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    New York!!!
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    Dragons, friends, My Kitty because she's awesome ! Helping her catch splits cause she loves them and I love how she asks " OooOooo You got me prezzies!?"

    Making friends laugh. Making someone's day. 
    cooking always.
     Cooking for people who like to eat.

    OK Kitty list for dragon eggs:

    As per our discussion 
    1 Cave Born Silver
     to name for friend who passed away a few nights ago. 
    It would make her giggle if I told her was going to name a silver dragon for her. 
    You will be missed. Just that ability to give each other a glance and start a gigglefit that no one else would "get" even if we bothered to explain it, though we usually didn't.

    Thank you to a very kind member who contacted me to arrange a trade for the silver egg in memory of my friend. Its very much appreciated.

    Splits for you because I reflex click every time I see one lol (I'm aware its all part of your "ebil plan" for world domination being a kitty and all)

    May need more cb trios

    Or cb black eggs (hehe)
    Fertility dragons for the stubborn Dragons!!
    Maybe just a few more cb ice snicker snicker

    Will update more later - here Kitty - look here-



    All the Guardians and all the GoN offspring types cause they're awesome

    Ugh brb