relieved. What was that just now? She vaguely remembered fainting.. somewhere?

She brushed the thoughts away. "Anyways, Celeste, you should rest; I know that you want to help the team but-" She stopped and then walked over to her, then sat down in the chair next to the bed. "You can't.. go out for a while." She looked at the doorway. Jahan was still there. ((I'm.. not quite sure did you move him, LN?)) She couldn't quite see what he was doing, but he seemed to be thinking about something.


"For all I know, you shouldn't head to Terra anymore. It's chaotic there, and" Aoi stopped. That was a big lie. It the man did indeed decide to travel there then they'd be uncovered. There should be a way around this one. He noted that the man seemed quite suspicious of them. They needed to tread carefully. "the people seem to be more paranoid about these things," He continued casually, "Not that there's much going on publicly about this matter."

He looked at Promise, trying to catch her gaze to warn her not to make too many mistakes. The man could uncover them if anything were to slip up. Their plan needed to stay a secret, otherwise it wouldn't work. If it did, then... he would just have to kill him.

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Do not post at the moment. The RP is currently undergoing a re-vamp. Please be patient while we are underneath construction! If you would like to be part of the discussion, or join in on the RP fun, please go to this link --> HERE


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And we begin....


Things aren't any better in the city of Sola with there still being unrest between the Shadow and Light. Persecution of anyone with a Shadow Alliance Element or those that call themselves part of the Shadow Alliance, is at an all time high. There are those that have proclaimed themselves part of the Light Alliance, but they are still observed with scrutiny.


A year after the Great Battle, and our team is here yet again, still stuck in the politics of defeat and regrowing support, funds, and trying to make their world form the right way. As the original group of students had stated at one point and time, it was their responsibility to bring peace, not to continue the persecution of one another until everyone died out.


Here, in the city of Sola, we begin.


Princess Isa


"No, that is not how we wanted things to happen. We are fighting an uphill battle with trying to reconstruct our land! How do we expect to do that when we are the ones persecuting the Shadow Alliance?" Isa was standing at the head of the table, arguing against her father. Sola was a city run by the king, where the queen, or princess, was allowed to enter her opinion into every discussion.


"I'm afraid that you don't understand your highness." One of the counselors commented.


"i understand clearly. They are doing it to us as well are they not? Our intentions were originally peaceful, wanting to help out those that needed it since we have always had the most strength, and wealth. Something happened and I think we all know what, that has caused an uprising in the Whisper people. Not only that, but we are taking their people, just as they do ours, and make it so that they cannot find a safe haven." When Isa hit the table for emphasis, her eyes blazed and a flash of light appeared from where she hit the table. "THAT, is not what we want. What you are proposing will create another war."


"That or cause the Shadow Alliance to back down for forever." Her father commented.


"Have you not heard all of our accounts of what happened in that war?" Isa looked at her father, incredulous to what he was saying.


"I have, but I say we go through with this." King Aslano looked at his advisors and those that were to vote on the issue; they seemed conflicted.


"As the princess, and only heir to this kingdom until I am married, I have say in this. This. Is. Not. Right." With that, the meeting was adjourned until a later date.


Isa stormed out of the room, her dress bustling about her as she walked angrily down the halls. With Nerio gone to try and help the politics in his own home town of Triton, she had no advocate to help her in the discussions in Sola when Aketsu wasn't there. How she wished her childhood friend, or his brother gods rest his soul, were there to back her up. They were always far more eloquent in their rhetoric.


It irritated her to no end that the leaders of the various Light Alliance cities were acting this way. How could they not see the facts right in front of them? Even studying her own history, the Light Alliance invaded other people's territories to help them, but they still invaded. How could the Shadow Alliance not have formed? To be honest, she didn't agree with other side.


One night, more than a year ago, they all were sitting underneath the stars around their fire as it shed light on their faces. The shocking part was that they all had finally agreed on something. They didn't like the way that htings were being run on either side of the war that was going to start again soon. So, instead, they changed their agenda from delivering an issuance of war, to instead a ministry of peace.


