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  1. That's odd, it's visible for me.
  2. It's unlikely to be a cache problem, since everyone can see you still have gold instead of plat.
  3. Have: cb female neglected want: see signature or profile for info Have: various cb hatchies guardian frilled undine cloudplume flamingo Want: cb hatchie or incuhatchable egg swap. can combine on request celestial honey drake greenwing olive tatterdrake fire gem pipio vremya aeria gloris lihnseyre
  4. They sure did. Led to things like multis and other unsavory things so TJ put the anti-trade on them some years later, though i don't know when.
  5. Have: cb female neglected want: see signature or profile for info
  6. Have: cb female neglected want: see signature or profile for info Have: various cb hatchies guardian frilled undine cloudplume flamingo Want: cb hatchie or incuhatchable egg swap. can combine on request celestial honey drake greenwing olive tatterdrake fire gem pipio vremya aeria gloris lihnseyre
  7. Can agree, based on some collective data-gathering, that eggs have to at least be cracked (and older than 24 hours minimum) for it to have a chance of hatching. Sick eggs can hatch fine, as can eggs anywhere from s1 to s5, though we haven't determined if there are factors that make them more likely to hatch versus die.
  8. Agree that more direct trade rules should be a thing; people have argued that obtuse ones are good because they prevent would-be rulebreakers from trying to find loopholes, but I think it's better communication to assume that most rule readers are reading it in good faith and simply want to know what they won't be punished for, plus it's easier for either ESL readers or translation programs to work with. Something simple like: Do not mention other usernames or other players' dragons, only offer what you currently own, etc etc. I'm honestly not sure if requesting outside contact is okay with a "want", or if it's completely forbidden, as I've read conflicting info even here on forums. So that's something else that needs clarification. I don't expect game players to be familiar with forum-only rules and some form of it should be mentioned on the hub if the hub is modded by forum rules.
  9. Of course. I don't think any supporters or even fence-sitters on this suggestion ever said otherwise, since it's already been suggested ways suggested to manage the care and automatic return of dragons without higher input. Or, it could be either one-way lend or in exchange for eggs the borrower offers, like the rest of trading. (Actually that wouldn't be too terrible an idea for the lender; it'd remove any questions of "how many eggs do we generate in an inter-scroll breeding". On the other hand, it'd be a continuous gamble for the borrower unless the lender was nice enough to lend multiple times for free until they get the egg they need, which ends up falling into IOUs.) Mind, I don't think this is a good idea, compared to alternatives, but I'm not going to shoot it down because "I don't like how it'd be used and don't like that people might be requesting more things from me". There's other issues, like how the lender could end up with an extra week's wait in breeding if the borrower decides to wait till the end of the lend deadline to breed, or the need for TJ to hash out things like "make dragon not count towards trophy" and "make sure dragon doesn't get glitched out on borrower's scroll", and the fact that it'd be a continuous gamble for the borrower if it's for any compensation whatsoever.
  10. But... They can do that now??? There's multiple gifting groups regarding breeding including the free breeding of rares?? And if you don't want your dragons used in x way then, well, don't put them up for stud? They may be volunteers but they sent in applications and their job, unpaid as it may be, is still to help manage the community. That's what a mod is, in many forum or other online communities.
  11. ...what exactly is the difference between a purchase and a trade? DC is a barter system, but people certainly throw around hatchlings like they're money.
  12. They sort beneath corresponding adults, assuming you don't have reverse sort.
  13. In the sense that they shut down harassment like they do for other off-site contact? Absolutely. (This is assuming that all contact on-site is either initiated by the lender, teleport style, or all first-contact remains off-site, like old trades) In the sense that they're policing what you on your borrower do with your dragons? No. what would be the point? TJ can add in several easy ways to prevent "fraud" involving how and when the dragon is managed; there would be nothing for the mods to manage unless a hub-style dragon center popped up.
  14. I'm saying the opposite: any interaction regarding dragons is either "you have something I would like" or "I have something you would like", whether it be breeding or trading. Studding out would not be different; you can ask someone for their stud, or you can ask if they'd like to borrow your stud. Thus, the original point of "people would only ever use this for their own benefit" is invalid. This is in fact what I'm assuming, based on the initial argument of "lending a dragon for someone else to breed". If this were a different thread the "mutual benefit" point would be more valid, but it isn't. ETA: born has already answered a few of those questions in early posts; the loaned dragon would be returned at the end of the week, breeding or no breeding. It could also be immediately sent back once the breeding is done and the dragon is no longer breedable, but I personally do not think the owner should be able to take it back before a breeding when they presumably have agreed to lend it the maximum of the full week when they agreed to the "trade", and can only request the borrower return it early. Ah, secondary problem: if the borrower decides not to breed till near the end of the week, assuming the dragon goes on cooldown for the full breeding week the original owner can end up with a breeding cooldown of nearly two weeks, which is definitely not what they signed up for, but allowing the dragon to come off cooldown early for the owner can easily lead to abuse of extra breedings. In light of this, I prefer the other-topic "date" idea over studding.
