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I have a CB male Bronze Shimmerscale from the July 2017 raffle, God Shim. His breeding list is OPEN for kins and holiday prize breedings. IOU friendly, prizeswaps wanted (mostly other Shimmerscales), gifting done when I have time. Please be patient. Thank you.

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    among my Shimmerscale Army
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    General run-down of how I do God Shim's breedings:

    1. prizekins
    2. holiday mates
    3. regular mates
    4. new release non-holiday mates
    5. prizeswaps are debatable, depending on specificity


    1. I have a list that will be opened and closed on and off. Refer to my signature for this status. I do breed God Shim for myself on occasion so please don't beg for a baby you might see on my scroll. If it's still there and not being advertised on the Trade Hub, it's likely one I'm keeping so it is NOT up for grabs. No exceptions.

    2. I communicate weekly when I breed God Shim. I do not apologize for this. My first IOU lacked communication and eventually the player in question did leave DC without telling me, causing me to waste an extra month of effort getting their baby...that proceeded to grow up on my scroll and be discovered two weeks later, when I realized what happened. If you decide to leave or cannot communicate for a while, please alert me. If you stop communicating in some form for two breedings, I will consider you MIA and put your IOU on the backburner for a more active one. If you do not communicate after a month without warning, I will consider your IOU invalid and remove it from my list.

    3. If you want a prizekin, that breeding will usually be attended to first for speed. If somehow, God Shim produces a shiny before your prizekin, it may be offered to you if somebody else isn't already on the list for a shiny from that pair or I don't have plans for it myself. You will be alerted to breeding results regardless.

    4. I try to do IOUs in the order I receive them, but I make exceptions. If you've requested a prizekin or have a holiday mate in mind, I will usually do those first for speed. If you are one of the rare people who make an IOU trade that involves multiple prize eggs from God Shim, yours will be cycled between other breedings unless your mate(s) are holidays. I ask for patience with these, please.

    5. Please do not ask for extremely new freshly-released breeds for an IOU unless it's a holiday one. I do not want to be stuck doing your IOU for a year because the ratios will not even out. If you must have a new breed as your IOU mate, please don't hate me for putting yours on the backburner or cycling it around. I doubt the people behind you want to wait a year for their baby.

    6. Please do not ask for in-season holiday offspring from God Shim. I usually have plans made ahead of time for his breedings and a few personal projects, especially for Halloween. Those children, for the most part, are not traded off since previous AP rescue efforts have failed to retrieve any of my APed ones from previous holidays, so I try to keep what I've selected from the pairing. You can try to barter for them but I'm unlikely to surrender what I've kept since I cannot guarantee myself the ability to continue my own projects otherwise.

    7. I will refer you to my CB list right away for pairings. If I do not have the dragon you want to pair God Shim with, I would like help finding it if it's not a common/uncommon breed. I'm not an amazing cave hunter so anything higher-tier is usually out of my reach. If I manage to gain the mate before you do, I will alert you ASAP so you are hopefully not wasting your time or breedings trying to get it.

    8. I do not tolerate unpleasantness or controlling behavior. Ultimately God Shim is MINE and I do with him what I please. I choose to put him up for IOUs, but I also do prizeswaps, as well as trade and gift his prizekin or prize offspring away for things that I want or need. I also reserve the right to keep some of his non-IOU offspring. Please do not act entitled or think you can control me just because I'm breeding for you. I will drop you from my list.