"Why can't they see that?!" Isa growled as she walked into her favorite place in the entire castle; the garden.


Noe Mochizuki


Noe had been travelling most of the morning acting as an ambassador to the various families around Sola as she normally did. However, she was now doing it as somewhat of a legend as did most of the old team, the Guardians of Peace. She didn't understand why people were so afraid of what was going on when they were in alliance with the people of Natura whom had built an impenetrable wall between Sola, Natura, and Whisper.


But, the whispers of a large scale war occuring yet again, was something that even shook her sturdy Griffin heart. Speaking of which....


Noe allowed her wings to sprout from her back even though it itched like nobody's business. She used to them to fly all around the city, but for now, she wished to go to where the council was just splitting up. Before she opened the door to the room however, she looked at one of the servants and found tears coming from her eyes. The results were not what she had wished.


Noe, in her every day garb for a Griffin, stepped into the room, the anklets that she wore tinkling lightly with her quick steps. The men in the room glanced at her, then took one long hard look at the girl that was now, most definitely, a woman. She was confident in who she was, but still quietly mannered unless angered as she was now.

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In the Land of Shadows...


"...tell me, people of Whisper, do you recognize these people?"


There was a short pause of silence. Obviously no one recognized the seven people who were being displayed in the form of metal by the young Prince Jahanshah. He hadn't expected anyone to, for the point was not that the people were particularly important; it was not who they were, but what they were.


There were two adult men, one adult woman, two teenagers and two mid-aged children displayed in metal. They looked like a family, although their expressions were neutral.


"No. But surely you recognize their attire marking them as citizens of Frigid, and the fact that they are a family. This particular family, the Meshalans, lived peacefully on the edge of Terra for fifteen years. In those fifteen years, although they thoroughly supported our Queen in heart, they wished only to live peacefully and raise a family; never would our Queen desire that any of our people not have such a life. This family never harmed anyone, but helped their neighbors flourish. Last year, they chose to move towards Aero because farming and business opportunities were better there. This was about the time that some of Aero joined our side. Because the Meshalans were traveling in that direction and were wearing clothing that marked them as original citizens of Frigid, they were arrested by Light Alliance soldiers. No warrant, no cause. Then it was found that their youngest child, that little girl there, had the symbol of Frigid on her hand; she has the element of Ice. Well, she had the element of Ice."


He paused for a moment to look over the expressions of the crowd. There were three types of speeches Prince Jahanshah gave on a regular basis; the philosophical speech, aimed at the elders and used to gain wisdom; the political speech, aimed at the town leaders and used to sway opinions; and the 'emotional' speech, aimed at the people and used to set hearts afire. This was the third type.


"She's dead now, never to see the beauty of the night again. Her parents attempted to resist arrest, using basic farmer's tools as defensive weapons. The Light Alliance viciously attacked--" a gasp erupted from the crowd as three metal statues with attire obviously from Sola attacked the family adults with swords. "--and 'accidentally' killed the child when she got in the way." The statue of the child melted; Jahanshah felt having a sword thrust through it would be a bit too much for the crowd, who were already either horrified or furious as they saw where the story was going.


"Her parents and oldest brother were killed. The rest of her family--all young, as you can see--were sentenced to a lifetime in prison. Children, spending the rest of their days rotting behind stone walls because their parents had certain genes and wanted to live another day in a better place. Is this justice? One must wonder, how could even the most vile of beasts treat another of its kind in this way? But listen! This is not a rare case, not anymore. These things are happening every day to our people all over the land. Not just on the territory of the Light Alliance! Sola intrudes in Terra and Cumulus in every way possible and they have their way there. Yet soon this will no longer be the case! I am assembling a team of Shadows with such strength as has not been seen for decades. Under the wisdom of our Great Queen, I shall lead the Shadow Alliance to victory. I will avenge every orphan, every widow, every child who rots in a land that has always been power-hungry and greedy for blood! This time, their fighting forces will have no mercy! The wicked king Aslano will fall, and the people of the Shadow Alliance will once again be free to live in peace!"


