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The Requiem: The Girl From the Sky

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"always" Lucifer replied.


Jin let out a breath he hadn't realized he was holding. did that affect me so deeply? he wondered again about the long term consequences of what he'd just done. But once more it seemed to day was not about debating the long term. As Greisha knights began to appear by the dozens he was once more reminded that that ability to debate tomorrow was a luxury reserved for those that would live long enough to see it!


"Into the cave! Get Sorah and anyone not fighting into the cave, use it as natural cover, we can hold the entrance, force them to come at us in fewer numbers, get rid of their advantage." He cried out over the chaos, "the knights are ours, let Cloud deal with the leader."


Even as he spoke he sidestepped a blade thrust, taking hold of the man's arm he pulled himself in close, a range at which the man's sword was virtually useless. Jin's daggers on the other hand were accustomed to such close quarters and made quick work of the man's neck. Jin threw one dagger, then the other, impaling two more knights in the face as he snatched his staff from his back and moved to Lucifer's side.


"Into the cave kitten we can't be dying just yet." He spun his staff expertly, the long thick wood giving the nearest knights a moment of pause. Buying time... "Urk *cough*" Jin 's stance faltered as he coughed up a small amount of blood. The nearest knight took full advantage and Jin barely raised his staff soon enough to stop the man's blade. Spinning it sideways he maneuvered the blade away from his head and drove the other end of the staff into the man's abdomen.


Not good... I'm a lot worse off that I thought... Come on Keith, get us to the mouth of the cave. I'm relying on you for this.

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"Into the cave! Get Sora and anyone else not fighting into the cave, use it as natural cover, we can hold the entrance, force them to come at us in fewer numbers, get rid of their advantage." Jin order, calling out over the noisy din of the ongoing battle. "The knights are ours, let Cloud deal with the leader."


Lucifer nodded, spinning slightly as she avoided a slicing sword. A kick smoothly knocked the blade out of the knight's hand, leaving Lorkin free to tackle him. As he tore into the man's flesh, his dieing screams rang loudly against the girl's eardrums. She shook her head to clear it before ducking once more as an arrow whistled through the air. It was too hectic to tell where it had come from though. Instead, she slid out several daggers and sent them flying into the throng. Several cries of anguish pierced the air before their owners slumped to the ground.


As the fighting continued, once more she felt the familiar rush of energy. No. It was more like hunger, and bloodlust. She grinned, feeling all her troubles just disappear in the chaotic mess. Lorkin bounded up, flicking his tail happily. He could feel it too, sense it through their shared bond. And it excited him. The two worked as if one being, falling into the patterns they had developed over the years. She blocked, he sliced. He dodged, she attacked. But despite their efforts, the numbers were just too overwhelming. For everyone that they took down, two seemed to push in through the gap.


Suddenly, Lucifer felt Jin step in next to her. "Into the cave kitten, we can't be dieing just yet."


"No. We definitely can't." She hissed suddenly, as a knight suddenly slammed his mace towards her. Darting out of the way, she felt it tear a bloody furrow along her shoulder. Furious, she felt the anger welling up inside. As she turned to glare at the man, she lashed out with her hand, sending a single fireball speeding towards him. The pitch black orb exploded into ebony embers as it hit the target. Lucifer tore a strip of cloth from her shirt fringe and wrapped it around her shoulder quickly before dodging another blow.


This battle was starting to wear on her, she thought grimly, as blood soaked the fabric and dripped down. A choking cough suddenly alerted her to Jin and she leaped back by his side. "Hold on." She growled, clenching her teeth. Searching desperately for some spare energy, she dropped to the ground by a dieing knight. Grabbing him roughly by the neck, she ripped out the remaining shreds of life from him. Lucifer got back to her feet, swaying slightly as the blood loss started to drain her. Putting a limp hand on Jin's shoulder, she sent him the taken energy.


"We need to go." She whispered, dropping another enemy with a blow to the head.

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"Don't worry, I won't be taking it seriously so long as you don't when I stick this sword into your black heart! How dare you call your soilders to attack my in-training knights!"


He hissed, the others were making their way to the cave. Using it as natural cover, they had come on and were now using their heads rather than their swords, good sign but he wished it wasn't in such a bad time. Blazer was busting himself smashing his hooves into the chest of any knight that dared to come near him but their swords were just as long and were able to slash at him. The winged stallion reared making some space for himself so to run to the cave for protection, it was in his mind to cover the girl they called Sora, his rider had said to help her and that's what Blazer would do.


Cloud balanced his sword lightly in his hand staring at the man before he made his move, he had to take into account who he was dealing with and his chose of weapon as well. He crossed the distanced between the two in a matter of seconds surging with each step, rather than go for a direct full on attack he went to the right side of him trying to slip his sword passed his guard and aiming for the ribs.

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((My first post! smile.gif Hope nothing's out of order.))


