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    I use Discord, tbh..

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    Somewhere ungodly hot that unfortunately isn't a lush forest.
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    I'm an artist and writer, currently on a production low thanks to 6+ years of depression and poor health that I'm not really recovering from.
    I promise, I'm nowhere near as gloomy as I seem. lol I just seem to get really serious on here for some reason. I don't really frequent forums. :')

    I have a lot of interests, mostly involving nature, wet weather, fantasy with a dash of sci-fi, reading in bed, tabletop games, gaming in general, text based roleplay, but more specifically right now: Pathfinder RPG over Roll20+Discord, Flight Rising, and Dragon Cave.
    A few other favorite games include Minecraft, Skyrim, Oxygen Not Included, The Sims2, Rollercoaster Tycoon, and Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis.

    _________My Scroll In General:

    • Any of my custom descriptions from 2008-09 are probably horrific quality and cheesy as heck, for which I apologize for and will eventually rewrite and resubmit. I was not exactly a writer at the time, but I was learning.
    • I've been gone for several years and I have zero idea what the etiquette is around here, so I'm probably going to annoy the ever-loving crud out of somebody while settling in again.
    • My tastes in dragoning on DC are as similar as I can get from what I'm accustomed to on Flight Rising, where I've been playing since 2013.

    _________Regarding Dragons:

    • I name 80% of my dragons after their code, whenever possible, as closely as possible.
    • If I don't do this, they're either one of my oldest dragons from 2008 and I don't want to change their names, or I have different ideas for their personality than the wacky code sounds like to me.
    • I name everything eventually. If I don't, it's probably not staying.
    • I prefer everything CB when possible.*
    • *If something isn't CB, I enjoy purebred or selective kinds of interesting lineages; an example might be 10 generations of mixed seasonal dragons, or nothing but Embers, Magmas, and Reds, etc.
    • As far as I know, I don't plan to breed anything very often, aside from a few special projects-
    • ALL THE PIPIOS! Some day...


    • The King's Coven...
    Part of a guilty-pleasure work-in-progress concept/casual story revolving of my singular Vampire Dragon that either came from a bitten CB egg that a friend gifted me, or... I have no idea. His page says "Stolen: Nov 01, 2008" and that he's caveborn. I'm still trying to research how this works, and if he's just old enough to have missed out on any later updates that would have linked him to any relatives. As it stands, he's an oddity and I'm glad to have him.

    The King has been hibernating in solitude for a great many generations, and now wakes to build his Coven. But he is selective and cunning in how he claims his expanding domain, servants, and victims.

    Currently, his list of servants include:
    - Tarantula Hawks (1)
    - Bleeding Moons (1)
    - Tatterdrakes (1)
    - Hooktalons (1)
    - Howlers (3)
    - Hellfires (1)
    - Embers (2)
    - Baikala (2)
    - Fevers (1)
    - Fells (1)
    - Ash (1)

    • The Court of Fairfolk Glen... (WIP)
    A brand new and growing collection of kind, wise, and otherworldly dragons, the Court is led by Lunar Heralds, which are still gathering under the guidance of a herald of the new moon.
    Dragons of the Court include:
    - Lunar Heralds
    - Daydreams
    - Guardians
    - Celestials
    - Glaucus
    - Whites
    - Stone
    - Pipios

    • The Zaolien Labyrinth
    This is revolves around the first dragon on my scroll, a CB Black male with a dubious (and poorly written Gary Stu edgelord lol) description. Either by this bio or through vague notes in my head at the time, I came back recently to find him rather a surprise, as he seems to be the origin of an important character in my original writing. Unfortunately, the dragon seems to rather eerie and arrogant in nature, which also reflects the early unpleasant backstory of my character. Weirdness aside, I'm leaving the apt dragon counterpart as he is on my scroll, and eventually continuing with whatever weird breeding plans I had so many years ago. Pixel dragons, yo.

    Led by an ancient Black Dragon with an iron fist, this aristocratic warrior clan is comprised entirely of this breed, and is is tight-knit to disturbing degree. All dragons stay far as possible from their dark lair amidst old growth forest, vining brambles, craggy hills, treacherous rivers, and labyrinthine halls and caverns. The only dragons this group amicably associates with is the Vampire King and his Coven, who is seen as a rare and worthy equal.