A cheer erupted from the crowd, and the statues of Light Soldiers were suddenly shredded by three shadow-soldiers; they literally tore the metal to pieces, and the cheering got louder. Jahanshah let it go on for a short while more before he left the stage and nodded to another lesser-political leader of Whisper to finish with the crowd. Jahanshah strode behind the platform back towards the Palace of Whisper. Right outside the gates stood Lady Vanna and Lord Barzilai, the leaders of Metallum. Lady Vanna was holding a year-old child. She was beaming, although trying to hide her great pleasure enough to look professional. Lord Barzilai, eyes filled with pride, kept a grimly confident face.


"Lady Vanna, Lord Barzilai," Jahanshah greeted. "Although I'd love to stay and speak more, our Queen Zillah has requested I meet the new members of our team." Lady Vanna nodded with graceful vigor. "So you must, Lord Jahanshah. Do not let us keep you." Lord Barzilai stepped forward and put a hand on Jahan's shoulder. "Make us proud, my son. You have never failed, and I have visions of your victory often in my dreams." Jahanshah smiled kindly at his father, although the smile didn't hold the warmth that a son would normally give his father. "Father," even the word sounded strange coming from him, "I will never fail." He clasped his father's hand, then went and kissed his mother's cheek. Finally, he looked down at the year-old child she held. "I take it young Vladaar is faring well?" Lady Vanna nodded. "Unfortunately I see no sign of metal from him yet, but I have faith that will change."


After saying goodbye to the lord and lady, Jahanshah went to the east end of the palace where he would be meeting the Task Force he was assigned to lead. Most of them he already knew; Skylar and Marcus, Celeste and Aamina (who may have been busy carrying out a task--he couldn't remember). Some would be new additions.


Renzo and Aoi had been welcomed to Whisper, despite Renzo's suspicious past. They had been allowed to use the training tools available to them as they wished, and had also been allowed to come and go as they pleased so long as they were prepared to return when needed... which would be today. Jahanshah had kept in contact with Naomi, a girl he and his had met in Cumulus. She had helped heal them and had proven more of an ally than an enemy, despite being a Plant Elementian. She was young, but smart; he hoped she had accepted his invitation to join the expedition and would be on her way. In the mean time she had proven a good sort of spy, keeping an eye on the strange Griffon Legend that had been showing up to Cumulus every once in a while.


Now Jahanshah waited calmly on the edge of the training arena. He leaned against a wall and rubbed the blade of Daedureth, his shadow sword, with a silver-tinted cloth. Shadows freely ran up and down his arms. He was in no hurry to go anywhere; the group didn't have to assemble for another hour and wouldn't be leaving for a day or so. He still had to meet with Queen Zillah one last time.

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Kai sat off to the side in the room as various voices were raised and opinions voiced. He'd started off as he had been told, 'pay attention to what everyone is saying, I need you to fill me in when I get back'. After the first half hour, however, he had removed himself from the table, tired of being shouted across when he was neither in the mood nor had the political position to say anything in response.


It was so different from any meeting he'd ever attended back in the Monastery or even in the land of the Earth Elementarians. Isa was shouting at Aslano, Aslano's advisers were shouting at Isa, and one another, and Aslano certainly wasn't responding any differently. For the past half hour everyone had stated and restated their opinions, no one seemed even to be talking to one another. One person spoke their opinion as if it were the best thing to do, then another contradicted with a different opinion, only to have the first speaker re-contradict by stating the same opinion they had stated before... the only thing that seemed to change were the words being used... well... that and Isa's temper.


Kai had mostly zoned everyone out by the time the meeting ended. No one had asked for his input and frankly he wouldn't have known how to give it. That was Noe's gift, and now that she had come to knowledge of her heritage, she had a place to speak as well. Unfortunately she wasn't around at the moment.


Kai couldn't even remember where it was she said she was going. All he knew is that she'd be back sometime in the afternoon, in time for him to show her the anniversary present he'd been working on for the past three months.


