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  1. Pretty sure TJ's said ratios don't count anything older than a year, so technically any pair involving two breeds older than a year makes the release dates irrelevant. Only the ratios themselves should matter at that point. Not that it matters for this case - Aeons are less than a year old - but in general. StormBirdRising, what sort are you using? If it's legacy breed sort, they may internally be called "blue edge" or something like that. I'm still on legacy breed sort and that's where mine are. New breed sort doesn't rely on internal names but on the publicly shown names, so n
  2. Dw, I almost made the same mistake. I typed a serious response about three times before I finally decided Ansela's 2014 forum join date and 1k posts made it likely she was joking.
  3. As far as I'm aware, TJ allows stylish scripts for both the cave and the forums as long as you're not giving yourself an unfair advantage or otherwise breaking the ToS. I base that statement off this post by TJ, as well as a private discussion with a mod about that post.
  4. It worked like that before Teleport, yes. After Teleport was introduced, TJ added a new random string of characters after the egg's code in each abandoned link; trying to grab an egg without that random string of characters will always fail. This effectively means you must click the egg on the AP since (as far as I'm aware) there's no other way to know that random character string.
  5. Odd af. It was actually animated for me last night when I posted the image snippet, as was the original IOU posted. But tonight it looks stationary and only the edited one you posted is animated. Even here on page 409, IOU's quote of my snippet is stationary and your edited image is animated. Oh well. Glitch, I suppose.
  6. Does [img=https://i.imgur.com/Cnd8ZuR.gif] not work? It looked okay when I tried adding it to my sig.
  7. The color itself is verdigris, which refers to the greenish-teal color that naturally forms on copper due to weathering over time. Wikipedia covers it pretty well, although with a nice picture of the Statue of Liberty that shows coloration almost identical to the verdigris coppers.
  8. Hi, experimenter here, the EQ BSA is utterly useless because of its failure chance. Every second counts with turned eggs and I don't have time to EQ twice if the first one does nothing. I'd rather use Kill if I absolutely have to force, because I know Kill will do something. (With that said, I have heard of experimenters who use it. I just don't understand their logic for doing so.) Ehhh that's pushing it a bit imo. Alt blacks are super rare but the lineage you describe is in a weird place. It's not messy enough to freeze and it doesn't sound attractive enough to raise and breed.
  9. Maybe. Remember the perma-eggs last year? The prank lasted until April 3rd or 4th iirc.
  10. 10/10 well played. Joke's on you, though, I like that
  11. Said nothing, got a normal mint egg. Haven't been able to trigger the event again. Huh. For anyone trying to retrigger the event: flipping biomes doesn't appear to do anything and grabbing an AP egg doesn't appear to do anything. I have a theory grabbing a cave egg might reset things but I don't feel like holding a random egg for 5 hours if I'm wrong.
  12. Someone neglected one of my babies!
  13. Alright, got a 3rd-gen EG White with an alt Rosebud grandparent for you guys. Free to a good home; just offer a dummy on the tele so I know where it goes! Take me home! Gone - enjoy!
  14. I've been keeping an eye on your posts about the subject, but I'm scratching my head as to why cloudflare wouldn't show up in your script list at all. If you globally allow scripts, does that fix the issue? What other Firefox addons do you have? (Honestly, this might be worth its own thread at this point. There are half-a-dozen posts about your issue scattered across two unrelated threads.) Edit: ooh. If you mouse over the NoScript icon while on DC, does the Untrusted submenu show Cloudflare? I just tested and domains marked as Untrusted don't show up in the main NoScript dropdown to be a
  15. Finally finished the seasonal lineage I started way back in 2011. Lineage linky
  16. Yeah, I noticed your thread about that. No idea what to tell you, as DC pretty obviously does require it for several bits of functionality. That's been going on since at least the dawn of fertility, too. (Probably earlier than that; I've just never used alt custom sort, so fertility is the only reason I ever have to enable scripts off Cloudflare.) I do know the dcave.net scripts are relatively new; perhaps TJ is trying to transition away from the cloudflare.com-hosted scripts and forgot he hasn't done it yet?
  17. You're sure all scripts are allowed? I just tested and I had to allow scripts from dragcave.net, dcave.net, and cloudflare.com for the BSA dropdown to work. I haven't tried custom sort but memory suggests cloudflare has to be script-enabled for that too.
  18. Agree with this. You can let the eggs drop to 1d or a bit lower before hatching, as well - just make sure to influence before they get too low on time, and don't incubate.
  19. 3g White from Rosebud Spriter's Alt This is the first baby the pair has produced and I'm super excited about it. I'd like to know where it goes, so it's on a 2-way teleport. Please just offer a dummy egg and I'll accept the first request. Enjoy! So much interest so fast @_@; Accepted the first offer to get through; I'll post the next baby in a week.
  20. 2g Sweetling from alt Sweet x Gray Utterly spectacular, but I don't think I'd be able to build a proper lineage in a million years. Hopefully one of you can~
  21. Sigh. It's been a long week, sorry. Thanks for correcting me.
  22. I'm super late to this party, but the last time I saw the AP with Halloweens the eggs were roughly 2d 23h. Stun would do what you need done here - the extra day boosts you to 3d 23h, letting you Influence, and the 2d without views leaves you with a 1d 23h Influenced egg which would need prompt ER attention. Mildly risky if you're not paying attention to the eggs, since the ERs are taking hours to hatch everything, and mildly annoying since you have to wait the full 2d, but better than misgenders.
  23. 2d 23h would show before 3d, no? So your eggs are still in the backlog behind the 2d 23hs. Unless I'm misunderstanding your question entirely?
  24. You're sure it's not something simple, like scrollid modulo 3? I suppose I could see it being randomly generated, but scrollid mod 3 seems so much more elegant. The referenced paragraph on the Wiki doesn't indicate randomness to me, simply a reshuffle.
  25. Rough luck. :x It happens though. See my post above. 0/25 or so across 3 years of Halloween night attempts. Finally picked up a couple of successes tonight. RNG will shift back in your favor eventually, just gotta keep playing the 31st of the month. Keep trying!