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The Requiem: The Girl From the Sky

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(So... This is my first somewhat "semi"-literate RP.... Oh and this is based on a story I made... )<----CLICK FOR OOC THREAD


When the world is doomed for eternity,

One shall appear to recreate history,

He who shall bear, the world's sorrow,

Life shed from his tears, the world shall borrow...

Darkness... Light... His mark bears all we sow...

For more than five thousand years, wars in search of power, wealth and territory had broken down unto the world, one after the other. The world was almost left to wither and die with almost no hope left to spare. These wars only ended with the appearance of an unnamed prince, who had violet hair and green eyes... He ruled for a hundred years filled with peace until his death...


Four hundred years after his death, the world fell into another war... But with the prince gone, will history repeat itself?


The World:


From the many years of repeated war and destruction, all of present day technology disappeared for good, but magic was discovered in return. Countries were forgotten, and were replaced by kingdoms. New creatures people thought didn't exist also began to appear. Days of today appeared to be stuff of legends which could only be seen in ancient books, and with that, people stopped counting the number of years which have passed.


The monetary currency was decided to be coins made of newly discovered materials, Ruko (yellow in color), Winse (Gray in color) and Vride (Brown in color), respectively arranged from the highest value. They were generally addressed as coins by the people. Travelers were also common. They were usually refugees from the ongoing war or soldiers on a mission (or vacation). That was why inn business in every city, village and town became a huge hit.


Due to the changes in the terrains and appearance of kingdoms from here and there, it was really impossible to create a map of the world. There were also dangerous areas where no one could return alive which was why magic is a must.


Among all the kingdoms, 7 are the most powerful and most known.


The Kingdom of Kevia is a powerful kingdom known for the Kevia knights for their loyalty. Kevia knights can use low-level healing and elemental magic. They are also powerful in terms of brute strength.

*Covers the whole southern end of the continent.


The Kingdom of Surea is not as large as Kevia, but lately, they seem to be building up power. In fact, they seem to be the one leading the current war. Little is known about this dark kingdom.

*Lies at the Northeastern end of the continent, Arcaia is to the west.


The Kingdom of Azure is a small and slowly growing kingdom popular for its Azure knights. They are very scarce in number and are hired by the other kingdoms for a big price. It is said that one Azure knight is equal to an army of a hundred. Azure knights cannot be found on the main cities of Azure. They can only be found in a hidden Azure village (deep in the forests according to rumors) for some reason...

Azure Kingdom is a neutral kingdom, not directly participating in the war, but they do provide knights to other kingdoms as long as they are paid.

*Lies beyond north of Kevia


The Viziel Kingdom is a large and prestigious kingdom divided into five, the North Viziel Kingdom, East Viziel Kingdom, South Viziel Kingdom, West Viziel Kingdom and Central Viziel Kingdom. It is said that this is the most advanced kingdom in terms of magic, using it as their technology. They are also known for their Viziel knights, wielders of magic, and masters of combat.

*Lies south from Arcaia, Northwest of Azure


The Kingdom of Ureal is the dark kingdom of vampires. Little is known about this kingdom. In fact, no one knows where it is located. Ureal only participated in the war once, displaying the power of the immortal vampires, but they were never seen again after that battle known as the "Blood Banquet".



The Kingdom of Ferzene is the kingdom of beasts (no, not animals or monsters). Beasts are animal-like creatures with intelligence of a human. Like Ureal, little is known about this kingdom. Beasts can sometimes be seen roaming forests, caves and mountains, some also serve humans.



The Kingdom of Arcaia is said to be the most powerful kingdom of all. It is also where the legendary prince once ruled, thus, this kingdom is the inheritor of his bloodline and the secrets of the forbidden magic. Rumors have spread that it has met it's downfall from Surea, but doubts arise if it was true... No one have confirmed... Since all those who investigate never return to tell the tale...

*Lies in the Northwestern end of the continent.


Here are some not so popular, not so powerful kingdoms that you *might* end up passing by along the story.


The Kingdom of Cuerdia - home of Scholars and their Students. Cuerdia is also known for Alveria Academy, a prestigious academy for students (future scholars). This is still a growing kingdom, not really powerful, but they have one of the largest collections of books. Cuerdia is not in league with the seven because it was never involved in any war. It is located north of Azure, south of Viziel.


The Kingdom of Mesria - a poor kingdom, directly north of Kevia (right beside Kevia actually...). It was involved in certain wars in the past, but it never won any.


The Kingdom of Ruevelle - called the phantom kingdom because it was once an unknown (not popular) kingdom. It suddenly grew strong a few years back and became Viziel's rival. It is west of Viziel.


The Kingdom of Gresia - a small, yet ruthless kingdom northwest of Mersia. It has conquered a part of Mersia and continues to go on a rampage...


The Kingdom of Hal 'el - the kingdom directly north of Viziel. It is a quiet kingdom despite it being in a lot of wars before.


Cities, Villages and Towns


I'm no good in explaining... So, here's how it most likely looks...


Like this (City): user posted image


Towns/Villages and the poor areas:

user posted image




Magic can be measured through the hair and eye color of a creature. Beasts and vampires are exceptions since beasts and vampires all posses golden-yellow eyes or crimson red eyes, but that color was rare. Their hair/fur doesn't matter either. Vampires usually have black hair.


The hair and eyes not only measure the magical capabilities, but also the type of magic you can cast. As for the prince, he can cast all known magic during his time, even the most forbidden, powerful and dangerous magic.


Magic was also an important part of people's everyday life. They use it as replacement for technology. From lighting to communication, magic was surely a daily necessity. However, horses were still commonly used for transportation. Beasts were also used by some.


Eyes and Hair were also used to identify status. From aristocrat to a royal family, it was a basis. Lately, it was not applied since many royal families had been dethroned. Aristocrats had been turned into slaves due to loss in the war or other specific reason such as failure of business.


Everyone could use magic, in fact, it was a rare occasion when one cannot. Mostly, those in the lower class of people (I'm not telling the hair and eye color) can only use weak magic such as a spark of fire or healing tiny wounds. That is where orbs come in. They amplify magic whatever level of magic you might be in. Books also help in the magic amplification, but it is limited by what book you hold and which spells you are able to conjure.

(NOTE: More info about your magic shall be provided after approval of char sheet)


Those who live in the current world...(EXTRA INFO.)


Not all 'creatures' living in the world have been discovered, but these are the current list from the book of the scholars...