He sighed with relief as everyone started to leave, following them out in an apparent daze. His mind was far off in the woods in a small clearing, picking out the details of the home he had been constructing for months in secret. Every little detail ticking off in his head as he tried to remember anything he may have forgotten to do.


As he entered the hallway a familiar vibration reached his bare feet. It was his shadow, not the literal darkness cast by his figure but a man, short and light on his feet. The same man who had followed him about the city wherever he went for the past six months, ever since it had become widely known that he was also a lightning elementarian. Was it the king's doing? Perhaps a member of the council? He really didn't care. Whenever he wanted to evade the man he simply vanished underground. Normally something like that wouldn't have bothered him, it made sense to a degree, he couldn't ask everyone to trust him completely. It was a show of balance to be sure.


But ever since he had married Noe, another side of him had emerged, perhaps the more protective male side that he'd never really experienced before. Whatever this new side to his ego, it didn't like the idea of being followed, not where Noe was concerned. So he'd vanished underground every time he'd gone to see her, every time they were together he asked her to fly them somewhere, or taken her for a tour of the tunnel system he used.


He was still debating whether or not to tell her about it, it would only concern or anger her, and in truth it wasn't a big enough bother for him to feel the need to bother her with it. He was so immersed in such thoughts that he didn't realize where he was going and accidentally bumped into Isa from the other direction... that's when he realized he'd been walking through the stone walls without thinking about it, causing him to step out into the air again right in the path of the princess.


"Isa!" Kai fell back to lessen the impact as he noticed too late to keep it from occurring. "I'm so sorry, I wasn't paying attention." He gave her an apologetic smile, "If you ever need someone to blow some steam off on, you can always use me for a punching bag." He tapped his chest, covered in sand that looked so much like his normal skin that one couldn't tell the difference without close inspection.


He'd learned a bit about humor and its uses, but according to Noe he hadn't quite figured out when it was appropriate and when it wasn't. He hoped now was one of those appropriate times...

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Blaise sat on a window sill in the hallway, near the council room. Swinging his leg as he read, back and forth, front and back, his toe sliding over the tile floor with each sweep. The atmosphere was tense and emotions were raging in the next room over. Or, at least, one person's emotions were raging. And that would be the Princess Isa. She was apparently turning the council into a debate, disputing the upcoming war with her father. Good effort on her part, I suppose, he thought, but oh-so annoying.


The air practically sizzled with static frustration, then the doors flew open. In a flurry, she had marched down the hall, past him and apparently with purpose. A puff of air passed through his lips as his eyes rolled, turning his gaze back towards the window. The war was still on.... Of course, there wasn't much that could stop it. But a battle wasn't exactly the best course of action at the moment. No, he wasn't siding with the Princess, of course not. But he hardly wanted to head out on an 'adventure' to exhaust himself on a battlefield. However, whatever the king says, goes.


He sighed, causing a mist to cover the glass. With his thumb, he smeared a circle into the fog, along with two dotted eyes and a curving smile. After a moment of observing the bustling civilization from the window, he decided to join them down at earth level. His books would still be waiting once he had finished, and he was in need of a breath of fresh air.


Meandering down the hall, he watched the Princess Isa stride ahead of him. She often frequented the garden, which was exactly where he was headed as well. Huh... Well, the whole garden was likely big enough for the two of them. His thoughts wandered as he started clicking his teeth together, and his steps remained even and smooth. Minds buzzed throughout the whole castle, and jumbled thoughts found their way to Blaise. Shamelessly, he listened in. Aside from the conversation in the council room and Isa's fuming, voices were mostly calm and peaceful. Most other thoughts were hidden, guarded. But he was glad of it, he wasn't fond of having to listen to people complain or whine about their worries to themselves.


Just as he rounded the corner, he almost bumped into the tall form that suddenly appeared out of the wall. Spitting out a quiet, curt word, he went 'round Kai and made to enter the garden, but paused a moment once a few steps away to learn more about this person.


