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I accept IOUs and give, see wishlist!!! I accept any breeding-request


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    I also play the Game "MarketGlory" using the same allias. Join and sign up over my link (see signature) in case you are interested giving it a try!!! But use the link please or just PM me!!!!

    How do I complete my scroll:
    The scroll is complete when I have every Hatchling frozen as S1,S2 f, S2 m. As well as every adult sprite 13x for male and female as CB or for those that need to be breed 2nd gen PB.
    My wishlist is in my signature. I update it frequently.
    I practically take any and all hatchlings as a trade offer. I tend to breed everything I can and that is willing to breed. So feel free to ask for anything you like, though feel free to offer anything you like (I take all CB hatchlings) - do not be shy!
    I only hold the trading eggs for 24 hours and gifts for even less unless you PM me and justify it. After that I will not breed anything for you and put the Trade on hold till you answer me or PM me. I ask to be notified if somebody goes on a longer ABSENCE from the game. I will feel free to block anybody that I intend to gift and he/she does not answer to my PMs aldought I can clearly see that the person is/was recently online. I will remove that giftee from my list and will put IOUs on hold.Longer absence due to real live is of course excused.
    Since the harassing has started somewhere: I have newer experienced it myself so feel free to PM me if you desire something or want to ask for something or make an offer on something. Be nice and it is normal to at least answer a PM even if the answer is a NO.

    IOUs and promises ------

    ---reliable trading partners and friends I am currently trading with----
    trekwriter, lanette, MisunderstoodDreamer, WoLfgIrLyS, Amy.x, InugamiZERO, MIGOR, Justie (+Peter),