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  1. Well, I may be a pessimist (though I strongly believe I'm just a realist), but I really expect a lot of new problems with some of the new updates. Re-reading and thinking of it closely, I see a lot of drama with new Locations, people will need a lot of time to get used to it. Old Rare x Rare breeders will have al the rights to complain. A lot of old lineage projects make no sense anymore. Some people were not collecting event dragons, cause they were meant to never breed with metallics, now they will do, but you can't get cb events anymore. Also, giving us so big limit for eggs/hatchies along with the scroll pages promotes the collecting style like "you should get as many of them, as you can", this is the only reason I can think about with the new limit. And I'm still against the Teleport, as I was before (cause code catching was an addational skill, which brought a lot of additional fun in the game, now you just need to collect magis). I was for Teleport without magis, but as a normal action (like "Release", or "Name") for all dragons. Etc, etc, etc.
  2. Thank you for the update, TJ, and for your work. I really appreciate such things as Scroll Pages and Fertility, and Refusals not shown in the list. I hope Locations will be done nice (though, at the moment I can't imagine how it will look like). However, there are some things that I can't really get. First, why do we need so much space for eggs/hatchies? I was completely comfortable with the current limit, and new limit is like no limit at all. But a lot of people want it, so just let it be, as one is not obliged to use all the space. Second, I can't really get why do we need Rare x Rare breeding. Current cases of Rare x Rare were glitches, or very old pairs, and those cases were valuable, because they're unique. People used them in lineages like a cool stuff, there were special projects to mix all Rare x Rare offspring, as all cases were known. Now they're of no value anymore.
  3. Lol, sorry, Kesson, I should disappoint you Category: Breeder Title of Record: Breeder with the most Black Marrow Dragons - 18 adults (the last one matures in a couple of hous) Name of Submitant: Saartje Proof for Record: http://dragcave.net/user/Saartje
  4. I name all of my dragons Most of mine were named according to egyptian mythology with Neter (divine entity) prefix. However, I use different naming schemes: hunkypunks, grimoires, demons, etc.
  5. Have anyone already tried to breed them with Golds, Silvers or Trios?
  6. Lolwut? Actually, Silvanon made Hollies; and T.J. make chickens.
  7. Seiss, and who's the author of the egg? It's very impressive, and doesn't look like any other at DC.
  8. Well, I can sometimes miss the sarcasm, cause English still isn't my first language However, I had the feeling it was a joke Was it an insult?
  9. Eehhh, sorry? You mean the size of human?
  10. Flamingo nest: Dovealove, can you, please, tell us, what's the estimate size of Black Marrows? How large are they?
  11. Since march? Wow. As I aleady said, dear seiss nad Dovealove, thank you very much, you did a great work with this beauties. They're so seductively uncanny I can't help reloading the first page every hour
  12. I think thay can breed, but will produce marrows only during the Halloween.
  13. Come on, don't attack it! I really think that female sprite is better, and it's soooo cool, I can't find any words to express my amazement. It's absolutely awesome sprite, and one of the best in the cave. Can you tell me what exactly you consider to be its disadvantage? "Boring" or "dinamic" are just an opinion terms, they have nothing to do with the quality. Dear Dovealove and Seiss, just wanted to say, that both sprites are absolute gorgeous, that's epic win which deserves nothing, but congratulations! Anyway, I love female sprite better
  14. Adults are perfect. So uncannily terrific, weird, odd, strange, - but so seductively attractive, as only evil can be. I don't like to use this word without a case, but this time I'm absolutely positive: they are sexy!
  15. It took me 7 months to breed this cutie - a 4th gen even silver. Unfortunately, I have no pair for it; so if anyone is doing the same silver x black lineage and have a spare black, please, drop me a line. Of course, if I have any blacks from the same pair, I'd be more than willing to share
  16. My pumpkins are all named after medieval grimoires; and what about new ones, I prefer to watch TJ's dragons grow up, and then invent some naming theme.
  17. Nice, it would be a middle of my working day, when they grow up
  18. Well, I just looked at the hatchies closer with the InfanView, and now I'm pretty sure they're Vultures or smt like this
  19. Jaemeia doesn't work for me, so I used dragonnery and draghatch er, and it worked out.
  20. Well, though, I'm pretty sure you're right, we still can't be sure whether they're able to breed. What if they are unbreedables, and there won't be any next year?
  21. I think that the lack of views happens, because of the lag. DC was laggy all the Halloween time, so fansites couldn't show eggs properly, that's why they didn't collect normal amount of views. It must be better now. Lol, I can't decide which hatchling stage I prefer. What are you freezing, guyz, S1 or S2? Both of them are sooooo epic cool
  22. Actually, it hatches at 3d 23h.
  23. It has nothing to do with the magikarp badge. Magikarp is the result of using Splash BSA (Shallow Water dragons' BSA), and was added just for lulz
  24. That's not true. Yes, there was a Pokemon night once (and just for lulz), but DC never was an actual Pokemon site, and since the very beginning it was a Dragon site.
  25. Please, I beg you, not pokemons! Please!