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  1. If metalkin = metal fails, yeah, you could definitely manage that. Not as sure about the Trio, since someone mentioned having trouble trading away gold wyverns a few pages ago.
  2. Gonna say no. Golds trade, at minimum, 1:2 for CB Silvers. Right now there's some talk of 1:3. This means your other things - 1x CB Astrapi, 1x Cheese, 1x Chicken, 1x Almandine, 1x Spessartine - have to make up between 1-2 CB Silvers. With Almandines and Spessartines dropping at Xeno levels, you're basically looking at 3 Xenos, a Cheese and a Chicken. I don't think that reaches 1-2 Silvers in value.
  3. First try with a fail from this pair.
  4. Huh, good stuff. Thanks for the knowledge bomb, Socky. Jaw-droppingly beautiful Gaia - thanks angelicdragonpuppy! I have just the mate for it.
  5. Oct 31 21:53:45 <Cheeze> "You attempt to revive the dragon using magic, but instead its body disintegrates." Eh. Oh well. Oct 31 21:53:52 <Cheeze> I'll try again next year Oct 31 21:58:25 <Cheeze> It was more of a risk killing the neglected anyway. It was ungendered, older, and it's one of a kind that I can't get back. Oct 31 21:58:30 <Cheeze> I can always breed a new holly -------------------------------- Oct 31 21:32:01 <p___________> I'mm really hoping Cheeze was trollin' Oct 31 21:33:54 <p___________> http://dragcave.net/view/U97U Oct 31 21:34:09 <p___________> yep, an ungendered zombie Oct 31 21:34:45 <C______W______> ... Oct 31 21:34:48 <C______W______> wt*? Oct 31 21:34:59 <p___________> that was the ND that was zombified Oct 31 21:38:31 <b____________> cheeze turned an nd into a zombie Oct 31 21:41:50 <p___________> omg I think he's going to kill a holly next Oct 31 21:42:14 <p___________> A 2ND GEN HOLLY Oct 31 21:43:50 <p___________> oh god this thing's on the chopping block http://dragcave.net/lineage/cmMn Oct 31 21:48:24 <C______l> Wait, the holly is actually on death row? <o_o> Oct 31 21:48:36 <P___> looks like Oct 31 21:49:49 <C____r> Oh, that's why... cheeze owns the CB. Oct 31 21:55:07 <G______> ? Oct 31 21:55:13 <G______> Cheeze killed a holly? Oct 31 21:55:16 <C____r> 2nd-gen. Oct 31 21:55:58 <p___________> 2nd gen from an old pink, no less Oct 31 21:56:40 <C______W______> _________, he has the parents, that's why he's killing it. Oct 31 21:56:52 <p___________> ah, that makes sense Oct 31 21:56:59 <p___________> he can just breed another Oct 31 21:57:00 <C______W______> yea Oct 31 21:57:02 <C______W______> still... All names censored except cheeze's, because c'mon it's their Holly so it's not exactly a secret who did the killing. --------------------------------------- And since we're getting rather off-topic, A pretty 2g Thalassa x Silver. Thanks anonymous breeder! So pretty <3 And one of the legendary Hogwarts lines. Super excited to get this, actually. Now I have to find a good name for it. Thank you anonymous breeder!
  6. Both versions are wrong - I was there and have chatlogs as proof. The owner attempted to zombify it. First they zombied a Neglected, then they went for the Holly. From their POV, the Holly actually wasn't a huge loss - Santa was a 2g and they owned the CB. But it caused one heck of a dramastorm across several chats.
  7. Been trying to work out a deal with someone for awhile. Finally have what they want and they're not around to take it. Sigh.
  8. I need: to contact a user with a full PM box If you are Spiteful_Crow, please contact me - thanks!
  9. In another thread, TJ explained why the whole log isn't shown: It's less about the storage required and more about the data format, which pieces of data are stored, etc. Edit since I missed part of the op: no support for deletion either. Actions will self-remove after 30 days. That's more than sufficient imo.