Humans (you may only play as this)

-As said above, all humans can use magic and developed a (not so large?) variety of hair color and eye color over the years. Each one can use magic whatever your magic capability may be. Usually, those in the low class have very weak magic, but through the help of orbs, even they can be formidable. However, it is required that you train and study magic, because no matter what your capabilities are, you cannot create a powerful spell without knowing how to cast it. (In the knight's case and scholar's case, they've studied it previously in their home kingdoms)



-No one knows if there are any of them left, but they surely existed. They fought in the thousand year war once when their home was threatened. According to the records, they were immortal.



-Yes, animals still exist. Humans eat them (that sounds wrong sleep.gif...), keep them as pets and use them for transportation.



-They're the wild, untamable creatures in the seas, mountains, caves, deserts and forests. They attack all those they see, mostly those traveling. They come in different shapes and sizes. These creatures are rarely appear lately...



-They seem to be animals, yet they also seem closer to being a monster. They are tamable and intelligent, having the ability to understand human language. It is said when in the Ferzene Kingdom, they can speak. They are not as commonly seen as the animals.



-Again, they were only seen during the war. People used to kill them so that they turn into fairy dust used for the war. It was popular for its medicinal properties, spell casting and forging magical weapons. Today, they are extinct.


So, basically, humans and animals are the only ones you can find in the cities, towns or wherever you go. Sometimes, tamed beasts can also be sighted.




It has been 20 years since the second war began and it is currently ongoing. You are a typical traveler (whatever your business there was...) stopping by a small inn at the Kingdom of Kevia. You have been hearing that the kingdom is about to charge in a war against a smaller kingdom, Gresia, surely, it is an easy win. You also know for a fact (unless you're one of those who know nothing of the current events) that Kevia have been involved in this war for the past 15 years. This does not concern you... But little did anyone know that this event is the beginning of a new journey....


The travelers in the inn escaped the very next day after some unusual events. The first, was the discovery of the fall of the Kingdom of Kevia, the second was the appearance of so-called 'The Requiem' in the sky. This symbol also appeared in the foreheads of certain travelers, and disappeared with the one in the sky. They escaped from the kingdom (with the help of a strange Viziel Knight) and set out in a journey...


Prologue: The Requiem

"When war returns and chaos it rears,

All creatures, their cries, someone please hear,

Darkness, the sky shall be filled,

Thunder and lightning, the lands will fear,

Amidst all destruction, IT shall reappear..."


Chapter 1: The Kingdom of Mesria

"The path that which you choose...

Regret not... There is nothing to lose,

For where the door of fate stands,

Its keys, are in your hands... "


Chapter 2: The Girl From the Sky

"Destinies that bind...

Fates which intertwine...

Stories, all the same...

Ending with someone, engraved - his name... "


Jobs Available:


Pick the job you want here. Depending on your job, you get certain advantages, in short, you will be provided information available only to your job (which I PM you when you get accepted). After all, what kind of Viziel knight are you if you don't know anything about Viziel? What kind of scholar are you if you don't know anything? Shame on you Azure knights if you don't know your own history! Travelers? Meh...

(*-->additional information)


Viziel Knight- Specializes in both magic and combat through the use of orbs. These orbs can be used to call forth weapons, amplify magic and even do household chores (the infinity orb could carry your items by sucking it down). Viziel knights are also known to be very knowledgeable about the world.

*These elegant knights wear gorgeous white, black or red robes with long sleeves. Some also wears cloaks and capes. As for the subordinates, they are required to wear black cloaks with a hood as the cover their faces and the rest of their body.

(pick from here)

-(2 "Slots" only) Viziel knight subordinate- a Viziel knight who is required to wear a mask when on battle. Further information will be provided if you choose to be in the Viziel knight class. You can say they’re the ordinary Viziel knight.

-(TAKEN) Royal Viziel Knight-serves the king directly. Does not wear any mask and are considered as seniors to the subordinates despite having equal power.


Azure Knight-Specializes in fast and deadly attacks using any light (not heavy) weapon of your choice. They are not fond of using magic so hair and eyes does not really matter. In place of magic, they have something else up their sleeve...

*They commonly wear light (the not heavy one) casual traveling clothes.

(pick from here)

-(TAKEN) Azure Knight in-training- An unofficial Azure knight who is not yet required to get a hold of any official job from other kingdoms. They are also equal in skills as other Azure knights. They cannot however, use their "replacement for magic" yet. You can be elevated into an Azure knight when you reach Azure and get yourself officially "anointed". In- trainings are also required to travel on their own, train and return to the Hidden Village before they can become a true Azure Knight.

-(TAKEN) Azure Knight- Well... It's described above.


Scholar- Hails from the Kingdom of Cuerdia. They are tasked to record history and are very knowledgeable about the world. They have the power to use book magic. In short, you summon stuff from your book. Like a book of elements summons fire, ice, wind, etc...

*They also get the most information advantage...

*Usually, they wear a cape or a cloak covering their body and keeping their book safe from harm. Theses capes/cloaks come in different colors, but are commonly dark green.

(Pick here)

-(1"Slot" left) Student- a scholar who hasn't passed their test yet. Not exactly different from Scholars but they do not get the privileges of those with 'Scholar' titles (access to certain magic, libraries, information, etc...). You may take the test in any kingdom except Kevia, Ferzene and Ureal.

-(TAKEN) Scholar-*points up*


Traveler- Well... An ordinary traveler who can at least fight a little... You can however pick to become a Student or Viziel Knight in-training provided you get a master (Scholar/Royal Viziel Knight/Viziel Knight Subordinate, could be from one of the RPers). No special information will be provided for you. biggrin.gif

NOTE: No need for armors biggrin.gif. But you can have one if you like.




1. No god modding (except me of course, due to plot requirements xd.png).

2. No killing or controlling other players.

3. No less then 4 lines/sentences/sentence fragments per post.

4. No swearing. I'm totally against it.... You can make NPCs swear you I guess...

5. PM me all Character sheets.

6. To make sure you read the rules, put your favorite kingdom in the PM with the Char Sheet and write why you chose it.

7. No spamming.

8. Up to 2 characters per RPer. The 2nd being a traveler class.

9. Respect other players.

10. Romance allowed, keep it PG-13.

11. If you are to quit the RP, say so, get your character killed or leave on your own journey. If you are just going to be away for a long time, finish all your conversations or current business.

12. Use OOC thread for OOC chats or questions. In case of urgent need to say something here, use(()).


Character Form:

[B]Name:[/B](full name of character)
[B]Appearance:[/B](picture is allowed, in fact, I prefer picture-me likes looking at them... and it's easier to imagine events in the RP... )
[B]Eye Color:[/B](Just so you know, white/gray is obviously for the old people )
[B]Hair Color:[/B](White is not allowed)
NOTE: I think this is quite obvious... But no violet/purple hair and green eyes combination.
[B]Weapon:[/B](book for Scholar)
[B]Other:[/B](stuff you want to add?)
You may ask to omit something if you want it  to be kept a secret...