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So this was the infamous city of Sola. It had taken Lucius a good month to get to it since he wanted to reach it without any risk of encountering any inhabited areas or group before reaching it. Meaning he traveled off the road all the time and had to hunt for his food. Turned out being able to pass silently and unseen was a great asset to be a good hunter, that and crushing the rabbits inside their own dark holes was hardly work to break a sweat over. Being attacked was also not his concerns unless he was sleeping, but traps existed especially for that occasion too if he was found. Back to the city though getting inside at night was child play. Gates? Those were overrated! At least as long as nothing could detect him using his powers at least, hopefully they didn't. He found a nice dark place to sleep in and in the morning prepared himself to discover the place more. With last minutes preparations he hid his eye color rendering them more of a dark gray color than the red they normally are, put him his cloak and hood, his backpack and did his best too look like a traveler.


The first place he went out of the shadow from was an area with many small houses. Less people to interact with and he'd be less suspicious coming from there than suddenly coming out of the blue in the market place, which was his destination since he was after food. He took his time getting there, observing everything around him. It was different from home that's for sure, so much brightness everywhere. Then came his usual playground, the marketplace. Lot of people, lot of stuff to steal and usually lot of entertainment to have at the others expense! Repressing his urge to actually do any of that was quite a job, but being caught just because he wanted to play tricks on the people of Sola would be quite a sad event... it was also why he had brought some 'borrowed' money along with him! Too bad the nice people who gave him money didn't have the time to be thanked he thought with a smile. Taking the money he bought some bread and resumed his wandering.


Walking around the city in broad daylight had something in it that made Lucius simply joyful because of the irony. For someone who passed his life living in the shadows inside Whispers it was quite an adventure in itself. Too bad it was so bright and he was a a bit forced to strengthen the shadows of his hood until he grew more used to it in order to protect his sight and not be winking like an idiot. The buildings and surroundings were quite nice, but he could feel some kind of restlessness around. The people seemed alright at first glance, but after he spent some time watching some... weaker minds he understood what it was about. They were scared and he was pretty sure he knew of what they were scared of. Even if there had been a couple of months of 'peace' nothing was really settled, there had been no clear winners and both side had been training more elementians for the next battle. Bunch of cowards...


He'd been walking around for enough time under the sun now to actually lessen and even stop using his powers to improve the shadows of his hood. In his mind had had explored the market long enough, he eve had some people giving him suspicious look making him worried at first that he had been uncovered, but seeing as nothing was happening more than a guard stopping him to question him about where he came from. Question to which he answered Univerum, since he had black hair and gray eyes it was a plausible answer and since he had done nothing bad he was let off without more question and even an apology for the time taken. His disguise was good enough and that had proved it for him, but he had his doubt about its efficiency around the castle itself. Guards and the like would be much more likely to doubt him and he had heard that this was where most of the light alliance members stayed.


Wandering and becoming more and more curious about the castle itself he eventually started to roam closer to the walls hoping to find an area where he could maybe climb in a tree to have a good look at it without being seen. It was most likely a hopeless pursuit, but it was helping him waste his time and who knew, maybe he would find what he was searching for.

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Aamina had been doing a large majority of tasks that were basically the tasks of a secretary for Lord Jahanshah. All of the papers that were to pass through his hands in the evenings, as well as the various training sessions that he was to go through along with meetings with various officials, were all planned, monitored, and taken care of by Aamina. Not only that, but she was also responsible for his constant safety. Ever since he had begun his speeches of the day, she had been listening as best she could so that she could offer critique as need be if he so offered.


When the speech was finished, she allowed him to walk away from his family before running through the earth to be near him.


Aamina appeared beside the young Lord, looking straight ahead into the arena. She was finally at his chin which was quite humorous since they both had been late in their growth spurts. It had provided much joint pain, but they had survived easily as long as they had stayed busy, relishing in the Shadow Victories!


Her eyes strayed to glance at him, wondering if he was thinking about anything. Considering it was the young Lord, he was always thinking about something. He was well read, bright and intelligent and was always finding something else to learn about. He would be an excellent king for Whisper. Without knowing it Aamina’s gaze had stayed longer than she had planned which meant that she now had to cooly look back at the arena, which she did.


