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    A dragon trading thread V2! ~trading~

    Welcome to a dragon trading thread! The userbar was made by clarkie, feel free to use it (and thank him ). [url=http://forums.dragcave.net/index.php?showtopic=22699][img=http://i545.photobucket.com/albums/hh378/8clarkie8/Trade.png][/url] A new dragon trading thread (the original was done by Ararat), as the old one was abandoned and closed. First of all, please, read the following rules: 1. No unnecessary bumps. Please, post your trade offer only once per day, and remember that a repost is considered to be a post as well. Other players have their trades, too. 2. If you are going to link your trade, you MUST use the LINEAGE/code link, NOT view/code! View/code is NOT allowed - after this edit we WILL be issuing warns for posting view links instead of lineage links. 3. There are no official means through which eggs, hatchlings, or dragons can be bought, whether from the site or from other users. Exchanging any sort of currency, real or virtual, for eggs, hatchlings, or dragons is expressly forbidden. 4. Please, avoid spam posts. This thread is dedicated to trades only, but neither to your opinion about other trades, nor to trade discussions. So, please, post your trade offers only. 5. As we have a team of thread mods now, we don't need minimodding, this would be considered as spam. If you want to report smb spamming or double posting, please, pm one of the mods. 6. Not actually a rule, but still. Dear members, it is polite and nice to remove/edit your posts, if you've done the trade. Remember, others might check up to 5 pages back, and pm'ing smb just to fing the offer is no longer available appears to be quite disturbing. The old thread was closed due to the constant reports, so please, don't spam and follow the rules. Trading thread is a nice and convinient service, and we don't want to loose it, right? Personally, I highly dislike the idea of giving warns and bans in the thread, so please, don't put us in the situation when we have no choice. TRADING. HOW IT WORKS? Trading nowadays is absolutely safe and finally official. First, you (or your partner) need to have at least one adult Magi dragon. Trading is done by using their Breed Specific Action "Teleport": Magi dragon teleports the egg/hatchie to another user. There are two main options: 1. Transfer. Transfer allows you to move a single egg or hatchling between users. Transfers are one-sided; you will not receive anything in return. Transfers can be created with the "teleport" action that is available to specific breeds of dragon. Upon using the teleport action, you are given a "claim link" that may be shared with other users and allow them to accept the egg/hatchling. 2. Trade. A trade, unlike a transfer, is two-sided. A trade may be created by using the teleport action. After creating a trade, other users may make offers on your trade. If you accept an offer, the eggs/hatchlings are swapped. The second one is what you're looking for. You can see your active transfers here, and all the information about the teleport and how it works can be found here. Please, do not ask us any "how to" questions; if you have any questions about the teleport, we'd rather suggest to use the Help section. The last two or three pages of this thread usually contain eggs people haven't traded yet. IOUs are not allowed in trade posts as either "haves" or "wants". - rubyshoes TOPIC MODS: I think it's a good idea to have a tiny group of thread mods to deal with the spam and so. Current topic moderators: OuterSpace - PM Kaini - PM Infinis - PM Mods application is currently open. If you want to be a mod, please, pm me. Include your timezone, and say a few words about why do you want to be a thread mod. Please, keep in mind that trading thread is a huge topic, and there might be a lot of work here.
  2. Outer Space

    The Rare Trading Center V4 ~trading~

    Have: 3rd gen gold from black x gold 3rd gen gold stair step from male red x female golds Interested in: 2nd or 3rd gen PB Blusang CB, 2nd or 3rd gen Coppers PB Gold Wyvern Really good offers? PM to separate. Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings!
  3. Outer Space

    The Rare Trading Center V4 ~trading~

    Have: 3rd gen Bronze Tinsel from male Bronze Ivy (male ember x female tinsel) Interested in: Gold or Silver tinsels same gen Silver shimmer same gen Really good offers? Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings! Have: 3rd gen gold from black x gold 3rd gen gold stair step from male red x female golds Interested in: CB Blusang or low gen purebred blusang CB Coppers or 2nd gen coppers PM to separate. Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings!
  4. Outer Space

    The Rare Trading Center V4 ~trading~

    Have: 3rd gen Bronze Tinsel from male Bronze Ivy (male ember x female tinsel) 3rd gen gold from black x gold 3rd gen gold stair step from male red x female golds Interested in: Gold or Silver tinsels same gen Silver shimmer same gen CB Blusang CB Coppers PM to separate. Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings!
  5. Outer Space

    The Rare Trading Center V4 ~trading~

    Have: 2nd gen gold from male White Stripe x Female Gold 2nd gen gold from Male Gold x Female Black Want - any offers of cb or low gen: Blusang Lindwurms Gold Wyverns Shimmer-scales Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings!
  6. Outer Space