Changes in the sheet might be (will most likely be)necessary even after approval when you receive your information... wink.gif



user posted image


user posted image


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Name: Cloud Hunt

Gender: Male

Age: 20

Appearance: Cloud

Bio: As a young boy he hunted with his father, their entire family was made up of hunters and they were the best hints their last name. Cloud was sly using everything around him to his advantage and this was why he went into the Azure Knights to prove himself worthy of the Honour of being one of them. It was a long road to becoming a knight. That road was almost cut short when during a ride back to the Hidden Village he came across a village under attack from slave-hunters. Without a moments notice, he rode into battle against these bandits which outnumbered him greatly. He defeated most, holding the rest off til' more help arrived. He was seriously wounded, and almost died from lack of blood. The next thing he remembered, he was in a house in the Hidden Village having his wounds looked after. He bares an x shaped scar on the right hand side of his face from this battle. His fighting skills are well sort after but he only cares that he remains the best and brings on others to be the same as him. He travels a lot keeping to himself most of the time appearing and disappearing in places all the time. He has yet to find a woman to settle down with but so far has no plans to either.

Personality: Is brave in both mind and soul but this is a downfall for him really, it was the reason he was almost killed and often he falls into traps if others are in danger. He believes in living his life to the full when he is able to and does a lot of crazy stuff when he is chilling out. He appears to be a dark and quiet person who in silence appears to hold great power from just one look, but he is a happy person too and rather funny when he wants to be. Just don't make him angry, or else!

Eye Color: Hazel

Hair Color: Red (don't mind the color of his hair in the picture)

Job: Azure Knight

Weapon: He has a light medium length sword which has beautiful blade that has gold strikes embedded on it, also he carries a small bow with some arrows in a narrow tube of leather on his back that you would barely notice is there.

Other: His ride a stunning Pegasus Stallion called Blazer


Username: roobot

Name: Nixa (Nix. Uh) Hawthorne

Gender: Female

Age: 17, quite young.

Appearance: Sorry, no pic -

She has a dark green/dark red full-length cloak that she's almost never seen without, it is also fireproof. She has black tattoos like three-clawed claw marks (6 in all) on either side of her face, stopping at the beginning of her neck. (They start at the cheeks) She has red boots that are also fireproof.

Bio:Nixa came from Cuerdia, and grew up in a small town before she moved to a larger city to train as a scholar. She has just finished her apprenticeship, and has traveled to a part of Kevia far from her home to start her journey. Her dream is to fully master the fire arts.

Personality:Nixa is kind, generous and smart, but can steal without blinking an eye. She also is very good at arguing.

Eye Color: Bright Orange

Hair Color: Dark Red. And I mean red, not orange.

Job: Scholar

Weapon: Book of Flames

Other: She also carries a small dagger, and has been known to help and trust the enemy if she sees fit.


Username: Ladynatasha

Name: Maro Asashi Kei (Mar)

Gender: Female

Age: 19


Maro is about 5'7, and is not pixie thin but has a moderate build. She has light skin, as she seldom gets much sunlight. She has a slightly roman nose. She always wears a black mask to cover her mouth. It is breathable material that is not warm or water-proof. This mask covers everything from the beginning of her nose bridge down to the bottom of her neck. She has never been seen publicly without this mask. Her hair's natural color is very hard to tell, as she always dyes it dark greyish/black using coal. She does this every day, keeping her hair a dark color. Apparently, though, it is likely a light color since dying a dark strong color would do no good. Maro's hair is kept loose virtually all the time, and so it has its fair share of split ends, but is surprisingly healthy overall. She does brush it, but only once a day if she has time. Maro has a soft row of bangs that partly cover her left eye. Her hair is very straight and somewhat thick, and reaches her waist. She has a unique look to her face overall that could get stares, but she isn't beautiful or ugly... just different. Maro wears a very simple outfit. She wears tan deerskin pants and deerskin shoes. As for her upper outfit, she normally wears a dark brown long-sleeved shirt, which has a small metal plate of armor covering only her left shoulder/heart area underneath. In hot weather, she'll wear the same thing except with the sleeves cut off to make it a tank top type shirt. In colder weather she'll wear a black jacket over this. Maro has no visible markings or scars.

Bio: Maro was raised by traveling parents, and never really knew which city her parents came from. She inherited most of her appearance from her father, but her personality came mostly from her mother. Her sister Oora was the opposite, looking like her beautiful mother but seldom smiling. Maro grew up traveling with her family until she was nine. Then, her life changed forever. Maro and her parents were entering a small settlement that needed medicine. But as they left the town, the few warriors of the town came out and demanded all their money back from Maro's family, though it had hardly been more than ten brown coins. Maro's father resisted, and it soon turned into a fight. To Maro's surprise, her mother and sister Oora drew weapons and attacked the men as well. Maro wanted to join them, despite being terrified, but her mother screamed for her to leave. So Maro did. She ran far away, and didn't stop running until she could no longer run. There she stayed and cried, eventually falling asleep. To make a longer story short, she adopted by a Weapon-master and his wife and learned to use many weapons with above-average skill. Until she was eighteen she lived with them. Then the weapon-master did something strange. He gave her one look, handed her two weapons and a traveler's bag and said, "Go find yourself a husband, a prince, or a better weapon-master than me. When you find one, you can come home." And just like that, she was sent on her way. For a year, she's been traveling the world, helping those she comes across. Shortly after leaving her home, she also took in a wolf-hybrid pup whose family had been killed by an angry farmer.

Personality: Maro is quietly positive, but not unrealistically so... okay, slightly unrealistically so. She always has hope and seldom seems to view anything darkly. She is aware that she is unusual looking, and she tries not to bother anyone with it. She is very sensitive to people's feelings, she hates conflict, and she is not at all dominant, but will not be pushed around. She has very good morals: she'll never be found drinking or exposing extra skin. She loves children. Maro, however, is very good at twisting the truth or at 'double alliances'. This has gotten her in and out of trouble in the past.

Eye Color: Cream with gold flecks nearer to the pupil (the gold flecks don't have to mean anything, but my eyes have gold flecks and I wanted her to be similar )

Hair Color:Light blue, like the color of summer skies, but is dyed with black

Job: Traveler

Weapon: Three throwing knives, a long dagger, and a cross-bow. None are special, except they are well made.