“I apologize for missing yet another speech. The stones are able to carry the sound; even through the stone, your presence grows.” She stated ignoring the slight hiss that Daedureth gave her in her proximity to Jahanshah. “Are you waiting for the queen?”


Viara – V


Viara had awoken that morning not feeling that well thanks to a rather harsh lesson in poisonous foods. She was unable to detect poisons like most in her field, which made it so that she had to build up a resistance to the poisons. This resulted in many torturous weeks where she quickly converted between V and Viara to cope with the pain and agony.


She stood up as she heard the beginning of the young Lord’s speech, automatically putting her in the position of V. Her steps were slightly weaving as she made her way to the mirror where she placed her hands on either side to look at herself for a moment.


“Who are we today?” she asked the mirror which quickly showed Viara skipping around in the background.


“Well, I’m in here right now, but I want to come out later to play. Please?” Viara giggled and smiled at V through the mirror, making V grin as well.


“Fine. Just do your best not to bother the prince alright?” V asked Viara, eliciting a giggle and a nod from herself.


Her voice was hoarse, throat sore, and body weak from the training that had happened yesterday. It was some sort of poison derived from a flower petal that left one’s insides feeling as though they were turning into outsides. She had been throwing up until the early hours of the morning.


A knock on her door signaled the fact that Jahaar was checking on her, or one of her fellow assassins was. She walked over to the door, still in her night clothing as she opened said door. When whoever it was noticed that she was still alive, they walked away without a second look.


“Thanks for the help.” V mumbled as she went about getting ready for the day. She dressed in her armor and placed her dagger at her hip along with the apparatus that she used to create a bow and arrow out of light. Her long blond hair was tied back into a long braid that ran down her back, just above her hips. Her small orbs of light were intertwined with the braids, but the flowers were left in their pot as she walked out of the room, looking slightly better.


Her steps were light as she made her way down the hallways to the “Queen’s Garden” where dark trees and plants grew in their splendor and beauty. She decided that she would rest there for a moment before getting something to eat now that the prince was done with his well executed speech.





Isa was shocked when she ran into Kai. She hadn’t even been expecting to see her adoptive sister’s husband…nor had she really noticed him in the council room either. It had been a long debate that was forever annoying until it had grown to a climax.


When he offered to be her punching bag, she couldn’t help but grin at the comment. When he had finally married Noe, as they had all expected, he seemed to settle into a character that could easily be around people. She looked at him once more before reaching down to help him up, then step into the garden.


“You honestly heard it all. I just can’t believe that they are doing this. That all of the cities are doing this. Noe and I have been talking lately and it’s hard to see why things are taking such a drastic turn…well, other than the battle of course. You know what it’s like in Cumulus; unrest, riots, the like. Noe was saying the other day that people are starting to get frightened here. They want to move to the Three Sisters Island to let us Elementians handle everything. I just don’t get it Kai.” Isa sighed, her frustration showing in the small glow of light from the center of her fists.


Another breath.


Breath again.


Isa opened her eyes keeping herself from letting all of her emotions take her over at once. That wouldn’t be fair to anyone. Her temper had flared, but mostly she was indignant. The fact that her father was outright ignoring everything that she had said. Everything that Aketsu, Kai, everyone had stated in their account of the war, he wanted to go on and attack Whisper. He wanted to use the same team and a few others and send them again, but this time with a convoy. Of course, Isa had argued against this knowing that a convoy would be easily spotted. They had to be careful this time. They wouldn’t be able to get around the “fence” created by Natura, but had to go around that, head for Cumulus again, and finally take a straight shot to Whisper.


Could they do it?


“Kai, if we are to be the Guardians of Peace, how do we stop my father and the Light Alliance from doing something foolish?” she asked.




“Your Highness, Council Members. I can see now why you wished for me to calm the people. The results of this meeting are highly disappointing. May I ask as to your reasoning for this response to a war that was fought and caused by us?” Noe took her place where Isa had once sat. Despite her calm look, if one were to look her directly in the eye, which none of them were doing, they would see the raging storm within her.


