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  1. 3/5 on adults, 0/2 on hatchies. The curse is finally broken after 25 straight fails spanning multiple years, and I can continue the lineage I wanted to. http://dragcave.net/lineage/Py9sb http://dragcave.net/lineage/5y65P http://dragcave.net/lineage/FJLOW
  2. Going through the breeding from the Grave side should've worked. I'm assuming you've tried clearing cookies as well as cache, relogging, etc.? Gonna have to wait for Socky to see this and pass it up to TJ.
  3. Are you sure about that 55? I'm counting 54.
  4. That's what people are reporting right now, yes. Bumping this for you two, and anyone else who might find it helpful (if it's not helpful, please say so):
  5. Pls no. BSAs are more important than ever right now. Don't forget, Halloween dragons can be either gender. Influence will be mandatory for anyone who's trying to do anything pair-related. Not to mention Incubate...
  6. OKAY. There are way too many of you not having an easy time with the Minesweeper game, so I threw together an Imgur album explaining how the logic behind the game works. Once you get used to the basic logic, you'll start recognizing patterns, and then the game gets a lot simpler. This should help you get that far. Use it and enjoy it! And go spread that cure!
  7. Firefox 41.0.2, Windows 7, no issues. Gonna need more info than that. Firefox version and OS minimum. Also whether you tried without addons and/or in another browser. Clearing cache and cookies was a good first step though.
  8. Halloween eggs on the AP. Happy hunting all!
  9. I haven't seen a single one bounce across the AP yet, which is rare for me this late into things. I'm actually going to theorize the Halloweens are behind the existing AP eggs, so we won't see them until the AP is cleared out. Unless someone wants to contradict that...?
  10. No, your dragons won't die. The infection is only for the Halloween event and won't affect anything else. From the event page: As for what to do, visit the AP and get Halloween eggs (when some show up). Visit any page on the site and get trick-or-treat items every few minutes. Visit the event page and play Minesweeper, and choose whether to heal the plague or spread it.
  11. I'm thinking the healing is kicking in. Heal team go!
  12. Site's back already, treat bug seems fixed. Thanks TJ!
  13. Give it a few minutes. TJ's probably working on it. (Maybe fixing the treat bug?)
  14. I assume it's contagion, just typo'd.
  15. Thanks for the event! Just a heads up, there's currently no cooldown on treats spawning. I'm getting one every page refresh.
  16. They won't be on cooldown for the entire breeding period. It lasts a full week, guaranteeing one and only one breeding for every pair. Zeditha will just have to wait out the breeding cd.
  17. Ah. Yes, this happens (x both). Serves me right for posting while tired, I was comparing 1d ND stats to 4d normal egg stats. Also yep. 80-100 UVs on a prize are enough to jump to s4-hatch ND. It's probably the coolest thing in the game to watch since it happens so fast. The event itself usually starts on the 25th, yes. Breeding starts on the 25th. The new CB Halloween drop is only on the 31st.
  18. Hm. Are you sure? In my experience, Deep Seas sit on the harder end of the spectrum, as do avatars. Waterhorses are the only soft ones that come to mind, but other ultracommons (Spitfire, Gray, Green, Water, maybe Whiptail) sit somewhere in the middle. I'm also not sure about ND eggs. Perhaps the ones you're getting have higher time than the ones I'm used to (Stun?), but mine hatch around 100 UV at 1d even.
  19. That looks more like a UV problem to me. 350's pretty low. Mine usually float around 850-900 by that point in life. Even at basic s2 stage mine usually sit around 600-700. I'd say 400-500 minimum for yours to grow, since it's already close to 4d.
  20. Thanks. I'm looking more at fails from existing breedings, I think. Gonna go with no, unless Almandines floated back into their former ultra-ultra-rare status while I wasn't looking. CB Halloweens, as a one-time-only thing, tend to bring some pretty good prices. I usually think of things like low-g prizes (2g maybe) or NDs in connection with CB Halloweens, although I think you could get 1:2 for a CB Gold or CB ND with a bit of patience.
  21. You're very low on OV. Some gentle autorefreshing should fix that.
  22. The forum's actually not been changed as far as I'm aware. TJ overhauled its theme, but as far as I know that was only cosmetic changes. I'm not aware of any actual forum functionality that's been changed, and the answer to requests for core changes has pretty consistently been "can't/won't modify the existing software, maybe one day we'll upgrade but don't hold your breath." I also hear via the grapevine that the latest version of the software this forum uses is absolute garbage, so there's that. It wouldn't surprise me at all if the legendary eventual upgrade was to a completely different software package, which brings a myriad of challenges and headaches. With all due respect, are you sure the second is actually a Thing? I could swear I've seen exactly this in a release thread, most recently with Dark Lumina vs. Lumina discussion, and I don't recall seeing any moderator presence in or around those posts.
  23. Is it just me, or are things back to getting 1/1/1 while fogged?
  24. I dunno. I know how to keyword search and I generally remember posts or threads by keyword. Hasn't usually helped me much. The only recent-ish example that comes to mind was actually one of my own posts where I did the math on how many reds were required to have perpetual Incubate availability even with an incuhatchable AP. For some reason, despite knowing it was my own post and which subforum it was likely in, as well as general keywords, I never was able to find it. I ended up having to rewrite it. The reason people are saying "don't sweat it" is because of the scaled warning system. A warning is a thing that happens. People have bad days, people make mistakes, the system won't punish you for it unless it happens on a regular basis. If you pick up enough warns that your bar reaches some meaningful percent (probably 75%-100%?), then the system starts dropping real punishments on you. You, personally, may feel punished by a single warn. I would. It hurts. It's a personal failure. But the mods and TJ are referring to the way the warning system is designed, and they're entirely correct within that context. They would get away with that for a very limited time, and then they'd trip the warn "floodgates" and that would be the end of that. The system basically has forgiveness built into it, but it also has a limited memory of abusers. I think we're talking verbal warnings here? Pretty sure those are designed more as gentle nudges than actual disciplinary action, more of a "hey, guys, the topic's this way" than a modhammer. They're a step below official mod warnings which are yet another step below official meaningful disciplinary action. Again, you may take it differently - different people always will perceive things in a different way - but I'm reasonably sure that's how the system was envisioned.