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    Please forgive me if I do not respond to PM's right away. I have several long term chronic and debilitating illnesses so sometimes it might take me a while before I can get back to you. I will always respond to PM's as soon as I can. Please accept my apologies for any inconvenience this may cause you, I am not ignoring you or your message. I am in the UK which is +5 hours ahead of Cave time.

    I'm a member on the Unofficial Dragon Cave Discord as well as the Official Dragon Cave one, you will likely be able to contact me there much quicker than the forums as I don't check this place too often.

    My Discord username is: lulu_witch#4035

    I will breed anything on my scroll for free, you just need to ask politely.

    Thank BIG you to all the kind people that have helped me and gifted me dragons, you are very kind and I am so grateful for your generosity! I absolutely cherish your gifts <3

    She/Her pronouns, though I'm very comfortable with myself so don't worry if you get it wrong ;)