Other: She owns a grey, year old male wolf/dog cross that looks like a Wolf/German Shepherd Dog cross. It is completely grey with dark grey eyes, currently weighs 80 pounds, and is only a little over a year old, meaning it will still grow. it has medium-length fur (double coat).


Username: Altiboris

Name: Lucifer

Gender: Female

Age: 16

Appearance: Dressed like this but the material is black leather- http://i56.tinypic.com/2yynvc0.jpg Looks like this but with red streaks in her hair. Her left eye is dark blue and the right is a brilliant green. Both have gold flecks- http://i56.tinypic.com/2iqbf2a.jpg Also wears celtic-looking bands around her arms and legs that hold tiny daggers.

Bio: She was an orphan ever since she could remember. Growing up with gypsies, she was always the outcast of their group. She didn't really have people looking after her and while everyone else retreated to their homes at night, Lucifer was always left out by herself. She developed great fighting skills and practiced them every day in the darkest hours of the night( violence was frowned upon by her group). As she got older, the taunting and glaring looks of the others were too much one day and she killed several of the gypsies. Horrified, the rest of them threw her out. So, she travels around, stealing for a living. After some of the kingdoms learned of her skills at certain arts, she was hired several times as an assassin

Personality: Savage and bloodthirsty, she's not like other travelers. Many who have seen her consider her less than human( she appears to be missing certain emotions). Quite sadistic and enjoys hurting others a lot. Extremely good at fighting( read history). Quick to anger and stubborn but has a kind side( thats really hard to find). Doesn't really care for people and it's very hard to gain her trust. Lucifer's very adaptable, due to traveling around so much. Has a sense of humor when she's in a good mood. A very intimidating and dominating person when she wants to be but usually skulks around in the background

Eye Color: Left is dark blue and the right is bright green. Both have gold flecks.

Hair Color: Black with red streaks

Job: Traveler( actually kind of an assassin/thief)

Weapon: A scimitar and her daggers. Also can control elements( can only use a few right now as she's still discovering them)

Other: Can she have a pet panther please? xd.png named Lorkin.


Username: Rakashua

Name: Jinjekkai Hiturro (if you know me well then call me Jin for short)

Gender: Male

Age: 20

Appearance: Purple Hair (dark with a grayish tint), Bright Blue Eyes, 6'2" long arms and legs, weighs 205lbs, well built, has body tattoos like picture (does not adore tigers like picture lol)


Jinjekkai's father, Mal Hiturro was once a great Azure knight in the small but growing kingdom. When he wasn't out on assignment he was always with his son, Jin, since Jin's mother had passed away shortly after Jin's birth. Therefore Jinjekkai spent most of his young life literally living with and around the Azure knights with his father. He never had the normal childhood that every little boy and girl should be given. Rather, the harsh realities of life, death, and war were ever present in his early years. When he was age ten, old enough to enter into training to become a knight like his father, his father went out on a mission and never came back. Jin never found out where his father had been sent, or who may have been responsible for his death, he never even knew for sure he was dead, only that he was gone. Jinjekkai began to follow in his father's footsteps, learning the arts of fighting and warfare. He was far ahead of his age group since his father had always taught him everything he could while he had been with him. It had been Mal's attempt at good parenting, but others may have looked on and commented that the young boy had been far too young to learn about such things. Due to his prior knowledge Jin was placed one age group up, with the thirteen to fifteen year-olds who had been in the program for three to five years. Jin therefore began slightly behind and outclassed. He had to work very hard to keep up with his studies and his training, and for the first year he always lost his fights against the older, stronger kids. Because of this he learned to adopt a very peculiar style of fighting that focused on pure speed and agility to avoid an opponent while striking from the side or behind, but never the front, for, against larger, stronger, and often faster opponents, defense was useless and a frontal attack was suicide.

It was pointed out that Jin desperately needed something besides training, fighting, and warfare on his mind, some other outlet for his energy and determination. And so it was agreed upon that Jin should spend three years living with the Shai Ri monks who inhabited the hill country.

At first Jinjekkai firmly resisted this notion, claiming that there was nothing a bunch of old bald people could teach him that he wanted to learn and that the experience would make him weak. But his fate was decided when he very nearly killed another boy in a sparring match and was given the choice of being kicked out, or spending his three years with the monks.

What happened to him during those years never left the monastery where he lived, until he turned eighteen. But something had changed, for he came back from those solitary hills a completely different boy, a man in fact. His behavior was that of a noble gentleman, his hair was well kept but still hung loose. His clothing was plain camel hair robes but clean and washed. He could read and write, and amazed his teachers at his restraint in combat. When his fighting instructor asked him why he had chosen this weapon he merely replied, "A bruise will heal and a bone will mend, but a cut can never be taken back, it will leave a scar forever."

They were further alarmed when he chose to train and fight while wearing a blindfold over one eye. He explained that by only using one eye he limited his depth perception and field of vision, forcing him to rely on his other senses and forcing his reactions to be faster or be defeated.

Jin spent the next year and a half out by himself, no one really knew where he went; only that he headed north towards the mountains one day without telling anyone where he was going or when he was coming back, he merely said, "When I'm ready, I'll return."


Jinjekkai Hiturro, once a wild barbarian of a boy and teen is now a reformed young man. He is quiet, and rarely speaks. That is to say he doesn't make "small talk" much. He does speak when it's important or he has something to say or is asked a question, but he's used to being alone and solitary, and therefore doesn't engage in constant conversation.

He has good table manners and characteristics of a man from a much nobler decent. He is respectful and most often kind and helpful. He is constantly training and loves to tell stories that may or may not be true, but are always about his life.

He loves nature and animals but has never had a pet. He has a strong sense of justice that stems from a belief in the need for balance in one's own life and actions.

Eye Color: Bright Blue (like picture)

Hair Color: Dark purple with a grayish tint (like picture)

Job: Azure Knight in Training

Weapon: 8' long staff of Iron Wood, also two hand-carved daggers: made of triple folded steel.

Other: He does not wear armor in the form of anything metallic, rather he wears smooth leather on his arms, shins, and hands. He otherwise wears a loose wolf skin/fur shirt and pants. Often also a loose robe made of the same material. If you ask why the limited protection he will merely say that clothing of any type restricts movement and slows you down, so he prefers to fight with as little as possible.

He wears his eye patch over a different eye each day, alternating between the two so that his vision isn't affected adversely. He has several quirks that have to do with his training philosophy, which basically is “the more limits the better.” (you’ll understand that as you get to know him).


Username: Saikachan

Name: Alazne Lilija de Clare

Gender: Female

Age: 20

Appearance: Alazne looks like this, though she doesn't carry her sword around. Her hair has these colours.