    2011-08-13 - Shop Updates

    I have a stupid. but funny question. If "10% of the price of all merchandise goes towards the site, and 10% goes to the artist that created the design", where goes 80%?
  7. Outer Space

    Odd Abilities and Talents

    Well, let's join this fabulous parade of awesome and absolutely useless stuff! What can I do (and what doesn't really help me to earn money)?.. All tested: - multiply six-figured numbers in my mind (top useless stuff, who cares about it when we have calculators at windows and cell phones? ); - read a page and learn it by heart from the first/second reading (no actual need to do it, even Hollywood celebrities don't need this skill, as we can see from their movies); - solve almost any normal trigonometry or topology formula in not more than 10 minutes (yeah, a perfect ability for the one who have been hating math ever since it was invented and graduated from school long enough to have own kids since then); - dance for a couple of hours without having a rest (best is to multiply six-figured numbers in your mind at the same time, right); - drink a bottle of whiskey on my own and have some guts to walk home on foot (takes some guts, but that's what you really feel for after using the previous ability); - not to sleep for 3 days (goes perfect with continuously using of the previous one); - hold my breath for 5 minutes (this one you actually do before starting this whiskey thing); - communicate with animals better than with people (appears that people themselves are not so fond of this ability; don't know about animals, though, they never tell me); - play adoptable games at work with my boss being absolutely sure it is my job (this one can work for everyone, if you manage to get a boss who has even less ideas of what you actually should do than you); - pretend to be a lawyer dealing with the household documents, and find a mistake in real lawyer's work (not so hard again, everyone can beat a lawyer using a bit of logic); - make a good cup of coffee (this is one is truly odd... never seen anyone else capable of this); - not to draw, paint or design anything (a quick look at the internet tells me there are really few of us in the world).
  8. Outer Space

    2011-07-17 - Desert Sands Release

    Well. To put some oil in a honey cask, I'd say that DC graphics seem to regress. Both species look like 8-bit Dendy game art (you remember this stuff, don't you?). How many colours are used for each? 6? What about rendering? What's the DPI? 75? My guess is that those are great stuff finished a couple of years ago, and just released. I mean, look at the complete requests section. There're hundreds of great pixel art models there, but the one released look a bit outdated. How could they possibly appear after Tinsels, Embers, Snow Angels and Neglecteds, Pumpkins and Black Marrows? Pixel art has gone a bit far. I don't do DC much now, but I play UniCreatures and Mystic Grove. I don't like a lot of sprites there, but their quality is pretty much always unquestionable. I might not like cupids of flying pigs, but a really nice lady at MG does all the sprites by herself in 3D, you know, and UniCreatures has just two (!) artists atm, who're doing really beautiful and very detailed adoptables. While there are dozens of spriters dying to work for DC for free, but a lot of awesome sprites are waiting forever to be released, - and when they would be released, they'd probably be outdated, too, to that moment. Ok, now you can start to rub me with the oil, and bring some candles and lighters, please.
  9. Outer Space

    2011-04-23 - Second Annual Festival of Eggs

    I missed the beginning and haven't seen new eggs yet. Did anyone saved the sprites?
  10. Outer Space

    2011-04-23 - Second Annual Festival of Eggs

    Well, I might be one of the few persons who's happy DC is down, since it gave me some time to enjoy the Easter event at the other games I play (Mystic Grove egg hunt, in he first place). Now just waiting for the Twitch hunt at UniCreatures
  11. Outer Space

    Begging for Breedings

    Lol. To tell the truth, I would report such pm. That's a direct violation of DC rules.
  12. Outer Space

    Begging for Breedings

    I have a lot of breeding requests (Hollies, Metalls, now prizes). However, most are quite nice, and I try to breed when I can, or explain why I can not. I also used to ask for breeding myself, and I always did it in a nice and gentle manner. Personally, I see nothing wrong in a nice and polite request. As there's nothing wrong in getting "no" as an answer: that's a game.
  13. Outer Space

    Breeding mostly unsuccessful

    Got no metalls, blacks, etc for a while now. However, prize tinsels do breed well.
  14. Outer Space

    How Do You View Other People's Scrolls?

