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To become an approver, should you have been a member for a certain amount of time or had XXX amount of posts under your belt?  :3

How to Become an Approver:

We judge approvers on various performances. They need to be able to write with correct grammar and spelling as well as find errors in the grammar and spelling of others. They have to be friendly, and well-mannered. In addition, they need to be knowledgeable in the creation of roleplays.


To become an approver, we suggest you meet the following requirements, however, some of them can be ignored if we know that you are suited for the job:


    Minimal amount of one-liners typed in the current time period.

    Active thrice a week.

    Be considerate and respectful of others.

    Know your grammar, spelling, and what is expected in the unapproved section.

    Be willing to put approving before other personal enjoyment.


If you meet these requirements, you may begin the trials of the approver test. This consists of: 1) filling out the form and sending it to one of the RP moderators; 2) get as many RPs as you can approved in 2 weeks. After that, if you pass the test, you shall join the team of approvers.


So while there's no post minimum or join date specifically listed, we do suggest you have been around for enough time to show that you are active in the RP sections and have participated in some DC/Other RPs. We don't list any specific post min or join date because those could be very separate from your actual RP activity.


Notice that these are suggestions. If you believe you are well suited for the job without meeting those requirements, you can send in the form anyway. However, do note that becoming an approver does give you more privileges around the RP boards, so we are unlikely to promote a brand new user we don't know at all as it will be hard to tell how trustworthy you are around the board. ^^


But also check your PMs. ^^


-> DH, please feel free to add to my thoughts or completely contradict them if you want. <3

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Approvers do have some minor privileges around the board to make their life easier (and allow them to do their job properly). So yeah, we will thoroughly check to make sure the one sending in the approver form is a trustworthy member of the forum.


That is not to say that if you've had prior minor warnings in the past (tiny stuff/ haven't gotten a warn in a while/ showed maturity from it) that we wouldn't even consider you.


Like Sock said, if you think you're qualified for the job, by all means send in a form to either of us biggrin.gif We'll look it over as soon as possible.

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