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Pls make BSA option for chickens! Chicken eat egg shell for health, let them eat dead egg shells so it will be removed from scroll. I'm tired of tons of shells on my scroll after exps and vampire makin XD

Blood purity is above everything... I accept IOUs only from known membersND army 30 (last turn 13/05/2017)

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    UPD 13/05/17
    ND exp upd last turn with about 40 UV 400 OV (39UV and *15 OV 7min until death)

    Hello! Please call me Violet or Rosemary.
    Occupation: Tattoo Artist
    Location: Russia, Yekaterinburg
    Here is my insta https://www.instagram.com/rosemary.ink/
    will be happy if you follow me:)

    I collect NDs, 2nd gen prize/holly/spriter alt kins, love perfect checkers especially with holidays. So if I trade something and ask "offers" you have more chances trade with me if you offer something from listed above ;)

    My favorite holiday dragons:
    Christmas - Holly
    Valentine's Day - Heartseeker
    Halloween - Marrow, Pumpkin, Vampires

    My dreams here:
    Collect ND army atleast 100 dragons (28/100)
    Make some prize perfect checkers

    I really do not like messy lineages. If I catch messy hatchling from AP I freeze and release it.

    I'm open for offers for my Holly dragons PM me.