“The King state that it was the best for all of us. We could get them to back down for forever.” A councilman stated while receiving a glare from the king.


Noe looked at the king until he looked up from the paper that he was signing. “Is this truly what you think?” Her words were deathly soft.


King Aslano nodded, not taking his gaze off of his adoptive daughter.


“You will regret your decision, this I can tell you now. The war that you are about to start will be another war that will go down in history. I wish I could speak some sense into you your highness, but I know that you and your daughter share some very similar qualities. Ignorance and stubbornness.” Noe sighed sadly as her wings began to shrink and finally fold back into her body.


“I can answer for myself only. This is something that I do not agree with. I will go as an advocate of peace to Whisper. I will not intentionally go to fight them.”


Noe stood up gracefully, her skirts rustling in time with her stone anklets as she walked out of the room. When she shut the door, she could hear the men talking about what she had said and how different she was from Isa. That was a tactic that the now used to their advantage at times, a whole good cop bad cop outlook on the way that they spoke. But this was something that probably wouldn’t work out the way that they wanted to.


What to do, what to do.


Noe walked around the castle until she reached Isa’s room where she would wait to see if the Princess would come back to cool down.

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Peace? Blaise mentally scoffed, commentating his opinion on the conversation. He might have been accidentally broadcasting his thoughts to them, but he hardly cared. It's a thought to be shared.


Peace is brought by peace, yes... But presenting your opposition in such an arrogant way and disappearing in a flurry is hardly peaceful. It screams for action and builds tension. Fighting verbally might as well be fighting physically.


With that, he cast a glance back at the two and strode into the garden, selecting a bench to sit on as he pulled out a notebook.


Drawing out a pencil from the binding, he began to scratch in a daily entry, a letter to his parents. They insisted to know the business of the royal family, as well as constant letters as to his situation. Continuing to keep an open mind to listen in on, he began to write up the most recent events of the day. The left side of his face was stinging slightly, but he kept a solemn, straight face. Shifting the half-mask relieved the pain a bit, but only a small amount.


It had been a while since the star had flared up, but he hoped that it wasn’t deciding to expand now. Though it was the most amazing part of his elementian fame, it was also the most irritating and bothersome part. Unpredictable, as well. Sometimes it would worsen only weeks apart, and other times it would take months. Though, when he was fourteen, there was the merciful eight months without any flare of any kind.


Again, the stinging returned, stronger, pulling at his train of thought. A wince surfaced on his face, and he pulled the mask off for a moment, brushing a gloved hand over his cheek before quickly replacing it. And the sting continued. Blinking rapidly, he tightened his grip on the pencil and continued writing.

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Whoosh! "Watch it, boy!"


"Sorry ma'am, I'm in a hurry!"


Boy? Do I look like a mere boy, me and this sword and these marks of nobility? Hmph!


Aketsu, in a terrible mood, sped along the trail from Aero to Sola using wind to speed up his movement greatly. He had been running the whole way and was breathing heavily, but his body's natural ability to take in more oxygen then the average person helped his endurance greatly. He was almost to the gate of the city and was greatly frustrated. The meeting he had attended in New Aero had taken an entire hour longer than he'd hoped, and he was certain he had missed whatever verdict had been chosen considering the situation with the Light and Shadow Alliances. Not only that, but he knew that Isa had been hoping he could arrive in time and now he couldn't. Now all these people were in his way too, as the midday travelers mulled about as slowly as they possibly could. To top it off, the meeting at New Aero hadn't gone as he had hoped either.


"Aketsu, please. King Aslano is right; if we try to make peace with Whisper, they will stab us in the back. They will never make peace, so long as their queen lives."


"And pursuing war is better? As though somehow that's going to end less lives?"


"We do what we must. Our actions now will make a better future for everyone."


