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  1. All right, this is important enough to get its own post. Dusky and I tested this with a random AP egg. Precog (me): male Teleported to Dusky Precog (Dusky): male Teleported to me Precog (me): male Teleported to Dusky Now here's where it gets interesting. Dusky Influenced it female and sent it back. Precog (me): male. It looks like eggs keep a consistent gender across teleports. It also looks like Influence wearing off just reverts the egg to its "base"/default gender rather than rerolling a gender. It would be cool if someone else (or a lot of somebody elses) ran this test too - there's a 50% chance the Influence test ended up wrong and a 12.5% chance the Precog-Teleport test ended up wrong. Dusky and I are both out of Precogs for now so we can't test further.
  2. This is exactly how I'm going to use Precog, and I expect it to be stupidly useful. It basically eliminates Influence fails. fwiw I think Influence-precog will be more useful than pure precog, because if precog shows the wrong gender you'll still have to influence and precog again. That means 50% of the time you're burning a second precog unnecessarily, and 50% of the time you're saving an influence. I'd rather just use the influ and save the precog. (Granted, my Pink army is about 10x the size of my Aeon army atm.) Precog should give the gender post-turn just fine. You can't properly control NDs for m/f anyway so precog only tells you what the gender will be, it doesn't give you a chance to change it via bouncing like you can with other eggs. The question of whether gender sticks through turn is very interesting, though. I'll have to look into that. Edit: after considering a little, I present the hypothesis that gender sticks through turns IFF influence wasn't used. Experimenters will understand, anyone else who's curious can PM me for elaboration. I still have to test this, obviously. Edit 2: what happens when a normal, uninfluenced egg is teleported back and forth? Can it switch genders after being transferred? I'd like to test this but I need a partner to make it work.
  3. Does anyone know what order the three Terrae eggs sort in when the scroll is sorted according to Breed Sort?
  4. Still too early to have confirmed rarities. I've seen a number while hunting dark luminas, though. Now those are pure pain to find...
  5. Just reveals the gender, nothing more. From the release thread:
  6. Which six? I can pick half-a-dozen slow sites and get what you're describing, but my regular pattern involves just three ERs (AoND, EATW, Hatching Club) and I never have a problem hatching stuff at 4d unless I lost track of it. Overall I'm just not feeling the major drop people are complaining about. There's a bit of a drop, but it only affects a few very specific things as far as actual play goes. (In order: ERing incuhatchable AP eggs, ERing things you forgot about, and very specific Neglected experiments.) And as I said in the other thread, sure, the forums are a bit slower but it's also summer and Go is out. Meanwhile, the new release thread is up to 55 pages and going, with a postcount over double what the July release got. Seems like it's picking up again already. I'm also thinking there's some confbias in here. Some people are saying "hey, I think there's a problem" and the natural reaction is to mentally search for instances that validate that claim. (See also: this. Particularly the mouseover text.)
  7. It's Adblock. DC periodically changes the filenames for the dragon sprites. When the filename triggers Adblock, it blocks all offending sprites until the filenames rotate again. At the moment, female white Stripes have the filename ad15.png, and Adblock sees "ad" and blocks it. Give it an hour or two and things should return to normal.
  8. I mean, if it has a browser and you can load images and click things, I don't see why not... DC doesn't even technically need JavaScript support to function. I can't imagine grabbing would be quick, though. You might end up missing some stuff.
  9. Slightly. Two specific breeds have issues getting the required viewcount. Doesn't seem to be as much of a problem during midday, though, and it only seems to be the two. All in all I'd say it's not a big deal for exps. (Can't say much more than that because of the ban on Neglected discussion.) This discussion thread may be relevant. Giant discussion about whether things are actually slowing down. It doesn't perfectly cover this topic, since your suggestion is about actual mechanics changes, but it might be interesting.
  10. Looks like a glitched ad to me. Just wanted to pop my head in and say the bug where things were picking up 1/1/1 even through fog seems to be fixed. Thanks TJ!
  11. Try viewing more adults on others' scrolls. I've had this happen to a couple of mine and usually viewing half-a-dozen or so is enough to force the counter high enough to show the image on the main encyclopedia page.
  12. Zombies yes, dead dragons no, and the name often doesn't fade by itself on dead dragons. For safety, I suggest removing the names of all your zombie fodder before you kill it. You can always put the name back if you get a success.
  13. Same on both counts. Either it got fixed or there was just a slightly longer than expected duration on the spark animation. Does anyone know if s1 nebs are considered alt by the system? I recently hatched a nebula and it sorted with my normal adults, but ended up being an alt when it gendered. If I'm interpreting TJ's post here correctly, altness should be generated upon hatching - but it seems like either sort doesn't like that or altness is actually generated upon gendering?
  14. Niiiiiiiiiice. Super excited about the zombies and the ruler. Loving the idea behind the Fertility buff as well. Thanks TJ!
  15. Oh, that makes sense. Yeah, that would be Marrionetta asking for the alting then. Keeping things on-topic, it looks like spriters may be able to have things excluded from altness as well, likely just by not asking for them to be alted: http://dragcave.net/lineage/OjQS vs http://dragcave.net/lineage/NB54G
  16. The 2g does not belong to a different person. Both the CBs and the 2gs belong to Marrionetta, who sprited the Pumpkins. CB #1 CB #2 2g #1 2g #2
  17. My understanding is that TJ has to manually implement altness for each individual alt dragon. So the spriters give him a list of the dragons they'd like turned into alts, and he does it whenever he gets around to it. This means things like 2gs can be alts too, but it also means it can take awhile for things to get their alt status.
  18. So much love for my babies this week <3 I've started spending more time in the AP while I'm taking a break from exps, and I've found so many pretty things. 4g EG prize - thanks herk! It's so pretty. I'll have to wait until Valentines Day and get it a matching mate. 2g link code pair - thanks harlequinraven! I spotted a bunch of your code pairs floating around the AP today. I found a Final Fantasy code pair as well, although I'm going to refrain from linking that as it's on its way to someone super into FF. 3g Sunsong tinfail - thanks breeder!
  19. I don't know them offhand, but you can try tossing a post in Random scroll help and missed connections and see if anyone else knows. I think you're more likely to get eyes on the question there than here.
  20. Fair enough. Still an awesome thing, I think. Still support. Until "eventually" happens, we can just position the cursor over whatever part of the ruler we're looking at and see what's under the cursor as we scroll down.
  21. I'm guessing the ruler is locked to the top of the page or displayed again at the bottom, so dragons with super tall lineages (like this or this) still show the ruler when you reach the middle or bottom of the page? If so, that looks awesome. 10/10 support.
  22. They are indeed! I'm glad you like them. Thanks for giving them a good home.
  23. You're welcome! 3g Skywing shimmerfail - so pretty. Thanks aphroditesky! 2g Waterhorse x Aria, a surprisingly pretty pairing. Thank you ForTheLoveOfMagi!
  24. https://forums.dragcave.net/index.php?showtopic=168078 https://forums.dragcave.net/index.php?showtopic=163318 Every time TJ adds or changes a site feature, each skin has to be updated to match. The clock, the new site layout, and probably the new lineage view all had to be updated across each skin. That's a lot of work to maintain. By shutting down the least-used layouts and making it clear that they'll receive minimal (if any) updates, TJ cut some of that maintenance time while alienating the smallest possible number of users. Eventually the people playing on those skins will drop away, and I expect he'll fully remove those skins at that time.
  25. Daily maintenance happens around 3 AM DC time. Usually the site's down for 5-10 minutes, as you've noticed.