Bio: Alazne Lilija de Clare came from the Viziel Kingdom, from a family with a long and proud lineage. She was the only child, and thus her parents were very protective of her; too protective at times. Because of this, she had a tendency to run away at times when the nanny fell asleep, and explore the parts of the city she wasn't usually allowed to be in. On one of these trips she more or less stumbled across a Viziel Knight training his magic, and from that moment on her future wasn't a question to her. As soon as she could, she enrolled in the training, and, to the horror of her parents, showed no interest in getting married.

Personality: Alazne is a very determined girl, and she won't stop just because something involves hard work. She always follow through with her promises, even if it seems ridiculous or unimportant. Her favourite things are children and dogs, and she'd love to spend hours playing with them. She is very friendly, and would ask about anything that crosses her mind, but if the person she is talking to does not want to answer, she'll back off, and she wants the same respect in return. She loves to learn new things, which is the reason she's travelling.

Eye Color: Dark brown, bordering on black, with golden flecks.

Hair Color: Blonde-golden with purple streaks.

Job: Royal Viziel Knight

Weapon: She uses orbs, particularly one which contains a long, slim sword.



Username: dragoon1234

Name: Tobias Sebastian Alexander

Gender: Male

Age: 17

Appearance: ((Sorry no pic)) Small, 5'4" average build, with a scar on his left cheek, looks very young, about 10. He's always wearing a robe, mostly black but every once in a while he'll wear teal, and rarely red.

Bio: Tobias was raised poor. He lived with his dad and 5 sisters, him being the youngest. Life was always difficult, and one day he decided to run away from home. For 3 very long years he tried to fend for himself but most of the time he was robbed, beaten up, or in many cases nearly killed by beasts. He finally reached Curedia where he's been ever since, training to be a mage.

Personality: Shy. He won't talk much, but once he talks he won't shut up. He's also a coward.

Eye Color: Black

Hair Color: Red, with a little gold


Weapon: Book of Chaos



Username: woshiico0kie

Name: Yuuno Scrya

Gender: Male

Age: 16

Appearance: Yuuno Scrya

Bio: Yuuno was born to a slightly well to do merchant family in the Viziel Kingdom. His father would go travelling for months on end, to make a living for the family. Every time he came back, his father would tell him stories of his worldwide travels. The vampires of the Kingdom of Ureal, the beasts of the Kingdom of Ferzene, all seemed to tempting for the young boy that Yuuno is. When he was 15, he decided to set out on a journey himself. His father brought him along in the caravan, on one of his road-trips.

When they reached the Kingdom of Cuerdia, he was drawn to its peacefulness and decided to stay there to study the arts of magic. His father, not wanting to disappoint his son, reluctantly allowed him to do so and left to continue on his travels. Since then, he has been with the Alveria Academy, training to become a full-fledged Scholar.

On the sidelines, he also conducts his own research. He's one of the many other people who are looking for the true source of magic. How did it come about? What happened to us? These are some of the questions that have been bothering him for the longest amount of time.

Personality: He tries to be friendly, yet somehow fails to make many friends. Because of that, he became withdrawn and spends most of his time reading the books in the vast library of the Academy. As a result, he’s really quiet, often giving just one word or a short phrase as a spoken reply, while talking a lot/thinking in his head.

Eye Color: Green

Hair Color:Blonde

Job: Student

Weapon: Book of Billows

Other: He carries a metal fan that is attached to his belt(detachable), which can be used as a blunt weapon, although it's effectiveness is questionable. Most of the time he just uses it to fan himself. Or as a quick getaway from embarrassing situations that render him even more speechless than normal.


Username: earwig

Name: Sven Mochiem

Gender: Male

Age: 16

Appearance: Sort of like this but younger: Sven

Bio: Sven does not like to talk much about his history, but has given out small pieces of information. He is an orphan and has no siblings (that he knows of). He has then started to wander from town to town, finding a source of income by doing odd jobs for people, and even begging when he has become desperate. His dream is to one day work with someone powerful enough to stop the war, or do it himself if he could.

Personality: A nice guy, but can seem quiet or strange at times. He tends to get along well with others, but can be strangely aggressive at times, explaining that he has "voices in his head". No one has believed him, yet.

Eye Color: Bright green. (Not like in the picture)

Hair Color: Dark brown. (Darker than in the picture)

Job: traveler

Weapon: Mainly a spear, used in both throwing and close range combat, but Sven can turn his hand to almost anything, which can come in handy after he has thrown his spear.

Other: Sven is also determined to find out what the voices he hears are, and what they mean. They usually come to him when he is trying to sleep, or when he has just woken up, but they can also come in the middle of the day. He thinks that there may be some connection between the voices and what he sees in front of him.




Story-related but not really NPC Characters:

Name: Sephil

Gender: Male

Age:Claims to be (22)?


(his pictures are as big as his ego xd.png)

user posted imageuser posted image

He wears a white robe and a pair of white pants. At first glance, he can be mistaken as a nobleman, as if he emits an aura of elegance. His hair is fire-red almost reaching down his shoulders. His eyes are lifelessly red...


Little is known about this fellow, other than the fact that he came from Viziel Kingdom and claims to be an Elite Viziel knight...

Also, he seems to know a lot of things an ordinary Viziel Knight wouldn't...


A gentleman... Polite and honest... Those are the words you cannot use to describe him. He pretends to be one, but the truth is, he's nothing but a materialistic, girl chasing, selfish jerk who cares only about himself. The only thing he cares about is money, girls and... Himself...

(Sadly... He will serve as your guide)

Eye Color: Red

Hair Color: Red

Job: Viziel Knight (?)

Weapon: Naginata Orb

Other: No... He's not available for romance... Just tolerate his constant confessions... He doesn't seem to be a vampire... Does he...?


Username: Juzz

Name:Sei Raynard

Gender: Male

Age: 17

Appearance:user posted image

Quite small and young looking for his age. He has brown hair and long bangs which almost covers his equally brown eyes. He normally wears a tan-colored tattered commoner's shirt under his even more tattered long, gray cloak.


Born in a poor family in the Kingdom of Kevia, Sei had always wanted to be a Kevia Knight. His father left and never returned when he was four, so his mother raised him alone. He had no talent in fighting, he couldn't ride a horse and he can barely carry a sword, he cannot cast any magic, and yet, this did not prevent him in trying to achieve his dream. Everyone protested, most especially his mother, but in the end, he was able to get in the Royal Kevia Academy. While studying, his mother died due to an illness leaving him orphaned at the age of 13.

Sei was able to graduate and finally become a Kevia Knight, but for some reason, he's not a knight anymore...


