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  1. Saw 4(!) cb blacks in the cave today... Thus, I think I'm going to continue breeding all of my blacks, since the cave is doing fine itself. Also, I'd say that my bred blacks are better than cb's, as it's easier to use perfect 3rd-4th-5th gen in a lineage, than begin from the beginning.
  2. Unfortunately, sometimes I just need to give IOUS... Right now, I still owe a cb gold and Neglected Also, as many, I would take IOU from persons I know, or just seen at the Forums a lot.
  3. I never care about it. Once I abandon the egg, it's no longer owned by me, so a new owner is free to everything they want with the egg they caught.
  4. CB Trios. I caught my set a long time ago, when they were released, and despite they appear to be rare and valuable right now, it's always a hard time to trade one for anything I want, so I have no real use for them. But their descriptions are rare, so each time I see them among "slimy and blue", "floating in the puddle", etc, I click
  5. Hmmm, I stil don't like them, too sweet and ponyhorse for me, but anyway, I prefer adults much better than hatchlings, at least I like them much more than I've expected. Thank you, spriters!
  6. Be patient, it's not long to wait
  7. I missed the conversation; are there any more spriter's alts except Nakase's? Found nothing at Dragcave Wiki.
  8. Sorry for offtopic, guyz, but Katnh, I just wrote you pm offering one for free. Back to topic: As the Nakase is here, may I also ask, does the artist's sprite exist?
  9. I think Male Purples would be the perfect mates for them, as they are fat as well, and the colour pattern is similar.
  10. Yes, you're right. I will wait for adults to make my personal final judgement. I am sorry, if any of my words did offend the spriter, I understand all the hard work done for all of us, so even I personally dislike it, it doesn't mean anything. Still, the sprite is very well done, and obviously very well thought over. So, I beg everyone's pardon, if I sounded rude.
  11. Thinking of smt pretty for a Valentine's Day, I can't help thinking about a pair of Manolo Blahnik if I have only had such an awesome gift of spriting, I would probably come up with the idea of glamorous-high-heels-shoes-Vday's-gift Dragon.
  12. That's exactly what I'm talking about. I admire spriters' work, it's great and such, I'm really thankful for the V-day release, but those pink glamorous like barby poneys make me think about Swarovski crystals... I still think the best and the most creative V-day stuff was Alt Valentine, and people really admired it, it was gothic like, stylish and still, very Valentine looking.
  13. Just noticed: each year V-day dragons become more and more fairy and childish. Valentines'09 were done as absolute dragons, their shape was playful, but somehow aggressive, and their color was dark pink. Sweetlings were much more peaceful, soft and light, as Valentine Lights (or teen's Valentine). New Rose dragons are even more soft, light and sweet, resembling a Fairy Pony more than a real dragon (at least, that's what can be said about a hatchling). I wonder is it intentional, and does it mean the community becomes younger each year?
  14. When I wrote this, there were no mods in the thread, so I wanted to summarize info Also, good Khallayne is here! Her presence seems to make people calm
  15. Dear members, please try to avoid spam and unnecessary repeating complaints! The cave is still down, and you can check its status here. Caught eggs are softshell safe, since fansites can't load the images, too. T.J. is informed, and will fix it as soon as he will be online. We have no official information about time compensation, etc yet. Not so much to discuss at the moment.
  16. Yes, the site is down. Glad, I got my eggs when they were just releases Also, my guess is that, if lag lasts too long, T.J. might at least add some hours to the dropping (doubt he will give one more day, though).
  17. As I expected, new eggs are again pink-ish, girl-ish, sweet-ish and barby-ish Well, despite I do not really like this colour scheme, that is what Valentine's Day is about, so everything is on the right place. Getting both was even easier than Ribbon Dancers (which I couldn't imagine). Thanks to T.J. and spriter(s), looking forward to see hatchies and adults.
  18. Outer Space

    Edger Allan Poe

    A human's private life (and his entire life) has nothing to do with his works. Poe is one the most brilliant poets ever. History knows a lot of genius men perversions, still they are brilliant: for their works, not for their life. Also, the social circumstances in Poe's time were very different. Would you judge an african in 5-6 century AD for taking a 12-years old girl as his wife? Social rules change, as the time passes.
  19. Now there would offers for CB Prizes in trading threads
  20. Agreed. With the small amendment, cb Hollies were released in 2007 (2008 was the Yulebucks release). Also, I think "the contests are unfair" was said with the irony
  21. I wonder, did anyone actually choose anything, but not cb Holly as a HM prize? Smt like cb alt, coloured Striped or a cb hybrid?
  22. Nobody can predict, but my guess is that TJ won't allow it, since they are not Holiday dragons, in the first place.
  23. I already uploaded the pics at Photobucket and posted them in the thread:
  24. Prizes, here they are : - 1st - 2nd - 3rd