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  1. Seriously: thank you and Dovealove very much. Those dragons are adorable! I don't know what the concept is, but anyway, both stages look so cool with that twisted kind of beauty, you know. There's smt evil among them (in a good sense) which really attracts - the way demons, witches or vampires are attrative in the movies and games, - and this attraction of the uncanny is done perfectly! My best congratulations with the awesome work!
  2. Yes, it's always sad. But everything was done to work it out. Btw, this Halloween was very strange, because a lot of local networks were just dead all the day with the lag. At the beginning I simply couldn't load anything, and needed help; then, during the day DC worked for me, and I helped others, but at the evening it died for me again, and I saw same 6 codes for half an hour. Besides, I know a lot of normally really good catchers who needed help this time, and a lot of ordinary catchers who offered help, cause DC has been working properly for them. So, people still like to share holiday cheer, and it's cool! A lot of people wrote it was the first time they caught event eggs themselves so easily. So, you see, everything is in a balance Well, that's obvious: because it's Halloween dragons
  3. Normally, Christmas, for example, lasts longer (3 days). But Halloween is just one night, and it's not about everyone being happy (like Christmas), but about everyone getting as much candies, as you can. See, just different kind of holidays.
  4. Dear TJ! I seriously think that an idea of a second row was brilliant. You just made of people happy. Thank you
  5. Shajana, thanks for the pic, it's soo cute! And I just got eyes (looks like they're stolen from _Z_ userpic, lol )
  6. We're just to wait till Bec would update the 2nd post
  7. Is anyone aware of what is this?
  8. Can anyone by chance guess what it is:
  9. Wow, epicness: A Blue Scarab Beetle from mysterious egyptian nights!
  10. Vicats, and Winny was a coordinator, too? They have different baskets
  11. Blue and viloet baskets are for coordinators who helped organizing the event, not for lucky users. And the texts instead of baskets are there because there's one basket design which has a glitch. It shows only a text until TJ would fix it. Avas_Writer they appear in certain timeframe on every page. You can just refresh the main every 11-13 min.
  12. As I aleady mentioned, Chrome is no good with this stuff. Try IE, FF or Opera.
  13. a POISON! Cool! I think it's made from a virgin's tears and snake's blood.
  14. These are spriters' baskets: - Bernouli - Wynni And these are known common types: - I have this one, angry with the open mouth - the angry one with the ordinary mouth - happy one with round happy eyes If anyone has different, post them, plz.
  15. Blue baskets are for spriters who created them; if you do recall, Marionetta who designed easter baskets had a special one, too.
  16. And both my pumpkin pairs bred me pb eggs, yay
  17. About 17 hours of continously hunting.
  18. Lol, check the first post. Till the end of the Halloween.
  19. I can now officially confirm that Chrome sucks with the stuff. A lot of glitchesm same treats ot no treats at all. Forget it and use IE, FF or Opera.
  20. Well, that could be funny. I'm Russian, and as sad, as it is, I can agree that Hollywood stereotypes on Russians are mostly correct Personally, I beleive that no nation has its own traits of character. People are different, and their difference doesn't depend on their nationality or race. You can't say that all americans, russians or mexicans are the same; they're all different. But. The OP wrote about a signal to the youngest part of audience. It is easy not to be a racist when you're adult, but when you're a kid you learn the world around you from the movies, and if you see all muslims as terrorists, perhaps you would outgrow it, but there would be always smt in your mind about it. No, really, nobody should think stereotypes, but they do exist and sometimes they could be dangerous.
  21. I remember a lot of things: no freeze limit and the drama occured when it was implemented, blacks and vines blocking the cave, pinks and frills walls after. I was new, so rares seemes pretty hard for me to get, I spent about 2 months trying to get my first paper. All information about dragon was written in one coulmn, not two like it is now. There were no BSAs, and all dragons' breeds were equal this way. Having a vampire and autumns made your scroll epic. There we no dimporhism, except for certain breeds like silvers and splits. Balloons and whiptails were considered new and desirable. You could really produce 4 eggs in one breeding. And I remember one great thing: once there were no lineage tools at DC. At all! You could manually check parents and parents of the parents, etc. But you couldn't see the lineage, so there were no lineage projects. Probably, there were only two known lineages: Thuweds and Dorkfaces, and you had to check by generations, whether your dragon belongs to one of them. Also I miss some great fansites like SotiDragon and JadeDestiny. I joined the forum much later than start playing, so I've never seen the Vent Thread. Can anyone tell me what it was about?
  22. Perhaps, that's the lost count. We can just ask the spriter, but as far as I know she didn't want to share the exact number, though I might be wrong. Actually, it's just your decision to beleive it or not.