  15. That is literally any interaction regarding dragons that isn't "I have something I want to give to you", though, and even handing out a dragon to stud can be in a sort of gifting sense, for those who, say, want to give a 2g pb prize to someone else for a personal project but both only have one half of the equation. ... I assume that would be built into the feature if it were implemented. Regular eggs, held eggs and frozen eggs already have different actions; it would not be difficult to have adults tagged as "loan" dragons to only have "breed" and "return to owner" options. I'll leave the rest of the questions for people who actually support the idea as-is to flesh out.
  16. @borntobefree TJ made a public hub trade (which automatically has his scroll name) and was talking about it in the official discord which he links on the official site and displays him as admin. It was him and he was having a joke. There's nothing to question because it was him, no obfuscation. If you want to ask about thuwed breedings I recommend asking in his personal thread: He has in fact answered a few questions about new thuweds, though not all of them.
  17. Because people don't want the hostility turned on them and it's rarely on-topic to the thread to call people out for their hostility 😉 It's *very* much a problem, in that the suggestions area and, by association, the entire forums, has a pretty big reputation for being an unwelcome dogpiling mess that makes large swaths of other members of DC-related communities avoid it. There's a reason you don't get new regulars in here often. Anyway, on topic, I don't think being able to request anything *on-site* is a good idea, unless it's like trade hub and you're setting up some public personal listings for your dragons and whoever wants can ping you through there. There is currently no way to contact a mod on-site and I don't like the idea of non-community players being bothered there without recourse. On the flipside, if you don't want to breed your dragons out, you could simply... not. Saying that it opens you up to harassment is pointless because having anything of value opens you up to harassment. Should TJ have never released prizes or metals or bred thuweds because people get harassed for having them? No. Being bugged to loan your dragons out is no different from being bugged to breed a rare egg. I don't think dragons should be "loaned out" to other scrolls though; there seems like a lot could wrong with it, whether it's glitches or inadvertent trophy boosting. On the other hand, it would allow the "borrower" a certain freedom that simply selecting two dragons off two scrolls to mash together doesn't. I don't particularly care for the fee either since DC has a *lot* of no-egg results and it'd feel pretty pointless to just pay every week for literally nothing.
  18. Just successfully did a zyu-lite exp on a brimstone after it failed the first go. I wasn't watching while it AR'd but conveniently once it turned it hatched as an ND without even any extra views. So! Brimstones are technically stubborn enough that they can insta-hatch like zyus without being hatched themselves, though the margin of error is much smaller. Mine was already at s5 (huge hole) by the time I started the exp and just AR"d it. There are probably multiple breeds that are similarly stubborn.
  19. Or "sea serpent" could be renamed to "leviathan" to match up with other words being taken from outside lore without being from the sea.
  20. For some odd reason, the very first dragon on a scroll is not internally categorized like it's supposed to be. I have this same problem but with my greeting Green. If I type just #, which brings up everything else that hasn't been unlocked in encyclopedia, it includes that one specific green but no others.
  21. @Iside I'm not sure if your account is unverified by discord or DC or what, but perhaps you accidentally made a new discord account? Try logging out from it and logging in with your old one, email and all.
  22. Id appreciate if anyone could help breed labradorites. I wanted to do a line of them with some xenos since xenos got the new release boost but they're all still throwing labs ;;
  23. Unfortunately, the suggestions area is chock full of people taking things either way too personally or way too seriously. Most of the rest of the forum is fine, but I don't recommend frequenting this subforum if you don't like toxicity, overly nitpicky arguments or insinuations on your character. As it stands, a truly accidental adult death would pretty much go against the game of DC, where your adults are eternal (and there are way too many irreplaceable dragons to consider implementing it). I'm not sure there's any possible alternative that doesn't involve pressing a button, whether it'd be killing your dragon personally or telling another dragon to assassinate it.
  24. @Sunvera it definitely happens, I think it was noticed a few weeks before the xeno release? Sometimes they file in, sometimes they fill the gap and sometimes it shuffles all the slots.
  25. Summary of what weve found: Green baikala males still produce green baikalas when the mother is a non-baikala from coast, both colors of glitched baikala females produce green (when either green ones should produce blue or both should produce both), I have not seen non-glitched same-color baikala pb produce the other color (also have not seen blue male x green female make any blue when green x blue can make both), and by all indications any given specific pairing of baikalas will only ever produce one color, though different combinations of otherwise-identical mates can produce different colors. https://dragcave.net/lineage/VXF5P vs https://dragcave.net/progeny/4TGM9 vs https://dragcave.net/progeny/BzWfI Here is a collection of various results Apparent rules from these results: - all glitch baikalas = green (have not extensively tested male blue glitch baikalas) - all green baikalas = green - any male baik x forest or jungle = green - cross color normal baiks = ??????? M green x f blue can = both blue and green (one color per pair) while m blue x f green have only ever bred green tl;dr the breeding rules seem inconsistent between blue and green parents. there's more green results than there should be. Biome only barely plays a part but it's overridden by any green.