Yuuno heard some shouting in front of the cell he was held captive in. He tiredly opened his eyes, only to see a man arguing loudly with the thug who held him prisoner. He slipped in and out of consciousness, the lack of nutrition getting to him. He has been tortured for days, always being asked the same question, “Who hired you?” He really did not know who or what that man was talking about. His wrists were bound to a post, shaped like a cross; his body was left dangling, like a doll. His pale skin was dirtied by his filthy surroundings and the blood that came forth whenever he was struck with a knife.


It all happened just days ago, he was exploring the nearby ruins, when a sack was put over his head, suffocating him. After a brief struggle, he lost consciousness. When he came too, his belongings were no longer with him, presumably confiscated. He was hung up like a puppet, behind cold, steel bars. Although the cell was crudely made, it served its purpose. A burly man soon came in the cell and started asking him questions. Yuuno shook his head at every question, truly not knowing the answers. The burly man would not take his answers and started his torture. Every single day, he went through cycles of interrogation and torture; still, he tried to survive through the ordeal.


The thug entered the cell once again; Yuuno was briefly surprised when his restraints were cut with the same knife that was used to cut his flesh. He smiled and slumped over, his wrists bruised from the rope that bound him. He soon lost consciousness again, not before realizing that he was being carried over the ruffian’s shoulder, who carried his belongings in another hand.


When he came to once again, Yuuno was apparently dumped at the entrance of the cave. Not knowing where to go, he just took his belongings and put them in their proper places. He noticed a jug beside him and he bent over to take a whiff. It didn’t smell of anything so he just took a swig of it. Thankfully, it was water. He gulped down the rest of the refreshing drink, much to the delight of his parched lips. He took out his Book and began reciting a spell that would heal his superficial wounds. A soft, green glow enveloped his body as a gentle breeze blew around him. He was rather proficient at that, using his wind-based spells for curative and defensive purposes, rather than for destructive purposes.


When he was done, he noticed that there was a battle going on outside and some people were coming towards the cave. Much as he detested doing, he decided to head back into the cave to use its darkness as cover, to hide from the possibilities of any attackers.

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We need to go!


Jin fully agreed, they would be slaughtered out here in the open. He ducked a blade and returned the favor with a blow to the man's head. Then, linking his arm with Lucifer's arm, "Hold on!" With that said he dropped to the ground and twisted hard to the right and jumped, sending both of them flying towards the cave's entrance. It wasn't the most graceful maneuver he'd ever planned, but it took the three guards in front of the cave's mouth completely by surprise. They didn't even have time to swing before Jin's body collided with them. Jin had twisted to the right so that his back would absorb the shock of the guards and then the ground, allowing Lucifer to land on top of him, using his body as a cushion. Fortunately the three guards, now underneath him, cushioned his fall as well.


He stood up quickly slamming his staff down on the first Guard as he assumed Lucifer and Lorkin would finish off the other two.


"Alright, you take the left I'll take the right." Jin suddenly raised his voice, "Everyone else get to the cave!"


Mentally he was worried about Cloud... Good luck Sempai... we'll do our best to hold out until you get back...


"Kou! Who are those people you talked to in the cave!? We could use a little help here, or do I also have to worry about being stabbed in the back?"

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((I'm back xd.png))


The red head dodged everyone of the the knight's attacks. It was as if he was gliding, using only little shifts in his movements while keeping a calm expression. The way he held his weapon seemed as though he had no intention of attacking back.

"Oh, but you are mistaken. They are not my soldiers..." He spoke with his usual tone while dodging the attacks. "I was merely hired to get the beautiful lady. I am not in any way, affiliated with them. The only thing I did was provide the signal of attack. My goal is different from theirs..." He added, jumping back on a large rock.


The self-proclaimed Viziel Knight gazed at the battlefield, watching the knights-in training and their companions fight through. Keith tried to clear the way for Sora and Sei, but they just couldn't get through, the only way out of the crowd was away from the cave. Plus, even if they did get in, it's not for sure that Kou's fellow rebels would let them in. After all, they had led the enemies to their 'base'.




"Ya..!" The brown-haired boy, ducked, pulling the girl with him as one of the Gresia knights swung his blade. Immeditely, the man fell after being hacked by the 'Wind Assassin' from behind. "Sei! You a'right?" He asked, turning to the boy as he clocked off an attack in front. The boy nodded in response. Keith sighed and pushed back the enemy. Sei sttod up and dusted his clothes while his companion protedted them from the knights."Damn... Guess there's no choice..." He groaned, pointing to a distance. "Run and take Sora with you. I'll cover your backs!" He added. At first, Sei stared at him with fear in his eyes, but seeing that there's no other way, he nodded and took the girl's hand. "Let's go!" He called, pulling the girl with him...




"... I won't let you get away..." The red-head shook his head with a smirk in his face. "As for you. I am not your enemy... If you are looking for their leader. He is." He turned to Cloud and pointed his finger to the opposite direction of where Sei and Sora was going. There was another group of Gresia knights. Most likely, reinforcements. They were led by a large, bald, heavily beard bulky man wearing an equally large silver armor. He was riding on a brown stallion. He had a gigantic spear on hand.


