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  1. Adults are awesome!!!! T.J. And LadyLyzar, you win the rocking christmas tree!
  2. It was already answered by T.J. No, you will just have one ornament less to use in decoration.
  5. Currently I'm feeling towards being a Holly
  6. Actually, I'm very ok with the way the Forums works. It's nice to know about the Trade Forums, thank you, guyz. I got used to search wait, and I really value the job of mods and T.J.. Sometimes, rules here might look too strict, especially for new members comparing with different popular forums, but those rules help to keep the board friendly and helpful. As for R-rate section, I don't really see why we need it. Seriously, to discuss pron? DC Forum is attached to the Dragon cave site, so it's normal it is dedicated to DC mostly, plus we have general Discussion and Role Games. If I want to discuss Sasha Grey in a new movie, there're thousands of special forums for my service, not that I need to discuss it here. Also, as far as I can see, the idea of checking maturity level itself could lead us to madness: even -sites just have a "Are you 21?" disclaimer, and some members here suggest to scan IDs.... Lol, I imagine myself scanning my Russian passport (32 pages!) to a get a permission for discussing pron at DC Forums I wouldn't say that idea sounds mature like. I absolutely agree with _Z_'s answers in the post above. As for me, Forums are not unfriendly at all, but I can see why some members think so. Also, I've never understood, why not taking a mentor, if you experience some problems, May be a mod should advertise Mentoring project for persons who get warned (I mean newbies, who don't know the right place, rather than hot-tempered debaters)? _Z_, what do you think about it? Also, it may be useful to have a Compendium on the main page, listing all the threads that a new member might need: trades, help, dragon requests, lost in trade, fansites, role plays, all the active threads in alphabet order and updated to time. Perhaps, it will reduce the number of duplicates / wrong topics. I don't know, just an idea.
  7. Most of all I like Silvanon's sprites: Gold, Holly, Red and Alt Vine (I really hope for Ambush soon). Also Horse and Ice, and some Komodo_Gallant's sprites: Neglected, Yulebuck and Vampire. The last released I loved was a Black Marrow, non-released - astonishing Faceless/No Face by Sextonator.
  8. You can just make the number per page lower. For example, if you want only your metallics to be shown on the first page, put the number of your metallics (like 46), put Stripes and Holidays on the next page till it hit the number of 46, divide commons between last pages, etc. Personally, I would use the first page for the dragons I need more often than others: metallics, holidays, stripes, - all that I breed regularly. And all dragons that I don't need to check frequently would be sorted on other pages. This way you wouldn't ever need to go to any of your pages, except the first one. And don't worry, how cute does it look, - other players would see your scroll according to their sort, nothing to do with it.
  9. Sorry, but what exactly is wrong with current scroll pages? How are they not verible? You just set the number of dragons you wish to see on the page, and custom dragons in custom/alternate/legacy sort according to this number per page...
  10. Well, I see the point. But currently, it seems to me that the only chance to fix this is to use your imagination to explain this little nuance. Think about it positive: it might make your story even more exciting Lol, we just got these Let T.J. have some real life
  11. Ok, so... Renaming - I have nothing to rename. S1 - I have only one frozen S1 Black Marrow, and it has the very lowest stats, so it wouldn't grow up itself. Vampire Lineages - Most of mine I've got when biting was released, so they don't have "Bitten by", but I don't actually care. And I can't really get people who cares: we all know that original cb vamps were dropped on Halloween, 2008, so if your cb vamp has another date, it was bitten, not caveborn. So, no chance to cheat/fool anyone, even yourself Why so much stress about it? Also, as we know from fantasy/horror books (from Dracula to Twilight), each vampire has been bitten by someone else, so having.. hm... cb vampires bitten by nobody, is kinda ridiculous. I always explained it same as cb dragons, - it is done by somebody, but information wasn't kept Scroll pages - Exactly what I wanted. For all those who don't understand how it works: It doesn't set the order of dragons, or the number of dragons for others to view. It is the same as at online shops, where you can custom the number of items you see per page. The purpose of making it for you rather than for your scroll visitors might be that you know exactly your speed and your connection, so you can set the number of dragons which is comfortable for your computer, and other people have all the rights to set the number they are comfortable with. Like you want to set 250 dragons, but I have such slow connection, my comp is always frozen when I open more than 100, and vice versa. Thanks, T.J.
