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  1. Wow, I wonder how could you get 40k without it die of sickness? I never aimed for mych views, so the highest is about 11,650. And the lowest is just 769.
  2. Funny, but during St. Patrick's day lag, I was anxious to see the Cave working again, as most members in this thread are now. But currently, I don't worry about the downtime at all, just realized I didn't check my scroll after the site went down. Probably, I'm more into Mystic Grove game and Forums than into actual DC right now.
  3. Well, the Cave working faster sounds perfect
  4. Wow, that is really cool ability with a lot of ways to use What about me, I always had an interesting skill: I can be dressed in jeans and shirt with a temperature about 0 or -5 feeling quite comfortable. That's because my normal temperature is about 37-37,2.
  5. Of yes, I've forget to mention other beautiful eggs. Personally, I prefer interesting original patterns or difficult design. Also, I have colour preferences (which colour combinations fit the design better). So, my list of beauty would be: Nebula Black Marrow Ribbon Dancer Day/Night Glory Guardian of Nature Terrae Thunder Sweetling Magma Paper Cheese
  6. I would say that Nebula egg is the most beautiful. Second place: Black marrow.
  7. Currently my scroll is quite well balanced, the ratio is 0.94. I guess it tends to even itself, as more dragons are collected.
  8. This (or similar) kind of topic is brought up every now and then for at least a year and half. Each time a new wave of members come and realize the basec mechanics of DC, smb come up with such suggestion. I agree with kadoatie, if there was a chance that at least 75-80% of players (all DC players, not only Forum registered) will follow, it would work. But unfortunately, people will never stop to breed metallics, and players wouldn't stop to breed even commons, because there're tons of lineage projects. And I would say, it's good, since, first, it allows everyone to play in their own, unique way, and second, and keeps metallics really rare, so they can be used as absolute currency. Make them common, and what would you trade?
  9. They are not available yet. As for now, nobody including winners have seen them.
  10. It will give cheaters an ability to abuse the rules. Like 5 guys would be trying to catch a Rare at one account, it will increase chances to get one very high.
  11. Yes, but I am one of the people who tries to advertise the mentoring Project as much as possible. It is still the best way to lead new members through Forums and DC. And I don't see why new members need warm individual welcome (I won't need it, for example). A lot of members register just to trade and read news, they don't need friendship, or warm relationship with people here, and they don't want to be a part of Forum community. So, I think you're trying to make formal procedure non-formal. When you attend to school, college or university, do you receive personal greetings from staff? Even if you do, it's cool, but unnecessary.
  12. I don't like this idea, I'm happy with as it is now. It's so cool, when welcome messages are done be certain dragons! I use chickens for intro/outro and scroll dividers, some of friends use pygmy hatchies, dinos, papers, alt blacks, - it gives everyone a choice to select their own pattern, and just looks awesome. If you implement official messages, it will ruin the fun and make all those scrolls look stupid, and people have worked on it.
  13. SockPuppet Strangler, all of this looks nice, but I guess, it looks too nice. Personally I feel very comfortable with the Forum as it is now; I think it's very friendly, helpful, useful and convinient. I'm afraid of members being too enthusiastic to make it even better, and organise a couple of local revolutions, and I hope nothing will be damaged in a process. Sometimes I visit Introduce yourself section. There are so many people joining each day, and I think _Z_'s copypaste welcome is the best we can do; it has all the useful links and information, and members are free to go to Introduce myself and welcome new members personally. But being a mod, how much time would you spend to write a personal, individual greeting to every introduction? And how long would you be able to work like this? No, I think that auto greeting is really the best. I recall when I joined the Forum, I've had a lot of questions, so I read _Z_'s post, checked all the links, and I had like 99% of my questions answered. I visit Help section frequently, and try to answer questions when I have time. There's a problem there, and I think mods are aware. When a new member asks an easy and obvious question (like when to hatch sunrises, if I live in Europe, how do I get a zombie, why can't I breed split with waterwalker, etc), members mostly tend to post "duplicate" and "use search". The problem is: have you ever tried to actually use search for 10-20 easy noobish questions? It will take you about 3 hours! The first reason is, search is limited. I don't use it much, but even I hate this "Wait 120 seconds" message. And what if you have 5-10 questions at the same time? The second, information is not well organized, and not everything is in the FAQ, so if you don't know the answer, you can waste a lot of time trying to find it. For example, you have sunset/sunrise egg, it is 3d22h, you put it in ER, and it doesn't hatch, because it's the wrong timeframe, but you know nothing about sunset/sunrise dragons, you want to know why doesn't it hatch, - try to use search and find the answer yourself How much time did it take? So my suggestion here is that members (and not mods!) should be more friendly to new users and actually answer questions, no matter how obvious and easy they sound rather that post "answered a lot of times, use search". At least, a member can give a link to the Dragcave Wiki.
