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  1. I assume the mods just hand out verbal warnings for stuff like newbie eggspam, which seems okay to me. It's not an official warning, it tells the newbie that this is not okay, and usually the mods link to the fansite section so the newbie can learn. And often the mods just let the unpopular stuff in Suggestions run its course - any issues with how the playerbase handles that is on the playerbase itself. I agree that the playerbase can be less than receptive to some suggestions, but at the same time, it can get really old seeing yet another suggestion of "let's take rares from the wilderness!1!" or "let's breed the hollies in the wilderness" or "let's give everyone a free CB gold". Some topics have been thoroughly beaten to death imo, and a lot of those come up with newbies. So there has to be some kind of middle ground. What would be super helpful is if the forum search worked better. As others have noted, it basically requires magical incantations to work properly right now, and I think that would be a huge turnoff for people who want to see if their idea's already been suggested. I know for a fact it's very painful to find duplicates - I've certainly spent enough time looking for threads I know exist but can't seem to locate. This is true as well, but a lot of the rules are the same from place to place. Don't spam. Don't post view links to growing stuff (especially if it's not your stuff). Be nice. Stay reasonably on-topic. Follow the ToS. I would even argue most of that is common sense/basic netiquette. Glancing at the SD rules now, most of what's left is special case stuff: project accounts, thread cleaning, once-a-day trade bumping. Some of the Suggestion rules could be a bit more relaxed, I will give you that. Per-thread rules are a completely different animal and imo shouldn't be part of this discussion since afaik they're instituted largely by the thread creators.
  2. I don't understand this, honestly. I've been active in Site Discussion, Help, and (to a lesser extent) Suggestions for a long while. I've posted a lot of things, ranging from giant walls of ideas to two-line "this looks good but X", "this looks good, support", etc. I have yet to see a warn for it, whether official or unofficial. I agree that News could relax just a little. Not much. The mods do a nice job keeping things on-topic, and I don't really see the occasional deviation getting punished the way people are saying. Granted, I'm not that active in News, but the only time I really see mods giving verbal warnings is when an off-topic conversation has gone for awhile. Hey boss, I understand some of your quoted stances came from a moderation guide thread, but do you think some of this could be codified or communicated cross-team? I often see duplicate help threads closed, albeit with explanations, and I feel like that's somewhat at cross purposes with what you're saying here. I think people are misinterpreting what TJ meant. He's not saying completely ignore warns; he's saying the system is scaled in such a way that people can make an occasional mistake without invoking fire and lightning from the heavens. Stuff happens, people make mistakes; take your hard-earned lesson, shrug and move on. It's only when someone is repeatedly breaking the rules and receiving warns for it that Bad Things happen. I have to agree that this is a fair way of doing things, despite my own hatred of warns and desire to avoid them. Everyone has a bad day sometimes, and not having permanent consequences for that is nice.
  3. After more than a year of waiting since my last epic failure, this happened.
  4. I present the second ever 2g Neglected Thuwed: It's my second chance Thuwed, because a year ago, this happened: I literally had the 2g ND hatched on my scroll then, and a series of very unfortunate mistakes cost me. Tonight my goal is complete and very much alive. A tremendous thank you to the people who helped me make this happen. You know who you are.
  5. No-one is allowed to question the 3 AM Nocturne wall!!111! ...but really, that poor Blacktip is trying so hard to blend in... It looks like Precog doesn't work on Neglecteds, whether egg or hatchie. Most likely this is due to their genderless potential; this does mess with precog'ing m/f NDs for trading purposes, though.
  6. Bred only. There are a very few special exceptions: TJ has one of everything, and a few people picked CB alts as raffle prizes a few years ago. I think there are one or two player-owned CB alt blacks and one CB soulpeace?
  7. Pretty much this. Also, forum search is iffy at the best of times, and there's been at least one recent occasion where I posted something I hadn't even known was a duplicate. At times like that I appreciate the dupehammer because I get to go back, look at the old thread, and go "ohhh that's why things are the way they are" or "oh, a million people already said yes, TJ just must not feel like it." If you guys really want a compromise about necros, how about a 6 month timer, and once a thread goes those 6 months without a post, it's locked and new threads on the same subject are allowed? That way we won't have 47 threads about One Great Idea, but we won't be reviving threads from 2010 when that One Great Idea wouldn't have worked the same way anyway. Pretty much this, too. I don't really have a problem with the way things are moderated, especially with the context Socky gave about handing out verbal warns rather than official warns. "Hey, back on topic" is way more cool than an official modly warning imo, and I don't feel like discussions are overmoderated. Even when people are going nuts at each other, the mods have been pretty chill about it and sorted stuff out. The only time threads are really closed abruptly is when some newbie posts something they shouldn't have, and usually I see the mods post an answer or explanation before the verbal warn/thread lock.
  8. Might not be a bad time to run a malware scan on your computer. Alternately, are you sure you didn't log in on your phone and leave that somewhere?
  9. was what I was responding to. No biggie. Just that I know some people DO hope to get actual alts. fwiw I think most people use "2g alt" or "2g spriter's alt" to refer to a normal 2g from a CB alt. That's the only context I've ever seen it in, anyway, although I don't doubt that some people hope to obtain the alts themselves. What's a 2g prizefail worth these days?
  10. Not many people look at any given time. The eggs can't be ER'd easily (TJ's scroll is hidden), so they usually die. Then they respawn into themselves with 0/0/0 stats. So you're looking at the number of people who have manually viewed the egg over just the past few days. Naturally, the number's pretty low.