His very brothers disagreed with him--well, at least three of them did. His two sisters and younger brother agreed with him, but they had less say than the older ones. It was all a jumble of opinions all meshed together. Fortunately no decision had been made that day. Aketsu knew that New Aero would go with whatever King Aslano finally decided, but he still had to try to sway their beliefs towards what he was certain was wise. He had spoken to some elders and written a long document stating why he didn't think that Sola was taking the right path, but his parents had made sure it didn't reach the King. Aketsu was half-glad it didn't; he dearly respected King Aslano and was grateful for all the King had done for him. The paper was more meant for Aketsu's own family, to show them that he had done research, looked into the past and predicted possible outcomes for the future. War did not look good, and persecuting Shadow Alliance Elementians, while effective security, was only making martyrs.


Aketsu came to a halt at the gate, but before he had even stopped the guards had dipped their heads in respect and let him pass. The Wind symbol on his forehead, along with his golden eyes, made him a very distinct person even if he wasn't in noble garb. He thanked them and darted into the city, through the market-place and up to the palace. Upon arrival he was informed that he had indeed missed the meeting. He asked how it had gone, but the servants he spoke to didn't know. He sighed in frustration and decided to cool off before going to speak to Isa. Most likely it hadn't gone well, and he didn't want her to have to share his own frustrations with his family. He loved his family more dearly than he loved himself, but it hurt when they disagreed with him, especially after everything he had said to try to sway them.


He entered his room in the palace and sat on the window sill. If the council had decided to send the Guardians of Peace out again, they would be leaving soon. This time they would have more elementians, but also a convoy. Things would be much more difficult, if not more appropriately organized. He mulled this over as a gentle breeze blew by.






She didn't want to know. Well, she did, but she didn't really want to know... not bad enough to listen in. After all, Isa would tell her eventually, if it was important. That was one good thing about being friends with the Rainbow-Child-Princess-of-the-entire-Light-Alliance-future-heir-to-everything-good. You knew stuff before a lot of people did.


But anyway, instead of knowing, Yuaki Xa had chosen to hang upside-down in a tree in the garden and sing loudly when people she didn't know passed by. Sometimes fellow servants around her would glare at her harshly or even stop her from singing, but others would burst out giggling and have to hide it from shocked and confused nobility who would stare at Yuaki with something near fright. It was hideously hilarious, and something Yuaki only did when she knew the 'nobility' were people who would likely not pass by Sola for another five years. They were the kind of people who pretended to be regular visitors by saying something smart, but by their lack of appreciation for the garden and servants, Yuaki knew they were nothing more than tourists.


But after a while Yuaki's face was as red as a tomato and she felt dizzy, so she lightly dropped to the ground and sat under the tree for a while. Knowing Isa was in a meeting always made her antsy and bored. Yuaki had been invited once to sit-in on a meeting and had quickly and promptly refused; she knew for certain that her big mouth would get her in trouble. She had a lot of opinions about King Aslano and his council of know-it-alls, and not a lot of them were positive. Some of them were, just not a lot.


Yuaki perked from her tree when she saw a strange young man with half a mask on his face enter and sit on a bench. He seemed frustrated. She watched curiously as he sat down and began writing. His face seemed to be hurting him, and eventually he even took off the half-mask for a moment to clear something from his eye. He looked slightly familiar, and Yuaki frowned.


"Hey Saira," she said to another servant, "who's that guy there?" Saira looked up from the flowers she was watering and her eyes widened in surprise. "Yuaki, you mean you don't know? Shame on you, you're so ignorant sometimes!" Saira was smiling kindly despite her words. Yuaki shrugged. "He can't be that important. He's only a person, after all." Saira glanced at the young man again and blushed a little. "You mean you really don't recognize him? That's Blaise Sivett, the legendary Star Child! Well, I mean, no one calls him that anymore, but he's the most powerful Space Elementian to come along in years! He's brilliant, and rumors have it that a star is growing in his eye that he covers with that mask!"


Yuaki frowned lopsidedly. "Oh, huh. Guess I have heard of him. I just thought he'd be... I dunno, taller? Hmm." As Saira wandered off, Yuaki leaned against her tree and watched this 'Blaise'. Wonder what it must be like to be legendary. Must suck, if it's anything like all the junk Isa has to deal with every day. I love her, but I'd hate to be her. She can't go anywhere without someone announcing her arrival.

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