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    Somewhere ungodly hot that unfortunately isn't a lush forest.
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    High fantasy, survival games, puzzles, various artforms, text-based format tabletop games like Pathfinder, Vampire: The Dark Ages, etc.
    I'm not into a lot of things right now because my health isn't great due to medical issues and I'm always very tired.

    So, DC things...

    I joined in 2008, left for several years, came back with a friend, and the only truly nifty thing I think I've got is a caveborn 2008 male Vampire (gvkW). I only had him turn an egg ONCE, and my friend with superior internet speeds managed to catch it from the abandoned page, because of course, it would be my luck it got yeeted.

    I collect vampires. Any vampires. And I have a casual little story that goes with them, but nothing major. I'm always up for getting vamps, no matter the lineage. But fair warning, if they or anyone in their lineage is messy, there's a strong chance they'll be frozen as a hatchling. That's part of their story, being strange little creatures that serve their elder king. Everybody gets a little descriptive name. I really enjoy and appreciate them all. Sometimes I like to imagine I could get at least one hatchling from all the regularly biting vamps on the site, because I like the idea that everyone gets a little creepy critter adopted by my elder fella.

    Other collections include, when possible/applicable, a M/F pair of every species. Just 2 of everything is fine.
    I actually almost never breed anything myself, even to get hybrid species. I prefer getting them from other players when I can. It's a fun challenge for me.

    Not sure if it sounds odd, but I have zero interest in stuff like the Thuweeds or Dorkfaces or Saltkin. I just use those to trade for things I'm really looking for. Happy to help someone else with their collection. I really prefer collecting as "mint" dragons as possible, though my frozen hatchling collection includes some messier things.


    Codes that are at least slightly pronounceable names. All-letters, specifically.

    I don't even care what the dragon is, so long as it's CAVEBORN and has a code like some of these recent examples I own: (eYILZ), (dIGek), (eXyXY), (gOYzu), (Ghraj), (zaxia), (ToZEC), (PuYUI), (oeAUR), (ANexi), (sPaUd), (bIyug), (ouaFa), (BYaza), (Kuset), (DaEre), (NyiLm), etc.

    Keeping in mind, if there's something I don't have, and the dragon is hard to get, I won't be picky about a code at all. lol

    Now, my internet and computer are terrible, because I'm in a sad living situation with very little funds, so it's rare that I can grab anything fancy like Silvers, Golds, or Unbreedables. If I manage it, I'll usually be willing to trade them for stuff I don't have yet. :)