    I do exactly the same, as OP Though, I always look for rares: holidays/tinsels/neglecteds =)
  15. Well, that's very right math. I always thought it's quite obvious, though, and most of members are probably using it, but as I see, there we re a lot who didn't. Also, the title is real win! Thank you
  16. Outer Space

    2011-04-08 - Site Downtime

    I wondered what hapened.
  17. Outer Space


    That is pure rotfl. Reading this thread, I can't help noticing that vast majority of DC Forums community consists of two parts. One part is classic nerds (in a good sense), fond of codes, programming, Linux and Mathematics, and another is inside-oriented humanitirians fond of writing-painting-fantasy classic set, but very bad in dealing with science. Funnily enough, I can predict that some of you, guyz, might grow up into an awesome scientist or explorer, that's normal situation for scool years. Even Albert Einstein had very poor marks in Physics, so... who may know?
  18. Outer Space

    Posting other's eggs

    Well, but even in this case it just stays an assumption. You can't burn the previous owner of the rare egg which died from the viewbombing, only because they had it before. May be we should stop the burning theme? I would rather ask T.J. to consider changing sickness regime. For example, an egg can't get sick, if it doesn't get views repeatedly 6 or more hours. Thus, you have time to wake up and fog it before it gets sick, and interrupt the view gain. EDIT: Seraphinu, the site will track that you have logged in and added some scroll. May be yours, may be not. Anyway, I insist, a normal fansite CAN"T do viewbombing, even if I put the egg everywhere.
  19. Outer Space

    Posting other's eggs

    Really? How? You should not only add registration, but synchronize Fansite accounts with the DC accounts then. Otherwise, I can post anyone's scroll, and you can't prove anything. Think about DailyDragonFix, for example: you could post anyone's eggs there. Anyway, with the stats OP mentioned, I highly doubt we're dealing with the regular fansites. That should be some sort of AutoRefresher, or Click Exchange site; normal fansites can't get such massive amount of views in a day. Thus, again, you can't do anything, but try to be cautious and save yourself.
  20. Outer Space

    Posting other's eggs

    Yes, but just imagine you're an admin. You're manually checking IPs of scroll's visitors, like you don't have other things to do. How would you make difference between a person who once visited the scroll, copied codes and posted them elsewhere and a person who clicked the egg from the fansite? I don't think the OP wasn't using the fansites at all, right? That is that - you can't prove anything, so burning scrolls is probably a very bad idea. EDIT: It makes me worry a bit, how members would like to punish and punish; that doesn't look good. The best I can advice is keeping your eggs fogged, and er them manually, at least, if you suspect smb is trying to kill them intentionally.
  21. Outer Space

    Posting other's eggs

    I doubt TJ can or will bother to check all th IPs who visited your scroll. If YOU put your eggs on fansites, that is YOU who have all the responsibility (you can just run them to er, and then actually er, right?). Just imagine how many users clicked your pretty eggs, while they were on the fansites. You want to burn all of them, or just a half? Remember, TJ can't check what the user who once visited your scroll did at any other sites (where they probably posted it). I really understand your frustration, and I'm sorry for your egg/hatchie, but it's not a method to solve the problem. I don't think anything can actually be done, unless TJ will remove sickness at all. My opinion: we need less "burn them!" arguments, that's just a game after all.
  22. Outer Space

    2011-03-16 - New Eggs

    Am i the only one to think that Pillows look original and well done, while Swallowtails look... well, old and a bit outdated? The concept is great, but the sprite itself looks very simple and schematic to me, like it was done in Paint, when all just began and nobody had great skills in spriting. Perhaps, it's one of the oldest dragons from the waiting list. And here lies the problem: if it was done 3 years ago, it was great for that time, but now we have much more difficult and complicated sprites, since the graphics itself changed with time. So, it's like to compare good old Tom & Jerry with Shrek 3D.
  23. Outer Space

    SPLASH! - The New Goldfish BSA

    Yup, I got mine with 3 Shallow Waters. Took about 3 months.
  24. Outer Space


    I agree with this. I support battling, as an additional fun, but I don't want it to offer any benefits regular player can't achieve. Is must be absolutely wilful, thus, the players who don't want to battle might even forget such option exists; it shouldn't affect them in any way. I still think Mystic Grove example is good. There would be enough battle fans to have our own tops, ranking, etc, there's no need to mix it with the common playing style. As long as it interacts with DC (I mean, uses my own dragons, not their copies), this sounds as a very good idea. Really.
  25. Outer Space


    Yes, but many other players who find DC too boring now will be attracted. It doesn't matter who plays the game, as soon as anybody is playing. One quit, another comes, it happens here and there. T.J. stated he considers this idea, and isn't completely against it. Also, there are members who appreciate it, and would like it. We're just trying to find a suitable way, that it wouldn't harm or affect those who don't want battles in the first place. In my example you can play the game without even knowing that battles happen. Remember, DC has no certain way of playing, each player decides their own goals and style. So, battles, if properly thought over, would just add more freedom to the playstyles.