He's weak and a big coward who cannot keep a secret when threatened. Because of this, people can easily manipulate him to do their bidding. Despite being like that, Sei's quite intelligent and determined.

Eye Color: Brown

Hair Color: Brown

Job: traveler (ex-Kevia Knight...?)

Weapon: Stick

Other: Yes... Bully him as much as you want...


Username: Juzz


Gender: Female...?

Age: 11


A large dark red bird about the size of an ostrich. Vei's body looks a lot like a swan's, webbed feet, long (thick as a duck's) neck, and elegant wings. Her beak is the only deadly looking part it has...


Vei was raised by Sei ever since she was an egg. Apparently, according to Sei, he found the egg in the Kevia forest. He raised her in their house in the outskirts of the city.


Let's just say she's possessive and obsessed with Sei... She won't let anyone else ride her other than him...

Eye Color: Yellow

HairFeather Color: Red

RaceJob: Beast

Special AttackWeapon: Double Kick/Hi-Jump Kick/Peck/Fury Attack xd.png

Other: KWAAAA!!!!


Username: Juzz

Name: Keith 'Kei' Azerith (Just call him Kei)


Age: 16


user posted imageuser posted image

A pretty looking boy who apparently, looks a lot like a female... He has a long, black hair reaching half of his back which is tied in a ponytail. He's slightly taller than Sei and wears a short, gray cloak which only covers his back.


Currently on his training to become a full-fledged Azure Knight, Keith (15 years old) was traveling with his seniors who were in a mission. Apparently, they accidentally left him after completing their job, leaving Keith lost and penniless. He had to travel alone to return to the village, and to live, he did some unofficial jobs for money.

With that, he began to achieve some fame (despite being a trainee), to the extent of being given the nickname "Wind Assassin"...

Seems to be Reiou Azerith's son... Adoptive son anyway...


Looking like a girl, he hates it when mistaken for one (and everyone commits this mistake). He can be short-tempered when touching that topic. Despite that, he's loyal and always ready to do anything to protect those important to him.

Eye Color:Gray

Hair Color:Black

Job: Azure Knight in Training

Weapon: Katana...? (but he doesn't seem to be holding onto it...?)

Other: Don't forget to mistake him to be a girl at first meeting biggrin.gif.

Edited by Juzz

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Important Plot Characters



The Kingdom of Azure


The Kingdom of Viziel


The Kingdom of Arcaia


The Kingdom of Surea


The Kingdom of Ureal


The Kingdom of Frezene


The Kingdom of ???


The Kingdom of ???


The Kingdom of ???


The Kingdom of ???


The Kingdom of Mesria


Name: Sora Velsha

Gender: Female

Age: 17

Plot Appearance:

She was found by the group in a forest on the way to Silphe Village... She's being chased by Mesria Knights for some reason...

Eye Color: Green

Hair Color: Green

Job: Healer. Also a well-known Seer


Name: Tobias Sebastian Alexander Sr

Gender: Male

Age: 45

Plot Appearance: Helped in the battle against the Gresia Knights

Eye Color: Black

Hair Color: Blond with red

Job: Retired Viziel Knight


Name: Kou

Gender: Male

Age: 18

Plot Appearance:

He met everyone in the canyons north of Silph Village when he was fending off the Gresia Knights...

Eye Color: black

Hair Color: brown

Job: Retired Resistance against Gresia/helps in the family business in the village (before joining rebels)




Name: Sephil

Gender: Male

Age:Claims to be (22)?

Plot Appearance:

The one who helped the group to escape from Kevia when it fell in the hands of Gresia...

A suspicious and mysterious fellow who claims to be an elite Viziel Knight...

Eye Color: Red

Hair Color: Red

Job: Viziel Knight (?)


Name: Toro

Gender: Male

Age: unknown


Plot Appearance:

Appeared in the canyons North of Silphe Village...

Bio: Nobody really knows much about him. He caught and imprisoned Lucifer with the intention of making her his apprentice/slave. But she refused to do anything and often tried to escape so he put a cursed tattoo on her arm. Finally, when she did escape, he made a vow to find her.

Personality: Charming and kind outwardly. Almost always smiling in a mocking and leering way. Bit of a jerk. He likes things done his way and gets what he wants. Has a bit of a crush on Lucifer. Doesn't seem to have any feelings. Toro is really vicious and sadistic. Loves to hurt others and only cares about himself.

Eye Color: Light Blue

Hair Color: Bleached Blonde

Job: Evil Sorceror Villain

Weapon: A lot of different blades. Mainly uses magic. Nobody knows the extent of his powers.

Other: He's an experiment of the Viziel Witch's that was brought back to life so he's immortal.

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I just have one question. What will save the kingdoms from destruction since the unnamed prince disappeared?

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Ah...I then see no complaints about this. It is substantial, adequate, and superlative.

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Well I sent you my char page. Yea, got a little caught up in that Omitted part...


Either way I forgot to mention favorite kingdom is Azure...pretty much due to the mystery and well you see in my char page lol


Edit: Just reread the rules on the unapproved RP's forum. Sorry if this post was considered spam

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Examples: Students (future scholars) . This ---- should be ).


job. (which I PM you when you get accepted)After all, what kind of Viziel

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((You seem to be having a problem with missing words. For example:


The world was almost left to wither and die, almost no hope left to spare.


You need a with after that comma. Actually, once you put 'with' in you can afford to take the comma out all together.


He ruled a hundred years of peace until his death...


You need a 'for' after ruled.


Look out for that. Small missing words such as 'for', 'with', 'a', 'the', ect. may not seem like much but they can switch a whole sentence from making sense to none at all. You have this problem all throughout your RP in places I haven't pointed out either. You also have many run-on sentences. Your phrasing is awkward, which makes it both hard to read and understand. Work on making your sentences flow better and try to reduce the choppiness.))


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Wow, just finished reading the rules for creating one of these and I'm guessing there's at least one mod that is either an English teacher or a home-schooler cool.gif (nothing against them I am one)


Anyways, no harm in being too specific.


If you wanted a critique, I've written a couple of books and started several RPs for other people on other sites (I usually don't have time to actually play it them), I'll give you one.


First off, I think you did a nice job with the background information that you gave out. While information was a little sketchy in the areas of specific kingdoms such information won't really be necessary or privy to all people until such points in the role play as make sense in the story.


Good call in the addition of pictures, a picture says a thousand words as they say. (From the pictures I'm assuming a pre-Victorian era environment with medieval weaponry) (correct me if that's not right).


