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A BIG thank you to all the generous people who have helped me or gifted me dragons, I'm so grateful to you all! <3
My activity on DC is very sporadic at the moment.

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    Please forgive me if I do not respond to PM's right away. I have a long term chronic illness so sometimes it might take me a while before I can get back to you. I will always respond to PM's as soon as I can. Please accept my apologies for any inconvenience this may cause you, I am not ignoring you or your message.

    My aim is to have 5 Male and 5 Female of every CB dragon that I possibly can. For Dragons that can not be obtained from the cave such as past Holiday event dragons, Prize dragons, Alt dragons and Hybrid dragons, my goal is to have offspring which is preferably 2nd gen and if possible PB. Eventually I want to collect both S1 and gendered S2 hatchlings from all the breeds I can for freezing.
    Alongside collecting CB dragons, I love dragons that have pretty lineages. If there is a clear breeding pattern to the lineages such as even gen, checker board, arrowhead, heart, stair-step etc I will most probably like it however the pattern must be perfect.

    I will not accept inbreeding under any circumstances, there are no exceptions to this rule. I have a strong dislike for dragons with 'messy' lineages and I also prefer to not have any dead dragons or tombstones in my lineaged dragons.

    I have an interest in any breed of dragon with any variation of the following codes : Lucy, Lulu, Luke, Lucas, Witch, Pagan or Hammy. My preference is for CB however I will consider lineaged dragons if it does not contain inbreeding.

    If you can help me with something I am looking for I would be very grateful if you could send me a PM please. I will happily breed you something from my scroll or organise a trade in return.

    Under very special circumstances I will sometimes consider accepting an IOU from established and active members. If you are wanting to offer me an IOU please PM me to discuss the terms.

    I will breed pretty much anything on my scroll for free, you just need to ask politely.

    Thank BIG you to all the kind people that have helped me and gifted me dragons, you are very kind and I am so grateful for your generosity!
    I am especially thankful to flaming-june, Tish, rrattts and dooly! I absolutely cherish your gifts <3

    I am in the UK which is +5 hours ahead of Cave time.