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  1. Congrats on the promotion, guys! Special grats to Fire-Ice and RainStar13 - looking forward to seeing you around the Help section.
  2. This is about how mine go. I usually put them in clicksites whenever I'm around to babysit them for the first 24h, and fog them when I'm not around. Once they drop below 6d I put them in clicksites and leave them there. Somewhere around 5d 12h or below I Incubate. At 4d they go in the ERs and get pretty sick before hatching. I just fog the new tinhatchies and leave them fogged for a good 12h or so, which is usually more than enough for them to recover. Just finished doing that with a pretty 3g and it's no longer sick. Haven't lost one this way yet.
  3. Depends on the tin. Depends on how much time it has left. Depends on whether you Incubated it. Depends on its V as well as its UV. I think mine usually take in the ~500-600 UV range to hatch right at 4d with Incubate.
  4. Everything's still there and functional for me. In order, testing again after each step: try a hard refresh, clear cache and cookies, log out and back in again (clearing cookies will probably log you out already).
  5. I would bump them to a separate list, mark them as inactive, and forget about them for now. If they ever come back, let them back on the regular list at the bottom. Someone did this for me after a very long hiatus and I was quite grateful for it. Current bad luck: not nearly enough total scroll slots and not nearly enough freeze slots.
  6. More likely someone being careful with their new pretty. I don't hunt the cave much these days, but when I do, I instafog anything rare for a bit as well. It's simple, decent protection from any viewbombers who might be pissy about missing whatever I just got. I know I'm not the only one to do that with true rares, as I feel like this issue comes up fairly often and someone always makes the counter-argument I'm making right now... My bad luck: got a dragon with an awesome code (ndiez - caps scrambled) which survived an experiment on it. Tried to name it Heroes Never Die in dual reference to the code & Overwatch. Name taken, had to use my lineage suffix.
  7. I'm reasonably certain people who want to avoid drakes and pygmies just avoid eggs with the appropriate descriptions... if the argument is "but misclicks" I'm pretty sure people could manage to misclick just as well with a different sprite, since it's already been determined the click target would be the same size.
  8. Nah, it's quite a bit higher. I'm certain I've posted the math at least twice now but I can't find it anywhere. Sigh. Edit: here we go. 49 is ideal only if you're going for stuff from the cave. Try to spam AP stuff and you'll run out - you need 98 for that. For pinks - assuming an incuhatchable AP and a gold trophy, you can grab the same 7 eggs a day. Influence's cooldown is only a week so you'd need 7 * 7 Influences of each gender, or 49 each.
  9. When I built my army, I just sucked it up and dealt with it. I looked for spaces of a few days where I knew I wouldn't have anything major coming into my scroll (usually right after holidays) and then I bred Reds like crazy. Breed 7, Incubate 7, repeat 2 days later. Even if you only do the cycle a few times, the extra 14-21 Incubates go a long way. It's a fairly disruptive process when done like this, though, which is why I still haven't gotten around to finishing up my Pink army...
  10. Personally, I would put a bit more value on the White. CB Hollies are still ultrarare and that makes 2g descendants quite rare as well. Unless you have an easy way to replace that Holly 2g, I just don't think an honorary Dorkface descendant can compare. Now if you can easily replace your Holly 2g, or if you were talking about a 2g Dorkface from the Midas Dorkface, that would be quite a different story...
  11. PM Socky. You're supposed to take up such concerns with a mod or with TJ (mods preferred so you don't waste TJ's time looking - mods can do the detail-digging and present TJ with a definitive "scorch this" if necessary) and Socky doesn't bite so there's nothing to be afraid of. I am reasonably sure the other mods don't bite either.
  12. It's stated somewhere that the way TJ generates release posts bypasses notification e-mails. I doubt I'll be able to find the exact post explaining that, though, as it was someone quoting him rather than a post of his own.
  13. Nah, those are blocked because they rotate. TJ's said he deliberately blocked those to avoid the headache of people complaining when the rotation happens and they lose their images. As far as the original suggestion, no support. I can't see TJ agreeing to modify the forum software when he's shot down a million other forum suggestions, and I don't think this is needed anyway. Just make an Imgur account with a throwaway email or something. Or use Tinypic, no registration required (although their ads have gotten worse lately imo).
  14. PM me a 2-way teleport for your shimmer and the gender you want for it. I'm sitting on an egglock, but we can use 2-ways to swap back and forth to get your shimmer safely influenced and hatched.
  15. Completely rewrote my guide. Now it's longer, more detailed, and even has a picture (more pictures coming Soon). I actually wouldn't mind having a few extra pairs of eyes on it before I start spreading it everywhere. If anybody wants to take a look, a PM would be lovely!
  16. Pretty sure the online counter only updates once a minute or so. Dunno about anybody else, but I tend to hop from biome to biome if I don't see anything I like. So in your case, if I was to drop into your biome right at the 5m drop, race you for whatever egg you want, and walk away with it - I still probably wouldn't be in the biome long enough to show up as there.
  17. Might be Nexus. They're the only newest release to be found in Volcano.
  18. Semi-transparent, it looks like. Red background Green background Black background Transparent background
  19. Right-click, Copy Link, open a new tab, paste the link into the address bar, and change /get/ to /view/ or /lineage/ ( dragcave.net/get/ABCDE becomes dragcave.net/view/ABCDE or dragcave.net/lineage/ABCDE )
  20. TJ closed the breeding page at least 6 months ago due to a glitch that was throwing people off the lists. He's not reopened it since. Nobody knows when it will come back. When TJ was breeding actively, it was still pretty random. I think his breeding window ranged from a few weeks to 6 months. Again, nobody knew exactly when he would do it, and he deliberately bred at different times of day so users in different timezones had a chance of getting on.
  21. If they do refuse, poke me and I can rebreed one of them for you. Probably the Thalassa, I imagine getting a Silver from that would be a nightmare. Grats on your luck!
  22. Perhaps you're thinking of Scaleless Luminas, a form which shows for 24h after breeding Lumina x Waterhorse/Turpentine/Albino. Otherwise I'm not sure what you would be recalling; there are no spriter's alts for Lumina that I'm aware of.
  23. * The release is still fairly new and ratios probably need a little more time to balance. * They're drakes, which means not as many people are collecting them. This means some (probably a lot) won't be picked up and will instead be recycled at the top of the hour. See the part about ratios: if eggs are being recycled instead of picked up, they'll just show up again and again because the ratios are still not balanced. * They may be relatively common, meaning they have a longer way to go toward being balanced than other breeds. At less than 2 weeks since release, I would consider it still too early to tell, but it may be a factor.
  24. So many spriter's alts. Thanks, MadameZ! 6g EG pure Thuwed. Spectacular. Thank you, harlequinraven!
  25. Nope. Incubate cooldown is 14 days. Assuming an incuhatchable AP, you can hatch 7 eggs a day. That means 14 days * 7 eggs a day = 98 Incubates. If you were only looking at dragons caught directly from the cave, Incubate cooldown is 14 days and you can catch a new batch of 7 eggs every 2 days (Incubate cuts a day off the usual 3). This means you can hatch 7 batches before your original Incubates come off cooldown, so you'll need 7 * 7 = 49 Reds.