  14. But what gives members right to judge whether artists need their own section, if T.J. as the owner and the only admin of this Forums allowed them to have one? Is T.J. in doubts about his decision, or what? We don't manage the Forum, so I don't understand why we decide whether artists need their section or not.
  15. Wow. I strongly believe that the person who came up with the concept is the only one who has rights to write a description for it! For example, we with my wife developed a concept we love; some nice people are working on it. It will be the very sad day, if smb suddenly has idea that the description isn't nice enough for them, and should be re-written. One person developed a nice idea, another made an awesome sprite (and sometimes it is the same person), so how can you tell them their description isn't as good as the sprite. But it is the original description! T.J. might be the only one who can ask the author to change smt. Golds have a very small description, which fits them perfectly and doesn't stop people from collecting them Also, I believe all those revolution just for revolution are offtopic, because breeds descriptions are DC feedback, not the forum feedback, as the title says, so you better put it in Suggestion/Requests.
  16. I don't think it's good idea still. Different members value very different things, there's no exact "currency rate". Rarity of eggs change, and people have different goals, as there is no single official way of the game. CB Black for one, may be worth of two 2nd gen silvers, but it might be worth a common egg with a certain lineage for the other. Also, the one can always get the idea of current eggs rarity from looking at recent trading posts and checking what people want. Also, we have Rare Trading Center, dedicated to Rare Trades. So, excuse me, and thanks for the idea, but I really think it will bring only more confusion.
  17. ...still can't believe what transparency members are talking about (see my post on the previous page). Looks like not all the members share this idea, or am I the only one here with such opinion?
  18. So, what is the point of the discussion? Like should artists section be removed, or should other members have any form of access into? Can anyone, please, explain, I'm kinda lost with tons of arguments from both sides. Actually, as an ordinary member, I want to admit, that I don't want access to the artists section. Spriters do awesome work for the site and the whole community, and I don't want to disturb and interrupt them with my noobish comments. I can completely understand their point: I'm a writer and a journalist myself, and most of all I hate when random people disturb me when I'm working on the text, and give me useless comments I don't need, however I'm glad to discuss the text with other journalists and share some ideas. I guess, that most of members would rather post rubbish in an artist section, than really be helpful for artists. Also, if we have a good idea, suggestion on event, or designed our own concept or sprite, we have Suggestions/Requests, we have Dragon Requests, and we can always pm either mod, or an artist, or T.J. himself. What about removing artist section at all, I guess it's just mean and rude to suggest. Those guys have their own well organised community, and they provide us with the awesome stuff we all love and admire. They have their own section, where they can discuss concepts and sprites, ideas and suggestions; they got used to it, and have all the rights to have their very own little board. And what? - now members come and say: "it's unfair, let's close them, they're not special"? Sounds absolutely crazy to me... EDIT: And yes, I don't think everything in this life should be transparent. Why in the first place? It's not like to know how our taxes are used, we pay zero for this game, so why do we have any rights to know how artists/mods/TJ work? Can't get it.
  19. Lol, I dunno I have 2 Guardians of Nature (male and female), 2nd gen Holly, 4 cb Golds, Female and Ungendered Neglecteds, some nice Thuweds, 2 Zombies, even 6th gen Gold with pure Gold x Black lineage, and now I have a Leetle Tree. I think that Ungendered ND is hardest to get, but my Holly is the most valuable and rare for me.
  20. AS far as I can see, new Leetles have 0/0/0 stats, so, along with the dates on it, they are still different from the "firstborn", and yours will always be special Merry Christmas, and happy holidays!
  21. No, all trees and voting will remain anonymous during the voting period. You don't know who voted for your tree, you who has the tree you're voting for. After the winners are awarded, all trees become available for the public, though.