'Sephil' smirked and jumped down from the rock, stepping on the heads of random Gresia knights he could step on. "Oh, no you don't...!" Keith snarled, raising his weapon at the now approaching 'enemy'. The man sighed and slid something out of his sleeve, swigining his arm and pproducing a fire spell much to the trainee's surprise. He raised his sword to block off the attack. When the fire subsided, the man had already gotten past the boy. He scowled, ready to follow the prusuer, and the two being pursued, but more Gresia knights immediately jumped in front...


'Ugh...! Dammit... Sei... Sora... Be safe...'



"Kou! Who are those people you talked to in the cave!? We could use a little help here, or do I also have to worry about being stabbed in the back?"


"Well, if they weren't such cowards, they'd be helping us out here now!" Kou answered as he ushed back another knight. "Yeah... The moment they laid eyes on this here scene, the cowards ran back in, sayin' it's yer fault fer leadin' them here, closin' off the entrance afterwards..." The other man added. The reason enmies never suspected the base being the said cave was because other than the front entrance, the actual base had to be entered through another inside, which is hidden. So, even if Sora and Sei did get in, they wouldn't be able to figure out how to get further in without Kou's or his companion's guidance.


"Grr... I can't see what happened to Sora..." Kou muttered to himself, as he fended off more knights. He turned to the cave and then to his older companion, nodding at each other. 'But...We couln't let these guys inside the cave either... Because he's...'

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"This day can't get any better"


Cloud said as he saw the approaching men on horse back along with the man he needed to stop, he looked from the corner of his eyes at the red head....he didn't want to let him outta his sight but he had to if he was to stop the new Knights from over flowing onto his friends.


"Me and you are going to have a nice long chat after this!"


Cloud said while he waited for Blazer to come after he whistled for the stallion, currently all Cloud could see was the bodies of Knights being flung into the air by the charging winged horse that was doing its best to get to him as soon as he could.


"Hang in there guys! I'm going to head off this group!"


Cloud called down as he swung into the saddle letting Blazer sprend his wings forcing himself and his rider into the air above the other Knights and people. Blazer flapped hard to try and make way to the charging horses, now Cloud could see the man he wanted. He was wearing damn good armour but it was the numbers that bothered him.


Yes he was a good fighter, worth a hundred of these soilders but not in such large numbers in such a short burst. This was going to be a fight he would never forget, Blazer alightened on the ground pawing and tossing his head watching the other horses coming closer by the second. Cloud unsheathed his sword again rising it high into the air and pointing it at the captain.


"Your mind!"


He yelled and Blazer flared his wings rearing as he waited for them to clash metal.

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Jin grunted, blocking two blades at once with his staff and turning the momentum back on his attackers, downing them both. This wasn't good, everyone was being efficiently split up, a very smart tactic for the enemy to use and unfortunately not one that he could really do anything about right now.


There were too many knights to attempt to break through to the others, doing so would leave him exposed to attack from every direction, it was hard enough to hold out against such numbers when they were only coming from the front... well... at least in his current condition. His body was already feeling strained, forcing him to rely on the basics of block, parry, and thrust. Anything more advanced would only wear him out further and it looked like this could be a long battle.


"Lucifer, don't expend much energy, we've got to outlast them that's all there is to it. We can't reach the others for now, just take down as many as you can and avoid injury at all cost, we can't afford to start piling on wounds this early into things." Jin gave her a half smile. It's a little late for tha though, we entered this battle wounded!

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The reinforcements immediately spotted the approaching young Azure Knight. Some of them proceeded toward the fighting upon the command of the heavily armored man. Some stopped to fight the young knight, raising their weapons at him.


As for the battle field, Kieth, Kou and the other man were still trying to fight through. Kou obtained some wounds, but none of them were fatal. The trainee, on the other hand was unwounded and continued slashing like the wind. But due to the enemies' numbers, he couldn't seem to get through them in order to assist Sei...



'How did I get myself into this mess...?!' The brown-haired boy cried in his mind as he continued running to no particular direction, with the girl. He had no idea where he was going... Though right now, the only thing that mattered was to get Sora to a safe place.


"Gah...!" Sei shouted in surprise. Two people suddenly appeared in front of him. They were hiding behind the boulder, and from the looks of it, they were Gresia Knights.


"Ke! Lucky... We got em' where we want em'!" One of the knight chuckled, sword in hand.


"Come with us missy! We Ain't gonna hurt ya..." The other one said, wiggling his fingers.


The young man gulped. He had no weapon... He can't use magic...

'Ugh...' He groaned, closing his eyes. "N-no..." Sora stuttered, there was an evident fear in her voice.


'... I can't believe I'm doing this...'


((... I had school and stuff so.... ^^"))


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