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  1. Last I heard, Almandines traded around Xeno/Trio level. 15:1 for a CB Gold was the consensus a week ago.
  2. You're very welcome! ^^ http://dragcave.net/lineage/cxjOt 5th-gen EG pure Thuwed http://dragcave.net/lineage/t8CmC Another 5th-gen EG pure Thuwed, a cousin of the first. Thank you harlequinraven! Both are so pretty. I think I have good mates picked out...
  3. Soulpeace BSA that kills zombies. Flavor is along the lines of putting their spirits to rest.
  4. Nah, you guys missed something hugely important: Go. It's taken over pretty much everything and everyone; I'm significantly less active due to it, and I know I'm not the only one. People are outside playing rather than inside on DC, and that's okay. DC's pretty forgiving of people grabbing half-a-dozen eggs and going out to play for two days. Give it time. In a few months the Go hype will die down, people will come back from summer vacations, and things will pick up again. If the forums are still slow in, say, mid-September, I'll concede the point. Until then, I don't think there's much to worry about. Grabbing random points from the thread, because responding to everything I want to respond to would fill a book - Come and learn... (Seriously, what more can I do to pull you guys in without pissing off the mods?) Nah and no. The Wilderness one has been suggested a million times in a million forms and is always shot down. Also not a huge fan of the abandoned scroll one; people who want to quit probably will just do so, no consent asked or given, and people going on hiatus will be back eventually. This is true. Dunno what we're supposed to do about it, though. TJ clearly wanted to switch to the new view and I don't think it's reasonable to ask him to maintain two codebases for two views. Probably true as well. People might not have expected an early July release after no June release. Can wait and see what happens in August and September. >_> I guarantee if he sells DC to someone, they absolutely ruin it. Also because I've seen the sentiment "10th birthday was fail" about a hundred times now... wat. We got a bunch of new releases, the rerelease of two breeds people only dared to dream about, and some extra site features. Sure, it wasn't the release of every feature we've ever asked for, but it was certainly very enjoyable.
  5. Wouldn't the time shown in the teleport be accurate? So you know you're trading for something that will grow in XX hours. The viewcount might be iffy, but a gendered hatchie should still only take 1 extra view to grow when it reaches 4d. I do agree it should wear off after teleport, as long as the hatchie won't die when it drops, just for the sake of consistency with the other BSAs.
  6. Seems like this should get its own thread, somewhere in Suggestions maybe.
  7. Ah, that sucks. Afaik, fertility doesn't help with refusals, it just increases the chances of a pair producing an egg. So it would help with a pair that wasn't enthusiastic about each other, but it can't do much about a pair that actively hates each other.
  8. Things can gender while fogged, so gendering while stunned seems to be a logical extension of that to me. I'm thinking this will be useful when trying to hold stuff for semi-active players - the extra day or two it buys you might be enough to complete a transfer.
  9. Questions about the new BSA: 1. Can things still grow up at 4d if they have enough views, regardless of Stun status? I was under the impression they require one extra view to trigger the growing up process but I'd like to be sure. 2. In a similar note to 1, what happens if I Stun a hatchie at < 1d, say 12h? It gains another day, putting it at 1d 12h, but can't gain views for 2d. Is it guaranteed to die or will it still grow up if it has the stats?
  10. That's gorgeous. Congratulations on completing it!
  11. You're very welcome! I'm glad you like it.
  12. If memory serves, that option is saved as a cookie in your web browser. If you switched browsers or cleared your cookies recently, that would explain the forgotten preference.
  13. I've waited a year for this. A huge thank you to everyone who helped me along the way, and a big thank you to my catcher. Sorry you had to wait 10 minutes just for an instahatch.
  14. Or add a Code line where the secondary Name line used to be, with its own separate visual grouping. Something like this: Doesn't look too busy to me, especially in context of an adult with 9 child links.
  15. I believe TJ has to set dragons to alt status individually and manually, so I can't imagine "mandatory alting" would ever be a thing unless he automates it somehow.
  16. omg yes! That might even be the very pair I was thinking of. Thank you so much. Also I would trade an arm and a leg for a baby from that.
  17. The one I'm remembering was definitely on someone's scroll, but it was also years and years ago. It's probably been fixed by now; I'm mostly looking for a link and some validation that I'm not going crazy.
  18. Long long ago in a galaxy far far away, someone showed me a dragon with one parent whose code had been recycled. The new "parent" made the dragon's lineage physically impossible. Does anyone remember such a pair or have a link to it? I can't seem to find it anywhere.
  19. AGYK

    2016-07-10 - July Release

    Holy frick. This is gonna be an awesome release. Time to breed Electric x Everything. (Electric x water-themed?) Thanks TJ and spriters!
  20. They're just trying to balance the ratios and/or they're very common. I've seen some mixed clutches.
  21. Yep. If you check "Track this message?" at the bottom of a PM you're sending, you can see when the receiver has read it. You can also delete it from their inbox if they haven't read it yet. I assume email notifications are sent as soon as PMs are received, so if anyone deletes a tracked PM you'd still see the notification but not the PM.
  22. That sounds more like a tracked PM being deleted before you can get to it.
  23. Almandines and Xenos are about the same rarity right now, right? How many would be a fair trade for a CB Gold? I'm thinking something like 10:1 but I want to be sure I'm not ripping anyone off.
  24. I agree with the bulk of what you say, but not the net issue. There are ways around that. Some of us put in quite some time trying to help others get around that issue. Player-run raffles or contests, random gifts, or trades for bundles of CB hatchies all help level the playing field. There are other ways around a slow net or poor trade fodder, too... See: CB Holly owners refusing to breed after the creation of Teleport, because they could no longer control the destination of all 4 eggs. Nononononono and no. (For the record, I have no black Sweet.) Those were originally intended to be the Sweetling spriter's alt. Kila sacrificed her own alt as a special apology to those affected by the glitch. She has stated they are not to ever be given to anyone else, a sentiment which I heartily agree with. Yeah, it really sucks that the CB population is falling, but whatcha gonna do. Store, store and store. It's neater and cleaner than releases or raffles imo. Hm. Not gonna say how he would do it because I have no idea. But I don't think it would be a terrible thing to have prizes drop somewhat like Golds, perhaps a bit rarer. That gives all the people who have been asking for another rare something to chew on, it provides a bigger CB prize base, and it removes some of the complaints about the raffle. I expect people would still complain about rarity and price, but they already do that so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ For the Holidays, there was a suggestion floating around to address the falling CB populations. I'm a bit hazy on the exact details, but I think it would basically mean a week of CB breeding followed by a <period> (week, 3 days, 1 day, w/e) of all the old holidays dropping as uncommon/rare CBs, mixed in with the new CB holidays. I believe players would still be limited to 2 CBs. That seems reasonable enough to me; it gives the CB Holiday populations a much-needed boost but blocks hoarding and provides an even playing field for the new players. Edit: here's the suggestion I was thinking of. I got a bunch of the details wrong, but the general idea right. There's also a suggestion to make Holidays breed true all year around but with a very low breeding chance, a la prizes.
  25. Pretty much this. The spriters worked their butts off for their alts, let them enjoy them in peace. It would be cool if everything else was available, even for the newcomers to the site.