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Scroll: https://dragcave.net/user/animatedrose

Wishlist: https://forums.dragcave.net/topic/137455-the-complete-your-scroll-wish-list-thread/?page=9&tab=comments#comment-9694364


animatedrose.png  shoko.png firegem.png      ON JANUARY 1ST, THE SHIMMERSCALE ARMY'S CHILDREN WILL JOURNEY TO THE AP


I collect Falconiform Wyverns, Pillows, Aether Wyverns, Omen Wyrms, and Shimmerscales. LINEAGE DOES NOT MATTER TO ME!!

I have a CB male Bronze Shimmerscale from the July 2017 raffle, God Shim.

IOU friendly, prizeswaps wanted (mostly other Shimmerscales), still in need of many Xmas/Vday CB dergs.

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    among my Shimmerscale Army
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    I'm hunting around to fulfill my scroll goal of having at least two CB of each dragon (and variant, if applicable) on my scroll. I'm also collecting dergs for lineage projects that I'm starting in 2019. My wishlist is linked in my signature. I'm willing to breed things for those that help with my goal.

    My rare things for breeding
    - raffle prize from July 2017, Bronze Shimmerscale male, God Shim (CURRENTLY ON FIVE IOUS, SO PATIENCE IS DEMANDED WITH HIM)
    - Silvers, 5 CBs (three males, two females)
    - Golds, 3 CBs (two males, one female)
    - CB red and green Coppers
    - CB Blusang Lindwyrms
    - CBs of all Holidays except vday (will have all after vday 2019)
    - all three Tinsel colors, various gens and lines
    - all three Shimmerscale colors, various gens and lines (SHIM ARMY)
    - multiple Avatars of Change, Avatars of Creation, and Avatars of Destruction
    - multiple full sets of Zyumorphs and Xenomorphs, most CB
    - multiple alt Spinel Wyverns
    - 2 alt Ridgewings, breeding pair
    - 2 alt Dorsals, breeding pair
    - 2 alt Undines, breeding pair (female is still growing)
    - 2 alt Blacks, breeding pair
    - various SAlt lines, 2g blackcana Falconiform female

    I'm not a big fan of killing my dergs. I'm still working myself up to that point because I want to one day get zombies and more Vampires now that I have the means to do the latter. I hope to also be able to convince myself to be ready to sacrifice things in an attempt to get more Neglected one day. Thank goodness for the DC Discord in teaching me how to actually do proper NDing.

    Things I absolutely want:
    - alt Dark Green, both genders
    - female and ungendered Neglected
    - other low-gen SAlt lines

    Things I make armies from:
    - Shimmerscales, any color, any gen, any line
    - Falconiform Wyverns
    - Aether Wyverns
    - Pillows
    - Baikalas