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    I'm hunting around to fulfill my scroll goal of having at least one of each dragon and variant in my scroll. My wishlist is linked in my signature. I'm willing to breed things for those that help with my goal.

    My rare things for breeding
    - prize Bronze Shimmerscale male
    - male Silver found in AP
    - female Gold gained in Traders Hub
    - female and male red Copper
    - one of each Holiday derg, minimum
    - all three Tinsel colors, gold and silver Shimmerscale, gained from Traders Hub
    - Avatar of Change, Avatar of Creation, and Avatar of Destruction, from Traders Hub
    - full set of Zyumorphs and Xenomorphs
    - alt Spinel Wyvern
    - 2 alt Ridgewings
    - alt Dorsal

    I'm not a big fan of killing my dergs. I'm still working myself up to that point because I want to one day get zombies and more Vampires now that I have the means to do the latter. I hope to also be able to convince myself to be ready to sacrifice things in an attempt to get a Neglected one day.

    Things I absolutely want
    - another Gold
    - alt Dark Green, alt Undine, alt Black
    - chicken
    - dinos