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    _Ultimate egg goals_

    CB Gold (need female)
    CB Silver (need male)
    Low-gen, non-inbred Tinsels from lines I don't have
    Non-holiday offspring from Alt Sprites

    2nd Gen Black from a CB Holly x CB Black
    2nd Gen White from a CB Holly x CB White
    2nd Gen Red from a CB Holly x CB Red
    2nd Gen Red Stripe from a CB Holly x CB Stripe
    2nd Gen Pink from a CB Old Pink parent

    * * * *

    Will consider IOUs from reputable, established traders

    _Pending IOUS_

    _Completed IOUS_
    Lullakai-shi: Holly for Neglecteds
    ~Kat~: 3G Tinsel + CB Stripe for tinsels
    Draco Knight: Alt Sprite VDay egg
    Mystic_Halo: 09 Val x Purple
    Mystic_Halo: Blusang from 10 Val Alt x Blusang
    DragoonEagle: 2G Metal (Silver from 10 Val Alt x Silver)