  10. Thanks! Surprised you saw them, they usually only sit in the ERs for a few minutes before they hatch. Turns out NDs can't be Influenced. Has nothing to do with the time left, as Incubate shows "(Not enough time)". They just flat-up can't be Influenced. TIL.
  11. Have you tried other BSAs? Sounds more like a generic BSA glitch. I'd suggest the usual fixes: hard refresh, clear cache/cookies, log out and back in, restart browser.
  12. Ooo, two of mine! I'm glad you like them! Thanks for giving them a good home.
  13. Nah, it leads to http . com, it seems, which looks like a general slimy search page of the sort that shows up when a domain has lapsed. Edit: odd. 2/3 visits it led to http . com. The third it led to a browser error page. I wonder if there's an ISP thing in play.
  14. Spriter said no, that's that. /thread
  15. I have everything now, even the main page. Thuwed page is fine too. Edit: I see you down there, TJ. Thanks for fixing it so quickly.
  16. Only the main page of the site seems to be affected. I can load my scroll, view pages, etc. just fine. I can load biomes fine. Clicksites are working fine. It's only http://dragcave.net that seems to be having issues.
  17. AoND's worth trusting imo. I used to half-op a chatroom run by bbik (AoND's owner). Never had any issues with her, and her perspective on certain situations was quite helpful.
  18. Same. I'm up to 44 pairings. I'll be lucky if I can pull off a dozen, and that's not listing the 3 pipe dream 2gs I want for mates for things. They're all so pretty though q.q The odds of that happening are only 6.25%. Unlucky.
  19. Same issue here. Likely a problem with the site. Not much to be done about it.
  20. Odd. TJ said bites from after April 2010 were supposed to show up. For anyone else trying to find the Vamp in question in the thread, the direct link is here. It does indeed appear to be a 2012 Vamp without a "Bitten by" field. I guarantee the quote from that thread is wrong. Vamps have never been in a biome (the 2008 drop was pre-biome - biomes didn't show up until 2011). But I don't have an explanation for that vamp other than a glitch. Odder things have happened.
  21. The true original vamps were released for Halloween 2008. These are the only CBs as far as I'm aware. In late 2010, Vamps received Bite lineages, meaning the site began tracking which Vamps bit which other Vamps. TJ progressively added as much old Bite data as he could, but not all old Vamps had this data. These older, data-less Vamps appear to be CB because the original egg was CB and the identity of the biter wasn't saved by the site. They're not true CBs in the sense of your question, though, because they didn't start as Vamps in the cave.
  22. Probably a couple of hatchies for the Lunar; I'm pretty sure they're uncommon-ish. Almost nothing for the Fellfire. Darn things are common and unwanted enough that they just sit in Volcano and I can grab them for exp fodder at my leisure. Probably just 1:1 with any other common hatchie.
  23. That's happening across the Internet right now. There's a very active question on Information Security Stack Exchange, a security-minded site, about exactly this. The general consensus as of right now seems to be "probably an error on Google's end, not likely malicious, ignore it. If you feed it login credentials by mistake, change them immediately." The answers there also contain a few links that can be used to report the issue to Google: https://goo.gl/vulnz or https://support.google.com/mail/contact/gtag?hl=en (second is less appropriate here imo as it's GMail specific. The question on ITSec SE revolves around the prompt on a GMail account so is more on-topic there.) I would also suggest blocking scripts from doubleclick.net either via NoScript or via entirely shutting down access to the domain in the HOSTS file. That way, even if there is some funny business going on with the site, you should theoretically be safeĀ®.
  24. Not really. The Question about a trade thread seems to have come to the consensus they're around Xeno rarity atm. They're definitely not anywhere near the ultrarare status they were awhile ago.
  25. The Rare Trading Center defines Hollies as being rare up to 3g.