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    Let's do some bullet points. Everyone loves those, right?

    - Joined DC in 2008, had to go afk for 6mo, came back to a name scroll wipe of 130+ dragons, was salty for YEARS.
    - Returned to the site a few months ago.
    - Plays mildly obsessive with a friend or two.
    - I seem to come off like a jerk at some point on forums despite being a generally upbeat, supportive, and community-oriented person. OOPS.


    - I collect vampires, but I don't (currently) have them bite anything, due to the low success rate and my only attempts so far technically resulting in failures.
    - If one of your vamp's Bitten is a "Deadling" of mine, I promise I still appreciate having it; they are my charming gross darlings strewn about the king's throne room. Just consider them like really unsettling undead hairless cats. That sometimes whisper "Praise the king. He is greatness. He is glory." or generally make hissing noises or stare suspiciously at visitors. That's basically a cat, right?
    - I'm always interested in vamps, but their rank in the coven depends on their lineage; if it isn't great, my trading depends on my supply of freezes available.
    - My 2008 original release caveborn Vampire is like the only truly noteworthy cool thing on my scoll. lol

    - I'm generally collecting 2 CB of everything, preferably with nice codes when I can manage it.
    - I both collect and trade codes; I consider my silliest to be a flamingo named "GoT cOnK" - (GcOnK)
    - Incidentally, I'm casually looking for a bird/flamingo mate with something resembling "bepis" to go with conk!
    - I name nearly everything roughly/exactly based on their code, unless it's a vampire, howler, or common pygmy.
    - I prefer everything CB, sometimes PB depending on what I use them for, and long lineages only if they're incredibly tidy, or made of specific breeds I like.
    - I'm not interested in Thuweds except for trading purposes to others.
    - I'm not interested in SAltkins unless for trading away or the entire lineage is actually neat/tidy/short/interesting for some specific reason.
    - I'm not interested in Prizes, generally, except for trading away, unless I happen to win one somehow, which is fine. lol
    - I really love Pipio, Fell, Howler art, but pips are one of the few I probably won't stop collecting.
    - Common pygmies were my least favorite pygmy until I read their encyclopedia entry, and now I will collect them forever for Info Group reasons.
    - Everything past "SATFF ONLY Beyond This Point" (His code is sAtFF, so I had to lol) is either considered my backstage crew or is scheduled for attempted zombification.
    - If I have something with a legitimately messy lineage, it's probably some of the original dragons I collected from AP back in 08-09.
    - etc...

    I'll edit this more later. lol