  11. Check out the <3 egg as well. I believe it's the only other joke egg.
  12. With a big enough data size, it'll happen. My point there is mostly "outliers don't make a dataset, the data as a whole makes the dataset." Eh, most people seem to call it quits with a small zombie army but will collect as many NDs as they can, and to be quite honest NDs are as completely useless as zombies. At least zombies can be part of lineage bases. NDs either show up at the end of lineages or, more often, are CB only for trading purposes. I'd equate the two, mentally, for purposes of rarity and value and general purpose on scroll (coolness factor only). I agree with you that 0/25 is very frustrating - I was certainly very annoyed at my 0/10 last year and 0/15 total - but I don't think that defines the zombie data by itself. There's also going to be some bias in the presented data because people who get a "reasonable" success rate, for whatever their definition of reasonable is, are likely to quietly wander off afterward, whereas people like you or me who go 0/15 or 0/25 or 0/35 will likely have things to say afterward. So... confirmation that Halloween success > normal success, and some extra information that the 31st > normal success too. This seems pretty good to me, especially paired with the argument that these are meant to be rare. This just re-emphasizes my position that the odds are already fine. If anything, since it's 5 killslots per 2 weeks, that just encourages waiting with zombie attempts until the 31st. (Or do a miniature version of the Halloween killstrat, where you kill partway through the 17th and kill again as soon as your kills come back on the 31st, to double your total kills and total chances for zombies on the 31st.)
  13. Based on my personal success rate, ND odds are 1/4-1/6 roughly. I haven't looked at the zombie data from the other thread, but if success rates are coming out lower than 1/6 that puts them rarer than NDs. Keep data size in mind too - after enough data is accumulated there will inevitably be someone going 5/5 and someone going 0/20. The data as a whole is what will matter. There are what, 8 types of zombie, so if adp's saying 8/50 that puts success at 16% - exactly the same as a ND's 1/6. Seems reasonable. The only tweak I'd make is the kill slot count/cooldown, because I can run 7 ND exps a week but a zombie hunter can only have 5 (adult) chances every 2 weeks. We also have to see how things go on Halloween. I suspect the success rate will be higher. 3/30, then, assuming the adult isn't an older one? 1/10 overall. Poor RNG, perhaps. (Poor RNG happens. And I can safely make that assertion, as someone who's gone 0/15 on Halloween-made zombies lifetime.)
  14. For safety's sake, I would just post something like Want: CB hatchies 3g prizefails Offers (see sig) and put "looking for Halloween CB IOU trades" or some variant in your sig.
  15. Is the Stun description on the wiki correct? Both in the Bolt dragon page and in the BSA page, Stun is said to wear off after teleport/abandon. However, in the Stun discussion thread, fuzzbucket says it does not wear off post-tele, and Amaterasu-sama confirmed that. It has been a month and a half since then and I've been quite inactive so maybe I've missed something?
  16. For awhile now, Freeze has carried an unofficial cooldown of 1 week. It was very recently changed back to its official cooldown of 2 weeks, as noted here. This means your 12-13 available freezes were counting off a 1-week cooldown and your 2 available freezes are counting off the 2-week cooldown. Assuming you're a gold trophy player, check your action log and you should see 14 freezes within the past 2 weeks. If not, you have a new glitch on your hands. There's a thread requesting a lower cooldown or higher freeze count here if you're interested.
  17. As freshly confirmed by TJ here, Freeze has been reverted to its official cooldown of 2 weeks. I would like to propose returning it to 1 week, officially this time.
  18. This is definitely going to take some getting used to. Agree with others that the white is a bit jarring compared to the darker theme we had before. As always, though, I appreciate all the hard work you put in on this! Thanks bossman! Also, ooo, talk of a software upgrade? Unsure about that, but it sounds interesting.
  19. Would you mind elaborating a bit, maybe a screenshot of what you're clicking? I'm not sure I follow. Are you clicking the link to the specific offer or something else?
  20. Depends on who you ask. Generally Thuwed/Dorkface implies an ancestor of the egg, not an ancestor of the vamp that bit it, so at the moment I would argue it doesn't count. There was some traction behind the idea of bite lineages awhile back, though, and in the context of a formal bite lineage I do think the biting vamp being Thuwed/Dorkface would count.
  21. This is correct, although it's too late for me to see if AdBlock was responsible for this round of invisible images since filenames rotate every few hours. Protip for the next time this happens - open the AdBlock block list (Tools -> AdBlock Plus -> Open blockable items) and see if any images from dragcave.net are being blocked. If anything matching dragcave.net / images / *.gif (no space) is being blocked, that's probably your invisible image. I haven't tested it, but you should be able to add an Exception rule to ABP to keep it from blocking DC images. While still in the block list, right-click any of the dragcave.net images and click "Block this item..." A dialog will appear with options for the new AdBlock filter. Change "blocking filter" to "exception filter" and make sure it's targeting dragcave.net / images / * (again, no space). Save the filter and you should hopefully be immune to further issues. Just make sure you switch to exception filter before saving - if you save that as a block filter, you'll block all DC's images.
  22. Dunno, I haven't personally tried it. I just remember the rules for name releasing being quite murky - some people reported adults without progeny autoreleasing names, some people reported adults without progeny keeping names, etc. And then I recall there being a point where TJ went through and cleared a bunch of names that had stuck for awhile. I'd take the "better safe than sorry" approach here.
  23. Should probably unname the fogballs if you intend to kill them. Dead dragons don't always release their names, and if they don't the name is stuck there forever. You can always give them their names back if they zombify properly. Not too late to unname unless the fogs are already dead, btw. Turn off images, unhide the fogball, unname the fogball, rehide it, turn images back on. As long as images don't load you can't give the final view required for growing up.
  24. Things still need one last view to grow, so things which are fogged will die if left fogged forever.