In response to the character creation sheet, I think biography or "background information" should be a separate category from "personality" -- they're obviously closely tied but I would still separate the two-- in my opinion.


Also, I'm considering joining and if I did I'd have several other questions for you that I don't think you clearly addressed (though perhaps implied the answer elsewhere).


Example Questions:

Can I have a pet?


Can that pet be a beast?


Can I be a nomad or ranger (someone that is like a knight but has no specific affiliation with any of the given kingdoms).


Can I be a vampire?


Among the "beasts" and "monsters" are dragons included?


(those just popped into my mind while reading so I thought I'd share them with you)


Also (personal question because I love white hair), why no white hair? sad.gif


Anyways, I applaud you for adding a Q and A section, that helped me out because I was about to ask some of those questions (good forethought).


I'm assuming that you are going to let us pick our hair and eye color and

then let us know what that hair and eye color translates to magic wise correct? Or are you going to give a list of what entails what?


All in all well done, I may join you. I'll also send you a PM later with a character profile that I would write to see how you like it (yes I know I'd have to re-submit it after this becomes approved).


Nice work wink.gif

Edited by Rakashua

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Wait I'm confused by that sentence... did you or did you not answer the questions (yes i said they were examples, but if I were to join I'd be asking you).

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I'm no approver, but I did find a few things...


Travelers were also common, they were usually refugees from the ongoing war or soldiers on a mission (or vacation), that was why inn business in every city, village and town became a huge hit.

'inn'? I think you mean 'in'


To make sure you read the rules, put your favorite Kingdom in the

PM with the Char Sheet and write why you chose it.

Get rid of the enter after 'Kingdom in the' so it is 'To make sure you read the rules, put your favorite Kingdom in the PM with the Char Sheet and write why you chose it.' instead of 'To make sure you read the rules, put your favorite Kingdom in the

PM with the Char Sheet and write why you chose it.'


25.5 Use (()) for OOC.

Is the second '5' after the period suppose to be there?

Edited by i_luv_animalz

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So we can use ANY magic we want? Just not the magic to give ourselves other magic capabilities?

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so we CAN have the magic to give ourselves other magic?

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As mentioned before, as long as it's under your magic range, you can (honestly, that would be due to me being lazy to think of more specific magic names...).

I find that a bit unfair. People could find the general term "magic" to be "anything that can't be done physically or easily." Therefore, if you can give yourself other magic, you could essentially make yourself a god, or anything at all, really. I'd suggest making it so that you can stick with only the stuff in your domain. If you'd like, you can pm me all the schools of magic and I'll write up a list of spells for you to use, based off of my imagination and the RPG Dungeons and Dragons. That way, players won't be confused about what they can and can't do under their school.


edit: on a side note, the name of this rp makes me think of the orchestral piece by Clint Mansell, "Requiem for a Dream"

Edited by Getpwned

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((You have quite a few run-on sentences in here. Let me point out a few for you:


Countries were forgotten, in return, kingdoms were created and new creatures people thought didn't exist began to appear.


The part I've bolded and italicized should be two seperate sentences. I'll do this for a couple more sentences for you too~


Travelers were also common, they were usually refugees from the ongoing war or soldiers on a mission (or vacation), that was why inn business in every city, village and town became a huge hit.


(This is three sentences put together instead of two, hece the underlining~)


The Kingdom of Surea, is (You need to get rid of the comma here and replace it with is) not as large as Kevia, but lately, they seem to be building up power, in fact, they seem to be the one leading the current war.


Magic can be measured through the hair and eye color of a creature, beasts and vampires are exceptions since beasts and vampires all posses golden-yellow eyes, crimson red eyes were also confirmed, but it was rare.


However, horses were still commonly used for transportation, beasts were also used by some.


Well, you probably get the idea by now~ I haven't pointed out all of your run-ons so you'll have to find the rest on your own.))

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This is actually quite good. There are a few tense problems, and the occasional grammatical error, but I understood everything perfectly. However, a map would be very helpful. If you can collaborate with someone else to make one, this would be pretty much perfect!


So... approved! Since I'm not an official approver yet, it might be a day or two before it's fully approved.

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Not really, no. I hardly noticed them, so it *might* annoy some big grammar nazis, but otherwise it's fine.

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((yay! Finally moved biggrin.gif!

Now accepting character sheets. Since there are limited slots for each job (except traveler), please post the job you picked in the OoC Thread after sending your form. ))


Prologue: The Requiem

"When war returns and chaos it rears,

All creatures, their cries, someone please hear,

Darkness, the sky shall be filled,

Thunder and lightning, the lands will fear,

Amidst all destruction, IT shall reappear..."


The almighty Kevia Kingdom, in its majestic beauty and bliss, despite being caught up in a war, people were calm, for they entrust with all their hearts, their safety and protection to the loyal and fearless knights of Kevia. Since morning, people began to gather outside their homes, shops and huts, just to see their beloved knights. It was almost afternoon when the knights finally arrive close to the borders of the city. The normally noisy city whose market vendors can always be heard shouting, children running around as they play and townspeople who come there to buy, can now be seen standing on the side of the road, waiting for the knights to arrive their area so that they can go cheering for good luck.


"What the heck is happening ere' anyway? Dat's been going on since morning!" A traveler asked out loud as he peeked out the inn. He was somewhat buff, his hair was messy and his right eye had a huge scar on it. It was hard to tell what was under his tattered, tan-colored cloak, but surely, there's a weapon hiding under it. "There's going to be another war. So just relax and enjoy the show sir." A man behind him answered as he smiled gently. The traveler turned around quickly in answer to his body's reflexes. He was so surprised that his heart almost skipped a beat. Honestly, he wasn't expecting anyone to actually answer back, but what really surprised him was not the answer. His black eyes widened as he saw the stranger, he was wearing an elegant white robe and a pair of long, matching white pants. That wasn't really fascinating, but the peculiar thing about this stranger was his almost lifeless red eyes. The traveler had been to many places, he had met and seen a lot of people and creatures, but never did he see such blood-red, cold eyes. He was holding a red rose next to his red hair which reaches all the way down his shoulders. "I get that a lot." He said arrogantly as he held the rose beside his nose as if smelling it. When the buff man finally returned to his senses, he tried to speak, but the stranger interrupted. "There will be a battle. No big, it's just against Gresia. That tiny piece of land." He continued still smelling the rose and then hiding it within his sleeve. "Those people just want to see their beloved knights before they leave, after all, Kevia Knights are respected." He paused for a while and smiled. "I suggest you just go with the flow." The stranger added as he approached the counter. "Sephil! More orders here! Do it quick or you won't get paid! We'll surely be packed tonight!" The inn owner called from the counter, looking stressed."Yes, yes, I'm coming. Make sure I receive the promised bonus." 'Sephil' answered picking up the tray filled with bowls of soup and mugs of beer.


