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    I'm not entirely new to dragon cave, I remember watching my Mom use the website when I was a kid back in 2008 to 2011ish. I was reminded of the website last month and ever since then I've made an account! While I'll probably be mostly using this for trade/breeding, you are more then welcome to approach me and talk to me!

    Dragon Wishlist/goals :
    Neglected Dragon hatchie
    Cheese Dragon egg/hatchie
    All the dinos eggs/hatchies
    Pyro Xenowyrm egg/hatchie
    Astrapi Xenowyrm egg/hatchie
    Aeon Wyvern egg/hatchie
    Carina egg/hatchie
    Chicken egg/chick
    Paper egg/hatchie
    Gold/Silver/Bronze shimmer scale eggs/hatchies
    Silver tinsel egg/hatchie
    Silver egg/hatchie
    Zyumorph egg/hatchie
    All the Halloween eggs/hatchies
    All the Christmas eggs/hatchies
    BSA eggs/hatchies

    Nobody has to gift any of these things to me but it's more or less a list of dragons I would like to acquire in the future. However feel free to shoot me a message if anyone wants to trade these things. I'll remove some things from the list once I get them via trade, AP, caves, or breeding. (With exception of BSA dragons, those are always welcomed!)