  12. I love animals and support Greenpeace, but I can't stop eaiting meat, and wouldn't ever. You can defend animals and so, but it doesn't mean that you MUST give up meat, if you like it. We have farms, and we breed and raise animals for meat, it's not like killing innocent or abusing what nature gave us. Thus, it's pretty natural, predators hunt and eat meat, too. Anyway, I guess, it's just a personal decision. You don't need to be an animal lover to be vegetarian, and you can support animals' rights, and still eat meat. Although, there're people who just don't like the taste of it, no ideology basis.
  13. You can put it in Suggestions/Requsts. However, I personally hughly dislike this idea; I'm absolutely happy with how it is meant to be.
  14. ^^^^ Lol, guyz, what are talking about? Pumpkins were an exception, and I'm pretty sure it happened just because, TJ's pygmies were already paired to each other. Holidays x Holidays wouldn't breed together; I think that TJ stated it pretty clear.
  15. Thanks for P.S. clarification about features
  16. Hard to say. I have 2 GoNs, 4 cb golds, a Neglected, and a Holly. But I would say, I'm most proud of a Neglected. It took me a lot nerves and time to get one, so I can say it was a hard work.
  17. Well, watching the mayhem with the new features, I can't help thinking: did folks here have a thought that all features may take 3-4 months to implement? Last time new features were announced it took a couple of months before they actually became available.
  18. As I already said, random charity is one thing, and Christmas gifts to certain people is another, and they don't necessary go together. One can give coins to poor, but wouldn't give them Christmas gifts prepared for parents and beloved, right? Would just give a present you bought for your mum to a random person at the street, not matter how happy you can make them? Anyway, I want to clear one thing. Not breeding Hollies as a protest might work, but I seriously ask people not to break their IOUs, if you made any. I understand that protest thing might be an excuse for people who just don't want to fulfil their promises, so.. just don't let it happen. EDIT: sorry for offtopic, we should go back to discussing the news.
  19. No, it doesn't. There is no word about it in the first post.
  20. Well, I don't instigate to riot Random charity is one thing, and Christmas gifts to certain people is another, and they don't necessary go together. One can give coins to poor, but wouldn't give them Christmas gifts prepared for parents and beloved. I breed and abandon rares, too. But. There're not so many members who drop really valuable things (like cb blacks, trios and metallics, 2nd gen golds or silver). Such things are often set for trades, and newbie without rares has nothing to trade for it. Now, they have a chance to catch stuff in AP, but after features release the will be able to catch only things that you will drop (like more and messy lineaged metallics). Of course, we need to adapt, and any thoughts about new features might be wrong, cause we haven't seen them at work yet, and we can't decide whether we like them or not, without actually trying.
  21. Yes, but other players will do so, so it's the promotion of collect 'em all style, and a new tendency. All for that: scroll pages, new limits, bonus for trophy. So, it will dictate the style in some way. If the Teleport would be implemented before Christmas, I doubt I would breed my Holly. Well, I will, of course, cause I have ious, - but never again. Because I want those eggs to go to the certain people I want. Because I want to make Christmas gifts, not random charity. And I already don't loose stuff in trade, but now: a) I'm forced to have magis, and many magis, cause I trade a lot; you're wrong, if you think people with no rares will be able to get them. AP would be empty, and you wouldn't ever have a chance to catch a low-gen gold just because you're lucky; c) with all the holidays' multiclutches it will be impossible to gift certain people; either breed for charity, or don't breed at all.
  22. I guess, that the number of eggs produced by the cave will be increased, as well.
  23. I highly dislike Teleport, too. And I dislike Rare x Rare. And I dislike so many slots for eggs/hatchies; I was really ok with 5+4.
  24. For all those who breed Gold x Black, I have the following 3 hatchlings up to grab. Just pm me. I'm going to drop them anyway, so hurry up. 4th gen black with pure Gold x Black even lineage; different 4th gen black; 3rd gen black.