"..." The traveler was speechless, but his attention turned toward the crowd outside. The noise seemed to have gotten louder. He squeezed himself in the crowd to get in front and see what was happening. It was the army of Kevia knights marching toward their way. People cheered, some were even calling out 'papa' and 'go dad!', most likely, they were the family of the knight. Within all the cheering, whispers and murmurs could be heard from some of the people. These grew larger, some people were pointing at the knights, a particular knight actually. It was a rather small knight, he could barely carry himself around with the sword on his side and silver armor. He seemed out of place, seeing all the other Kevia knights were big and strong-looking. He had a brown hair whose bangs almost reaches his equally brown eyes. The whispers continued, the traveler listened to them curiously.


"That's Sei Raynard isn't it?"

"The heck how'd that kid pass to be a Kevia knight?!"

"We were having a shortage, so I've heard"

"Rumors say it was because of his written tests..."

"Really? I heard it was the prince himself who recommended him..."

"Sheesh... He's even in front line... That's supposed to be honorable!"

"Who would thought he'll actually become a knight?"


"Looks to me it's bad time to be staying in dis ere' city... I'm leaving soon as I finish digging up my meal..." The traveler said to himself as he walked back inside the inn.

Edited by Juzz

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The quiet trickling of a nearby stream echoed throughout the forest flowing through the mind of Cloud who was kneeling at a mound of earth, his head bowed letting his red spiked hair gently fall over his eyes and face. His eyes shut he would appear to be asleep but the great sadness on his face showed he was paying respect to the body that lay cold in the earth below, hia hands resting on the sword that lay flat across his knees.

For a few more minutes he stayed like this, stock still with great skill in silent prayer before his eyes opened lifting his head back into its normal position, a great relief seemed to flash across his face as he sheathed his sword and rose to his feet. His arms bare reveiled powerfull muscles built up from years of hard labour and training, he turned his head slightly reveiling an X shaped scar on the right side of his face as he seemed to hear something. Behind him stood his winged horse Blazer who had approached almost silently, the jet black stallion turned its noble head to peer at Cloud with one intelligent eye acknowledging him.

Striding forward with pride he pulled himself up into the saddle without a word and gentle took the reins in his hands turning Blazer around and in the direction of his home in the Hidden Village, just before he left he took one last look back.

"Goodbye old friend" he said quietly and they both rode away from the grave where small flowers grew leaving the place to return to silence, Cloud rode for half an hour before he spoke again but this time to Blazer who understood the english language quiet well. "War is brewing in the other kingdom's, my servivces shall be in demand I shall guess as always" he said quietly, Blazer tossed his elegant head in the hair making his long mane swing wildly making Cloud chuckle as he figured out what he meant. "Yes, this shall mean fun for you and I" he laughed smiling.

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The first floor of the inn was bustling with travelers, knights and the regulars. Almost all of the inn in this day was equipped with a bar in the first floor, mostly for dining. Everything was made of wood, very much like those bars seen in animes where brawls usually occur. The only difference, when there's a brawl, people take it outside, at least in Kevia it's like that.


"Hash ya hearsh abou' the Winsh Ashashin?" a big and buff man sitting in the chair said as he munched on a big, plump, chicken leg. He had short black hair and brown eyes, his muscles were exposed as he was wearing a sleeveless green shirt. The one he was speaking gave a puzzled look, most likely because he was not speaking clearly, so he repeated his words after gulping a glass of water. "I was talking about the 'Wind Assassin'" He repeated, swinging around his pointer finger at his seatmate. "Oh... Yeah. Heard bout' him. Some say he's like the wind. Passes by like wind and bam! You dead before ya knew it. So, what bout that guy?" he said with his low, gruff voice. He was equally buff as his friend, his scarred top body was exposed just like his shiny, bald head. "I heard Gresia hired dat guy!" the other man answered, taking another bite right after his last word.


"'Wind Assassin'...? He's nothing but a novice" the red haired stranger muttered under his breath, putting down two mugs of beer on the table of the two men. "That exit could be of use" he smirked, turning back to the counter to deliver more food to the customers.

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For many days the only sound Cloud that echoed through his mind was the odd jingle of Blazer's bit in his mouth as the stallion champ at it, for the first two days they both had taken to the skies in order to avoid leaving hoof prints that could lead someone back to the Hidden Village where the only thing that would face them would be certain death. No outsiders were welcome there only if they were being escorted or for some reason had to be brought in but both are rare to ever happen, when the air in the skyhad become too cold to withstand any longer the two decended down onto the bare land below.

From there the two traveled all through the day resting at night so as not to be worn out when they arrived at Kevia's Kingdom, finally on the fourth day Cloud woke to see the glimming walls of the Kingdom on the horizen. They would have arrived soon but the cold air had prevented them both from flying, Blazer had a dislike to flying low to the ground after almost braking his wing when a foal after a sudden downdraft had smashed him into the ground.

There was gasps as they entered the front gates of the Kingdom, the lower class people which were known as Peasants bowed their heads in respect to him sometimes begging for the tresure of a coin or two for their family's, Cloud once or twice reached into his pocket and tossed down some coins out of pity for these people. The clatter of the iron shoes on Blazer rang through the ears of those close by and was joined by many others who wandered through the streets on horseback, Cloud searched for an Inn where he would rest Blazer for the night and where he could catch up on news. He was aware of the staring from people as they saw the wings on Blazer's shoulders, keeping to themselves they continued on their journey till he found an Inn. Dismounting from Blazer he didn't need to tie him up as he was an intelligent beast that understood his language quiet well, entering the Inn he slide through the crowd at ease not allowing people to see his face nor the scar that many knew him by. Finally he reached the counter where he waited for someone to come and see to his needs.

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The busy inn was functioning quite well despite the sudden overflow of guests. The owner always made sure everyone's needs were attended, in fact, the inn was so busy the past few days that he hired some willing travelers.


A traveler who seemed to be hiding his face entered the inn. People stared at him for a moment for his red hair. Red hair is not really a rare sight, but it does stand out for the single reason that it is a sign of belonging to a family of nobles. It was like that in the past at least. They quickly returned to their businesses after seeing that the traveler doesn't look like an aristocrat of any sort.


The owner immediately rushed to his new customer. "Good afternoon sir! Staying for the night?" The owner smiled as he greeted cheerfully. He was quite old, around his 50's most likely. He lost almost all his hair, the few he had left were already white, with some traces of black.

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